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Previous Thread: >>14815326
The guide: http://pastebin.com/hwhGL66a

Read the guide, use the archive, don't shitpost. Follow global and local rules. Don't reply, report and ignore instead.

Length, girth, budget and location are important in determining your next best course of action!

Use the chat for small questions and try to extend the life of the thread.

Onahole Chat:

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Can anyone help me identify the bottom one, i know the top is the virgin loop but the bottom is really weirdly made and hard to find. The design you see on it is only on the one side, not the other.

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Does anyone one know if any of the "anal" holes feel like the real deal? I'm looking for a replacement for my broken heart

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Post more webms of that gigantic artificial ass

>> No.14837570

I would really love to see it in action.

I'd dig a smaller one, though I'm still not yet halfway through the sticky.

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yes. Look up tong-ggo. Its very very good, and almost realistic. Only downside is it gets tacky after each use.

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I've been trying to buy 3 different holes from Daimaoh for over a week now, but they're still not available. Any of you know when they generally restock items?

I need to buy them within the next 2 weeks but it's looking like it won't happen. I keep refreshing their site every other hour and there's nothing.

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Wow, TY anon! You've saved me from venturing into shady craigslist buttholes

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is there a recommended hole for easy cleanup and regular usage?

>> No.14837942

The Puni DX isn't that hard to clean.
Anything with a cleaning/suction hole really.

>> No.14837945


Another anon looking for some kind of follow up

Are the anal holes tighter than a Lolinco?

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Go piss off retards, if you want to suck his blogging nuts, go do it on facebook.
How dare you post without reading the guide to it's end? Next question, you actualy read the OP congratulations, how could you miss our most important sentence in it?
>Use the chat for small questions and try to extend the life of the thread.
>extend the life of the thread

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u ok there family

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>his blogging nuts

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Which ones bully your dick the most (in a good way)?

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Virgin Age Admission

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>How dare you post without reading the guide to it's end?
The current version is 3444 lines long. Cut me some slack.

This. If there's a source for his vids, I'd like to know. That way we don't kill the thread prematurely. Because, you know, 4chan charges per thread.

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>Onahole Chat:
It's dangerous to show boypussy in such place, take this:
or make your own server:

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>4chan charges per thread
And that's why assman should stay out of /ona/. He had his thread of fame, now he can piss off and start his bloggspot career.
He even made it to germany in facebook, people start to repost this shit on my page.
He can literally make his own subreddit now.

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I want to say no.. The Tong-ggo doesnt seem tighter than the lolinco was. (i broke mine). The lolinco and VA admission are in a league of their own.

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Mail man delivered this earlier today.

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how is it?

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where are the webms dude

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I want webms. Webms of Assman!

Seriously, dude. Upload that shit somewhere and provide us link.

If you're so pissed of seeing it could you point us in the right direction so we can stop pestering this magic realm?

I want to sleep hugging that damn butt.

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Here you go faggots, it's not funny if facebook draws attention to us. Whoever this was, i have my eyes everywhere you gigantic faggot.

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How the hell may I repay you? I will abstain from posting ever again until I go through the whole pastie, but what can I offer you besides that?

No homo, oc.

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Repent your sins and join the church of Toucan.
Make church buddys in the onachat and pray together. Our pope will gladly babtize you.

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I know there's more.


>> No.14838847

Does this one exist in 60fps like his others?

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Do you guys bathe before using onahole. (Assuming you shower daily/bidaily) or do you bathe after using onahole instead?

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Ah what the hell, repost

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If someone ever made a detailed tutorial on this topic s/he would go straight to Heaven skipping Death, Judgment and Sentence altogether.

I want to be that fucker, but I'm guessing I'll have to marry and get divorced before I reach that point. Damn.

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I believe in you. I'll put a good word in with God. Or Satan. He also wants one of those machines.

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Guys what is cornstarch? Is it just American for flour made from corn? As in the white powder used in baking? Also is there a difference if I used wheatflour or self raising or whatever?

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It is starch extracted from corn. Apparently britbongeans refer to it as corn flour, which is what we refer to corn meal as.

>> No.14839377

Also don't use self-rising flour if it has yeast in it unless you like getting infections.

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It has to be factible. I'll remember your words.

If I ever do anything I'll document it and share in here.

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the technology to do so is already here.
buy a fucking machine and re-work it to hold whatever toy you want, just make sure the controls are extremely precise.
Speaking of automated masturbation
I was toying with the idea of attaching a onahole to smaller commercial robots, but the idea went bust when i started drawing it out since the weight distribution would be fucked ten ways from sunday.
take these spiders for example, if scaled up to maybe 3-4 times their original size and customized with a centered onahole-holder and longer limbs, they could work, but would lose a lot of their mobility, though for these purposes they would not need to be very mobile so that might be a worthy loss.

Creating such a marvel would most likely take several thousand hours of design and testing, not to mention thousands upon thousands of shekels, but its within human ingenuity.
Get MIT on the horn
centaur-waifu bot soon

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That's why I said it would be the perfect project for a divorced engineer.

But long before that I want to tackle something much easier. An actual girl's dakimakura.

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After unless I've missed a shower for a few days and smell bad. I get paranoid and think people know something is up when I shower to fap and then shower to clean up right after.

I caved today and bought 3 fleshlights on that buy 2 get 1 free deal. I tried one before and it sucked but it was a really old design and the new ones look so enticing so we will see.

I'm trying to nofap until they get here to revive sensation a bit but they won't be here till Thursday and I'm dying

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>Mouth of Truth is the closest thing to fucking an actual mouth
>Venus Real is the closest thing to fucking a real pussy
So which onahole is the closest to fucking a real asshole?

>> No.14840198

>bought 3 fleshlights
Honestly, who cares?

