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Haruka falls into the water. What do you do?

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point and laugh

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You are.

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Whip out my fishing rod and tackle.

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invisible rapist sex

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Damn antispiral rapists.

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To the initial question, I'll answer, reporting you.

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Act surprised that she was intuitively able to get out of the way split seconds before I fired my shot. I'll take better aim for the second shot.

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Yell "kersplash" the moment she hits the water

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Let her drown and rape the corpse.

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Is that supposed to be the Producer or Takagi?

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[ ] Help her
[ ] Fall with her
[ ] Do her
[ ] You're the one who pushed her

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First pull her out of the water, of course. Next, get her out of those soaking wet clothes so she doesn't catch a cold. Unfortunately, at the moment we're a long way from either her house or the 765 Productions office. On the other hand, we are just a block or two from a rather fancy love hotel.

"I... I can't go into a place like that, Producer-san! I'd be so embarrassed I'll die!"

"Which is worse, being embarrassed or catching pneumonia? I've never heard of someone dying of embarrassment, but you can certainly die of pneumonia!"

Dripping wet, and blushing hard enough that you could use her as a stop sign, Haruka reluctantly allows her Producer to lead her into the hotel...

Feel free to continue, my creative juices are running low.

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More please.

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[X] Take her ribbon

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A-Anonymous? ...Are you h-here, Anonymous?

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I told you, my well is pretty much dry at the moment. Anyone else is free to pick up and continue.

Having said that, getting some sauce (artist/URL) for >>1488379 just might be enough to motivate me further.

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Take her ribbon... EASY

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Far as I can tell, artist is named "Initial-G".
No idea on website.

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Found it: http://initial-g.jp/index.htm

Unfortunately, he only seems to keep content online for 2 months or so ("past log" links older than September are 404)...

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[x] *squeeze*

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Is anyone going to continue this?

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goddammit, kids today don't know about the
rape the maids

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It's fishing time!

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I'd help her out.


I like where this is going...

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She liked it.

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>I like where this is going...

Then write more.

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Give her a straw.

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I didn't get the のヮの meme until I saw some vids of Haruka's "communications" on youtube and moontube... then I got it right away のヮの

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Quit using watercolors and start using CG
(nice pic, shame about the face)

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she is the only one that makes that face in Do-Dai anf Furu Furu Future.
I think Namco is doing it on purpose now.

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In all honesty, I'd probably laugh.

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I only just figured out today what the backup vocals at the start of that song were singing...

"Thisu isu not a doriru, I say again,
Thisu isu true love story"

LOL Engrish...

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>I only just figured out today what the backup vocals at the start of that song were singing...

>"Thisu isu not a doriru, I say again,
>Thisu isu true love story"

How the hell did you figure that out. You must have really good hearing.

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I get *frumple* and then it is *dancing* to *dissolve* the *campers* because they're such *silly cows*.

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Speaking of [email protected] fan memes, where did the nickname "Tokachi" for the lolitwins come from?

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This video might be better.


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I wonder if Haruka makes のヮの face during sex...

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I hope so.

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No, but I do. のヮの

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Awesome. Want to uhh, show me that face later?

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Sure thing, if you don't mind the fact that one of my chromosomes is a Y.

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Oh, oh. I'm sorry. I thought- Well, this is a shocker.

Actually, I guess I'm fine with going for women too. Sure, even if your chromosomes are every letter of the alphabet I'll go for you. After all, one of mine is an E.

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>Dripping wet, and blushing hard enough that you could use her as a stop sign
>Dripping wet

Oh ho...

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No? Why? I find this image very arousing.

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The girl I stupidly fell in love with has a friend named Haruka

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Not "oh no", "oh ho". Learn the difference, it could save your life!

Does she have a のヮの face?

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I don't think so.

She was pretty moe, though.

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"Producer-san, I'm really sorry about this. I've caused you such a bother by being so clumsy..."

Even with my back conscientiously turned, every cell in my body is acutely, painfully aware that Haruka Amami, the young girl whose nascent career I've been guiding these past several months, is sitting on the opposite edge of the same bed as me, her nubile body covered by nothing more than a thin bathroom towel provided by this hotel. This LOVE hotel.

