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Time for a new easy place, /jp/.

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Mishter Writer eajy write-write time beginj !

Chapter One : Being bworn

A life begins.
Sentience seeps into your awakening mind.
You feel heavy, suspended above an infinite emptiness, plunged inside an infinite darkness.
A part of you realize things are only dark because your eyes are closed.
You open them, for the first time.
And then you see.
You see walls of cardboard through which seeps the pale light of the moon.
You see a face, the huge face of a gigantic being, brightened by joy.
You know this thing has a name.
Something rubs against your back. It's round, and soft, just like you. It's tied to the same stalk as you, and behind it, there are three more like it. Thos too have names.
Widdle Shish.
The stalk leads to something else, something as huge as Dwaddy, but you can't see it : it is behind your back. You feel its love, its warmth. It too has a name.

Something changes. The vegetal part linking you to the stalk is letting you go. You know you are going to fall, that you are going to live.
As you fall down, words come to your mouth. The first voice you've ever heard is your own.
"Being bworn eajy !"
"Yu !" you scream in pain as you land, your fall cushioned by a bed of wet leaves.
A new yukkuri is born.
"Piiiiiiii ~ Yuuu !" your first sister shrieks as she falls, soon followed by the other ones.
Five baby yukkuris, under the loving smiles of their Mwommy and Dwaddy.
You look at them : some look at you, some do not. You know what you look like, what you're name is, what shape the thing on your head is. It's all from your instinct, written inside your very being.

You shake with pride and excitement as you realize who you are. Gazing at Miss Moon from the gaps in the cardboard box, you know your only dream is to make this life an easy one.
You introduce yourself to this world :

a) Mawicha ij Mawicha !

b) Uu!~ Wemiwya ij Wemiwya ~

c) Chwen gedsch id !

d) Awiche ij Awiche !

This time, we'll use strawpolls.


I'll come back tomorrow and check what you've voted.

Why are there no Reimu or Patchouli option ? Well, I wrote about a Reimu last time, and Easy Writer wrote about a Patchouli, so we need something fresh.

Also, you asked for it, here is the full version of Reimu's adventure.


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Yeah, Chen gets it!

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Let's be a Chen going on her yukkuri adventure to find her Ran-sama. Or just be a predator, I'm glad the best choices are winning.

Thanks for the link by the way.

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Predator run sounds like alot of fun

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If you want fresh, Remilia it is

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Can a Reimirya be a nicehead ?

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All Remilias are niceheads in my book.

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Chapter 21: The night
No, going out right now it´s stupid. those humans only want to kill and torture yukkuris, talking with them would not work
"Everyone, hide here and stay quiet!" Said patchi as she urged the yukkuris to come close under the cover of the tree.
"why are we hiding from mister human easy?" asked big reimu, clueless upon the upcoming danger. Patchi tried to explain in the most brief way possible
"Mister humans are really uneasy. so keep quiet for now" A little of impatience leaked to her voice
With that everyone seemed to understand her message and the only sound left was that made by the humans:
leaves being crushed by heavy footsteps, getting dangerously close, only to start fading away in the last moment
Trees and branches being hit by something
empty promises of sweet sweets with ill-hidden intentions
Patchi didn't know how many time did the humans look for them, but she couldn't help but sigh when the seemed to give up about it
"Where the fuck are those shitballs? we tried fucking everything"
"Man, I hate it when I don´t get to torture one of those little faggots"
"and do you think I´m okay with it?"
"Calm down you two. there is still something left to try"
"Oh shit you are right"
"Ok, let´s do it"
Patchi had a bad feeling about this
'Oh shit' patchi finally figured out what were trying to do
patchi looked nervously at her comrades. the adults seemed to understand in what situation were they in, so they were trembling, not responding to the offering. Patchi´s sisters were unable to respond thanks to Mother, who had stuffed her mouths with her long hair.
a sudden movement near the nicehead reimu picked her attention just before she was about to relax. The koRan was taking a long breath, ready to answer the human´s call
"Quiet!" Said patchi in a low yet alarmed voice, but the ran seemed to ignore her

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Just before she could say anything, the small marisa solved her own hat into the ko´s mouth while pinning her down. She was bigger that the ran, so she had no trouble keeping the hat in place
"Nothing? fuck, what a waste of time"
"Lets get going, it´s getting dark"
after a minute, the forest was again silent
The humans had taken from them way too much time. The bridge would have to wait for now
with little light left, patchi, with the help of koa, only managed to find 3 suitable places to rest for the night: an abandoned car wheel,covered with a plastic and a small beneath it, a hollow fallen tree and an uncovered bed of leaves on the ground
the best place to rest is:
A. the wheel
B. the tree
C. bed of leaves
there will be a strawpoll so that the thread does not get bumped with one word replies, but I encourage you to reply with any feedback aside from the option you choose. I find them helpful to create the story and enjoy reading about what you think about it.

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>an abandoned car wheel,covered with a plastic and a small beneath it

Plastic what and small what?

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gap*, sorry about that
the car wheel is lifted from one side, so the group can hide inside it

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>an abandoned car wheel,covered with plastic and a small gap beneath it
sorry about that
the car wheel is lifted from one side, so the group can hide inside it. just like in this pic >>14892799 but with the gap

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Stop making me hungry , anon.

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Why can't there be a Mc Manju?

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5 spiced manju?

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I think the wheel would be the best place, the plastic will keep it waterproof in case it rains and the hollowed out stump could be inhabited. Last thing we need is a bunch of shit heads coming back to their home and starting shit.

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But anon.

McHappy meal easy!

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Ah, thanks.

Yeah wheel seems the safest, odds are the tree will get claimed by some shitheads, and leaves are too out in the open.

Of course we DO have Remi and an armed Youmu, so outside of humans or animals the group is likely safe in terms of shitheads/Deibus/etc.

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There are likely no shitheads around, only swarms of Remilias, many times worse.

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We'll make a Remilia run. She was on top yesterday, when I said the polling would stop.

Stay mad Chenfags.

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Jesus that was close. That komarisa just may be a valuable asset as it grows.
How is Ran holding up after being tackled by an uneasy yukkuri?

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Remi's a good choice too. Will she be able to speak or just Uu Uu~?

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>How is Ran holding up after being tackled by an uneasy yukkuri?
she´ll be fine, don´t worry about it

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Hope this Remilia will be able to find a nice Sakuya to be friend with !

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Chapter 2 : Mishter Tweajure

"Uu ~! Wemiwia ij Wemiwia !"
Around you, your sisters join you and introduce themselves.
"Fwan ij Fwan !"
"Wemiwia ij Wemiwia !"
"Chake id easy !"
"Uu ~ Take it easy !" your mother merrily says.
In all, you have four sisters. Two of them are Remilias like your mother (Remi1 and Remi2), and two of them are Flans like your father (Flan1 and Flan2). Now the cildren are born, you're a fmaily of six, living in a cardboard box in the corner of a run-down part of town. The opening of the box is actually turned downwards, so you are fully protected of the outside world. A small "door" has been cut from a side, just wide enough to let an adult yukkuri enter or exit : you guess your parents made this using their fangs.
You waddle around under the loving gaze of your parents, making your first steps with your little feet, feeling the small pink hat on your blue hair. You flap your tiny bat wings, but they're not strong enough to carry you, yet.
But suddenly, as the now empty stalk falls from your mother's head, a horrible feeling strikes you. A mix of pain and emptiness blowing away all your joy of merriness.
Life, the whole two minutes you've experienced of it, was bright and enjoyable. But this changes everything. It's unbearable. It has to stop. Why doesn't anyone make it stop ? Tears appear on the borders of your eyes, and you suddenly flip on your backside, beginning rolling left and right.
"Uu ! Uu ! Uuuuuueeeeeeeeeen ! Wemijia ij ... ! Wemiyia ij... !"
You know this feeling has a name : hunger. And it has a remedy too : food. In a matter of seconds, your four sisters have joined you in a concerto of cries, rolling randomly on the floor, screaming and pissing.
"Fwan ij hungwy !"
"Uuuuueeeeeen ! Mwommy ! Give Wemiwia fwood !"
" Why musht Wemiwa shuffew ?"
Without a word, your father exits the house. Your mother smiles.
"Uu ~ ! You must eat Mister Stalk !"
You barely manage to stop crying. Heavily sniffing, tears in your eyes and your lower half wet with urine, you stare at the long, green thing that just fell off your mother's forehead. Smiling, she gives the example, biting the stalk, chewing on it, and spitting a small pile of green goo at your feet.
"Eat up easy !" she tells you with a radiant smile, before chewing another bit for your younger sister.
"Uu..." you hesitate. You then bite into the pile of chewed stalk and swallow a mouthful. You immediatly erupt in more cries.
"Uu ! Id'sh bidder ! Wemiwia wandsh weal fwood ! Why don'ch Mowwmy love Wemiwiaaaaa ?"
Your sisters have similar reaction. To a common yukkuri, a stalk is a choice meal, sweet and nourishing. Its taste is so delicious that some yukkuris have been known to get another one pregnant, just to immediately tear the stalk apart and eat it. But to a predator, this vegetal part is simply disgusting. You crave for warm, sweet manju flesh.

You see Dwaddy entering Mister Home again, high-pitched panicked sounds coming from her closed mouth.
"That was quick !" Mwommy remarks with joy.
Dwaddy opens her mouth, and out come rolling three little shaking spheres.
"Yupiiii !"
"Yunyah ! Weimyu can'ch chake id eajy !"
"Mawicha'j Mishter hach... Mawicha'j Mishter hach..."
Two small Reimus, and one hatless Marisa, all barely older than you and your sisters. They're staring at you.
"Id'z a Wemiwiaaaa !" the first Weimyu screams.
"Mishter hach..." Mawicha goes, oblivious to her surroundings.
"Bwig Shish will pwotect you eajy !" The second Weimyu affirms, puffing threateningly.
You and your sisters have stopped crying. You're looking at them with shiny eyes, drool running from your open mouths.
"Gonna eachuu ~"
"Wemiwia ij gonna each you whole !"
"Uu, id'ch chime to each !"
You're the first to jump at the puffing Weimyu, alls fangs bared. You bite into her soft skin and rip it apart in a quick move : she's too surprised to react. Ben paste oozes from her gaping wound. Your sisters follow : they bump into them, biting them, tearing them apart in a hunger-driven frenzy.
"Yugyaaah !"
"Shabe bwe ! Mwommy ! Shabe bwe !"
"Hewp bwe Bwig Shish !"
You chew on the white manju skin, suck on the wounds, filling your mouth with sweet bean paste. It's warm, delicious, fulfilling. You bite more and more, and as you feed the yukkuris become more and more of a mess : their screams make less and less sense, and soon they are both silent and shapeless. An eyeball explodes under your sharp teeth : it tastes great. Even their hair is too your liking. The best part is the core however, that small dark ball in the center, the seat of a yukkuri's life. Soon, where three baby yukkuris stood, only two ribbons remain on a stained ground, surrounder by five burping baby predators.

This was your first meal, and it was good.

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In the following days, you've learned to class meals in two categories : the bad ones, where you only got to eat mister grass, leaves and bugs, and the good ones, where you could eat sweet-sweets, or even better, yukkuris.
You've learned to play outside with your sisters, chasing bugs and training your wings : you could barely hover one or two centimeters above ground for a few seconds, but everyday you felt your wings grow stronger.

One day, you and Flan2 were exploring an alley near Mister Home. Nothing had happened, but then you saw it. It laid among the dirt, like if it was waiting for you.
It was a pebble.
But any pebble. The pebblest of all pebbles.
You set your eyes on the tiny white stone : you knew it was destiny that mister pebble would become your mister treasure. But as you began rushing towards it, something terrible happened : you tripped, and faceplanted into the ground. As you got back up, uu-ing in pain, you saw Flan2 rush for the pebble, and gently kick it.
"Look, Bwig Shish ! Id'sh Fwan'j pwechioush Mishter Tweajure !"

You were taken aback. How dared she ? This was your mister treasure ! You saw it first, wanted it first ! It was yours !

You had to make a choice.

a) Take mister pebble by force.

b) Tell Mwommy Flan2 is a thief.

c) "W-wemiwia ij gonna wook fow a bettew mishtew tweajure, Uu !"


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>Now the cildren are born, you're a fmaily of six
Aren't we seven, if we count mwommy and dwaddy?

>> No.14899241

Actually yes.
Counting is hard when you have bean paste for brains.

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The choice is simple. Take what is yours by right.

>> No.14899484

Let the sister keep it, Remi can find something even better. After the last story I have a feeling it's best to make sure the kos get along as much as possible.

>> No.14899969

Specially given that it's a Flan, they're usually the stronger ones so we don't want this to end so soon.

>> No.14900347

Damn this is hardcore. Very refreshing.

Life in the city as a predator is gonna be hard, let's start the school of hard knocks early and earn what's rightfully ours or learn a needed lesson trying.

>> No.14900350

>Bwig Shish

Fran or not she's marginally smaller than you. I like our odds.

