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Who will replace her?

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sakuya's baby!

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no one, she will depose the tsar yakumo and create a worker's paradise

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>Who will replace her?
Not Marisa!

What happens to the barrier then?

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Reimu will join the Free Drones and help usher in a new era of booming industry and liberation of the working class.

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Did Patchy and Sakuya make a baby with the power of love and magic?

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Oh no! Marisa has become fed up with western imperialism is attempting to start a global caliphate!

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Oh no! Marisa has become fed up with western imperialism and is attempting to start a global caliphate!

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It's Nine's turn to shine!

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Reimu joins the Morganites because all she cares about is monies.

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One of them had to grew the dick

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shrnine maiden

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Oh no! Marisa has become an American and is attempting spread Manifest Destiny all over the world!

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Oh no! Mokou has become fed up with youkai and is attempting to start a Reich!

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I've read this doujin!

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The Iron Curtain shall rise in its place!

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Oh man! Anzuchang has become a Situationist and is now fighting for a post-materialist future by being a useless piece of shit maggot NEET!

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Freedom fighter Meiling will not allow her nation to be overrun by tyrants.

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this meirin kills fascists

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Paint it black-white.

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Wriggle is now the new protagonist of Touhou!

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The REAL Reimu would put an end to the Communist plot, no questions asked.

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>In a seemingly miraculous turn of events, a previously uncharted region of Japan materialized as if from nowhere. Oddly, it is filled with cute but belligerent Communist girls. They are armed and very dangerous.

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Who u quot

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looks like he's quoting Dan Rather to me.

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>a member of the parasitic clergy wants to ally herself with the oppressed proletariat?
Not a chance, she'll be hung with the rest of them

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LOL nice meme :P

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>Along with doctors, teachers, professors, bourgeoisie, capitalists, 'wreckers', other intellectuals, counterrevolutionaries, rightists, the rich, landlords and anyone else that can think for themselves

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But all the intellectuals are communist.

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why are /pol/tards allowed to spam their meme fetish harder than bronies?

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>why are /leftypol/tards allowed to spam their meme fetish harder than bronies?


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Nitori follows her, and the two completely dominate the market.

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Is that why they killed teachers and professors?

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I don't remember intellectuals killing other intellectuals.
Can you tell me about the exact situation you're thinking of?

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Is that an Alpha Centauri reference I detect?

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Surely he is referring to Cambodia and Pol Pot

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I actually don't know much about Cambodia and their history with economics and politics, but it seems as though Pol Pot was a dictator.
Since communism is anarchism, it seems as though Pol Pot has nothing to do with communism.

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Doctors plot
Night of murdered poets
Great purge

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/jp/ leans left because the welfare state permits us a meager existence despite our mental illnesses. not that we are actual true believers in the socialist cause or whatever, we just know who is more likely to butter our bread

also for some bizarre reason we seem to read a lot, I think only /lit/ and possibly /tg/ has us beat in terms of general literacy

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How does someone start a revolution against poor pay when they live off donations?

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ehehe dicks XD

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>Not my communism

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The only books I have read in the past three years were books about cats and cat care.

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Every definition of communism says that communism and anarchism are the same.

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Max Stirner said it best
A state is illegitimate when even one person doesn't want to be a part of it anymore, and thus cannot exist. When a bunch of selfish dicks ally with other selfish dicks by their own free will is the only kind of 'state' that should exist. If you don't want to be a part of a system, you shouldn't be forced to, and that system can set out to do whatever it wants, because only might makes right and morals are illusions made up by high society.

He used to hang out with Marx and Engels until he called out Marx as a hypocrite because his 'revolution' is just one state succeeding the other, which made Marx butthurt enough that he wrote a 100 page essay on why he thinks Stirner is wrong.

>tfw Marx was so butthurt that he wrote more in rebuttal to Stirner than everything Stirner ever wrote, combined.