I had intended to wait outside while Haruka took a hot shower and dried her clothes, but she insisted that I keep her company while she waited for her clothes to dry. The only thing worse than being stuck in such an unfamiliar and embarrassing place, according to her, was being stuck in such a place all alone.

Her clothes are lined up on the radiator in front of me. Haruka's white jacket; Haruka's pink top; Haruka's blue skirt; Haruka's cute, lacy bra and panties--Aargh, don't think about it, don't think about it, don't think about it...

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It was then that I awoke, knowing that the stars were right and soon the horror would walk the earth...

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Well played.

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Said "the horror" being, >>1491603 ?

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"P-producer-san? What's wrong? Are you angry? Please, say something!"

"No! No, of course I'm not angry at you, Haruka. I'm just... I'm just really embarrassed, that's all."

Embarrassed, now there's a euphemism. How can this girl know what this situation is like for a healthy, heterosexual male? I realize that it's true what they say about men having two heads--and right now, mine are grappling like two sumo wrestlers for control of my body.

"Don't be embarrassed, Producer-san. It's my fault we're stuck like this, anyway, not yours. So it's okay if you turn around. In fact, I'd rather you do. When you've got your back turned to me and you don't say anything, it's almost as bad as being alone!"

"I appreciate that, Haruka. But I really, really shouldn't do that right now. If I turn around and look at you... I'm afraid I won't be able to control myself."

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>If I turn around and look at you... I'm afraid I won't be able to
Now you have to continue.

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/jp/ - Idol sexing

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"P-producer-san?" Her voice was weak and trembling "Do you remember the time when I was attacked by those fans?"

"..Yeah, I remember" She's still worrying about that, I guess.. "I already told you, its fine. You dont have to worry about it."

"B-but.." She seemed to be on edge of bursting to tears. Oh for gods sake.. "I-its my fault that you got s-st.. Stabbed"

"I already told you, Im fine!" ..Ouch. Shouting still hurts my lung. I could hear her crying behind my back.
Then suddenly, touch on my shoulder.

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Wait what?

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What the fuck? If someone stabbed you hard enough to puncture your lung, you would have drowned in your own blood.

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Turn into a beast and hump her endlessly relentlessly

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OK, what the hell is going on?

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Mission "wait what" complete~

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In five or six minutes, more or less?
I think one can survive a stab to the lungs.

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Original poster of story here. I salute you, Anonymous.
Though I'm afraid that thanks to you, the next bit will have to go on hold until I can stop cracking up...

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Hai doomo~

|`゙ー- 、__
ノi、゚ヮ゚ 从  
  しし' ヽ._,ゝ
Save the kittens

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You just created a time paradox.

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It takes Haruka a few seconds to realize what I'm saying, before she reacts.

"Eeeeeeeh!? P-producer-san!? You mean y-you're in l--I mean, you l--I mean...I had no idea you felt that way! I-I don't know what to...!"

"No, Haruka, you've got the wrong idea. It's just that... I'm a man, and you're a young woman. And in a situation like this, a man's body has a mind of its own, if you get what I'm saying."

Another pause.

"S-so I'm... not special to you, Producer-san? You're saying I'm no different than any other girl?"

The disappointment and hurt in her voice breaks my heart. At this moment, I begin to realize that maybe, Haruka doesn't have the wrong idea after all. I take a deep breath before replying.

(Argh, this part sucks. I'll try harder next time.)

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When does Chihaya burst in for an awesome threesome?

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Eagerly waiting~

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I whip out my fishing rod and tackle again.

If you know what I mean.

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"No, Haruka." I slowly turn to look at her. Regardless of her lack of clothing, I looked directly into her green, tearful eyes, and never strayed away. I had to tell her how I truely felt. "You are a very special girl. You aren't like anyone else I've ever met."

There was a brief pause, the silence lingering in the air. I can see her blush from my words, and I can tell from her expression that she wanted to hear more. I broke the silence.

"I'm glad I'm able to be your producer, Haruka. Because even though we've been through good and bad moments... I don't regret anything. Even when I got stabbed by that guy... I didn't regret making that decision, because I wanted to protect you." I felt the heat growing on my face and looked away from my idol, peering down at the bed, which was covered in a crimson bedsheet.

"I... I wanted to protect you because... I..."