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>sorry for being so sinister
Lotta loyalty for an uneasy yu

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seems unlikely that a baby would be this uneasy to her sister, especially a little sister.
besides, there's no fun in acting on this now. we gotta bide our time, little remilia will tell herself she's ok with it and happy for her sister, but she'll know.
she'll know the pebble was meant to be hers. her sister's probably going to get praised for finding such an easy treasure, and she'll be looking at it every day, just waiting and coveting.
who knows what'll happen down the line.
being happy for little sis will turn to jealousy and envy.
maybe an "accident" happens to little sis once the jealousy is too much, maybe we don't save her from a mister human or another big uneasy yukkuri.
then the perfect pebble will be all ours.

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>all these votes for find another
Pussies. What kind of predator are you?

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I never get tired of it

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Polling session is over : option C wins by 15 votes out of 24.

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Not all predators are heartless, anon.

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Chapter 22:2nd day outside
The wheel seems like the safest bet at the moment the camp bravely fits inside the structure, although this does not seem to bother most of the yukkuris, thankful of physical contact on these nights near the winter. even your sisters don´t seem to mind remi as everyone goes to sleep.
Patchi ´s sleep is interrupted by an scream
"Uu~! gonna eat you easy!"
all drowsiness goes down the drain in an instant. on the center of the gap that leads outside, a remilia the size of a soccer ball looks with hungry eyes at one of the wasa reimu sisters, who is runing and screaming from her. in the direccion where she is running is...
"Leave little ne alone, ze!" Father, with his superior size enhaced by his pointy hat stands in front of the predator. Despite his size, patchi doesn´t think he alone has a fair chance of winning. when you try to find youmu you notice her ready to strike just above the entrance, in the cavity made by the tire. unfortunately, the remilia hasn´t entered enough for youmu to attack yet, but youmu being here is enough to give the certanity to patchi that they would kill the remilia if she decided to enter
"Uu! what did remi find?"
"remi is hungry!"
just when things seemed to be bravely under control, the sound of two other remilias crushed patchi´s hopes. they appeared a moment later, one at each side of the big one, and both big enough to eat a ko in one bite
"Uu! remi found lots of easy prey here!" proclaimed the big remilia
Everyone seems terrified and the only ones willing to fight seem to be youmu, father and remilia.
Patchi, on its way to find a solution to this new development, noticed that the rock supporting one side of the wheel was near the edge of it. one impact would make that side of the wheel come down, killing the remilias instantly, but trapping them here. getting out of there afterwards would take them alot of time, but fighting the remilias seemed difficult...
B.Bring the wheel down
there will be a strawpoll so that the thread does not get bumped with one word replies, but I encourage you to reply with any feedback aside from the option you choose. I find them helpful to create the story and enjoy reading about what you think about it.

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Chapter Three : The sound of Myusic

"Give it bwack !" you say angrily.
Flan2 frowns.
"But, Bwig Shish, thish ij Fwan'j eajy tweasuwe !"
"Wemiwia shaw it firsht ! Give it bwack !" you order.
Flan2 puffs up, tears forming in her eyes.
"Why ij Bwig Shish sho mean ? Bwig Shish ij an uneajy yukkuwi and shmellj like poo-poo !"

Flan2 turns her back, and starts kicking Mister Pebble towards your cardboard box home, a few alleys further. You're angry and frustrated, but you know she won't listen to you. You can't get the treasure back for now except by using violence, and you don't want to hurt your Widdle Shish.

"Then Wemiwia ij gwonna fwind a bettew tweajuwe ! A Fwan will be showwy ! Uu !" your yell at her back. She doesn't respond, and keeps going.

You have no real idea where to go now that you're alone. It's actually the furthest you've ever gone, just a few alleys from the box. You're only a few days old, but predators mature more quickly than regular yukkuris. You feel you can go even further. Mwommy told you what lies beyond this alley : a place called Mister Street, filled with mister humans by day, and yukkuris by night. She's told you not to interact with the former, as they're uneasy, and not edible.
It's around noon, in broad daylight : despite all the warning, Mister Street calls to your soul. It's only logical that the most dangerous places will contain the most beautiful mister treasures, after all.
You begin bouncing in the direction of the street. Soon, you hear the activity : human voices, human footsteps. You see their legs from afar, clad in pants and skirts.
As you exit the alley, you find yourself on the pavement of a busy street. There are humans everywhere : young, old, male, female. Mothers pushing their strollers, young men fixated upon their mobile phones, old women gossiping. On the sides of the street, you see cafés, shops, street vendors.
"Uu !" you go, fascinated by this new vision.

But noone notices you. You're a small baby Remilia in a world of giants minding their own business.
You hear a familiar sound, however.
"Yu, yuyu ~"
"Yu, Easy, easy ! ~"
"Chake id eajy ! ~"

Yukkuri voices. Reimu voices. Not far from you, between the café and the hairdresser, back against the wall, a small band of yukkuris is performing. A large one, the mother, surrounded by her young children, are singing. In front of them is a small wooden bowl, with a few bits of shiny metal inside.
"Lishen to Mwommy'j eajy shong !" a small one announces.
"Dwon'ch fowget to shpawe a coin !" another adds.
The mother takes a deep breath, and starts singing.
"Yu ~ Yuyuyu ~Easy ~Take it easy ~ Yuyuyu ~"

You stand there, fascinated. To you, this is beautiful. You stare as a young girl stops, and drops a small ring of metal in the bowl.
"Only twen yenj ? Dwon't be sho cheap !" a child Reimu complains.
"Give at weasht a hundwed !"
"Ad weasht a thoujand !"
"Don't be rude, little ones ! Be grateful to Miss Human !" their mother interrupts them.
The girl smiles and leave, and the whole family starts singing again. All these shiny metal bits... They look like wonderful treasures.

To you, it's the first time you're able to see Reimus as yukkuris, and not only as food. Their singing fascinates you, and you want to get closer to them, but you're also feeling kind of hungry.
Also, didn't Mwommy tell you not to venture into Mister Street by daylight ?

a) Approach the Reimu family casually.

b) Try to sneak and eat one of the young ones.

c) Go back the Scawlet Devil Manshion (aka mister cardboard home)


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If the Reimus see Remi, the screaming will attract/annoy humans and that won't end well. Go home and tell the family about the Reimus, maybe, and then hunt them for supper.

>> No.14908908

Better kill them fast an lose some time, if they kill anyone it's probably going to be youmu and we can't have that. With luck one of the wasas could drop dead easy too.

Remi can't go back without a mister coin to show her widdle shish, besides, no good story ends with a yukkuri doing something as boring as going back. Then after she gets a coin, their family can munch-munch with the Reimus later.

>> No.14911166

Better the immediate threat than the potential consequences. Bring that shit down.

Maybe run up to them looking scary. If they run, free treasure. If they puff, back off home and come back with your family.

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GO HOME. Young predators are frequently killed by adult commons.

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Too bad this one never got finished, it was an interesting survival story.

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It is a pain in the ass to read. You have to download and renumber because the pool is all out of order. And yeah I hate it when long stories don't get finished. Good concept and hilarious and sad in places though.

>> No.14911726

Please eat those scum reimus.

>> No.14911796


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Yu yu~
Shiddy mishter Briton who can'ch chake id eajy make Scottyu really mad. Mishter Briton don'ch chake id eajy hurry up and die soon okay? PUFFFFFF no je~

>> No.14911906

Take its hat off

>> No.14913901


This is completely out of order.


>> No.14913940

I wish Oyp would be included in search sites. I always feel bad about asking you guys for source when there's no clear thing to find in the images posted.

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No it's fine. I have never been to the type to spaz out on the chans because someone asked for sauce.

>> No.14914071

Good lord. Not him, but where is the starting place on this monster? I cant even see a beginning anywhere.

>> No.14914086

it says 'Order fix complete' here.

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What do penipenis taste like/

>> No.14918475



Mister Nice has a job at the factory. He doesn't enjoy his job a whole lot, but every day he continues to work with yukkuris in breeding and training. He doesn't like having to comfort yukkuris that have lost their children to packaging and shipping, but he works anyway to support himself.

Slowly, he gains many friends in the factory, and becomes a popular and hard-working person. Quite suddenly(to him, anyway) he found himself with an employee of the year award. The other workers showered him with praise, and he felt weighed down with guilt even more.

Most importantly the quacks in the R&D department give him a special gift in a rare, unknown yukkuri species. It was completely silent and stoic to them, so after testing(it's contents are strangely normal bean paste, like that of a Reimu or Marisa) and breeding(it's children were not so stand-offish) they decide to give it away as "stress relief".

So Mister Nice carried it home in a ventilated box, unsure of what to do with it.
He sets the box on the table and stares at it. He really doesn't want to hurt it or abandon it, much less return it to the factory.

"Are you okay in there? Will you talk to me?"

No answer.

"I won't hurt you. I promise."

The box rattles slightly. A familiar voice comes from inside.

"Let Marisa out! It's dark!"

A Marisa? What's so bloody special about a Marisa? No less, he takes the lid off of the box and peers in.

What he sees is no yukkurisa.
That is perhaps a stretch. It's larger than a normal Marisa or Reimu, but not by much. It has red hair, red eyes, and a purple hat that is otherwise just like a Marisa's. Maybe it's a mutant yukkurisa?

It takes a leap out of the box, showing some physical strength and coordination, and lands on the table with a curious slam rather than a splat. No yukkurisa is this strong or that heavy.

"Where's Mima!" Mister Nice would have thought it was a slur of speech if it wasn't an adult. "Where's some food?! I'm hungry! Mima must be hungrier!"

It's confused, he thinks. Who knows what the quacks in R&D did to it. Even more, he almost sees it as annoying, something he rarely sees anything as(being mister nice and all).
Mister Nice and his new yukkuri have gotten along well enough, but he doesn't know what to call it. It was amusing itself with a green tennis ball it found under the couch, seeming to worship it's green fuzzy properties.

He had called the R&D department and asked where they found this strange red-haired purple-hatted Marisa. Encased in ice near the top of Youkai Mountain, they said, presumably an ancient yukkuri from long ago.

>> No.14918501

salty milk and easy

>> No.14918651
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>> No.14919595
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hey /jp/, we had this going a previous thread.

Your move, if you feel so inclined.

>> No.14919702

I'd toss her in a tall bucket, like one you'd use for mop water. She couldn't get out or tip it over that way.

>> No.14919820
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She's a shithead and insulted Patchy, she deserves a kick out the door.

>> No.14920346


The true happiness horror movie line is hilarious.

>> No.14921011
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>true happiness is a horror movie in this canon
Nice one.

>> No.14922085
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Chapter Four : The power of Mister Money

"Uu !" you went as you approached the Reimu family. As soon as she saw you, one of the babies screamed :
"Id'sh a Wemiwiaaaa !" and started panicking.
The other babies, however, stared at you with angry eyes, puffing as their mother took a step forward in your direction.
To you, the mother Reimu was huge : she was even bigger than Mwommy, big enough to squash you in one move if she wanted to.
"What are you doing here ? Uneasy predators should go away easy !"
Her children were even more vocal.
"Dwop dead eajy !"
"Gwo away uneajy Wemiwia ! Puuuuuff !"
Their hostility didn't impress you : you expected them not to welcome you. You were drawn to them by their performance. There was one thing you wanted to do :
"Uu ! Wemiwia wandsh cho shing !"
"Yuyu ?" the mother went. "Little Remilia wants to sing with Reimu's family ?"
"Uu !" you confirmed.
She looked thoughtful, ignoring the disapproving cries of her children.
"Wemiwia wandsh to get a mishter treajure !" you explained.
"Ij Wemiwia shtupid ?" a baby Weimyu asked. "Thish ij not a mishter tweajuwe, but lodsh of mishter Mwoney !"
"Ij Mishter Mwoney able cho chake id eajy ?" you inquired.
"Mishter Mwoney ij the eajiesht ! Give mishter mwoney to mishter Shalesman, and you will get lodsh of eajy sweet-sweets !" Another Weimyu explained, bouncing with excitement.
You stared in wonder. Exhchanging an unedible piece of metal against a mister swee-sweet : this was the most wonderful thing ever, after eating freshly born Weimyus.
"Uu ! Wemiwia wandsh cho shing ! Wemiwia wandsh cho shing !"
"Fine. If Remilia can take it easy, then Remilia can sing with Reimu's easy family."

The little ones seemed to still be disapproving, but they got in position nonetheless, facing the pedestrians.
"Ready ? Then let's begin easy ~"
It was a symphony of high-pitched voices more than a song : rythm and melody were there, somewhere, but really hard to find. You bounced with joy, Uu-ing enthusiatically.
"Yu ~ Yuu ~ Yuyuyu ~"
"Eajy ! Eajy !"
"Uu ! Uu ! Uu !"
"Chake id eajy ! "
Soon, however, no apparence of order was left, and the song was nothing more than the screams of overjoyed yukkuris, filled with tension, jumping and sweating.
" Yuu ! Yuuu ! Easyyyy !"
"Yuyuyu yuYU ! YU ! EAJY ! YUUU !"
"Chage id ! Yu ! Chage id ! Yuuu ! "
"Uu ! Uu ! Uu ! Uu ! Uu! UU ! UU !"