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>Lillith Uterus (very soft) and Lolinco arrived this morning
>very first onaholes
>mfw using the Lillith
if i dont shitpost tomorrow, assume ive died from dehydration.
Now to try the Lolinco
Im gonna need more viagra

Side-note, the box these came in are fucking outstanding, 11/10 will save

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>> No.14840229

>Going with the very soft meme with first ona
WEW LAD that was brave.
If you impale her in the near future, remember my laughing tho.

>> No.14840235

Is this kind of stuff legal in Canada, even?

>> No.14840246

the onahole itself, yes. Just make sure you remove the packaging.

>> No.14840252

When purchasing though, you can't really avoid the packaging then, can you? It's on Amazon ca so I can't see it raising many eyebrows but would like to be sure.

>> No.14840255

if it's on amazon canada then buy it without doubt. If you buy at NLS you can remove the packaging.

>> No.14840256

Just take a good look at the box. I think the rule is that if there is any nudity with the loli on the box, then you will have issues. Don't take my word for it tho.

>> No.14840277

Was only concerned because the hole itsself has tiny little boobies and a puffy lipless pussy. I think I'll be ordering from NLS soon though, would love to have my own first hole.

>> No.14840293

Slow fap best fap, so she probably wont break.
Kind of scared of the Lolinco though. Super sensitive and the Lillith was already fookin great m8.
Viagra is great if you're the kind of guy who likes hour-long sessions.
If not then its probably not worth it.
Viagra is too pricey to squander

>> No.14840337

Anybody ever get those bottled smells for your holes? What do they smell like, any good, accurate?

>> No.14840356

Really? that's lame. I was expecting simulated armpit sweat or pussy juice, not just flowery scents.

>> No.14840369

You can get that stuff too.
Cant speak for the scents, but ive definitely seen them around.

>> No.14840383

you can't really trust those though

unless a fellow female lurker here would be kind enough to bottle her sweat and other liquids for us

>> No.14840406

Have none of you guys just taken a good whiff of a sweaty girl at work as she walks by or something? Or had close contact with a girl enough to know what their sweat smells like?

>> No.14840410

You have to be real close though.

>> No.14840421

Smells about the same as sweaty guys.
Maybe a little less musky and a little more sour.
Its hard to explain.
Source: Personal Trainer who has worked plenty of ladies nights

>> No.14840422

What's that?

>> No.14840498

>first hater comes out of the woodwork

Only a matter of time.

>> No.14840518

Vomited a little in my mouth.

>> No.14840529

I told that obnoxious idiot to fuck off too.

>> No.14840549

Well, I don't really know what to tell you there. I don't think that it would matter. If you are so concerned, get a US post office box if you live close enough to the border, and have it shipped there.

>> No.14840658

I wanted to get the Kaitai Shinsho but the internal structure is 16cm!? Is that really the right figure? I'm smaller than that :(

>> No.14840664

It looks great but all the anons here that have tried it said that it was lackluster and poor in durability.

>> No.14840701

Sweet mother of Lady Godiva.
I heard the Lolinci was a penis bully but this is insane.

>> No.14840713

Insanely good maybe.

>> No.14840735

Real bitch to clean though

>> No.14840748

You'll get used to it. Just be careful. I liked to dig around it with 1 finger. Drying was the hardest part.

>> No.14840787


This is a misconception that needs to be broken

Just because you're not as long as the tunnel doesn't matter. We're dealing with stretchy rubber here, guys. You can pull it down more.

Sure, if you're a microdick at like 5cm or something maybe not, but if you're within at least 5ish cm it'll be fine, and even if you don't bottom out it's still enjoyable

>> No.14840859

Will oneholes feel weird for a virgin that has a really sensitive head?
Like, I never fap touching my head. I just rub my foreskin up and down on my shaft.
I feel like a onehole would be too much on my sensitive head (like it would hurt)

>> No.14840866

It will be very sensitive at first. You will adjust. Everyone has that same issue when they first have sex.

>> No.14840873

You'll want something on the softer side then.
Uterus style onaholes give good head stimulation without being overwhelming.

>> No.14840875

Thank you, guys.
Might order one and see how it goes.

>> No.14841182

>order a punidx hard along with the foot onahole and some magic eyes hole with condoms from otonaJP
>package came in, put it down and went back to bed feeling too tired to open the package.
>cant shake off this uneasy feeling so go look at the box
>its been fucking opened and resealed with clear tape
>check the insides, all holes still shrink wrapped, but realize whoever inspected my package was greeted with the boxart spreading her legs wide out .
Fuck me man I'm on some sort of watchlist now aren't I? So much for FREEDOM.

>> No.14841216

Happens to me all the time, unless you live in Canada or the Swedish caliphate nothing will happen
>some poor package handlers have sifted through tons of my lolicon, toddlercon, futa and other depravities

By the by, how is the DX Hard? Been drooling over the puni's for a while but cant quite choose which version i want

>> No.14841241

It's pretty good, although I used the lube included with the puni instead of onatsuyu, waiting for that to come in from amazon. It is harder, but not by much. Still it feels so much better than the original puni simply because of the fact its harder therefore it holds its shape a bit better, especially when using it as a sleeve instead of a mini hip. If you want to get one, would suggest the hard instead, I felt the regular one always left me wanting more. Actually my hard version has a minor defect where there's excess plastic hanging inside the asshole so it looks like there's a tiny piece of shit just hanging around there. I like to think of it as adding authenticity to the experience.
I'd recommend using peach hand soap in order to get rid of the pungent rubber smell for the regular version, and I might use orange or vanilla for the hard version.

