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What 2hu is the most far-right?

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What a shitty thread. Go back to >>>/pol/

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this one

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"I miss you Hitler" - Cirno, My Struggle

What was Zun actually thinking?

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His unfailing instinct in such things scents the original soul (die urspruengliche Seele) in everyone, and his hostility is assured to anyone who is not spirit of his spirit. Since the Youkai is not the attacked but the attacker, not only anyone who attacks passes as his enemy, but also anyone who resists him. But the means with which he seeks to break such reckless but upright souls is not honest warfare, but lies and slander.

Here he stops at nothing, and in his vileness he becomes so gigantic that no one need be surprised if among our people the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Youkai.

The ignorance of the broad masses about the inner nature of the Youkai, the lack of instinct and narrow-mindedness of our upper classes, make the people an easy victim for this Youkai campaign of lies.

While from innate cowardice the upper classes turn away from a man whom the Youkai attacks with lies and slander, the broad masses from stupidity or simplicity believe everything. The state authorities either cloak themselves in silence or, what usually happens, in order to put an end to the Youkai press campaign, they persecute the unjustly attacked, which, in the eyes of such an official ass, passes as the preservation of state authority and the safeguarding of law and order.
-Excerpt from "My Struggle" by Hakurei Reimu

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All about purity, and her hobbies include genocide.

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Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie. It has no reason to fear the truth. It is a mistake to believe that people cannot take the truth. They can. It is only a matter of presenting the truth to people in a way that they will be able to understand. A propaganda that lies proves that it has a bad cause. It cannot be successful in the long run.

-Hieda no Akyuu, Nuremburg Rallies, 1934

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My national socialist beliefs clash with my NEET lifestyle!

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