A sound cut the concerto short : a heavy piece of metal falling inside the bowl.
"Yu ?"
A baby rushed to the edge of the bowl and looked inside : its eyes went shining in an instant.
"Five hundwed yensh !"
"Five hundwed ?"
"Yu ! Mister is really easy !"
All looked up to the generous benefactor.
It was a mister human. To you, they looked all the same, but to Reimu, who was well-accustomed to human beings, his identity aw a bit clearer. He was a young male, tall and thin, wearing thick glasses and sporting short hair. He was what humans called a mister "high school student", judging by his uniform.
He smiled as he saw the yukkuris staring at the precious 500 yen golden coin. To a human, such a sum would have gotten him a cheap meal, at most. But a yukkuri could have enough enough sweet-sweets to feed for days.
"Chank you Mishter Human !" all the little ones screamed at once.
He adjusted his glasses, and asked a question.
"It's quite a sum, isn't it ? Do you really think your singing is worth five hundred yens ?"
"Yu ! Weimyu'sh shinging ij the besht in the world !"
"Uu ! Wemiwia'j shinging ij worth all the Mishter Mwoney !"

>> No.14922091

He grinned.
"Singing ? Don't make me laugh. You were Uu-ing like a broken alarm."
He squatted, getting his face closer to you.
"But you're an interesting little one. A predator, making friends with common Reimus ? Interesting indeed..." As he talked, he tapped the top of your hat with his index finger. You didn't know how to feel about this. The little ones stared, not knowing where this was going, and only the mother Reimu began frowning, knowing that something was not right.
The young man got up.
"Oh, what is this in my pocket, I wonder ?"
He pulled abright, shiny object out of his uniform jacket.
"Another 500 yen coin ! Is it yours ?"
"Yuu ! Gibe Weimyu !"
"Weimyu dejervesh id !"
"Uu !"
Around you, in the busy street, everyone ignored the little play that was unfolding before their eyes.
"It's yours indeed !" He joyfully announced as he dropped the second coin in the bowl.
A thousand yens ! You already saw yourself Uu-ing atop a mountain of sweet-sweets. Even if the Reimus kept most of it, you would have so much that all your sisters would drown in envy ! Your dreams were cut short when Mister Human spoke again.

"But now... what are you going to give me in exchange ?"
"Uu ?"
"Yuyu ?"
"Ij Mishter shtupid ? Thish waj fow the shinging !"
"Try again little one. You singing isn't worth crap."
A baby Weimyu went berserk.
"How dawe you inshult Weimyu'j shinging ! Dwop dwead eajy !"
"Calm down, little one..." the mother intervened, fearing the worst. "Mister, we don't have anything to give you... So please take back mister money if you want something in exchange !"
"Why ij Mwommy sho dwumb ? Mishter Mwoney belongsh to Weimyu ! Mishter Human should apowogize eajy befowe Weimyu gedsh angwy !"
"Let me make myself clear : the money is staying here. However, I'm not going back empty-handed. I'm leaving with one of you. Any one will do, it's your pick."
His grin was filled with cruelty, but now what you felt was cold, as all the Reimus distanced themselves from you.
"Pick Wemiwia !"
"Yu ! Pick Wemiwia eajy !"
"Wemiwia should gwo away eajy sho Weimyu can each all the mishter shweet-shweet !"
The mother looked upon her babies with gravity. She looked at you, then at mister Human.
"Please take Remilia, but leave Reimu's little ones alone so they can take it easy !"
Mister Human squatted again.
"It seems your friends have forsaken you... but don't worry little Remilia, you're coming with me..."
You fell the ground under you disappear : your remained paralysed, not knwoing what to do.
"Bwut... Mishter Shong... Mishter Mwoney... Mishter Tweajure..."

His hand grabbed you, and promptly shoved you in his pocket.
"Uu !"
It was dark, and you couldn't see a thing. As soon as the hand let go of you, you begin flailing and kicking aimlessly, frantically calling your mother for help.
You heard Mister Human's voices outside.
"Now, maybe you're forgetting something. There were two coins, weren't they ?"
"Yu ! But Mister said !"
"One yukkuri... thats one yukkuri per coin, little manju. Now, who's gonna be the lucky one ?"
Nothing came for several seconds.
But then, you heard hiccups.
"Yu... Yu... Mistew Human... Bleaze don't dage by children away !"
"Uneajy mishter ! Dwon't buwwy Mwommy !"
"Weimyu will pwunish mishter !"
"Mwommy don't cwy ! Weimyu will pwotect you eajy !"

"Im getting bored... Chose one, or I'll chose myself : but i'll take to of your little ones. So, what will it be, hm ?"
Again, a few seconds of silence.
"Gh... Yuu.. guu..."
A scream, the sound of skin hitting skin.
Surprised voices.
"Mwo... mmy... ?"
"Mwommy, whi did you hich widdle shish ?"
"Shud up eajy ! Mommy doesn'd dow dhiz yugguri ! Id can drob dead easy !"
Her voice was filled with tears.
"Oh, so you've made your choice ? I'm taking this one, then..."
"Uu !" you screamed as a warm ball was shoved against you in the pocket, wet with tears and pee-pee.
"Uuuuueeeen ! Mwommy ! I'b your child ! Dwon'd gibe be away !" the baby was crying, but there was nothing to be done.
You heard the voice of your captor once again.
"Oh... it's raining, isn't it ? I guess i'll be going. Enjoy your swee-sweets !"

From the bottom of a dark pocket, you heard nothing but the sounds of the rain, the sobs of the mother Reimu, and the cries of her child against you. You remained silent, not knowing what would befall you. Mister Human spoke only once, after minutes of silence.
"A thousand yens is a sum that has to be earned, don't you think, little ones ?"

>> No.14922104
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You didn't respond, neither did Weimyu, and the wait kept on lasting.
This lasted an eternity : soon you were far from the busy street, far into the unknown.

It wasn't until half an hour later that you were taken out of the dark pocket, only to be dropped on a hard surface.
"Uu !"
"Yupiiiiii !"
You opened your eyes. You could see Mister Human, from the other side of a translucid wall.
"Welcome to the yukkurium. Now, stay put : i'll be back shortly, with lots of surprises..."

Mister Human exited through what you knew to be called a mister door, leaving you alone in a room. So, you thought, this was what the inside of a mister house looked ?
All around you were furniture. All of them were gigantic, human-sized : a bed, a table...
The yukkurium was empty. It was only you, Weimyu, four glass walls, and no ceiling. But your wings were small and weak, and the walls were too high to be flown over by a baby Remilia.
On the other side of the room, you could see a high shelf, on which a pair of yukkuriums stood.
In the first one was a single, adult Marisa. She appeared to be eating from a filled bowl of brown food : she looked clean and healthy.
The second yukkurium was filled with half a dozen yukkuris. You could see a Chen, one adult and one baby Reimu, an adult Alice, and a Patchouli.
Your sharp predator eyes immediately noted there was something wrong with them.
Chen had only one tail, and no hat.
The adult Reimu never moved, and the lower part of her body was darkened, leaving only her child to care for her.
Patchouli lacked her hat, and a ribbon was tied around her, obscuring her now missing eyes.
Alice was the only one looking fine, gazing with a smile on the stalks protruding on Patchouli and Reimu's foreheads, where little Alices slept alongside little Reimus in one case, little Patchoulis in the other.

This was not an easy place.
What was going to happen to you ? You had no idea.
You were now alone, in this empty yukkurium, without food, water or furniture, only a sobbing baby Weimyu.

What were you going to do ? You had to choose.

a) Greet Weimyu.

b) Eat Weimyu.

c) Ignore Weimyu.


>> No.14922361

I told you guys that screaming would get humans to notice them. Mister anons are too bloodthirsty.

Greet the ko, you can't get out of what is obviously an abyuser's house alone.

>> No.14922391

If you show initiative in eating Yukkuris he might use you as an instrument of abuse rather then a recipient. Of course depriving Mister of his fun could also be an express lane to abyuseville or if we are lucky, instant squashing. It's a tricky predicament.

>> No.14922429

Yeah it's a tough call. He's keeping a raper and one apparently untouched Marisa, so maybe at best he might use Remi to torture the rape-babies. If he doesn't catch Remi flying when her wings are stronger maybe she can still get away, though.

>> No.14922582
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>> No.14922587
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Eat that little fucker.

>> No.14922711
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>> No.14923052

Fuck, Remi should just survive as much as possible then as soon as mister human trusts her, she should run.

>> No.14923122

mister stated that remilia was interesting because she didn´t attack the reimus. eating reimu now sounds like a bad move

>> No.14923141

Maybe he said so because nicehead Remis are nicer to torture. We're really in a gamble here. I really think the best course of action would be to ignore her, but we're too far into the vote and I doubt there'd be enough misters to change that, so off to greet her.

>> No.14923240

>Fetch a permanent marker and write "Cyude Cwyer" on her face.

>> No.14923245
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>> No.14923500

Best course of action would've been showing that shit sister Flan who's in charge and going home with our fucking pebble. But hey, now we've got all the time in the world to find a better treasure.

>> No.14923593

Accessory swap is such an amazing thing, shame there's so few plots using it. There's Clever Marisa which never ended, that Yuyuko story and that's about it.

>> No.14923966

Yes. If we show utility we may be spared as a tool rather than a subject. It's worth a try rather than just waiting to be played with.
Plus, y'know, sweet-sweets.

>> No.14923982

This. We could've gotten a nice treasure or a lesson in combat. Now we are gonna get fucking abyused.

>> No.14923994

He's probably gonna test our level of attachment to other yukkuri. See how long we can last without eating one. The old 'mister garbage or another yu' test/
Fuck that, I say. Pre-empt him and eat that little shit.

>> No.14924315
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Anko Zamen

A pregnant yukkuri Reimu was looking down on her stalk, crestfallen.

No, we didn't get that wrong. Down, indeed. The whys and whos of it do not matter and would only make the tale all the more pedestrian.

This Reimu had her stalk cut while she slept, as someone set a phone to vibrate right on her back - and then reinserted the stalk in her penipeni just as she refreshed, assuring that bean sperm paste was supplied to the babies.

Ironically, this stalk pregnancy had the babies encased in leaves before they'd hatch, so no immediate effect on them could be observed. Some theorized the leaves were meant as protection and so the parents were probably high level specimens compared to the rampant stalk pregnancies that have no leaves whatsoever, and it was indeed for one case; in another, the leaves were easily punctured and just more food that the mother would serve with the stalk as the baby's first meal.

When it came to Yukkuri, mother nature always seemed like a bunch of people making things on the fly without checking with each other.

Regardless, Reimu stared down the stalk in her penipeni with trepdiation. The fact that the stalk was nearly at ground level already spared her the trouble of finding a soft landing pad for the babies, so she would prepare their mister bed once they were born and she could move more freely. Moving around with a stalk attached to your penipeni is very uneasy, and she could also be charged with indecent exposure.

But then the leaves opened and the babies dropped. A standard Reimu, a brown-haired wasa Reimu, a standard Marisa, and a 'cone-hat' Marisa that looked simpler than the standard Marisa in the pack - she had a pointy hat standing upwards and no elaborate ribbon wrapping the hat up.

Reimu rejoiced at the sight of her newborns looking healthy - so much she forgot all the righteous indignation she felt when she woke up in the middle of the night to find herself with mister stalk bullying her, magically deciding to attach itself to her swollen penipeni. She literally forgot all of what was just described at the sight of her babies, who exchanged their greetings with her, and neared their mother to do their first rub-rub and be filled with mister happiness.

But that was all over in that same instant.

Gulping, the babies burst violently spilling bean paste everywhere. Half of the Reimu's face was gone; Marisa's "lower body", as in anything lower than her eyes, exploded; the wasa-Reimu had her back nearly entirely tore open; and the cone-Marisa also had half of her face disappear.

Falling in utmost despair after seeing her little ones, Angels so cute in their face-faces it was a sin Azrael, the avenging son of the heavens, felt inclined to punish the Reimu clan for, the mother did not notice four round figures only slightly smaller than her little ones standing right at where each particular jolt of bean paste ended.

They looked basically like each of the babies they burst from, but with a key difference - their skin was pale, their eyes were gray, and their hairs a mushier gray. They seemed to leak something constantly.

Mother Reimu was still screaming her lungs out, when she noticed the new four babies (?) approaching her. Looking at them slowly creep in and looking at the corpses of her offspring, she realized the body count was identical ("lots") and immediately her eyes ignited with fury and she gritted her teeth.


However, before Mother Reimu could do anything, the pale four were in contact with her. They were pushing their weight soft on her, with monotone, weird, seemingly played backward voices saying "RUB. RUB."

Before Reimu could act on it, she felt something leaking into her body. And then stalks began to sprout in her head, one after another, endlessly, while the babies rubbed with her. Eventually, Reimu was left a dried husk, screaming unintelligible cacophonies ever since she realized she was being rub-rubbed the wrong way by the things that killed her babies.

