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did he have a concussion at some point?

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Why its so criminally amusing

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I swear he lost his mind somewhere along the way

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>still no definitive place to get all of bkubs comics, translated, and on one site

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Who are you quoting?

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Hey, post more. I am really enjoying these.

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Remindme of this.

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I cant understand my enjoyment of this.

Its just so saucy.

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rifyu vs bkub

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it's really difficult to hate bkub's comics
they are inoffensive all around

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Whats the strip for this one?

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your life lmao

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>not posting the Blu-ray version

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I don't think these translations are accurate

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bkub is beautiful

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Hikakin BTFO

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I hate how bkub can draw just fine, yet he creates those disgusting 4koma strips with crazy antics instead of something decent.

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I hate it

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Maybe he thinks your "just fine" is garbage and is doing what he wants.

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Post the what a fag one

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None would survive.

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But Tewi is older than those two hags combined

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I wonder if she ever did solve the mystery of who nutted inside her

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I'm pretty sure Tewi is not older than the moon, anon. Eirin is about 4.5 billion years old.

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Speculation, right?

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Fuck i though i had forgotten that stupid fucking frog fukcf fuckffuck fuck.

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The mystery was solved and it turned out she wasn't raped at all.

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There was never a mystery to solve, she had no evidence. The entire issue has been a publicity stunt.

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Ha, I get it. This is funny.

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It turned out that the guy she accused wasn't even in town when "it happened" and could prove it.

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How is it even possible to fuck up a false rape accusation that badly? Seems easy to ruin lives with a little research as long as you're female, this one did enough damage to her target with nothing to go by.

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Have a poor attempt at typesetting.

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Goddamnit /jp/, I tried to set you up for a funny joke but all you do is whine about false rape accusations and other normie shit

If this was old /jp/ we'd already be at the point where genderbended shaggy solved the mystery and found out she took the knot from scooby-doo after they ate too many alcoholic scooby snacks

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rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub

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>You wake up in a SMALL ROOM. A beam of light shoots onto your face through a small WINDOW. The smell of squid assaults your nose. You are lying on a MATTRESS. Some CLOTHES lie crumpled in a small pile in one corner of the room. You are naked, and you notice that someone has sprayed CUM inside your bacon hole.

>There is a wooden door.

>What do you do? ___
>Commands are GET, LOOK, ATTACK, USE and UNKO.

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his eirin is so pretty

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bkub's Shiki is the best

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I like how bkub portrays Reimu as a saturday morning cartoon villain.

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Best Reimu.

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I don't think it's translation.

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I don't think YOU'RE a translation nerd

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>Gimmie back my money...

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Although I know it is Hikakin, the glasses and vocal idiosyncrasies remind me of someone else.

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I like how smug the god is.

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Who is that?

It looks like GO from 淫夢, but I don't think bub would mention that.

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Ran's long face is legendary to me. A fine character design.

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Do not pursue Yamaxanadu

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I like his Rumia with the ridiculously huge eyes also.

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Honestly bkub recurring 2hus are among my favorite portrayals. Best Chen, best Shiki, best Tewi, best Nazrin, best Reimu, best Patchy.

I prefer mature and sly Yukari to childish bkub Yukari, though.

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What's the deal with this guy? I see him everywhere in Nico Nico now

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He is just one of the many infamous "Youtubers."

Basically people who try to make themselves online media personalities, which rubs many people the wrong way, and then use Youtube as their main content delivery service, which rubs Niconico fanboys the wrong way.


syamu_game is currently the most popular source due to his egregious nature and innumerable gaffes.

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That's how ZUN portrays Reimu.

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Anyone else got pissed, but glad that poptepipic is back?

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Can somebody explain how this went down? He said that he cancels poptepipic, started an entirely new series only to have pic related happen and season 2 announced?

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Anyone have the NY comics? I've been searching for one with Chen and others sitting in a diner I think eating lunch with bkub's signature.

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Personally I think the opening gag was the greatest

So much for "you'll come crawlin' back takeshobo", huh?

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Please post it? I am not sure where to find it.

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Is there any way to find all of bkub's stuff in one location? All of his shit seems scattered around and it's hard to find it.

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gonnaa get this

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Has bkub ever drawn Futo or any fairly new characters

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With the regularity I've seen it, it's probably on Dan.

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Checking for the other one right now; I do not organize my pictures. Do not emulate me, /jp/.

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I think this is the one.

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That is amazing and cruel.

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This one? It's the only one from the NY set I have, in my burger/ folder.

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I think it was a tongue-in-cheek joke aimed at the audience- it fits his sense of humor. It TPP and becoming the "final boss"- in hindsight it almost seems obvious that it was a joke.

Not him, but that must be it. I spent 20 minutes searching for nothing. It's a good thing my time is worthless.

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I think it was a tongue-in-cheek joke aimed at the audience- it fits his sense of humor. It blamed TPP and mentioned becoming the "final boss"- in hindsight it almost seems obvious that it was a joke.

Not him, but that must be it. I spent 20 minutes searching for nothing. Thankfully my time is worthless.

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I saw that on Twitter.

Will these go up on Toranoana/Melonbooks/etc?

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Yep, thanks a ton anon.

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Just like your life huh heh heh good buddy

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>it's been 3 years already since that fateful day


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fuck the yankees

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Is this for real?

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>flesym llik

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pipimi cute

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Holy shit this is great

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l m a o

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I currently have a cache of bkub doujinshi to be scanned, including "YEAH YEAH YEAH," a few volumes of Charm, one more Nyowa works, and some others which I do not have on me. I also have some other silly shit like 5cm Remilia, Natto Remilia, Moomin Muppo-chan, and a Suika shrine maiden work.

1. Does anyone have any >in-stock< bkub content which they want to see scanned?

2. I have the Pop Team Epic Book. Can anyone confirm whether it has original comics in it? I wouldn't scan it for awhile out of respect for an ongoing series, but if it has new comics I will get around to it.

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I have been wanting a scan of this rare Eiki bkub doujinshi for some time now, but I don't think anyone has a copy....

>> No.14962601

So how popular was vol 1?

>> No.14967099

Honestly I'd love to see anything that's not already scanned and online somewhere.

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