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Byakuren made me buddhist

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Byakuren made me erect

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Yukari made me worship Yukari.

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I want to protect that smile.

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Is your name really Post how a 2hu has changed your life?

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...I wanna slap myself so hard in the face right now

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Tewi made me jerk off a lot more

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Byakuren has made me a less angry person.

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Okuu warmed my heart and made me really like bows

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A non Buddhist made you Buddhist?

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___________ made me horny

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Okuu picked me up and showed me the way
Tewi listens and always helps, even if it's kind of obtuse
Komachi's always there and really has always been there even when I was dumb and wrong, taught me what's what, and makes me actually happy instead of fake-happy

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How do you call the children you make with your mom?

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