The pale babies looked at the withered husk.

"HAPPINESS", they said together as one.

>> No.14924789


>> No.14924895

Zombie rapers?


>> No.14926349
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character limit can't take it easy.

pic related, rest of the anko

>> No.14926516
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Chapter 23: when it all goes down
Worrying about the problems it may cause in the long run doesn't mean anything when you have 3 predators willing to kill you right now. Patchi decided to eliminate them in the safest way possible
"Father! hit the wheel!" patchi said, catching his father´s attention
"little one, marisa is busy right now, ze!" answered father, too concentrated in the fight to listen to patchi. luckily for patchi, mother seemed to understand what was going on
"Father, hit the wheel please" calmly stated mother
"Yu? what does patchi mean with that?"
"just do it, there is no time!" Urged mother in a more commanding tone, while pointing at where youmu was hiding. youmu moved to one side and pointed with her knife to the spot, making it clearer to father what the plan was.
"Uu! stop ignoring remilia and drop dead easy!"said the big remilia, but before she could move an inch, Father was already dashing in their direction, his big body moving at a surprisingly high speed (for a regular yukkuri at least)
"YUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" cried father as he made a final jump,crashing against the upper half of the wheel and bouncing back violently.
The remilias, who were expecting a frontal attack, mockingly taunted their prey, unaware of the real danger
"Uu? is marisa stupid?"
"Uu! marisa is so stupid that remilia will only eat his little ones! remilia doesn´t want to become stupid!"
"is koa tasty? Uu! Remilia wants to know! come here and drop dead easy!"
The rock holding the wheel finally made its way from under it, and so the battle was decided in an instant
The predators didn´t even had a chance to realice those were their last moments. The weight of the falling structure easily crushed the yukkuris, making a wet, disgusting sound as their meat-filled filling splattered all over the place. the wheel finally hitted the ground with the force of a hammer, and everything went black in an instant. the close space was rapidly filled with the voices of scared and confused yukkuri
"Youmu!" said patchi within the condition. a figure appeared at her side a minute after, and patchi then pointed to a small source of light coming from behind the wheel outline
"time to start digging"
and so, the first battle against the predators was settled with no losses, but a boring morning of waiting

>> No.14926520
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by the time they were outside the wheel, a good part of the day had gone to waste. they had around 5-6 hours before dark, and they were still halfway trough. their food sources would poorly last for another day without hunting, and hunting in a predator zone was a suicide idea. there was still time that day to reatch the bridge and even cross it, but they would have no extra time for stupid things
still Patchi was not sure what to do: staying here for the night and try tomorrow with more time, even if they were running out of food? take the risk and try it today anyways? maybe something else? unfortunately, patchi didn´t have much time to think. she decides to:
A. Rest here for the night
B. Keep going
there will be a strawpoll so that the thread does not get bumped with one word replies, but I encourage you to reply with any feedback aside from the option you choose. I find them helpful to create the story and enjoy reading about what you think about it.

>> No.14926827

The poll is closed : the first option has won.
Next chapter tomorrow, hopefully.

>> No.14927106

Is there something like "injustice"or so in the oyp tagging system? I just want to look up some pictures where the yus, the meanest ones the better, get one over some pathetic wannabe edgelord Anons .

>> No.14928410

>winning against anons

That's so fucking rare that there are tags for that. But look up the good end one, it features them winning in general.
Also, house Yu has a Myon and Chen screwing with an anon at the end, between studies where they out stupidity anon, that one Akyuu vs Dosu Reimu one.
You'll be ard pressed to find shitheads winning but they can win against non-shit yus.

>> No.14929497
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>> No.14929500
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A little something for the late-night easy-seekers.

>> No.14929502
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One of the last things kiri did, I think, and one of the rare few with hard translations on top of that.

>> No.14929504
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There's a few more pages to this, but they're not hard-translated so I didn't bother downloading them.

>> No.14929506
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>> No.14929509
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Here's the pool with translation notes:

>> No.14929753

Thank god that went well.
Now we have a proper fortress it is better to spend the night safely. Predators are more active and effective in the dark.
Yukkuri can last several days without food at all so careful rationing should get us past the bridge without even danger of starvation.

>> No.14930762
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What species is pic related anyway?

>> No.14930790


>> No.14931973
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Something fun to try on Yukkuri Observation Diary: make the yukkuris in the pet shop get pregnant continuously, and then watch them starve to death (since you can still clip through the walls to make predators eat them, but since Sakuyas are exempt you can't just wipe out the entire shop at once).

Pic related, they are all (if not all, mostly) dead.

>> No.14933224


>> No.14936075
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>> No.14936080
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>> No.14936086
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>> No.14936090
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>> No.14936095
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>> No.14936098
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>> No.14936105
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>> No.14936109
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>> No.14936115
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>> No.14936122
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>> No.14936124
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>> No.14936135
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>> No.14936140
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>> No.14936147
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>> No.14936149
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>> No.14936158
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>> No.14936165
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>> No.14936173
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>> No.14936178
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>> No.14936181
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>> No.14936187
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>> No.14936192
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>> No.14936198
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>> No.14936199

>Why did you give birth to Reimyu?
Still the edgiest panel of any yukkuri comic I've read. The anon's dialogue is great fun to read, though.

>> No.14936202
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>> No.14936206
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>> No.14936211
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>> No.14936215
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>> No.14936219
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>Chen/Youmu abyuse

>> No.14937644

Well, Chens have got enough options, but who do Myons usually mate with? Yuyukos are too rare for that one to be a frequent option.

>> No.14937751

Sakuyas Reisans. Though those are not exactly common either. I guess there is nothing stopping them from mating with regular shit like Reimus and Marisas.

>> No.14938538
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Box of rape Breed and Collection edition.

1: Resist the urge to stomp the cardboard box to death when you find a happy family inside it.

2: Use the terrain and hills to help push it over.

3: Round up all the yukkuris and gently place the non shitheads in.

4: Dump all the rapists in afterwards.

5: Wait for the screaming to start.

6: Remember to occasionally take out a ko and kill it in front of them (This will help to respawn yukkuris outside of the box when the first max limit is reached).

>> No.14938540

*forest max limit

>> No.14938544

That's a shame, I just identify more with the shitheads than with the corny ass Anons. Seriously, the whole speeches they give about punishment and shit to fucking pastries is cringeworthy AF.

I just want to see Anon abuse

>> No.14939007
File: 655 KB, 616x8033, bullying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yo, just made a hard translated version of this. Feedback is appreciated before I upload it to OYP.
Better to get it all fixed here than upload it there several times.

>> No.14939011
File: 685 KB, 616x8033, c7bef8e65e2a60f95dcc709ee4529ab0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The original.

I don't like how I had 'buwaa' in, but I can't find an onomatopoeia for *tearing up*, and thought it was phonetically viable for sobbing anyway.

>> No.14939107

What a nice clumsy Reimu.

>> No.14939146

Well, finding yukkuriless anon torture should be easy enough if that's the case.

>> No.14942341

If nobody can find a problem I'm just gonna go ahead and upload it after I have a shower.

>> No.14942360

I like it.

>> No.14942543

I don't see any issues, I know slurring can be a tough thing and I believe OYP has a guide for it somewhere to kind of keep it in line with other translated works, if you're worried about that.

>> No.14942659

>it was annoying that my pet yu wanted a sui, so i bought one.
he was annoyed by the fact that she wanted it?

>> No.14942669

Probably kept asking for one.

>> No.14942695

i though so. written like that, to me it sounds like he's annoyed by the very fact that she wants one.
and the 'so i bought one' makes it even more confusing: why would he buy a sui if it annoys him that she wants it (my head hurts.)

>> No.14942699

Precisely to bully her by taking it away again of course.

>> No.14942700


>> No.14942771

i'm not sure.
>it was annoying that my pet yu wanted a sui, so i bought one.
is logically wrong as a sentence. the second part in an illogical consequence. if you invert the sentence the problem is more obvious:
>i bought my pet yu a sui because it was annoying that she wanted one

how about ``i bought my pet yu a sui since she was pestering me about it''?

>> No.14942781

If you see his intent in the later part of the comic it becomes:
>it was annoying that my pet yu wanted a sui so i bought one just to tease her with

>> No.14942801

yup, sound good.

>> No.14944753
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where are the sweet-sweets?

>> No.14944757

I'd give it chilli padi

>> No.14944796
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how not nice easy! i wonch losche to human!

>> No.14945198

>tfw still no follow up to any of the stories
The wait is killing me.

>> No.14945218

This story was so satisfying.

>> No.14945261

I preferred the one with Mister human's mister farm and with that stubborn af Reimu.

>> No.14945288
File: 134 KB, 553x613, 1092dd4170d612e4778648e4b5eda573.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After days of waiting, here's the continuation of Wemiwia's adventure.
it took longer than expected because Mister Writer had to write essays for Mister Law School. Sorry from being so studious !

Chapter Five : Good Girls House

"Chage id eajy !" you said loudly.
Weimyu barely reacted.
"Weimyu... Weimyu gan'd dage id eajy lige dish...Without Mwommy... Without Weimyu'sh shishterj..."
You knew she had it even harder than you. Forsaken by her own mother so she could protect her other children, Weimyu was truly a sad little manju. In your little bean paste heart, you felt too much pity for her to even consider eating her. Munch-munch would have to wait.
"What will happen to ush ?" Weimyu asked you.
You had no idea.
There was this glass box, without furniture or food or anything, and those two other boxes, faraway, on the other side of the bedroom. One filled with maimed yukkuris, one only inhabitated by a single Marisa.
"Uu ! Evewything will be awwight ! Wemi knowj it !" you confirmed.
Your predator instinct was too strong to let you fall into despair. A hunter knows that once eveyrhing falls apart, his own ability is the last thing he can rely on. Even as a baby Remilia, weighing almost nothing, you knew better than giving up. Suddenly, you heard Weimyu's voice again.
"Weimyu ij dwoing pwoo-pwoo !"
You turned in shock. Weimyu was on her backside, excreting. A fluid, half-liquid pile of brown fecal matter was exiting her anyaru. Your sensitive nostrils were assaulted by the foul smell of the thing, and you closed your eyes in repulsion.
"Uu ! Id shtinksh !"
Weimyu, having excreted the entire content of her bowels, stopped and stared at the brown pile.
"Yu... Id shtinksh !"
Her face was distorted by disgust, and she turned her eyes to the horizon.
"Mwommy... Why ijn't Mwommy hewe to do wick-wick ? Mishter anyaru hurdch !"
Ignoring Weimyu's existential questionings, you were still being driven crazy by the smell. Eyes closed, you were hoping around aimlessly.
"Uu ! Ged id oud ! Id stingsh ! Why ij Weimyu doing dish to Wemiwia ?! Uu ! Ged id out !"
As Weimyu began crying, you kept on hopping around in incoherent despair, now leaving behind a trail of piss.
An hour passed, and Mister came back. Seeing the box soiled and finding you both in tears, he sighed.
"Well, that was to be expected. The surprises will have to wait : if you can't even handle your own shit, you won't be much fun to play with..."
Weimyu turned towards the man.
"Uuuuuueeeen ! Mishder ! Mishder Anyaru hurdch ! Bwease do wick-wick !"
He sighed even deeper.
"Remember this. It's the last time I do something for you."
He took a tissue out of his pocket, and spat on it. Taking Weimyu in one hand, he wiped her bottom with the wet tissue, wiping her bottom, which was now bright red from irritation.
He then dropped Weimyu, letting her fall face first into the box's ground.
He adjusted his glasses.
"Now, let me explain the rules."
You didn't care a bit about any rules : all this care about Weimyu hadn't made the pile of poo-poo or the smell go away.
"Uu ! Make mister poo-poo gwo away ! Id shdinksh !"
In an instant, the young man had his index finger held back by his thumb, right in front of your face. As he let it go, you were struck with what seemed like an awesome force, and sent flying backwards.
"Uu !"
"Shut the fuck up, I'm trying to talk." he said with a bright smile.
You and Weimyu were both sobbing now, but you had learnt the hard way to listen to Mister.
"The rules, then. There are four boxes in this house of mine... You're sitting in the Starting House. It's where the new ones are put, to let me sort the ones which deserve my care from the others. As you managed not to do anything stupid like eating each other or insulting your beloved owner, let's say you passed the test. Now, this..."
He pointed to the yukkurium with the Marisa.
"... is Good Girls House. It's where well behaved are sent, to take it easy. If you manage to take it easy long enough, maybe you'll be sold to Mister Pet Shop. This, on the other hand..."
He pointed at the other yukkurium.
"... is Bad Girls House. Yukkuris that can't take it easy will land there. It's a very expensive place, so you'll have to pay an entry fee to get there. What happens to yukkuris that can't pay, or that are beyond any forgiveness ? Well, they go to the fourth box, Mister Compost House. Now, that's a place you don't want to visit..."
In a quick manner, he picked you both up.
"Uu ! Id'sh wike fwying in dhe shky !"