>> No.14841284

Might wait a bit and see if they release the SPDX in a hard version.
>tanned SPDX
muh dick can't even stand it

>> No.14841628

This is probably how the small dicked guys break their stuff.

My Lolinco is coming next week and I'm kind of scared to try I have a really terrible issue where holes that are too tight kills my boner instead and rubbing my head makes me want to pee. That is why I'm still a virgin.

>> No.14841659

The Lolinco is pretty tight. But its not strangulating.
Though it works the head quite a bit, so take it slow until you are used to it.
Its a real semen demon and i can't imagine anyone straight-up disliking it.

>> No.14841822

Does assman really have a facebook?

>> No.14841860

Does Amazon have any toy bags or only AmazonJP?
Also Venus Real or Lilith Uterus for long faps?

>> No.14841875

Dont know about bags.
But Lillith is fantastic for longfap

>> No.14841898

i bought a 24 pack of microfiber cloths from amazon and use those for all my needs.
cleaning, drying, wrapping the holes when i'm done, etc.
if you're into arts and crafts, you can stitch them into your own bag with a needle and some thread.

>> No.14842220

>the technology to do so is already here.
>buy a fucking machine and re-work it to hold whatever toy you want, just make sure the controls are extremely precise.
Don't know what to search for. I know of a Chi Machine but that's it.

>> No.14843216

Here's the model I have. I dont think it would be strong enough to move a hip.

I also dont have the faintest idea on how to rig something like that.

http:// adultrepdao. com/buy-cheap-sex-fucking-machine-sale/

>> No.14843448

nls has the puni DX fuwatoro on sale right now, should I know anything about it before I order? The pastebin has it listed as a big dick hole and I'm pretty small.

>> No.14843464

The page talks about stronger models, so maybe going with the one that is prepared for the bigger dildos will be able to hold the hip, right? After that it's all about crafting an adapter.

Also... what's the demographic these machines are targeted at? I'm thinking about busy, powerful women who don't rely in other human beings for satisfying their desires and it's making my dick suffer.

>> No.14843498

Read >>14840787

We put that in the paste for the accomodation of possible users. People are just dismayed at it because it's larger than your average hole, and the cost, too.

As for anything else, check local or national laws, check the exchange rate for the most economical purchase. Check the most appropriate shipping method for you.

>> No.14843596

>what's the demographic these machines are targeted at?
BDSM kinksters usually, for tied up victims.

>> No.14843649

how big is this hole, is this for sensitive skin.

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File: 1021 KB, 371x209, 1443191716451.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm recently single Happy V-Day :^) and a closet weeb so I thought I'd pick up the Venus Real, because I'm not remotely interested in women right now.

...until I saw there are firmness options. The guide says soft for "realness" but then again I'm also thinking that sessions may not be as long as the real deal so should I step up the firmness?

>> No.14843957

You can go soft senpai, regular might bully your dick. As we all recommend tho, better get a toysheart or magic eyes in the beginning, just some simple advice, what you buy is up to you senpai.

>> No.14844407

Looks fun m8. Hope you enjoy it. Give us a detailed report.

>> No.14844447

>1m tall
>Chooses big tits
You could have had a loli, you could have.

>> No.14844516

oppai loli is a thing tho

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File: 156 KB, 500x431, waifu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How's the material smell? Does it have an anal and vaginal hole? Do you know how cleaning will be? Is the customization good enough to make my waifu? What other doll brands did you look at before deciding on this one?

>might be too small for ass jobbing but we'll see
Get back to me on if it's possible. I'm looking for something that has a butt large enough for buttjobs.

>> No.14844530
File: 284 KB, 711x423, image_TMT459_3_3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Perfectly safe

>> No.14844534
File: 32 KB, 720x405, 1450960432269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uncanny valley, oppai loli.

>> No.14844548

but those are just reposts

>> No.14844678

Is that from this site?

>> No.14844684

Remember an oppai loli a day keeps chris hansen at bay

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File: 81 KB, 838x832, JSS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First time using Japan Shopping Service for Yahoo Auctions
If your 1st payment or maximum bid exceed the winning bid amount, when do they refund you the difference?
For example if my maximum bid is 10,000 yen and I won the auction at 6,000 yen, when do JSS refund you the 4,000 yen?

>> No.14844779


>> No.14844801


>> No.14844852

Am I misunderstanding how this works?

>> No.14844853

I'm just fucking with you. Usually in things where you bid, you pay what you bid though. Like in a real auction you don't get money back just because you bidwar against someone and went 200 dollars over the value

>> No.14844860

I don't know how that particular site works because I've never used it, but with every proxy I've used to bid on Yahoo Auctions doesn't refund you, they just add the money back to your account. Example, you make a deposit of 10k yen and the thing you're bidding on ends at 6k, they'll put whatever the difference is after fees and shipping within Japan back into your deposit amount so you can use it for shipping and other stuff. I don't think you'll actually get your money back. You're paying for the deposit, so all that money is going to them at some point.

>> No.14844871

the smell on the body is as you would expect, but not horrible. by touching it with my hands i had to wash them because it stayed on them. the head has a really strong weird smell to it, not sure how to describe it.
it has both an anal and vaginal hole.
i heard the cleaning is pretty difficult, i'll get back to you about that along with the buttjob info.
i think the customization from 1amdolls is alright other than they send you a "random outfit". i was hoping for the one with the little white skirt and stockings but nbd, the one i got might be nice to leave on for pazuri. i mostly went with that website because it was cheapest and had the face i wanted. the only other site i considered was reallovesexdolls (just noticed they dropped their prices) and i didn't like the customization setup they had there. there were other sites but i forget what they were.
i think the next size up would be 136cm or 140cm. i imagine that would be good for buttjobs... but its also twice the cost which is why i didn't go with that. i also needed something i could easily store/hide. i might go to walmart or homedepot and get a storage container for her.

