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zun think he slick...
SHE dabbin!!!

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Shanari, Shanari, Ojou-sama~

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She's getting high? Can someone please clarify what dabbin is

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What does slick and dabbin mean?

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cute as fug

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it's a kind of hiphop dance where you mov your arms just like you would be sneezing into your elbows
it's pretty dope yo

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So what's the meaning of OP's post?

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that zun think he slick...
SHE dabbin!!!

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I really fail to understand, ZUN thinks he's cool but Remi as a response she dances because she doesn't believe so?

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no dude we think zun slick cuz he made remi dabbbbb, dude man bro and he think we wont notice dude

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The heck is this dabbin thingy,

you merricans sure have weird mating rituals.

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I thought ZUN thought he "slicks", I seriously don't understand

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He thought that we don't thought that Zun thought he slicks.

She dabbin.

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Then what does Remi dancing have to so with ZUN?

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Remilia-sama is so stylish!

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Stop trying to understand nigger logic and just accept she's dabbin

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Its incredibile how well that drawing suggest the motions

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Remilia is a nigger?

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stop calling black people ugly names, are you a kid from /pol/ ?

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Ye I would like to learn to draw motions so clearly like that one day

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I want to give Remi a big, wet adult kiss!

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Wow Sakuya really is a criminal!!

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He don't think she be like it is but it do

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It's just one of the latest /v/ memes. Please stop trying to make sense of it.

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Get a hold of yourself, Remi!

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Why is the Remimi so lovely and cute?

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either way, it's for crossies

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Because she is perfection incarnate

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I want to give Remi a big, hard adult dick!

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make er real wman

she ain't gonn dabbin no more.

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Confirmed prettiest and cutest hu.

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Are there any MMD videos of this?

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I want to kiss Remi's loli body all over.

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Remilia is the most charming and elegant 2hu.

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Who the FUCK gave Remilia boobs?

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I want to hug the Remimi around the waist and madly twirl my tongue inside that navel.

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dab on em remi

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Aw man.

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>/v/ meme

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god damn

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Would pretend to be surprised so to not embarrass the Mistress.

Then would try to embarrass the Mistress.

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>you will never cuddle a remimi
Why continue living?

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To fantasize about cuddling the Remimi.

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This is why youkai have to die.

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What the hell happened to the translation there?

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Sakuya did. She's borrowing her pads.

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you can clearly see that it is mostly just first and second bubble that switched places.
Nothing weird with that

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The OP in particular is referencing the Lanky Kong edit, which is in fact, a /v/ meme.

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She murders and drinks the blood of your fellow man! How can you people love such a monster?

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Cuz she eat up that dab like liguini and crab!!

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Perhaps the same could be said of all religions.

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It's stilted as fuck. She sounds like someone translated her dialogue with Google Translate.

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Fire verses, my man.

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>not wanting to have your blood drank by a cute vampire loli
fucking faggot

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Stupid cucks, she's just going to use you for your blood and nothing more!

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It's.. afraid!

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hi please do not use that word on jaypee thanks

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Blushing Remi!

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dumb crossposter

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I think I have a problem. I've been thinking about Remilia nonstop for a month now. I've been saving pictures and downloading songs but I think I'm hitting the dark point. I want to read fanfiction now. I think my best bet is to bombard myself til it quells. Where can I get some good Remilia fanfiction?

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Remi going to bed in the morning.

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Don't worry, this stage doesn't last too long before you realize that 80% of fan stories are based on or conclude with "hilarious" touhou memes.
Until then, there's always the Non-H doujin section of e-hentai. That's at least a little better than bog-standard fanfiction.

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Did she stay up all night posting on the jay again?

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There are two of us. Althrough i dont think about it as problem, but as blessing

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some of the earlier story were trash though,

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I don't understand the words in this thread but Remi is cute.

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god damn son
don't embarrass you'reself like that

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>bombard myself til it quells.
Those are the symptoms of an acute case of Remimiritis of the heart.
Sorry, but there is no cure. Your condition will only worse from now on, no chance of recovery.

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I've had symptoms fir literally 10 years since the first time I've play EOSD. I've never had any felling of reading stories until now. I've progressed to stage 5 Remiliantitus and it feels great

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Remi is a princess!