>> No.14945291

You and Weimyu were both shaking with a coktail of fear and excitement as Mister went through the room, carrying you to the cabinet on which Good Girls Home and Bad Girls Home stood.
"Take it easy !" the Marisa greeted.
"Marisa, I have new friend for you !"
"They better be easy friends no ze !"
"Let's hope they are, indeed..."
He turned his gaze to the contents of is hand.
"Well, little ones, welcome to Good Girls Home."
He put you both inside and, without another word, he went away, exiting the room.

There were three inhabitants to Good Girls Home now : Marisa, Weimyu and you. In front of you, Marisa, being an adult, towered over you, her black pointy hat making her seem even taller. Around you were a bowl with enough food for days, comfy beds, to brightly colored balls and a strange, large wheeled toy you couldn't identify. From nearby Bad Girls House, yukkuris pressed in front of the glass to see what was happening.
You decided to greet Marisa, Weimyu had the same idea.
"Chake id eajy !"
But Marisa didn't respond. Her face turned into a deep grin, and she said :
"With two new slaves, Marisa will be able to take it really easy !"

There's no choice this time, but in the next chapter, your morals will be tested...

>> No.14945323

Gotta keep repressing those predator instincts, or Remi's gonna be compost.

>> No.14945455

Will such a masterpiece ever be topped?

>> No.14946310

Between Studies > True Happiness

>> No.14946709

It's the Paradise Lost of Yukkuri stories.

>> No.14947112

Told you fags we should've eaten that ko.
Now we are marisa's bitch.

>> No.14947180

Didn't you listen to mister? He'd have let us in with Awice otherwise. We just have to endure long enough until we can get out and resume our predator ways, or die trying.

>> No.14947270

If Remi ate her she'd be in the raper box, at least with the shitty Marisa she can maybe last another day or two and then fly the hell out of there.

>> No.14950086
File: 75 KB, 332x275, b161f2bed3a52214d56776c5876595c5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I won't scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea. I will always be with you. Plant your roots in me. I won't see you end as paste. You're all treasures ze.

>> No.14951888

I prefer the ending where she dies.

>> No.14952458
File: 495 KB, 1300x1011, 1452322758822.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What happened to the yukkuri fad?

>> No.14952461
File: 149 KB, 1632x1224, 1451269398260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14952469
File: 494 KB, 793x709, 179cb4c489241458f0f88335ed4a3d3b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the choices were left on a draw, so I decided one of the two myself
Chapter 24: Risky bet
We can´t play safe anymore, it´s now or never. We need to move now or never, before we lose our steam against the predators. At a average pace we should be on the bridge in 5 hours.
"Okay everyone, we are moving" announced patchi
The forest was silent save from the sounds of leafs being crushed by the convoy of yukkuris. The sun, already showing sights of setting, projected a redish light on the forest ground. The overall feeling of the scene felt very fitting for the dangerous end of the journey ,or at least the end of what they had planned beforehand. After crossing the bridge, they would have to decide what to do...
"Yuuuu! Remilias! they are coming!" The voice of koa reatched patchi before she saw her coming
"How many!" screamed patchi, not waiting for koa to get closer
"12 little ones! one big!" answered koa back. Remilia was following her closely, and both landed on youmu´s head. both seemed to be on a hurry, witch probably meant...
'Shit, this is bad' Patchi trough. but as she was looking for a place to hide, the spawn of predators appeared from behind a tree, directly heading to their position
"Uu! look, little ones! we have lots of yukkuris here" said the remilia as big as Mother, which was probably the mother teaching her little ones how to hunt
"Uu! Wemiwia wandsh to Munch-munch!" Said one of the baby remilias as she headed tt koa
"Uu!" one of her sisters followed her, looking at Patchi instead.
'Well, if it comes to this...'

>> No.14952470
File: 76 KB, 298x230, 1447477067765.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14952472
File: 176 KB, 400x700, 74d2bb36ee75b7f014deaa1843e96114.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Before patchi could say anything, remi fled in the koremi´s direction as fast as she could
"Uu? whad doez Wemiwia wh.. Uu?" the first ko, confused, looked at remilia as she positioned herself just above her, only to suddenly crash her body,more that two times bigger that the little remilia, against her top
"YUGAAU!" screamed the predator as she, unable to keep flying, fell in front of youmu.
Losting no time, Remi bit the other ko and dragged her to the ground with her wings
"YUGA! ITZ HUDHZ!WEMIWIA SHOULD ZTOP... YUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" The half-complains half-screams suddenly turned into a short, pain-filled shriek before falling silent as fast as it came. A brown mess of stripes and a hat was the only thing that remained in Remi´s mouth
"Uu! Remilia´s Friend´s enemies are Remilia´s enemies!" The yukkuri proudly stated
"MYON~" youmu responded in agreement, as she lifted the enormous knife that she was holding with her mouth. The koremilia on the ground was clearly cut in half with one swing.
"Yuuuyuu! Shishtz!"
"UUU!REMILIA LITTLE ONES!!" Screamed in rage the mother, finally coming to her senses. She slammed herself against remi, sending the much smaller yukkuri rolling
"Youmu now!" Patchi urged.
"DI-CK!" youmu jumped, her blade ready. but as she swinged it to take the remilia down, the predator took off the ground in a moment
"Uu! Remilia is not stupid! Mister stick is really uneasy, but remilia is fast!" as she finished saying that, the remilia rammed youmu from one side,and returned to the sky before the blade could reach her. All that movement nearly trowed patchi to the ground
'Fuck! she is fast!'
The predator managed to pull off the maneuver a few more times before patchi decided they needed to change tactics. She took from youmu´s backpack the old pocket knife youmu used to carry before. patchi was bravely able to hold it, but that didn´t mattered for what she was about to do.
"Uu! Drop dead easy already!" the remilia made her move another time. But just as she was about to slam youmu from one side, Patchi pushed the blade in her direction
"UUUUGAA!" the knife embered on the predator´s skin, leaving a trace of meat filling as she fled back to the skies. Patchi was unable to hold the knife and it fell to the ground
"UUUU! REMILIA IS REALLY ANGRY NOW!" said the predator in a menacing tone. The wound started to heal almost immediately
'I don´t like where this is heading' patchi trough. Everyone knew that predators are trough and regenerate quickly, but this is just ridiculous. They needed to turn this battle in their favour quickly
"Uu!" Remi, fully revigorized, appeared out of nowhere and bit one of the wings of the big remilia
"Uu! Stop it now!" the Predator, private to the movement of one of her wings, headed to the ground, directly in front of patchi and youmu
"DIIIIIIIICK" youmu leaned forward and pointed her knife to the sky, impaling the remilia in mid air. the Big yukkuri made no other sound, instantly killed after taking a direct hit into the core
"Well, that was close" concluded patchi with a sigh "Now we have to deal with the ko´s and..."
'Where are the koremilias?'

>> No.14952478
File: 48 KB, 450x320, can-stock-photo_csp13940229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"UGAAAAAA" a familiar screamed came from behind patchi, followed by an impact and a wet sound
"NO!" patchi screamed as she looked in that direction
She first saw that most of the yukkuris were alive, although almost none unscratched: Komarisa´s eye had a long cut transversing it as she rested on one of the predator´s corpses.koRan was near her, and aside from looking quite stunned, was fine. the adults were covered in scraches, but otherwise fine. sister reimu was unscratched, and sister Marisa didn´t have her hat on.
They unceremoniously buried my sister´s corpses just behind the scene that had taken her lives. Time, no matter how much sorrow we carried, was a luxury right now.
We carried on. Some soaked in sorrow, like sister reimu and my Mother. Others, like my father, were filled with rage, that carried with it a silent louder that any shithead. And talking about shitheads
"YUGAAAAAA! MISTER HAT! I WANT MY MISTER HAT" Screamed Shithead marisa, Throwing a tantrum while everyone was thinking about sister.
Patchi didn't need to turn back to know that the satisfying loud sound that she just had heard was Marisa getting bitch slapped by Father.
"Marisa can go if she wants. we are leaving, with or without marisa" Explained Mother in place of father, who was already walking along the rest, ignoring the fallen Marisa
Everything was calm from that moment on. Meanwhile, on the head of the convoy, Patchi was crushed not only with sorrow, but with guilt: She didn't have a specialty big attachment to her wasa sisters, but that didn't mean that they deserved to die. And if they died, it was mainly because of Patchi´s decision about continuing.
As she trough this, an structure she had longed to reach for the last two days appeared in front of her
"The bridge!"
The wood man-made structure stood before them. and in the center of it, their last obstacle awaited them
around 12 remilia( 2 adults, 3 young adults and 7 kos) and 2 Big Sakuya were playing on the bridge.luckily They had not seen them just yet.
There was 30 minutes left before darkness. Almost all the remaining yukkuris were willing to fight.
And so the final decision of this adventure awaited patchi. Which decision would pull them trough? which one would kill them all?
A. Fight
B. Wait and see if the guards leave the bridge
C. Charge (Note: It will use one of the two bullshit points you have)
there will be a strawpoll so that the thread does not get bumped with one word replies, but I encourage you to reply with any feedback aside from the option you choose. I find them helpful to create the story and enjoy reading about what you think about it.

>> No.14952488
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>> No.14952528

Yukkuri are always depicted as being squishy, fragile paste balloons, but those look more solid and bread-like.

>> No.14952604

I fucking warned you idiots. Predators have the advantage at night and we had a perfect place to stay.
We could've lived on half rations until we got out but now we've got dead yukkuri.

Also Easywriter, please proofread more, a lot of mistakes and I'm still not exactly sure who is dead and wounded.

>> No.14952670
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>big.g continually posts fantastic art and stories
>no translations still

>> No.14952709


really good stuff

>> No.14952922

We lost the two wasa Reimus and shithead Marisa lost her hat, so nothing important is dead.

Man, none of those sound like good options. What exactly are "bullshit points" though?

>> No.14952934

Recently a couple kind OYP users have delurked and translated some things. Unfortunately kanji is still uneasy, and big.g uses a lot of it.

>> No.14953336

I'd be happy to translate that for y-
>that sheer wall of kanji

>> No.14954139

>Also Easywriter, please proofread more, a lot of mistakes and I'm still not exactly sure who is dead and wounded.
sorry about that, I was in a hurry last night and I wanted to update it right now. this is the list of casualties and losses:
Wasa sisters
Everyone except Patchi, koa and sister reimu
Missed accessory:
Shithead marisa
when we started the journey you could choose between a type of yukkuri, an intelligence level, a luck level. if you left some points unused, those turn into bullshit points. they are basically allow you to choose stupidly lucky scenarios for each point you waste. I am thinking about using them to avoid dead ends too. But yeah, they will more or less assure you you get outta here alive. of course, they were not cheap to obtain: If we had used those points on luck, for example, Patchi´s camp wouldn't have been in such a bad situation from the beginning

>> No.14954146

>they basically allow*

>> No.14954401

Why are Marichas so cute?

>> No.14954545

Still pointlessly risked our lives when going a day without food wouldn't have fucked us up nearly as much as going out at night did.
Now we are wounded and facing an even bigger group at the bridge and may have to wait for them to leave anyway.

>> No.14954633

just for the record, night is still yet to come

>> No.14955931

They are the easiest yukkuri

>> No.14956589

Okay, I know it's a bullshit point so it's clearly better, but what does charge means exactly? Same as fight but better odds?

>> No.14957358
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>> No.14957365
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>> No.14957373
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>> No.14957376
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>> No.14957388
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>> No.14957395
File: 116 KB, 400x2000, 823e8cdd1038ebc08d899eebc3b165ad3c9a64ca.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14957415
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>> No.14957905

It ended. Like any fad. I am sorry I got into it too late.

>> No.14958009

What was the point of deciding whether to stay or go then?

>> No.14959749

OYP is down.

Holy fuck is truly this the end?

>> No.14959895

I've always hated them sticking their disgusting tongues out and have been longing tosee one get hacked off, cut off, or pulled out. Thank you.

>> No.14959975

The main problem is that the amount of cuteness compared to abuse is way too small, it definitely puts off a lot of people even if they're into 2hu.

>> No.14959989

How do you get them pregnant?

>> No.14960011

Oh right he said if it went down with the new configuration it would be a bitch to get back up.

>> No.14960039

Yeah at this point the only artists putting out work are almost completely abyuse-oriented. Takumi, y and big.g are great artists but if you're tired of yukkuri getting ripped apart/blown up/beaten to death then what's left of the niche isn't going to have much for you.

>> No.14960043

basically this, got into touhou recently and just wanted to see cute characters doing cute stuff but like 80% of yukkuri material is torturing them in some way

>> No.14960184

Same here. When OYP comes back up there's a handful of tags worth checking out( family_friendly, non_violent, etc), but most of the longer stories are going to be abuse-focused.

>> No.14960223

The prudes are Danbooru don't host abuse so you can also look there, although 90% of what's tagged is part of a single very long series by one guy featuring highly nontraditional yukkuri.