>> No.14845032

Coming from laboratory girl soft, what is the considerable upgrade nowaday?

>> No.14845037

Ah this is different, I'm talking about hiring someone and giving them $200 to bid on an auction for you and the auction is sold for $150 or something like that. This is assisted bidding where you have to make the payment before you bid. You pay JSS whatever amount as your maximum bid, and they bid on the item for you. They enter the maximum bid into Yahoo Auctions and it it's like eBay where the your bid is automatically incremented when someone bids against you, up to the your maximum bid. So if you won an auction there's almost always a difference between your maximum bid (which you have already paid to JSS) and the actual winning bid (the amount JSS has to pay the seller).

Oh ok, I usually use From Japan where you deposit an amount and they refund you any unused amount after 20 days. They don't do adult items for some reason so I'm forced to use another proxy.

>> No.14845223

Any of you have experience with the factory seconds thing queencat has going on?

>> No.14845231

busted my lolinco, what should i get next? preferable something that can handle my dong

>> No.14845271

Anyone who ordered from Queen Cat on amazon that can confirm if they got the "adult toy" on the outside box? I don't have prime so I'm a little worried about the box.

>> No.14845283

I'm guessing >>14837522 tried it. I was considering it but just got a Venus Real in regular instead.

When my Venus Real comes in, I'll let you know. Non-Prime user as well.

>> No.14845366

So I got my first toy the other day (Lilith Uterus) but I feel like it's way too soft. I got the regular version so I thought it would be a bit firm. Feels very floppy and kinda feels like fucking goo or something. Is it supposed to be like this at first? For comparison, I also own 2 fleshlights which the material seems to be a bit more firm and I can feel the textures more. I tried putting the lilith in the fleshlight container and using it that way, which I think made an improvement. I was also thinking maybe too much lube? I'm using the free honey drops they included and its a lot more "globbier" than the usual lube I use. I'll experiment with that as well I guess. Anyway, does anyone else also have the same or similar experience?

>> No.14845445

You have DGS, not from your hand, but from FL. FL provides too much pressure from the case as a result from expansion. Take a very long break from fapping or even touching your dick and you'll go back to normal.

>> No.14845469

That will be difficult, but i'll give it a try.

>> No.14845512

Fleshlights are a lot firmer than Lilith Uterus Regular. I'd say that the Regular is pretty much on the medium side of firmness when compared to most Japanese holes. FYI, after switching to Tomax holes I've tossed out my Fleshlight since I'll pretty much never want to use them again. But it takes some time to adjust and get used to it.

If you want a bit more sensation, I recommend squeezing out the air. Or use rubber bands around the base to provide some squeezing action. Also, in general you should figure out how to use them hands-free which is a big enhancement.

>> No.14845607
File: 81 KB, 651x560, daimaoh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



What do you personally recommend for the Lilith Spiral Wave and Venus Clone? Soft or Regular?

>> No.14845610

Yeah I guess i'll get used to it eventually. First i'll try to abstain from doing anything to get some sensitivity back, then i'll try your suggestions. I mean I do like it, the fact that its "close ended" also makes it more exciting to me for some reason. The design and texture inside looks really neat too. Also for the price I paid, can't really complain.

>> No.14845635

queencat master reporting, enjoying my tomax holes.

>> No.14845727
File: 76 KB, 480x497, 6f20a49351ab8f865a1302c4ea653dd9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are these welcome here? Where is a good place to get these?

>> No.14845760

the yen is apparently starting to strengthen
RIP permanent 30% discount

>> No.14845775

If I run a long chain of stripped cloth through a hole, do I risk damaging the hole?

>> No.14845779

>yens getting stronk
>aud is almost as low as '07 FC

>> No.14845800

If the hole is dry, sure, but doing that to a wet hole to dry it shouldn't. I think.

>> No.14846066

why contain it?

>> No.14846140

Lilith soft will feel really soft, like to the point of barely any sensation.

Venus soft is way firmer feeling due to all the extra material that pushes on you.

>> No.14846144

I'll add that the Venus is worth the extra money, and that the Real is a lot better than the Clone for me.

>> No.14846388

I too, am interested in one of these

>> No.14846901

>Lilith soft will feel really soft

Even though it has a spiral structure? Then what's the point of having a soft model, let alone a "very soft" one?

>> No.14846908

While I like my Lilith Uterus Regular in other regards, the cervix is almost unnoticeable which is a shame. I'm thinking about getting a Lolinco Virgo, but are there any other holes with a good cervix that I should consider?

>> No.14847049

How do i stop fingering my ona-hole?

It's laying on my desk and i can't help but constantly be touching it, slapping my face with it, squeezing it like boobs, fingering it, licking the clit.

I think i just need to hide it somewhere.

>> No.14847215

I had the same problem with it laying in my drawer. I put it back in the box, put the box in a storage box and put that under my bed.
When I wanna use it, I gotta commit.

>> No.14848760

>no more lube
>use coconut oil for hair brilliance lying around( I used to really want a gf at some point and did all kind of ridiculous shit to get the 3dpd's attention)
>feels great
>dick smells good and skin is smoother
>also more sensitive after and more horny but might be my own impression

give it a try, only con is cleaning the hole

>> No.14848848

you aren't supposed to use anything oil-based as lube, it will degrade the material

>> No.14848860

I exclusively use oil-based because I live in the rich nigga universe/most of what I buy isn't designed for more than a couple uses anyway.

>> No.14848873
File: 89 KB, 600x599, WTFAMIREADING.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/ona/ has a gf
>buys onaholes

What the fuck is wrong with this thread?

>> No.14848978

Jesus Christ, can the topic stay focused on fake pussy and ass instead of the autism dick measuring contest?