I suddenly couldn't bring myself to tell Haruka how I feel. I wanted to tell her. No, I needed to tell her. My heart was screaming to let the words come out, but my voice remained still. Suddenly, I felt her hand upon my face, gently lifting it to meet hers.

"Producer-san... it's ok. You can tell me." Haruka spoke in a soft voice, and a slight smile on her face. I could feel her kindness, her innocence lifting me, somehow giving me the ability to speak again.

"Haruka... I love you."

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"No, I didn't mean that. You are special, Haruka, you're a very special girl to me. But you're an idol and I'm your producer. If we--if something happened, and if anyone found out about it, it would ruin both our careers."

"Producer-san, isn't it already too late to worry about that? If someone recognizes me coming out of this hotel, it won't matter what happens or doesn't happen here."

Haruka's tone of voice is matter-of-fact and cheerful, even. And come to think of it, she's right. Like a glass slowly being crushed in a vise, I feel cracks slowly forming in my reason...

"In a way, it'd be a waste if we didn't do anything, Producer-san."

The cracks grow.

"Haruka..." My voice comes out as a low growl of warning.

"Producer-san." Behind me, she moves. Her small hand gently touches mine, resting on the bed.

CRASH. In an instant, the glass in the vise shatters into a thousand glittering pieces. A few frenzied moments later, my arms are around her, hers are around me, and our lips meet.

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Uh oh, now things are really confused...

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Haruka falls off the Empire State Building. What do you do?

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laugh heartily as I drink my tea

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Bet on what car she'll land on

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Original story poster here. You're a far better Haruka fan than I, and I'm glad to leave the continuation of the story in your able hands, but do you really want to continue the story from the "stabbing" part? That was a hijack done as a joke...

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Pick on Yukiho, obviously.

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This better be futa.

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Jumps with her and go home to me and dry our clothes and .. accidentally had a little close contact evening.

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I'll just leave this here.

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Rip off her clothes and bang her till her ancestors beg for mercy. のヮの

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I only just realized now that it was. I guess in that case, my post shouldn't be included in the story.
I currently don't have access to my computer, because of a tech proplem that just came up. I'm posting from my Wii right now, and it's a bit clumsy to do anything productive. But hang tight, and I may continue.

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In that case, would you mind deleting your post? So as not to confuse our faithful readers unneccessarily, you know.

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For whatever reason, it won't delete. I didn't set a password on it, either.

Anyways, I'll get my creative juices going now.

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Passwords are generated automatically for deletion purposes. The only way you can delete it from a separate machine is by entering a password manually. Basically, you have it backwards.

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I see. I also noticed my post WAS deleted.
durrhurr on my part. のヮの

Sounds like an idea that I might consider.

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I'm still waiting.

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My mind swam with many thoughts of her as we embraced. I knew that we could get in trouble for this. But now I didn't care. I only wanted Haruka, and her alone. She was all that mattered now, and I was sure she felt the same way.

She slowly pulled away from the embrace, blushing as red as a cherry, and with a smile on her face. She looked so cute, but somehow erotic at the same time. My thoughts began to wander to what was under her towel. I think she knew what I wanted, too, because she slowly revealed herself, sliding the towel away from her body.

Haruka was a sight to behold. The form her youthful, beautiful body took as she sat upon that bed started to stirr something deep within me. Peering over her curves, and the parts that remained hidden from me until this moment, it began to grow.

I loved her. And I wanted her.

"P-Producer-san..." Haruka said. Her voice had calmed down from the earlier conversation, but I could sense a slight bit of embarrassment from her. I would've guessed it was her first time revealing herself to someone close. She spoke again, saying, "... do you like what you see?"

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i was hoping for a non-H option/ending.

/me cries and leaves

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I facepalm'd.
It was inevitable for an h-scene to happen anyways.
Still writing the next part. I might add the option idea at the end.

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>I might add the option idea at the end.

Do it, or else I'll....

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I smiled at her, and said, "You look very beautiful, Haruka."

Haruka smiled back at me. "I'm glad... that you think of me that way." She laid down on her side upon the bed, the crimson bedsheets sinking beneath her. I drew heavy breaths as I continued to gaze upon her. I started to undress, starting with my jacket and shirt, and working my way down to my pants.