>> No.14960284

More time in the predator zone=more chances of getting attacked more times

>> No.14960665

Yeah, I went through that archive a few months ago and still check it from time to time. If you want cute yukkuri doing cute things Danbooru has you covered, but most of the new stuff is 4koma yukkuri-ish comics. I recommend starting from the last page and working towards the first, that way you can just stop when it's mostly 4komas on each page.

>> No.14960855
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Can I ask what the appeal of non-abyuse yukkuri is? They're stupid and annoying, they're not funny, they're not really cute. The whole concept behind an obnoxious living pastry it is just retarded.

Abyuse actually puts it so far beyond the point of retarded that it actually becomes good. The struggle of stupidity, naivety, and fragility in an overwhelming and dangerous world. The feeling of justice when seeing the ignorant and rude get set on fire. This shit is great.

Without abyuse, yukkuri are basically the touhou version of the annoying orange.

>> No.14960884

The original yukkuri just told people to take it easy, originally I don't think they universally made you want to punch them (like all that "shiddy human give sweets" stuff). They were just cute and kind of dumb.

>> No.14960950
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Because not all yukkuri are written as total shitheads. They could easily be raised to appreciate the easyness granted by an anon, but abuse is basically all that's left in the fad.

>> No.14960958
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>> No.14960979

As abuse became pretty much all thats left, its hard to understand that yukkuri can also be just nice little pets that look like 2hus who just want to hang out and take it easy. Most you see now are shitheads or annoying and crying. A little Marisa or something sitting on a shelf saying "take it easy!" ir a chen snuggling a ran and not requiring much care is a pretty relaxing idea

As for me i just dont generally like the idea of torturing something thats alive, let alone something that has child-like intelligence and speech

>> No.14961002
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I can't say you enlightened me. My points about yukkuri were independent of whether or not they were shitheads.

If non-abyuse is just some semi cute, most weird looking thing taking it easy, and there's nothing more to it, I feel I'm just not going to see the light.

>> No.14961050
File: 134 KB, 697x523, 83c111d436e311e244460dc07b2338c7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some of the original comics are set in Gensokyo and involve Touhou characters acting confused and/or bemused by the fact that talking manjuu have entered Gensokyo.

Another part of it is just that having stupid chibi alt-Touhou characters running around is funny. A very base "haha isn't that dumb" kind of funny. It's not that deep.

>> No.14961420

I cant say you enlightened me either, i see no reason to take pleasure in torturing and brutally dismembering these things

>> No.14961771
File: 7 KB, 500x500, c0dbac3bd44473f2920195ea60609d21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chapter Six : Marisa

It was morning.
You opened your eyes, only to see that Mister was not in his room.
Besides you, on the fluffy bed, Weimyu was still sleeping : she was smiling and drooling, dreaming of a better world.
On the other, larger, fluffier bed, Marisa was also sleeping. Perhaps it was only your imaignation, but she seemed to be getting bigger everyday.
It was already your fourth day in Good Girl House, and you already knew today would not be a happy day.

Life in Good Girl House with Weimyu would be dull, and boring. There was little to do, and the food, which could satisfy an ordinary yukkuri, tasted bitter to a predator used to the sweet flesh of a fresh prey. The yukkurium felt way too narrow for you, but your wings were still too weak for you to escape.
Life, however, was not dull : it was made terrible by Marisa's presence.
Marisa was not an ordinary yukkuri. To you, yukkuris fell in two categories : those you could hope to eat, and those you couldn't. But expert yukkurist had far more complex classifications, and under those, Marisa would be deemed a smart shithead. Smart enough never to anger a human and know her place, rotten enough to prey on the weak and abuse other yukkuris in every way she could imagine, that wouldn't get Mister too angry.

Marisa was waking up. You immediately approached her, and said :
"Wemiwia wandsh cho each !"
Marisa frowned.
"Stupid Remilia will only eat after Marisa-sama has eaten !"
"Uu !" you responded, frustrated. "When will Mawicha each ?"
Marisa pondered, and smiled.
"Marisa-sama is not hungry yet, ze."

Marisa was a bully, and she had decided you and Weimyu were her slaves. Nothing could be done without her agreement. You and Weimyu had to ask for permission to eat, to play ball, and even to go to mister toilet : she would agree or refuse at will. Ignoring her orders would result in a beating : you and Weimyu were too weak to stand up to her.

"Wemiwia wandsh cho play ball !" you told her.
"Remilia can play stupid ball. Marisa-sama will play with Mister Sui !"
You silently went for the small blue leather ball by the food bowl, while marisa happily hopped toxards the Sui. The Sui was a complex machine for a yukkuri mind : a plank resting of four wheels, it could roll in any direction a yukkuri riding it wished. Of course, Mister Sui was the exclusive property of Marisa.
But you didn't care, because you had mister ball.
"Uu !"
You began playing. Remilias don't play ball like other yukkuris, who simply kick it around and chase it. Remilias fight the ball.
To you, the ball stood for a prey. You quickly hopped around, leaving it no chance, waiting for the perfect time to strike.
"Uu ! Wemiwia ij gonna eachu !"
Then, you jumped on the ball, all fangs bared, and bit the leather, which was already covered in marks left by your sharp teeth.
Playing with the ball doubled as combat training, and you were beginning to feel confident : you thought you could take on a yukkuri bigger than yourself, but adults like Marisa were still far out of range. A sound interrupted your playing session.
"Suiiiiiiiiiiiii no ze !"
It was Marisa, riding the Sui, charging towards you at full speed. Of course, she was doing it on purpose, and already anticipating the joy of bumping into you.
But you were quicker : you jumped, and your wings carried you over both the sui and marisa, your bottom touching the tip of Marisa's hat. Then, your tired wings gave up, and you landed behing the moving vehicle.

Marisa jumped out of the Sui, furious.
"Shitty slave ! How dare uneasy shitty slave spoil Marisa-sama's fun no ze ?"
Marisa grinned.
"Follow Marisa !"
You obeyed her, and followed her to the other end of the yukkurium, where mister toilet stood. You watched as Marisa steped on the white square, stopping near dried feces elft over from yesterday. Laying on her back, she exposed her anyaru, and promptly defecated.
"Doing poo-poo easy ! Refreshed !" she exclaimed, looking extatic.
She then turned towards you, still on her back, pointing her dirty bottom at you.
"Now Remilia is going to do lick-lick like the shitty slave she is !"

"Uu !" you responded in disgust.
But you knew you had no choice : Marisa had hit you and Weimyu before, and you knew better than to make her angry again.
Your entire being filled with repulsion, you opened your mouths and got your tongue out : closing your eyes, you began lick the soiled anyaru.
The smell was atrocious, and the bitter taste filled your entire mouth as spoiled bean paste was cleaned from Marisa's bottom.
"Uu ! Id'sh bidder !" you complained.
But you kept on, filled with hatred for your bully, but conscious of your own weakness.
After a while, Marisa got back.

>> No.14961785
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"Marisa will now go for munch-munch ! However, today shitty slave Remilia doesn't need to eat, as she has already eaten some of Marisa-sama's sweet mister poo-poo !" She proclaimed with a triumphant smile.
"Uu !" you went, feeling hungry and frustrated, the taste of shit filling your mouth.
As there was nothing you could do, you hopped towards the bed, were Weimyu was getting up. She had been observing the scene in silence.
"Yuu..." she went, with a sad face, looking at you.
She was honestly sad for you, but you were too hungry, enraged and sad to care about it, you were crying, and felt no rub-rub could help in any way. Weimyu went to ask Marisa and asked for permission to eat : to which she responded :
"Unlike shitty slave Remilia, shitty slave Reimu can eat at her heart's content no ze ! Isn't Marisa-sama a the easiest master ?"
While you sat on the bed, Weimyu began eating the processed yukkuri food.

You looked to your right, to Bad Girls House, and thought to yourself things were maybe not so bad, after all.
Bad Girls House was an entirely different society, close enough to Good Girls House to be observed on a dialy basis.
Just like Marisa ruled over your yukkurium, Alice ruled over the neighboring one. All other inhabitants, the hatless, one-tailed Chen, the blind Patchouli, the burnt Reimu and her daughter were her playthings.
Bad Girls House had even less space, less activities, and worse food than your yukkurium. It was essentially a toy box for Alice to play with. The only thing worth expecting from this place were the births : both Patchouli and the burnt Reimu were pregnant.
From your side of the glass, you spent hours watching the babies grow on their stalks, drooling : you knew how sweet they would taste. You counted two Alices and three Patchoulis on the blind Patchy's forehead, and only one Reimu, and one Alice on the Reimu's stalk. There had been five babies originally, but the middle one had died on the stalk, due to Reimu being underfed. Indeed, as she could not move, she was only eating what her young daughter brought her, which is the small quantity she could still get after Alice and the adult yukkuris were done eating. Following the unborn Alice's death, it was left to rot on the stalk, getting covered in white mold by the second day. It resulted in the two babies directly in front and behind it to be covered with Mister Mold.
Fearing the entire Bad Girls House would get infected, Mister only then acted, removing the three babies from the stalk, and burning them with mister Zippo.
While losing three members of heer potential offsrping visibly upset Alice, the burnt Reimu could barely hide her relief at having less mouths to feed.

A loud "Yuyu !" got you out of this reminiscence and back to the sad reality of Good Girls House. Next to the bowl, Weimyu was shaking violently, overshadowed by Marisa.
Something felt off.
Marisa's face expressed something powerful. She was blushing, drooling, breathing heavily. From her lower body emerged a long, rigid element, its tip dripping with a translucent liquid.
"Marisa-sama braggable penipeni is going to make you pregnant !"
"Yu ! Hewp bwe !"

This was not simply mating, this was rape, and it was going to happen in front of your eyes.

What were you going to do ?

a) Nothing.

b) Take Weimyu's place.

c) Bite Marisa's penipeni off.

After you've admiring my mad skill paints, vote at http://strawpoll.me/7158154

>> No.14961793

I want to squish those kos to death.

>> No.14961833

Poor Remi, there's no good end in sight at this point. Doing nothing likely means Reimyu will hate you, leaving you truly alone. Taking her place means you get raped, possibly even pregnant, which is likely fatal to a young yukkuri. Biting off the penipeni probably means a pretty savage beating, but it could also show the owner that Marisa's not a good girl at all.

In the end I almost think biting off Marisa's penipeni is the best long-term option.

>> No.14962150

Should do nothing, I'm sure mister owner wouldn't like Reimu dying, he wouldn't get to either torture or sell her. Marisa will reveal her true colours with it.
Or maybe Marisa was put there as a test, who knows?

>> No.14962273

I agree with you. Even though she's gonna get a beating, it'll be worth it.

>> No.14962534
File: 450 KB, 350x3650, 3917aad68b106fd4d5f5c5e0fbc5e0b7f296e1d7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14963368
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biting that marisa not only saves our reimu friend, but also solves the hunger problem at the same time.
choice seems obvious.

>> No.14963408
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Yukkuri aren't living things silly. The factory scientist said so.

>> No.14963412

As sad as it may seem, doing nothing could be the smartest thing here. Marisa could get punished for being a raper, leaving weimu and wemilia alone in the good girl house

>> No.14963490

Best case, Marisa gets sent to Bad Girls House and Remi and Reimu raise their family of (probably shithead) Marisas and Reimus in Good Girl House. Worst case, Reimu dies and Marisa blames Remi, getting her sent to Bad Girls House anyway.

I say we save our friend and get it over with.

>> No.14963517

Yes, but why bother asking if you wanted to stay in the tire at all if it wasn't getting dark?
Just waste the day there for no reason?

>> No.14963544

Fuck that. We are pure survival mode right now.
Biting at her penipeni will just get us raped or squashed.

>> No.14963546

Presumably if we stayed we would've either skipped the fight or encountered something worse.

>> No.14963548

Yes, from a metagame sense, but what reason would patchy have from staying in enemy territory longer than necessary?

>> No.14963582

Patchi doesn't know what they're going to run into or how long it would take to deal with it. Even this fight on the bridge could take long enough for it to get dark as they cross the bridge. If there are more predators over there, then what? Waiting another day would at least give them the advantage of light if that were the case.

>> No.14963585

I doubt that.
It was only a day's trip through predator territory, crossing the bridge at night wouldn't have been a problem since they would be leaving the danger area. Any major conflict would be resolved in seconds to minutes, or worse case they would be forced to hide some more -fundamentally the same as staying where they were.

>> No.14965481
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I'm glad someone is uploading Kuyagiyu's stuff to OYP.

I think the biggest story he did before his account was suspended from Pixiv (for whatever reason) tops True Happiness.

>> No.14965586

What the fuck is yukkuri?
I know what it means but what the fuck is this thread for? what the fuck do you guys do all day? why?

>> No.14965884
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You just don't get it mister.

I'm not sure either.

>> No.14966350

What the fuck is touhou?
I know what it means but what the fuck are these thread for? what the fuck do you guys do all day? why?