>> No.14849116
File: 26 KB, 500x500, Onatsuyu_Lotion__68529.1439716699.1280.1280[1].jpg_c=2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you stop the foam?

>> No.14849151

I buy a new one every 3 months

>> No.14849176

Please post the webm of the big booty+body pillow from the previous thread!

>> No.14849182

...what foam? How the hell do you get any foam?

>> No.14849217

It all turns to foam and my fap is ruined.

>> No.14849249

No one is measuring dicks. All the hole fucking is giving you brain damage and making you misread words.

>> No.14849295

Nigga you srs? read the fucking thread. The post you want is here >>14838633

>> No.14849443

How did you discover onaholes?
What was your first onahole?
Would you recommend it?

>> No.14849608

it only turns to foam if you've jizzed into it and continue using it
clean your hole out if you don't want that to happen

>> No.14849654

1. On Dannychoo's site back in 2007 when all i knew was Tenga
2. Lolinco
3. No. It get's damaged too soon and costs too much for something that only lasts 2 months.

>> No.14849688

By 'jizzed' do you mean pre-cum?

>> No.14849703

I can't remember, probably from an advert on 4chan back before I used adblock.
Yes, I feel she's a good mixture between soft and tight.

>> No.14849875

>only lasts 2 months.
Is that something you're doing every single day or what? 2 months doesn't seem bad for 40 dollars either though, considering the subscription costs of many services.

>> No.14849919

>I have my eyes everywhere
What are you, 12?

>> No.14850088

Jlist ads/sancom

>> No.14850120
File: 75 KB, 670x670, The_Filthy_Mouth_of_a_Succubus__97380.1442235431.1280.1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone tried this?

>> No.14850457

I was fucking lolinco once a week, maybe twice a week if i was lucky, 2-3 time a day. Shit is great in the begining and did feel like real pussy but it ripped and doesn't feel the same anymore. I'm not sure if the usage was the limit or i might have damaged it upon cleaning it, or perhaps the combination of both.

>> No.14850610
File: 26 KB, 400x300, 1_1321943229_m_5v0lM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just bought this (this is my first prostate toy ever), did I do good?

I've always wanted to try prostate play but the temptation wasn't as strong as the desire to own more onaholes, after owning 6 onaholes I finally decided to go for a prostate toy, I also bought a syringe for enema cleaning and more lube.

>> No.14850620

Fuck, I didn't notice the image had both versions in it. I got the Red Analyzer.

>> No.14850654

How stiff are those? If they're soft silicone you're not going to get good pressure on the prostate.

>> No.14850708

Oh eh, perhaps I'll go for the Rina then.

>> No.14850731


Buyfag guide, I'm a big buyfaggot and the guide was like a bible for me. It bothered me for a long time after discovering what onaholes where after reading the guide for the first time and ended up buying one after discovering these threads (which were also mentioned in the guide).

Open my pussy Rina.

Yes, for a first time buy. Its very cheap and gives the right pleasure for what you buy.

>> No.14850737

It says its made from silicon, and its described as soft surface so I suppose its stiff enough to resist bending but soft on the outside to not damage yourself from usage.

I'm still new to these so I'm not sure if it was a good purchase or not.

>> No.14851017


you had it coming and you knew it

>> No.14851021

I what?

>> No.14851202
File: 489 KB, 812x850, 01e64b36dca569db1fa81279edf18433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Two years ago I remember NLS being the go-to place for sweet deals. /a/ and /jp/ highly praised it.

With $700 to waste I decide to toss it all at buyfag material; Onaholes included.
But NLS shipping prices are ungodly, even with the new e-packet shipping. Unlike two years ago, most of the items I can find on Amazon or ToyDemon at a similar or much cheaper price for half the wait time. I find that NLS is only worth it for the new content, but even then, I'm sure the other two sites will pick it up in a few months or so.

Is NLS still worth it? Am I simply doing it wrong?

>> No.14851216

No reason not to buy elsewhere if they're cheaper, not sure why this raises a question. If NLS merits buying from, then do so, if not, don't.

>> No.14851266

Alright, thanks.
I simply thought I was going something wrong or missing the big picture, that's all.

>> No.14851693
File: 960 KB, 1594x896, 20160229_164231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello /jp/! Just got back from the PO (fucking delivery man doesn't knock like he's paid to, jsut drops off a delivery missed slip). New arrivals today. To Australia from OtanaJP, paid for 5-7 days shipping and took probably a week and a bit to get here. 2 days of that because the post doesn't run on weekends, so it sat in Sydney for a bit. Here's the only thing on the outside of the box.

>> No.14851702
File: 1.01 MB, 1594x896, 20160229_164312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's how it looked when opened from the bottom. In the back is a piece of newspaper and a plastic bag of air. Not as well packed as NLS does, but it doesn't bother me personally.

>> No.14851712
File: 1.04 MB, 1594x896, 20160229_164405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And finally the contents.

1 x Onatsuyu Lotion
1 x Fuwachitsu Evolution
1 x Kunoichi (Black Hard)
1 x Gurun Gurun Fantasy

Which one should I use first?

>> No.14851745

Gurun Gurun Fantasy please, and don't forget to tell us how it feels.

>> No.14851766

Okay. So far it's got a bit of excess plastic from the mold on the bottom, no big deal. Gimme 2 minutes and I'll let you know how it went.

>> No.14851780

>2 minutes

>> No.14851783

Neat! If it's good I'll order it next month

>> No.14851791

Hey, don't judge. So far it's a bit noisy, lots of squelching. Feels alright, a bit too soft for my tastes. You can definitely feel it wanting to twist.

>> No.14851794

been thinking for a while about ordering that Gurun Gurun. Reviews please!