I now stood there before my idol, wearing only my underwear, my manhood throbbing underneath, wanting her. Haruka sat up against the opposite end of the bed now, waiting for me to come to her.

"Producer... what should we do first?"

[] Could you... give me a blowjob?
[] Could you... give me a tit fuck?
[] Could you... spread your legs?

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By the way, first response to the decision will be where the story goes.

>> No.1495879

This sucks. Just write it normally...

>> No.1495880

[x] Could you... get me some food and rub my feet while I watch a shitty action-comedy movie?

>> No.1495882

Could you... stick your penis in me?

>> No.1495901

Ok, fine. Mainly because >>1495880 and >>1495882 just don't get it.

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"Well..." I said as I approched her. Her eyes followed my face at first, and wandered down between my legs. I slowly pulled off my underwear, and revealed my hard, throbbing cock. I felt nervous, possibly more than Haruka. She gazed at my manhood rather strangely... as if she was in awe.

"Wow... so that's what Producer-san's penis looks like."

My eyes widened as she took it into her hand, and started to stroke it slowly. I was a little shocked at the scene unfolding before my very eyes. She was touching it, stroking it gently at first, and a little more firmer as she went on.

"Ah! I wonder how it tastes!" She suddenly said cheerfully. Haruka then leaned forwards, and began licking the head of my penis. I was surpirsed she made such a bold move, and so positively, too.

But that's how I liked Haruka. Always so cheerful, smiling, and happy.

I moved forwards, to keep her from reaching over too far. I... I actually wanted her to put her mouth on it.

"Haruka, could you... give me a blowjob?"

She giggled, and said, "Yes... I can do that." She looked up at me through those beautiful eyes, and began to wrap her mouth around my manhood.

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>> No.1496036

>She looked up at me through those beautiful eyes のヮの

>> No.1496051

No. If you don't like it, get out.
I lol'd. のヮの

>> No.1496054

This is shit.

>> No.1496079

I could feel Haruka sucking on me, her tounge sliding around my shaft. It was an extremely pleasant feeling, partly because she was eager to please me, but mostly because I loved the girl. She continued to suck on me tenderly, as she began to slide her fingers between her legs. Haruka closed her eyes, as she pleasured bot me and herself. I knew she wanted me as I wanted her, judging from her methods.

A few minutes passed, and I was almost at my limit. But I wanted to truely unite with my idol before I climaxed. "Haruka, wait." I said, to which she responded by taking my manhood out of her mouth.

"Is something wrong?" She asked.

"No... I want to be inside you, Haruka..." I replied. She looked down to her wetness, knowing fully well of my intentions. I asked her, "Is it ok?"

"Yes... I want you, Producer-san. I'm ready..." Haruka looked up at me as she said those words, the familiar smile upon her face.

I got on the bed, and started to kneel before her. Haruka spread her legs, showing her wet, pink pussy. "Producer... please, enter me!" she called out.

I was more than happy to oblige.

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Thanks for making my point.

>> No.1496154

"Ok, Haruka, I'm going to put it in..." I started to ease my cock inside of her, to which she gave me a look of extacy. I didn't want to hurt her, since it was her first time having sex, but Haruka wanted this. She grabbed the bedsheets, and shut her eyes, ready for what will happen next.

"P-Producer... I'll be ok!"

Those words let me know that she was ready to be penetrated. So I didn't hold back; with a single thrust, I put my entire length inside of her. She let out a loud moan, her back arching from the pain and pleasure she experienced. I started to push and pull myself in and out of her tight heat. The feeling was unbeleivable, like I was in some kind of nirvana. I knew Haruka felt the same, letting out deep moans and groans as I pounded against her.

"Haruka... I... I love you, Haruka!" I called out.

"Producer-san! I love you too!" she replied, pulling me on top of her. I was now making love to my idol in the missionary position, uniting and becoming one with the girl I grew to love more than anything else.

>> No.1496218

As we continued having sex, I realized I was quickly reaching my limit. Her tighness, the warmth of her body, the smell of her hair, the sound of her voice... it was making the feeling more and more intense with each passing moment.

"H-Haruka... I'm gonna cum soon..."

"Hah... me too...!"