>> No.14967275
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>> No.14967589
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>there's nothing more to it
That's the point. For example pic is an example of somewhat cute Yukkuri and that's all there is.
But I don't think "taking it easy" is part of non-abuse fandom, I feel is more like part of the abuse fandom, because Yukkuri want to take it easy, they often are lead to interact with humans, resulting with the Yukkuri being terminated in a hilarious way.
I don't think abuse is everything, I like Yukkuri vs the environment stories or Yukkuri centered drama, were they get injured and killed without any human intervention.

>> No.14970922


>> No.14970968
File: 118 KB, 500x500, 1296806078137.png~original.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I think that they are pretty cute.

>> No.14970994
File: 1.25 MB, 480x600, [0]紫様がゆっくりでおなら.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

remove yukkuri

>> No.14971152
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There's some quality moe out there for yukkuri, it's true.

>> No.14971161
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My favorite images has always been them in the free, living naturally and overcoming problems. Almost like a slice of life about yukkuri.

>> No.14971566

A Komarisa jumping is very cute.

>> No.14971576
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>> No.14971720
File: 382 KB, 979x1000, komarisa big.g 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, I also enjoy seeing them in a happy home with a nice anon.

>> No.14971723
File: 355 KB, 979x1000, komarisa big.g 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14971796
File: 125 KB, 420x1440, 6db60a7593ca2b7bb789aaf2042077e35bc556c2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14972564

She doesn't mind not having a hat?

>> No.14973858

In the canon most writers have set up, some yukkuri can be trained to be okay without their accessory. I think it's part of the test they go through to get badges, as well.

>> No.14975328

What would happen if you took away a newborn's accessory? Would they be indifferent due to their ignorance or horrified due to their instincts?

>> No.14975519

This is incredibly anger inducing

>> No.14976439
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Don't worry, I have more for you.

>> No.14977233

I want to glue them to her hair and set them on fire

>> No.14978262

What's wrong anon, that Marisa didn't even object to having it's hat taken away. She even poo pooed in the mister toilet. I would raise her lovingly.

I'd say the latter. Yukkuri have most of their knowledge and abilities defined by birth.

>> No.14978864

Does someone have a pastebin of the beginning of patchys story?

>> No.14978869

Only now I realised, Yukkuris go through Lamarckism evolution unlike other creatures for some reason.

Did you try warosu?

>> No.14978891

Found it, thanks anon

>> No.14980358
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>> No.14980541

Reimu, it's a trap!

>> No.14981267
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we are in a tie right now, but I started writing before the tie. so b it is. (Also sorry if the pics look like shit, I had to do it with the camera)
Chapter 25: The day the devil showed its ugly face
'We cannot win against so many enemies' patchi trought. the remilias were already too much for them, but the sakuyas were what really worried patchi. while they don´t have the regenerative capacities of a remilia, they were furious fighters when their remilia was on danger and had the ability to throw knifes acording to some yukkuri books. patchi had no intention of discovering if that was true or not in the middle of a battle.
we still have time until sunset. if we wait a little more, maybe some of them leave
20 minutes had passed until what patchi was hoping for happening actually happened
"Uu! remilia is going home! come, little ones!" said one of the big remilias. two of the koremilias, who were playing with one of the sakuyas, hoped on her mothers head as she left the area. the Sakuya followed shortly after
"Wait ojousamaaaaaaa!"
The tree smaller remilia looked at each other nervously before one of then decided to speak
"Uu! remilia needs to go home! right now is fine!"
"Wait! Remilia wants to go too!"
"Uu! don´t leave remilia aloooone!"
With those enemies out, the only yukkuris remaining were one big remilia, one big Sakuya and 4 koremilias
"Uu? why everyone is leaving? Does Sakuya know?" said the predator. her partner seems to be worrying about something
"Yu... Ojousama, maybe remilia and Sakuya are leaving because it´s almost night"
Indeed, it was about to get dark , but why would a predator leave because it was going to get dark? patchi was confused
"...Uu! shitty manjus! now remilia can´t leave! Big Remilia would get angry! Now Remilia and sakuya are alone...!" Remilia seemed to get increasingly scared and nervous as she finished saying this
"Ojousama, don´t worry! Sakuya will protect ojousama!" Said the servant in response.
'Just what the hell are they talking about?' trought patchi, altrough she had no time to discover is. The reason for that is that they were already approaching the bridge
The yukkuris in the bridge stopped their conversation after noticing the group in front of them: With youmu at the front and the adults at her sides (including, in this chase, shithead sister Marisa) the number superiority was very clear. The kos were nowhere to be seen, hiding in the mouths of their respective parents: sister reimu in father´s mouth, ko marisa in her father´s and koRan in nicehead reimu´s. This way they were showing no weaknesses and protecting the little ones at the same time .Father had a piece of string tied to the base of his braid, at which end rested youmu´s old knife. youmu was not going to use it, so might as well give it some use
"Uu? What is this? want ot die that badly?" The remilia seemed unamused, but the Sakuya, more cautious, positioned herself between her Mistress and the group of yukkuri
"Let us pass and nobody will die today" stated patchi plainly

>> No.14981276
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an eerie athmosfere filled the air. Patchi ignored it as the predator responded
"Uu! Remilia is guarding mister bridge! no shitty manju can pass!"
The sun was finally hiding, and a cold wind started to blow. a chill ran through patchi´s body.
'It´s just the cold' Patchi reassured herself
"Scared? Remilia is very strong, its fine to be scared!"
Patchi noticed the sound of some liquid dripping to the ground
'Its going to rain, we have to finish this quickly' yet patchi did not say a word, nor one of the yukkuris at their side
After all, they had noticed 'it' too, and were passing for the same process that patchi, although in a less complex scale
"Did shitty manjus regret making remilia angry? well too late now!" The predator seemed to be pleased looking at the faces of pure terror from the shitty manjus that had the guts to order her around. 'How did they dare!' she trought 'Challenging remilia when nightfall was this close'. The predator conveniently forgot the other implications of nighttime, but that didn´t matter anymore
the blades made almost no sound as they digged a small scar on the post at both sides of the bridge. At this point, even the Sakuya noticed 'it', showing her back to the group with no concern of an sneak attack
"too late now~" 'it' said with a sadistic, delighted tone, revealing her presence even to the oblivious remilia.
'No fucking way' Patchi´s mind finally managed to form a clear trought, as she stared at the Devil in front of her

>> No.14981285
File: 3.92 MB, 2093x2205, OHSHIT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Suspended just above the bridge, a Flandre smiled gleefully at her newfound 'toys'. Of course this fact alone wasn´t the peculiar thing about this. The yukkuri was, taking into consideration the size of an adult yukkuri, huge. Her wingspan supprased the 2 metter mark, and her crystals, the biggest pair now emblered in the wood, were gigantic blades even from a human standpoint. The body was two times bigger that patchi´s father´s already enormous body. her blood-colored eyes scanned the faces of her soon-to-be prey, and her mouth,from which drool dripped to the ground, could alwost shallow an adult whole
"too late now~! too late now~!" 'it' happily repeated. And with no warning, it started
In an instant, the body of the sakuya, only half of it showing from the predator´s mouth, passed at mere centimeters from patshi´s head. The monster landed, chewed the rest of her body into her mouth, and splitted a piece of accessory.boom, just like that.
By the time she directed her grace back to the bridge, all the yukkuris were running in the opposite direction, with no regards of who was on whose side. the monster gave chase once more
Meanwhile,in the rest of the yukkuris´s minds one trought was shared with no exception
'Run. Run or die'
Patchi almost jumped out of youmu´s head out of fear, even fully knowing that she would be left behind in no time. luckily, when the yukkuri swordsman reacted to the danger with a big jump and a scream, patchi´s instinctive response was to get hold of the grey hair.
"UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" the remilia apparently forgot how to fly after watching the Flan devour sakuya, and was running along the rest of her former enemies. her babies were nowhere to be seen
A flash came from above
"YUGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" the remilia´s body was impaled by a crystal, emblering the scared predator on the ground. of course, nobody tried to help her, but when Patchi looked behind, she saw something she didn´t like
Patchouli's were not avid runners. even fueled by the terror of the situation, Mother was falling behind, coughing overtaking her breathing
In an instant, Father splitted sister reimu on youmu´s head turned around to help Mother. Patchi grabbed her sister as the scene unfolded

>> No.14981315 [SPOILER] 
File: 30 KB, 290x308, 1459043099699.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Mukyu!...Marisa... Leave Patchi behind" Mother tried to say between breaths and coughs. The Flan wasn´t visible right now, but It wouldn't give up prey so easily
"MOMMY!" sister screamed
"NO! PATCHI COMES WITH US!" Father immediately refused
"But... I can´t... k-Mukyu!"
Marisa grabbed Mother´s body and lifted her to his head. his hat, with the last food that was left, felt to the ground
Father started to run in their direction. as this happened,an opening on the ground was spotted 2 metters ahead.
"Father, keep going a little longer! we´re almost there" Patchi said. Just as she said that, the red Devil showed up once again.
"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAA" with a roar, father throwed mother a huge distance ahead. she landed on the leaf-coated ground, and rolled three times before stoping
the Flan catched up with the now exausted yukkuri before he could even lift himself up, and stabbed him with one of her enormous wings
"DADDY" sister screamed
Youmu stopped abruptly upon hearing Father´s scream
"Marisa..." Mother finally said as she managed to stand up. We were at the cave entrance already, and everyone but youmu, sister, mother and I had entered. The flan, after giving a satisfying look at her last catch, directed her attention to the rest of the family
"Woo? prey not running? fine by Flan" As it speaked, frail voices leaked from her mouth. those koremilias were already lost
"Patchi... take the little ones... and leave..." Father said between ragged breaths. the crystal had gone trought his left eye, securing him to the ground
"silly manju! flan is not going to let that happen!" she moved the wing that was holding the crystal, leaving her free to move. As she started moving into patchi´s direction...
"Who told... shitty flan... that marisa..."
Father´s body lifted himself in an instant. The crystal opened a horrible cut as he moved, yet he did prevail. his braid was holding the knife
"...would!...let her!... DO THAT, ZEEEEEEEEEEEE!!?"
the flan, not expecting that and too close to Father due to trying to approach us a moment ago, couldn´t react in time. The knife made a wet, short sound as it nailed itself up to the hilt in the Predator´s eye
"Yuu... yuuu... Flan´s..." the Flan was shocked by the unexpected spike of pain before finally reacting properly
"YUUUUUUUUUUGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! IT HURTS! IT HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURTS! FLAN MISTER EYE HURTS!" it violently started rampanging, hitting father in the process. His filling came out of the now massive wound as he landed, without making a futher sound
We contemplated the scene, the screams of the Flan inaudible to our minds. I remember mother finally turning around, waterfalls of tears falling from her eyes. I remember staying on the cave, deep underground, waiting for everything outside to calm down. I remember lying on the dirt, tired of crying too much and hungry, as the darkness finally covered my mind. What I remember clearly is the dream that came that night. We were back at home, and I just had another fight with my sisters. Father scrolled me for 'not taking it easy', but as he finished his typical speech, he said something else
"Little one is just like Patchi back then"
"Like mother?"
"Yes like mother! Patchi was very uneasy with everyone, and ordered them around too much, ze!"
"you mean in the city?"
"Yes, patchi organized lots of things in the city! but she couldn't take it easy!"
after a pause, he continued
"But patchi did all of that because she wanted to help everyone..." He sighed" little one, can you promise to Marisa something, ze?"
"If you end up doing lots of difficult things like patchi, try to take it easy from time to time! If you can´t take it easy, the rest won´t be able either! can little one promise that?"
"Good! Look, here it comes your sister! remember what I told you!"
"Okay! thanks father!"
And so, Patchi and the camp escaped the uneasy place they were living in, altrought not without loses. Whatever happens after that, patchi will not forget that promise!
--------------------------------(The End (?))---------------------------------

>> No.14981343

well, that was quite a ride. This story is not technically finished, but I will take a break now. that way I can rest a little and give the spotlight to mister writer story (two stories at the same time sounds like too much traffic). If you have any suggestions or complaints about the story in general, fell free to tell me so I can improve in the future
se y´all and thank you for your attention

>> No.14982556
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Thanks for the story anon, I'd say, if anything, just work on proofreading for grammar/spelling errors. Also it was sometimes hard to tell who was saying what if they had no verbal tics (like Marisa/Youmu).

All in all it was enjoyable, though, and hopefully you'll be in the mood for another one sometime. Also, what was our final result, then? Escape to an easier place? What was the final bodycount of dead, and who was in the successful party?

>> No.14982563

This is my favorite part.

Can we get a easy mister pastebin pwease?

>> No.14982984
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Tone it down on the cute shit im here for my abuse fix

>> No.14983127
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>> No.14983167
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here you go, this is the most disgusting and depraved thing I've ever seen

>> No.14983184
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Spoiler that shit anon!

>> No.14983199
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>> No.14983210
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>> No.14983261
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>> No.14983285
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>trash bin to catch them
Every time

>> No.14983345
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time for cute abyuse

>> No.14983389
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>> No.14983473

I never understood the *snap* part.

>> No.14983480

It's pics like this that makes me wish Yukkuri were real,I would practically live in a Yukkuri park.