>> No.14851820

You missed a tracking number there, Maryborough.
But yeah, I hate it when delivery people don't bother to attempt to deliver and just leave a slip.
Glad you were able to finally get your stuff.

>> No.14851836

Oh yeah, so I did. Ah well.

>> No.14851845

>So far it's a bit noisy,
Fuck, I can't use my chimera hard because of this. It sure sucks to live with roomates.

>> No.14851863

Anyway, Gurun Gurun Fantasy. As someone who perfers hard onaholes (my favourite so far has been the Zero Spiral Hard), it's pretty good. I like that it does try to twist if you hold it lightly, bit of an interesting feeling. Nice and thick outter too, which I also find good, adds some weight to it. A slow and teasing onahole, which I guess is nice sometimes, probably for the soft lovers it may be a bit stimulating. On the harder end of soft I guess. I don't know what else you guys want, but on my onahole scale I'd give it a high 6 to a low 7. I've definitely bought worse.

Really looking forward to the Kunoichi Hard. Now to work out whether I don't fap for a week before using it or just destroy it tomorrow...

>> No.14851883


Try otona, certain things are definitely still worth ordering and depending on what you get it's still cheaper even with EMS over ordering from US retailers

That said, more and more things are ending up cheaper ordering from toydemon lateley. They're getting more and more stuff/discounting at prices very similar to otona and nls. If you can take advantage of their free shipping then it's a clear winner

>> No.14851888
File: 120 KB, 1024x576, CcXMQJNVAAAwuys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14851889

Oh also, it's easy to clean if you don't mind flipping it inside out. Soft and loose enough.

>> No.14852099

no as in, you ejaculated into the hole, and maybe rested for a moment or two, and then reused the same already jizzed into hole
the motion combining w/ the mixture of lube and cum turns it into a foamy mess

>> No.14852282

Nice blog, took you 3 posts and a deleted one to show what you could've shown in one.
Use first, then post (review).
That's how the cookie crumbles. Compare prices and choose the retailer of your choice. If you want to stock up on lube and maybe get a small hole, you can go mostly with NLS. If you just want a new onahole, you probably want to buy at an US retailer. If you can't wait and need lube and onaholes, you're probably paying the premium of US retailers just so you can satisfy your primal urges (which is cringy because cmon, be a decent human, safe money and wait for your holes a bit longer.)

>> No.14852344
File: 110 KB, 974x475, 7 METERS OF MUH DICK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a good way to get onaholes to work with your waifu dakimakura?

>> No.14852411
File: 31 KB, 636x351, 243234234432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14852598

I've decided on buying Lolinco to bully my dick. The Virgo would allow me to bottom-out and feel the soft puffy vulva, the innards also seem to be improved, but I question if it's as tight as the original?

I've seen that inflatable insert that lets you slot the onahole in the pillow. Though most reviews tend to be somewhat negative.

>> No.14852664

Well I always cum outside if I'm going to reuse it, so that can't be it.

>> No.14852728
File: 966 KB, 212x159, 1344472696577.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>monstergirl hug pillow
>lamia hug pillow

>> No.14852776

Someone on /h/ posted a thread asking about onaholes.
Read the thread, followed an anon who linked the /ona/ thread and read for weeks before I bought one.

Lolinco, and yes.

40 dollars for great fapping for the last 4 months is worth it.

>> No.14852881

Seventeen vs Lolinco vs Mouth of Truth?

>> No.14852885

nls has really dropped the ball recently
All these new onahole releases and they aren't even stocking them.

>> No.14852890

Why not all? Give more info pleb.

>> No.14852899

Well it's my first hole, I'd like something durable enough for daily or bi-daily use, the lolinco looks really cute, but seventeen seems like it might last longer?? and the mouth of truth looks really insanely detailed

>> No.14852988

Go with 17

>> No.14853017

Does anyone here have experience between the 17 and the 17evo? Hard to tell if the evo is better or worse.

>> No.14853028

Just pick the one that you think you like more. Can't advice you much if it's your first anyway.

>> No.14853035
File: 111 KB, 1280x720, Don't you die on me damnit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trying to shove a flaccid dick into an onahole that you've already fucked for a few hours but don't want to stop

>> No.14853307
File: 63 KB, 622x521, lewd animals.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

End of the month. Thinking of pulling the trigger on a first hole, but I've ended up with a few in my cart. Is that the best way to do it? Read reviews and suggestions, and just get a few to try?

>> No.14853315

Try the recommended holes in the guide, then look for one or two you think you'll like.

>> No.14853339

Yeah, my cart currently is based on that list. I'm trying not to go too crazy.

>> No.14853351

Screenshot of your cart? How many are from the recc. list?

>> No.14853463
File: 357 KB, 640x480, 1453304400590.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any other comments?

>> No.14853541

my fucking neighbor opened my fucking package
he said he was expecting one too and he was sorry
what the fuck do i do now
do i move?
leave the country?
what the fuck man

>> No.14853549

What was it?

>> No.14853555

Is that the julia body hole?

>> No.14853561

lube and the vagoo doesn't have any anime on it
but it does say "Deluxe Teen Pussy" or some shit like that

>> No.14853566

Eh at least it wasn't lewd lolis on the packaging or 20 LBS OF PUSSY AND ASS tier.

>> No.14853594

Buy ammo, weapons and stockpile on supplies, barricade all entrances to your home and get ready to fight the FBI.

>> No.14853603
File: 188 KB, 606x603, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lube up son.

>> No.14853612

Accept it. Everyone masturbates. Some just take it to a higher extreme.
You likely left him curious. Most normies still don't know that male-masturbators are a thing and that it's picking up traction. Your neighbor is likely on Amazon trying to find out more about what he saw.

