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/jp/, I think I have a problem.
It appears that I'm incapable of believing that Yukarin isn't the most powerful 2hu, complete with reality warping, casualty manipulation and a 'true form' for her which is an incomprehensible eldritch abomination that resides in the gaps. If anyone claims otherwise I reflexively attack them harshly with my words.

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Killing yourself is the only option.

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All true except the eldritch part.
She's Maribel you retard, Maribel is human. She just manipulates the bountry of past/present to go back as Yukari.

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is she strong enough to fight an SSJ or maybe Saitama?

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yeah but she's old LOL

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You should kill yourself first, dudetard.

Saitama is just a joke character, therefore there is no purpose in discussing his maximum potential and his ability to fight others.
Sayians can easily be rewritten out of existence with her powers though.

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Having an ability doesn't mean you can use it to full extent reaching its maximum potential.
Plus there's already several canon power level proof showing the old hag isn't the strongest.

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Without love it cannot be seen.

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I personally believe that she was only messing around in all scenes that show her as being weaker than others and having a limit to her power.

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Who the fuck cares, she's cute.

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I care

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Hecatia is the greek goddess of magic (and some other things), so she got all the magic under her hands, and magic is anything that doesn't correspond with reality, so yeah, she's also a reality warper. Now, Yukari has some limits to her powers, I think she can't apply the boundaries to herself, only to reality itself. But Hecatia is actually the embodiment of magic itself, so she basically has no limits (as long as what she does is considered magic).

Now, call the bullshit on everything I just said and start a powerlevel argument, either way, these types of arguments are moot, and the only word we have is that of ZUN.

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Yukari has 4 threads!

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Go to bed Ran.

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She has all the Greeks magic if that is the case, not Japanese magic. But she would still wipe the floor with Yukari.

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Roman Magic too.

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Joke or not, He is still a character, so, Do you really think Yukari can beat him?

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Do not apply power level discussions to saitama, he exists to mock power levels.

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I doubt Ran actually likes Yukari. She would only post about her if she had to.

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Yukari is NOT eldritch and NOT an abomination.

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source on that image? google and iqdb got nothing

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I dunno.

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Yukari is a CUTE GIRL best suited for HUGGING.

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thanks kind anon

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If it was snowing, would you prefer to hug Yukari indoors or outside?

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yucurry pls

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As a canadian, I firmly believe that a nice hug in the cold winter weather is one of the best feelings known to mankind.

But then again, so is a nice hug in a nice warm house after being outside. It's like a morton's fork except both the options are wonderful.

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ZUN specifically said she isn't

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>ZUN specifically said she isn't
What, that Yukari isnt Maribel?

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Yukari is for a hard FUGGIN

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But can she beat Giorno?

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I want to squeeze my sin-cock into her slippery, eldritch pussy!

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I was a Lovecraft fan before a Touhou fan, so I'm in the same boat. Just tend to our own small corner of affairs and be excellent to other /jp/sies.

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LOOK at this HIDEOUS abomination!

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> he exists to mock power levels.
Just as Yukari nuh?

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>Yukari has some limits to her powers
>But she would still wipe the floor with Yukari.
You're wrong

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Behold the basis for OP's delusions
>The ability to manipulate boundaries is a terrifying ability capable of fundamentally undermining reality.
>As far as we know, everything is built upon the existence of boundaries.
>If there was no water surface, there could be no lake.
>If there was no sky line, neither mountain nor sky could exist.
>Were it not for the Great Barrier, even Gensokyo itself wouldn't exist.
>If there were no boundaries, everything would probably exist as a single enormous object.
>Thus, the ability to manipulate boundaries is by logic an ability of creation and destruction.
>It essentially creates a new existence, or conversely rejects some existence.
>Among the abilities youkai are known to possess, this is one of the most dangerous, being comparable even to the power of gods.
>She is also capable of moving to an entirely separate location between gaps in space, whether it be her entire body or only a part of her.

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Wowgreat argument fagtronyou sure convinced me with those hot opinions

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I'm glad you got convinced by my arguments. Yukari is probably glad as well.

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Please stop rudely saying that Yukari is an abomination. She is just a very powerful and attractive and cute youkai woman, that should absolutely not be called such mean things.

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Old hags can never be cute or beautiful.

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Hence Yukari cannot be an old hag! That's logic for you.

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Fuck off Ran, your master is fat and old and nothing can change that.

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Saitama is effectively identical to Reimu in Fantasy mode: there's no way you're physically getting through him, so rather then stubbornly trying to charge like Leeroy Jenkins you're instead meant to plan around him so you can accomplish your task without ever meeting him directly: Saimata's flaws all revolve around the fact he's, in spite of his demi-god strength, of average intelligence and can't be everywhere at once: he's like the Maginot Line. One would think that, even if she's not as smart as she probably could be given her resources, Yukari would at least be wise enough not to try and engage him head on.

In a physical duel, he'd be able to squash her like a bug. In a physical duel, /many/ things can squash Yukari like a bug since her body is ultimately just flesh. And to those wondering what Yukari's upper power limit is, it's whatever the many, many stronger entities in the universe deem acceptable (including whichever one gave her abilities in the first place) without having to intervene: if Yuks tries to make herself literally omnipotent without the approval of the G-man or any of the other beings that wouldn't like such a thing, you can bet she's gonna get demoted faster than you can spell "Gap".

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