>> No.14983595

It's the lights being switched off.

>> No.14983654

I really want to raise and keep Alice hordes.

>> No.14984282

>Thanks for the story anon, I'd say, if anything, just work on proofreading for grammar/spelling errors. Also it was sometimes hard to tell who was saying what if they had no verbal tics (like Marisa/Youmu).
roger that. thanks for the input
>Also, what was our final result, then? Escape to an easier place? What was the final bodycount of dead, and who was in the successful party?
The group escaped to an easier place, but we have yet to see what´s in there. In the journey, Father and wasa reimu sisters died. Everyone else survived, altrought mother was injured in the last moment
the last scraps of food that father was carrying are somewhere between the bridge and the cave, and all the other items are on youmu´s backpack

>> No.14984582
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>> No.14984870

I want to raise predator yukkuri and start a yukkuri extermination business.

Or keep an aquarium full of wakasagihime.

>> No.14986142

I never understood this one. Is he always imagining ways he'd kill them or is he actually dying it and she constantly replaces the yukkuri off-screen? Because seems the Marisa is an idol every time she appears.

>> No.14986288
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this image just makes me sad

instead, post cute bullying

>> No.14986440

If you grind Yukkuris into a paste, and use it as condiment, does it make the paste Mayunnaise ?

>> No.14986455
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Chapter Seven : Bad Girls House

"Uu, cashtraching you eajy !" you yell as you plunge towards Marisa, all fangs bared.
"YUGYAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !" Marisa screams in agony as you bite her penipeni off.
While Weimyu stares in awe, you chew on the erect, juicy portion of manju. The taste of shit is immediatly washed away by the sweetness of yukkuri flesh.
"Munch-munching you eajy ~" you say, smiling brightly, as you keep on chewing on the severed organ.
Marisa, blinded by pain, is rolling around, screaming while small amounts of beanpaste seep from the open wound, smearing the yukkurium floor.
"Bawiza'z... ! Bawiza'z brecious benibeni !" it yells, crying.
But it's already too late : you swallow the thing whole, letting out the cutest burp ever, followed by a joyful "Uu !".
Weimyu now fully understands the situation : seeing how weak Marisa seems to be, she quickly frowns.
"Yu ! Uneasy buwwying Mawicha should dwop dead eajy !" she says as she bumps into the crying Marisa with all of her strength.
Marisa barely notices it, and keeps on rolling, bleeding and yelling.
"Gibe id bag ! Bawiza wandz jildren ! Bawiza wandz do wefwej no zeeee!"
Rught now, marisa is so weak, so unable to counterattack, that your predator instincts take over : the penipeni is not enough. That Marisa could feed you for days if you killed her right now ! It's time to strike before she gets up and counterattacks !
"Eaching you whole eajy !" you announce as you advance once more towards Marisa, smiling.

But the sound of a door opening outside the yukkurium interrupts you.
"What the hell is this ruckus ?" Mister asks as he enters.
He gazes upon the scene.
And he laughs.
"Castrated ?"
He laughs at the crying yukkuri, still rolling on the ground in agony.
"Isn't that hilarious ? Castrated by a baby Remilia ?"
He firmly grabs Marisa by her back and lifts her in the air.
"Vlying in dhe..."
"Shut up." he says as he holds the wounded creature in front of his face.
"You call yourself a warden ? You worthless piece of shit."
"Bweaze Bisder ! Budish dad ebil Webiwia ! She toog bawiza's gude benibeni !"
"It's a baby, and it ate your dong. How can you even think you deserve any kind of justice ?"
"Bud, Bisder ... !"
Marisa's plea is cut short as she is violently slammed on the yukkurium's floor by Mister, losing her hat. With one hand, the young man pressed her now bleeding face against the ground. You and weimyu, and all the yukkuris in Bad Girls House, stare in silence. Marisa was easily the strongest yukkuri you ever met, but she was merely a plaything for Mister : to you, it was like witnessing the power of a god.
"Bawiza'z... bisder had..." she muttered, barely managing to speak with her mouth pressed against the floor.
"You're being sold, Marisa. But now you can't reproduce, I can't sell you as a breeder, and without any sex drive, you won't have the character needed to keep little shits in line anymore. So what do I do, hm ?"
He was smiling, enjoying this position of absolute power.
"What do I do ?" he repeated.
"Bisder... Bawiza... iz zowwy..."
"Oh, I know ! You're going to be abyuse material ! Big and strong as you are, you'll last long enough for things to be fun !"
As he ended his sentence, he lifted the now hatless Marisa in the air, and dropped it in Starter House, a few steps away. He then took a sparing bottle from a shelf, and sprayed Marisa with a translucid liquid.
"It's sugar water, for the wound. Enjoy it, it's the last thing you ever get from me."
At this point, Marisa was simply sobbing, and too far way for you to hear anything.

>> No.14986461
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But now, Mister was coming back towards Good Girls House. Now, towering over the yukkurium, he was looking at you.
"Now, little Remilia, did you think you would get away scot free ?"
"Uu ! Mawicha waj buwwying Weimyu !"
The only answer you got was being slapped across the yukkurium.
"Yuyu !" Weimyu shrieked, peeing herself in fear at that sight.
"Uu !" you screamed as you crashed into the wall.
"I don't expect you to be an expert on yukkuri trading, but i'll let you know one thing. Even top quality abyuse fodder, like our friend Marisa, won't even reach a third of what she would have been worth before your intervention."
"How do I recoup my losses, hm ? By selling a top-rate Remilia, maybe ? One that is both cute and deadly ?"
"Weimiwia ij cyude and deadwy ! Uu ~"
"As if. You're on your away, but you're still nothing but a uu-ing little piece of shit. You're nice and friendly, sure. But you lack true experience."
From the tip of his finger, he hit your hat, making it fall over.
"Uu ! Mishder fwiwwy hat !"
But before you could even turn to get it back, the tip of one of your wings was being pinched, and you felt yourself lifted from the ground.
"That's why you're going to Bad Girls House."

Suddenly, you were falling down, struck by terror, both your urinary tract and anyaru leaking. You felt pain as you hit the ground, and when you came to your senses, you were surrounded by familiar silhouettes.
A blind Patchouli.
A small Reimu.
A one-tailed, hatless, dirty Chen.
A large and smug Alice.
"Welcome to Bag Girls House, Remilia." Mister said.
Whisper were coming to your ears.
"Chen gets it !"
"Uneasy yukkuri..."
"Country bumpkin..."
"The rules are as follow. Nothing in Bad Girls House, except for Alice, is worth shit. That includes you. The ration of food per yukkuri is a third of that of Good Girls House. With your addition, it has increased by exactly zero. Be smart and you'll earn a new hat. Otherwise, your corpse will make good compost."
Mister marked a pause.
"Yu ?"
"Remember what just happened to Marisa, as a lesson."
"Of course, city-sect Alice isn't as dumb as uneasy country bumpkin Marisa !"
"I hope so."
He then took a look at Good Girls House, now only populated by Weimyu.
"I'll need more recruits, now... It's time for some yukkuri hunting... What will I find this time, I wonder ?"
On those words, he left, whistling.

At the bottom of Bad Girls House, you were crying.
Now, you were nothing.
A small, hatless baby Remilia, surrounded by unknown creatures. Even the smallest and weakest of them, the young Reimu, was twice your size. And without mister frilly hat, how would she know you were a dangerous predator ?
"Uneasy monster should be punished easy !" you heard.
From behind the veil of tears, you didn't see the attack coming. A mass of flesh bumped against you, sending you rolling away. You landed among what felt, and smelled like dried feces. Bad Girls House had no mister toilet.
From the only eye you managed to open, you saw it was the little Reimu, staring at you with evil eyes. Puffing, it was preparing for another charge.
"Bullying the new one ! Chen gets it !" Chen joyfully exclaimed at this sight.
"Enough !" Alice intervened.
Reimu immediatly unpuffed, clearly afraid.
Alice smiled.
"Alice wants some of this city-sect predator mamumamu... But not now, so don't hit her too much easy !"

As you laid crying in a pile of dried shit, you gazed at Mister Bowl. In Good Girls House, it was filled to the brim. Here, Mister Bowl was empty. You had no idea what "a third" meant, but you could clearly one thing. Everyone here, save for Alice, was miserable and underfed. If the ration was not increased, that meant there would be nothing for you if you didn't take from someone's ration. And while yukkuri food could satiate you, the baby yukkuris, sleeping on their stalks, were now in your range... There were seven of them. Two Alices, and two patchoulis, on the blind Patchouli's stalk, and a single Reimu hanging along a single Alice on the adult Reimu with the burnt feet. But, rather than taking risks, you could look for one more source of food : feces, in all possible states of hardness and freshness, were surrounding you.
Currently, your belly was filled with Marisa's penipeni. But mister tummy would be growling soon enough.
You had to make a decision.
When hunger comes back, what will you do ?

a) Try to eat from Mister Bowl when it is refilled.
b) Try to eat a baby Patchy from Patchouli's stalk.
c) Try to eat a baby Awiche from Patchouli's stalk.
d) Try to eat the single baby Weimyu from the adult Reimu's stalk.
f) Try to eat the single baby Awiche from the adult Reimu's stalk.
g) Feed from the feces littering the ground.

There won't be a strawpoll this time. I want to listen to your survival strategies for the hell that is Bad Girls House.

Also, witness mister easy size chart !

>> No.14986489
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What is shitty mister looking at?

>> No.14986680

Okay, clearly we have to be on Alice's good side for now so c and f are the uneasiest choices and Remi can't do anything against any yukkuri there to be able to eat properly from the bowl. Feces will leave her underfeed and weak when we need more.
So we gotta eat someone and unlike Reimu who has her daughter, Patchy has no protection, so we either eat baby Patchy or bet on Alice's goodwill so as to get a decent share from the bowl.

In other words, we should eat baby Patchy. Also helps that mister wants to see her be more dangerous.

>> No.14986866

I agree with
We should eat a baby patchy
Mommy patchouli is probably way to weak to do anything against it, and eating an alice will most likely make big alice VERY mad
As sad as it is, our only choice seems to be trying to become a 'cute and deadly' remi and then get bought.

>> No.14986964

Patchy baby seems to be the best choice here.

>> No.14987277

KoPatchi is probably the best bet. Show them you're still a predator, but eat from the mother least likely to retaliate when you devour the ko.

This also possibly shows Alice that you won't touch her kos, at least while you're still weak and flightless, and if Good Girl Reimyu can see you, she'll maybe notice you're not eating her kind, either. You never know where she'll end up and currently she seems to think Remi is a friend.

>> No.14987722

Fuck, now I feel like it's a trap. It seems too easy to pick B.

>> No.14987780

And avoid Alice, but if she gets her penipeni out too close to you, bite that off too.

>> No.14987785

Actually, I'd like to change my vote to the reimu on the stalk. Reimu wants fewer mouths to feed, which you can tell from the fact that she was relieved when the moldy ones were removed.

Eating her babies would get us on her and her spawn's good side, and we've been friendly with Reimus in the past.

>> No.14987837

Actually, this makes a lot of sense

>> No.14987857

She was also horrified to see them die.
She may be relieved for the sake of survival but will still protect her unborn for the sake of motherhood.

>> No.14988096

No one, you fat as FUCK Deibu.

>> No.14988100

Get a baby Patchy, and if Alice DARES to come at her with her penipeni, bite it the FUCK off.

>> No.14988299

I don't know about penipeni round 2, that could end up with compost Remi.

She may have just been relieved in that now mold would not spread to her still-clean kos and herself. Reimus, even Deibus, are far too protective of their kos to allow a predator to eat them.

>> No.14988301

A ko getting pregnant is lethal. I'd rather risk mister compost than get fucked literally to death.

>> No.14988384

If other stories are anything to go by, going to compost is a long, painful death anyway. Mold, other half-starved yukkuri, and being forced to survive on scraps/shit/etc. Eating anon's compost yukkuri would probably just be a Bad End, as he seems fond of abyuse and would be upset to have his compost yukkuri killed before he can mess with them some more.

>> No.14988387

Again. If Alice tries to rape you, not resisting WILL lead to death. Mister may or may not send you to the compost for castrating her but at least there's a chance..

>> No.14988505

I mean, either way poor Remi is dead. Honestly I think any decision we make is just prolonging the inevitable at this point, she's probably been dead meat since the anon picked her up with Weimyu.

>> No.14988535

Eat a baby. Don't really care which one... but from Reimu's I guess. The only way to survive would be to kill or castrate Alice somehow so that the others will accept you.

>> No.14989185

There's no dead end yet.
There are still possibilities for Remilia to make it back to the outside world, but it's going to be tough.

>> No.14990506

Good to know! I'd like for our yukkuri to survive this time, so hopefully we can make the right choices.

>> No.14990792

he's imagining it

>> No.14991512

Are we far enough from that route for you to say what would've happened if we took the pebble from Flan?

>> No.14991612

Uneajy mishter twead dwop dwead eajy!

>> No.14991621

I've got us a nice new easy thread.