>> No.14853635

>I-I was expecting one too anon! Addressed to you and your house! I'm sorry I got confused.

>> No.14853668
File: 81 KB, 625x626, 1434271428669.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welp I did it. I bought my first onaholes.
Venus Real (Soft) and Succubus 2D Wavy (Hard). And a warmer.
H-Hello /ona/friends.

>> No.14853782

Sue him.
Nobody can be this stupid, accepting a package for your neighbor and then open it. Obviously on purpose. Let him move away.

>> No.14853951

Post dick in onahole.

>> No.14853955

Yeah and let EVERYONE know that the package contained male sex toys in the process. Just move on anon.

>> No.14853966

If only they were shipped that fast.

>> No.14854101
File: 23 KB, 414x425, 1455206462882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me too, I got the:
Venus Real (Firmness: Soft)
Open My Pussy! -Lolinco-
usb Warmer
Wet Meiki MONSTER -Chimera Hard-
The Mouth of Truth

and the horse and werewolf from bad dragon

>> No.14854333

I got my first too. Temptation witch. The vacuum on that thing. SO glad I bit the bullet.

>> No.14854419

Why not? literally everyone masturbates. fuck the shamers.

>> No.14854431

I am really starting to consider the possibility of making some sort of a universal fuckmachine.
it'd be basically some electromotor from an old washing machine, maybe an arduino for control (may as well program in profiles). add to that the possibilty of heating and lubrication as well as possibly creating a vacuum (would have to puncture the onahole but meh.) something like lilith wich great rotational symmetry would do the trick. also on top of translation one could superimpose a rotation around the axis for more fun. as a powersupply maybe get an old pc psu. mostly cheap parts. the only trouble would be the parts for the rig itself like the crank base etc. I don't have the tools to do it.

alternatively could make a dickmilking machine using onaholes with really thin walls. kinda like a goat milking machine or whatever. are there any oneholes that are really thin and stretchable?

>> No.14854690
File: 58 KB, 300x300, 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14854775

Does anyone have tips for making my sensitivity come back any faster because I would love to be able to use my holes every day instead of having to wait 1 or 2 to get the best feeling.

>> No.14854828

Watch lots of porn and shit, but don't fap.

>> No.14854843

Any suggestions on a good hip toy or any toy that I can lay flat on. I'm looking forward to some horizontal fun possibly

>> No.14854999
File: 56 KB, 720x717, 1444142716233.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beginner owner of 2x fleshlights asking for advice.
I've read alot of the guide and got stuck on the Anon's Onahole Spreadsheet..
I believed I wasn't a well endowed man (full size 15cm/L, 5cm/W) but the tunnel lengths make me look like a beast..
Been taking a good look on the recommended section but I'm not sure what to go for.
I'm not very sensitive (for being uncircumsized) and would like to try out a tighter fit, perhaps an anal hole but I really don't want to break whichever I go with.
Would love suggestions as I've only used fleshlights, tips?

>> No.14855032

Lolinco Virgo would be a tight hole that will fit, or Rina Big. Otherwise there are always Hip models to choose from, perhaps a hard hip onahole.

>> No.14855039

Lolinco has a good cervix, but it's the only hole I own with one, so...

>> No.14855070

What's the main difference between the Rina and Lolinco? Is the Rina softer? I take it it's not a dick bully either.

>> No.14855116
File: 2.60 MB, 1024x768, booty.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14855154

Hiding tips from roomates?

>> No.14855163
File: 81 KB, 960x717, 1383653375274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Is there any difference between the Pepe lotions sold here?



>> No.14855188

I came here from /int/. This tread is filled with a filthy desire.

>> No.14855207

How's the Puni Hole SPDX?
That bonestructure looks very interesting but does it add anything to the experience?

>> No.14855223

You can break her ribs after you're done with her defloration. It will give you a sense of power, while your onahole feels sadness and pain.

>> No.14855227
File: 14 KB, 540x540, 11075050_10204085908496086_206560968_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14855231

Pictures imply she stands up straight during cowgirl, or at least keeps her form rather than flopping halfway down.

>> No.14855243

That sounds great.
Are there others with bonestructure that someone has tried out?

>> No.14855250

The magic eyes one is shit.

>> No.14855291

Are loli onaholes legal in the US?

>> No.14855306

Read the guide.

>> No.14855315

Kaitai Shinsho?
...It has some pretty good marketing.
What makes it horrible?

>> No.14855343

Onaholes in general are illegal in the US

>> No.14855370

>women are allowed to have whatever the fuck they want to please themselves
>men can't
Gender equality, amirite?

>> No.14855374

Actually, the very existence of onaholes is so oppressive towards women that it might as well be slavery. As such, you're under arrest for promoting slavery.

>> No.14855376

Any tips for getting/keeping the air out of a hole as you're using it?
I like the suction and It's quieter without the squelchy sounds

>> No.14855385

I know you're being ironic but its actually true.

>> No.14855420

Beginner here if I only had a choice between Seducing witch vs R-20 Puni which one should I go for?

Thanks in advance

>> No.14855426

In what way is it true? If onaholes are slavery then so are dilsos.

>> No.14855438

True as in women feel oppressed by them.

>> No.14855448

Elaborate. Why would a woman feel oppressed by an onahole? I don't feel oppressed every time I see a dildo.

>> No.14855450

Hey, next time you guys make this thread, could you use a more subtle OP image? The woman fingering the plasticunt covered in lube/ejaculate doesn't leave much to the imagination.

>> No.14855464

No, we need to go lewder.

>> No.14855534

Because modern women have a lot of power over men because of their vaginas. If one day men stop being dependant on their vaginas, their power will fall, so seeing an advanced fake vagina scares them.

