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nobody likes hecatia?

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a shit T-shirt


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Three bodies means three times the loser.

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I think her t-shirt is actually awesome and wish i could buy one myself

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She's the most trashy edgy teen slut-looking whore of the series.
She doesn't deserve any love.

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She belongs in a hot topic, not in Touhou!

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I like Hecatia. She's cool and cute.

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But most Touhous are wearing gothic lolita style outfits. They belong in whatever the Jap vesion of a hot topic is.

Her outfit is just more punk or whatever than lolita.

What does bother me though, is her lack of visible bra straps.

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I like Hecatia! She doesn't wear clothes!

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welcome hotel

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More like T-Shirt, roflmao

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Why does she wear the chains? Is it because she's associated with hell and thus oni, or do oni wear chains because they're associated with hell?

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Did you mean T-shit?

Someone should draw Hecatia with a T-shirt and T-back!

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>Why does she wear the chains?
No one cared who she was 'til she put on the chains

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>Did you mean T-shit?
Dammit, yes
Joke ruined
All is lost
Welcome to Hell

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*Welcome Hell

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I want to kiss Hecatia and then probably fuck her with her clothes on

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Why would you want to inseminate Hecatia and make her leave the house with her semen stained clothes, degrading herself as a true goddess?

There is no reason for Hecatia to be a degenerate whore who will gulp down semen from strangers on a public gloryhole! That shows a complete lack of respect for her!

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what profanities are you speaking, my dear anon?
I will make Hecatia my bride!

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Hecatia is a nudist!

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What a stupid shirt

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I'm very disappointed that Junko grabbed all the boobhu vibes. I pegged ヘカT as a tittymonster the moment I saw her but the artists of the 2hu fandom appear to disagree.

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If she has three bodies, can the other bodies feel when one has sex? Do you have to have sex with all three at once for her to really feel it?

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You're alright. As long as she's your only one.
She's still pretty inconsistent. Most new girls get settled pretty quickly. I mostly see her with a decent body though so Idunno what you're looking at.

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>She's still pretty inconsistent. Most new girls get settled pretty quickly. I mostly see her with a decent body though so Idunno what you're looking at.

I have been fapping to so much oppai that anything less than Yellow in pic related isn't "large". Hell, that's still pretty small compared to what I normally consider a tittymonster. Each breast should be individually the size of her head for that.

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In my opinion blue is the best, she looks so coy.

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I'm pretty sure she's supposed to be shy and demure.

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I like Hecatia!

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Her hat is called a polos!

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Hecatia is cool. I would go to a barcade to hang out and talk about the worlds and stuff with her or just to have fun if she's sick of thinking about god stuff all the time.

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I would rape a goddess.

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She's a member of the Greek pantheon. She's going to be raping you, your family, your dog, and probably your house.

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*Welcome <3 Hell

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I like Hecatia.

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I like her

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her song is cool, and i think that's about it

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I like her more.

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Hecatia wants to show me something at the docks?

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Why Tenshi, Meiling and Yukari are dressing as sluts?

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No me

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The docks are a classic spot for prostitution. She's going to suck your dick for cash!

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No, I do.

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I dislike her, but would enjoy having casual or nonconsentual sex with her.

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I fucking love these.

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I bet Hecatia would look great with cute glasses!

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Why is crying Hacatia giving me such a hard-on?

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It's the only way to maintain the body.
With all those chains all of her existence is concentrated into that one body we see.

Of course, this isn't canon, but it actually makes sense if you go by how gods in some mythologies works (like how Ouranos was killed by concentrating all of his existence by his sons holding him onto the ground and then being destroyed to pieces).

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You know it would be the first thing you saw if I put your penis inside her.

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You put my penis inside her? That's pretty fucked up.

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Does her portrait even have a crying scene like that? I see so many crying Hecatia pictures but as far I know she actually doesn't once beat. I did only play with Reisen though..

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Reminder that if you were to marry Hecatia, you could potentially have a 4way on your wedding night.

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Do I get the hell fairy as well?

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She's living under Reimu now, so no.

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No hell fairy, no deal

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Oh well, I'd still marry Hecatia.

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This thread made me fap to Hecatia. There's not much material to go on, unfortunately.

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Hecatia is fine. And by that I mean FIIIIIINE

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I want to cum inside.

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No, I do more than you

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you couldn't marry her unless you were chad, though

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How cute.
Please take me to Hell, Hecatia.