I pressed inside her harder and harder, until I was at the point where I wasn't able to hang on any longer. I had to make a quick decision; plant my seed within her, risking her becoming pregnant, and likely destroying our careers and reputations, or pull out, spreading myself upon her young body.

The decision was easy enough.

I pulled my penis out of her womanhood at the last moment, and began to have my orgasm upon Haruka's limp, tired body. My seed bursted upon her torso, her chest, and even her face. When I had finished, Haruka was lying there, covered in my semen, taking samples of it with her fingers.

"Ahh... Producer-san... I feel nice..."

I chuckled a little, pleased to hear that she had been satisfied.

"You taste good, too." She added, giggling as she licked her semen-covered fingers.

>> No.1496367

Half an hour later, we had cleaned ourselves up from our romantic escapade. It had gotten dark and very late, so we decided to stay the night here. We were now in the bed, still undressed. I held her in my arms, her head resting upon my heart as we laid there, contemplating what we had done earlier.

"Producer, what will happen when someone finds out about this?" Haruka asked me.

"I don't know... we can only hope nothing really bad happens, but..."

She looked up to me with those emerald eyes. "Hey, we've been through rough times before! I know we can make it through if something bad happens!"

I smiled at Haruka's kind words. Her positive thinking had left her mark upon me. "You're right," I said, looking down upon her. "We'll let nothing hold us back, huh? But there is one thing..."

Haruka raised an eyebrow. "What is it?"

"If we haven't been found out yet... then we must keep what happened tonight absolutely secret. Ok?"

She smiled and nodded. "Of course!" She then gave me a rather familiar look... her eyes look up and away, her cute, pretty mouth opened with her grin. "It'll be our little secret..."

We kissed each other goodnight, and eventually fell asleep... as I slept, I wondered about what may happen in the future. But... I shouldn't be worrying too much about these things. As long as I have Haruka with me, I'm sure things will turn out just fine.

That night was the beginning of our secret relationship.

~fin~ のヮの

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you join akimoto on my list of faces to punch.

>> No.1496448

Thanks for the original content. But you took too long. I ended up fapping to a random [email protected] picture in my /jp/ folder. But your hard work wont go to waste. I'll save it for my midnight fap (the fap that we all do before we go to sleep).

>> No.1497534

>She then gave me a rather familiar look... her eyes look up and away のヮの

Wow, I just noticed this. Well played Anon.

>> No.1497544

>She then gave me a rather familiar look... her eyes look up and away, her cute, pretty mouth opened with her grin.

I was waiting for this.

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Needs more Imber.

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へ へ
の の

>> No.1498360

Original writefag here.

Thanks for taking over for me のヮの--at the time you showed up, I was seriously getting too sleepy to be able to write another sentence. That was fun! What was supposed to be a simple lulz-inducing throwaway reply to "what would you do if Haruka fell into the water?" turned into one of the BEST THREADS EVAR on /jp/, if I do say so myself.

So which idol shall we defile next time? ;)

>> No.1498361


Shitty writefags are shitty

>> No.1498362

>you join akimoto on my list of faces to punch

Err... who's akimoto?

>> No.1498364

So which idol shall we defile next time? のヮの


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Second that.

>> No.1498869

I third that.

>> No.1499242

Okay, I loev Yayoi dearly, but honestly it's pretty hard to think of "that kind" of situation involving her. I think I'm going to need some inspiration to get me started.

And also, I'm just a bit scared of being lynched by /jp/'s violent defenders of Yayoi's purity...

>> No.1499287

Meh, just go for it, they (we?) won't lynch you very much.

>> No.1499302

This. The twins are fine too.

>> No.1499686

Like I said, I need inspiration. Doesn't have to be too elaborate. After all, the last story was inspired by nothing more than "Haruka falls into the water".

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That's nice. のヮの

Yea, sorry about the wait. I didn`t want to make it a rush job, but ironically, I didn't have much time left to write before I had to get to bed.

Funny how things turn out.
I can't really decide who I want to write about next. I'm interested in doing Chihaya, Makoto, Yukiho, and Azusa, but I'm not sure where to start.

>> No.1499928

I masturbated to this video.

>> No.1499939
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What else do you masturbate to?

>> No.1499964

>I'm interested in doing Chihaya, Makoto, Yukiho, and Azusa

Out of those four, I vote for either Chihaya or Makoto.

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