>Look at Stirner, look at him, the peaceful enemy of all constraint.
>For the moment, he is still drinking beer,
>Soon he will be drinking blood as though it were water.
>When others cry savagely "down with the kings"
>Stirner immediately supplements "down with the laws also."
>Stirner full of dignity proclaims;
>You bend your willpower and you dare to call yourselves free.
>You become accustomed to slavery
>Down with dogmatism, down with law.

>Later, Marx and Engels wrote a major criticism of Stirner's work. The book was written in 1845–1846, but not published until 1932.

>The critique is a polemical tirade filled with ad hominem attacks and insults against Stirner (Marx calls him a "Sankt Max" (Saint Max)

He never published it, probably because he realized he hadn't refuted a single of Stirner's theses

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I really enjoyed reading your post. I certainly should read stuff by Stirner sometime.
For one, I am anarchist/communist but not a Marxist. Kropotkin and Bakunin have written about how communism can be achieved without resorting to any intermediate statist stage.
Reading about "communist anarchism" and gift economy is awesome, I firmly recommend it.
The reason I used quotation marks in the previous sentence is because the phrase simply means "anarchist anarchism" or "communist communism".

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Communism isn't anarchism
Max Stirner says "might makes right"
and that "revolution" is just one state succeeding another

Max Stirner would hate communism if it was around during his time
He would have called it spooks

To be a spook, you have to put it ahead of yourself, become possessed by it as though it were an entity unto itself. Egoism, being the pursuit of your personal cause, cannot be put ahead of yourself, as you cannot put yourself ahead of yourself.

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Anarchism and communism are both about the abolition of all forms of government, class system, and stolen freedom. Anarchism and communism are both explicitly against religion, capitalism, and statism. I have never seen a coherent explanation of any supposed differences between communism and anarchism.

I am an individualist, and feel the fall of capitalism will lead to individuals having greater freedom.

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Has there ever been a communist state that wasn't a dictatorship?

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The paris commune

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Didn't that only last a few months?

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>Anarchism and communism are both about the abolition of all forms of government, class system, and stolen freedom.
You are wrong and a idiot if you think this true
Again it's just one state succeeding another

>Anarchism and communism are both explicitly against religion, capitalism, and statism
Do you pull facts out of your ass?

belief in the abolition of all government and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis without recourse to force or compulsion.

a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.


>I am an individualist, and feel the fall of capitalism will lead to individuals having greater freedom.
You are not an individualist becuse you want to force your beliefs on others, spook

I suggest you look into Egoist anarchism
and Read " The Ego and Its Own"

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Yes but it's also literally the only one

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Union of egoists is fine but Nietzsche and Epicurus are my practical guides on the neetfold path

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file name.

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Mutually exclusive.
And yes:
Revolutionary Catalonia
Free Territory (in Ukraine)
Some pacific islands before Europeans discovered them.

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Debord writes much the same stuff but with less autism

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Again you conflate Marxism with communism. Please remember that Marxism is not communism.

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You're also forgetting the kibbutzim

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He literally typed out 2 dictionary definitions for you, why are you even still trying to pretend you have anything to argue?

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Do I have to choose between autism and shooting yourself in the heart?

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You don't know what you are talking about.
I gave you the very definition of communism as defined and reviewed by a group of lexicographers Professors who fact check each other

And you turn around and go "hurr it's not the same thing durr"

I'd like to know where you get your sources from becuse it sounds like you're using a question begging epithet

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Weren't those statist, though?
The dictionaries I've read disagree with his dictionary. I don't know what to tell you, man.
A communist society is identical to an anarchist society. This is common knowledge.

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You're on /jp/, so those things should be mutually inclusive.

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Provide the names of the "dictionaries" you read
So we can compare and contrast

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The Situationists did have a good foray into otaku culture with Can Dialectics Break Bricks? and Girls of Kamare

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>A communist society is identical to an anarchist society.

I curious how you came to this conclusion

A anarchist society is like Somalia
A communist society is like North Korea

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