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Hecatia a choo choo

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And yet it falters in front of Astaroth when it comes to shirts with stupid captions.

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Just to stir some shit up.

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No. Tumblr is gross dude.

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Me on the right.

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I like Hecatia and I'm tired of everyone calling her a slut and talking about raping her because that's mean and you shouldn't be mean to people.
She's cute and should be treasured, like all touhou girls.

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translate it weeeeb

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"The pleasure of being cummed inside"

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No fuck you.
I like her more than you do, faggot.

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But there's only two genders.

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There's actually only one.
I don't know anyone who identify as two genders at the same time.

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I want to play with her balls

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i'd suck her dick

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Ballzuri with Hecatia!

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What? are you retarded?
Yes you can only "identify" as one gender, but there are a total of two valid genders any given person can be, and they are male, and female.

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What gender are hermaphrodites?

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Hermaphrodites are an exception, not a rule, and thus don't justify the inclusion of a third or more genders in discussion of the topic.

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"It means masterless student or pupil."
"It also means that it's someone who failed entrance examinations."
"Yeah, that sounds right…"

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Think you better crack open a textbook written in this century, gramps. Not even my Psych 101 text from 1991 only identified 2 genders.

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Tumblr pls go

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Fuck off back to tumblr

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Of course not, you dolt
There is nobody who loves Hecatia more than me.

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That's wrong! You're not me! I'm the one who loes her more!!

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The guy who was originally interviewed looked so depressed in that shot.

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>In the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, Hecate is called the "tender-hearted", a euphemism perhaps intended to emphasize her concern with the disappearance of Persephone, when she assisted Demeter with her search for Persephone following her abduction by Hades, suggesting that Demeter should speak to the god of the sun, Helios. Subsequently she became Persephone's companion on her yearly journey to and from the realms of Hades; serving as a psychopomp. Because of this association, Hecate was one of the chief goddesses of the Eleusinian Mysteries, alongside Demeter and Persephone.

So she is kind of nice.

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On a similar note, the Greeks called the Furies "Kind Ones" to avoid provoking them, not because they were actually kind.

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I wonder if Hecate was just inspiration or if the Greek pantheon actually existed to an extent in the 2hu universe.

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It is most likely that Hecatia is Hecate. Clownpiece is obviously one of her Lampad servants, madness inducing torch and all.

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I want to put my dick ALL THE WAY down Hecatia's throat

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The only way your toothpick can reach her throat is if you rip it off and feed it to her.

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All those shirts are cute as fuck. 2hus in casual clothes are the best.

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Nope dude. I love her the most!!

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Calm your tits man, I was making a joke.

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I'd rather rip Hecatia's head off and put it in from below.

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Has fuck all to do with Tumblr, which I loathe, and everything to do with basic science. Like even in the 80s, five genders were identified. If your time machine won't let you go back to the 1950s that's hardly anyone else's fault.

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How does her shirt stay on when it's off-shoulder and there's no straps?

>Her outfit is just more punk or whatever than lolita.

Punk Lolita is a thing. Hell, a lot of female Punk fashion involves wearing overly feminine dresses mixed with stuff like combat boots.

Punk Lolita is also a thing that should show up more in Touhou. Hecatia better not be a random outlier.

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if between her tits is hell then cast me down o lord god

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You're both wrong!
I love Hecatia way more than both of you combined do!

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>five genders were identified
Lol, and "stone" was one of them right?
Sorry m8 but you can't identify as a stone, you can only be male or female, and that's tied to wether you have a dick or not.

Kill yourself.

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Not a link just a picture.

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I am the only one. Sorry for you dude

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nuh uh

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Hecatia is one of the best Touhous and I really like her shirt! enough to have bought a custom made one that I wear around town!

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Hecatia has what it takes to be a top fapping Touhou, but the material just isn't there yet. I really had to work for it when I fapped to her.

>> No.14933957

Post pics.

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I'm not a camwhore!

>> No.14934087

>enough to have bought a custom made one that I wear around town!
Where did you buy it? I'd very much like one myself. I'm very interested.

Of the shirt you silly, not you wearing it.

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Japan is seriously slacking when it comes to LoLK H-content.

>> No.14937804

Seiran's is definitely the cutest

>> No.14938570

>Tenshi, Meiling and Yukari
Hecatia Best girl confirmed