>> No.14855555

So they're terrified of losing their power. That's not oppression. Would you say that Napoleon was oppressed by Britain because they were a threat to his dominance?

>> No.14855604

They are not legitimately opressed, but feminists will tell you they are, like with every thing patriarchy does to them.

>> No.14855639

would the vacuum witch be too big for me? I'm about ~5in

>> No.14855706

Back 2500 good?
Might buy if someone approves it

>> No.14855883

>Succubus 2D Wavy (Hard)
Anyone actually enjoy these? All mine did was get hot from all the friction with almost no pleasure.

>> No.14856018

Has anyone ever attempted to super glue a torn hole? And if so, did it work?

>> No.14856037

use a soldering iron

>> No.14856077

I don't have one and i'm sure it'll be a bitch to find someone with one. I'm just gonna splurge and buy multiple new holes.

>> No.14856190

so how are those?
I feel the itch of wanting to try something like that, but is it worth it? I also heard about aneros or w/e its called, is that better?

>> No.14856263

Does anyone buy any of those holes under $20 that are not reviewed? I'm sure they aren't great like the most popular ones but for those who splurge when buying multiple holes i'm sure you've bought one for the fuck of it.

>> No.14856309

My onahole is seperated, like the internals are slipping to where it comes out, is there a fix

>> No.14856311

r.i.p.. what was her name Anon?

give her the most rigorous fucking you can to send her off with, it's what she'd want.

>> No.14856462

>haven't checked on these threads for a few months
>come back
>name/tripfags and off site drama everywhere
What the hell happened?

>> No.14856583

Yes. Read the guide. Only Canadians should fear getting arrested. If you are still paranoid ask for the packaging to be removed before shipping.

Nah, just mostly grey area.

>> No.14856618

Don't worry, it wasn't like this a week ago, but this thread is indeed pretty crazy. The dude who bought the two huge asses became a legend and it got out of hand. Then we got this normie generating drama, shit happens.

>> No.14856877
File: 23 KB, 470x380, aneros-black.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought an aneros helix syn and haven't used it in over a month because i now use my fingers.
It introduced me to the prostate play, and say it was worth it for me. However i never managed anything more than a good feeling while using it. Probably because i was too imaptient and never really did what you're supposed to do with it (using your muscles to massage your prostate) and always used my hand.
Now I only use my middle finger to orgasm.

>> No.14856975

complete newfag here. Why is jlist bad?

>> No.14856982

it's in the god damn pastebin. ctrl+f jlist

>Based in Japan, advertises to exploit first time onahole buyers and “otaku”.
>Markups as high as 300%. Plus shipping. FROM JAPAN.
>Almost anything stocked on Jlist is cheaper someplace else. Dont let Peter Payne rape your butthole.
>Shop smart, and if all else fails, J-list.

>> No.14856987

Sorry, I'm still reading through the pastebin. But thanks anyhow.

>> No.14857037

Does it still count as no-fap if i just fuck one of these fake pussies without watching porn? The main thing of no fap is basicly to stop you watching porn but would a tool like this count as watching porn.?srs question

>> No.14857048

I always thought nofap was about spending the time you "waste" masturbation doing something productive.

>> No.14857057

everyone usually has their own interpretation of it and their own goals
not watching porn is usually due to the non-fapper wanting to stop contributing to the industry or to gain lost time

>> No.14857059

Christ masterbation doesnt take that long as to justify being able to use the time on something else. Its to stop porn addiction(it affects you mentally)and if you dont fap youll feel more "manly" though thats objective. The key is stopping porn addiction

>> No.14857065

Not really because you are literally still fapping.

>> No.14857086

Can you cum with just your ass while your dick is still soft?

>> No.14857155

No, I can't, but i read that it's possible. Maybe I'm doing it wrong and still massage my penis somehow.

>> No.14857173

So how hungry are you for cocks in your ass now?

>> No.14857187

It's bearable, I'm not going out there hunting for dick. Maybe if i find a cute femboy or transgirl I'll let them stick it up my pooper.

>> No.14857317


You can get a soldering iron for like 10 bucks at a hardware store

>> No.14857319
File: 82 KB, 437x370, 1448145990339.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you a cute femboy or transgirl yourself though?

>> No.14857333


I bought two of the lovelyxcation 2 holes

They were shit. The outside seems nice, but the internals are way too rigid and don't stretch enough for how small they are. They don't hold lube well and firm tunnels/lack of lube make for a shitty fap. I gave up mid fap with both of them and switched to something else

>> No.14857452

Regardless that wasn't what i asked.

>> No.14857521

Let's get some science in this and get a semi decent response for your question. There are many kinds of superglues, and I will address three kinds: solvent, cyanoacrylate and epoxy.

Cyanoacrylate and epoxies work on forming a mechanical bond between two surfaces, and their finishes and mechanical strength will affect it. Both essentially must cure, and curing time is affected by many factors, mainly exposure to air and temperature. Solvents, maInly used for plastics and modelling, liquefy the structure before evaporating or deactivating. Regardless of surface area, it still works, but the general strength of the bond is determined by how much material is bonded together. Plastic welders are generally given 70-80% of its original tensile strength. Not all solvents attack all plastics. All three methods have a relationship between contact area, contact area finish, material, porosity and mechanical strength. Cyanoacrylates and epoxies dry relatively hard(and can be brittle), which may irritate skin or even break it upon repetitive friction.

Now, onto failure method. You, upon use, most likely have subjected it to cyclical tension-only loads, which is the most common form of puncturing in onaholes. With this and an ever expanding crack, you will begin to have a very neat split until the final breaking moment. This surface is generally smooth as material is slowly "cut" by cyclical loading. This smooth area will be detrimental to surface adhesives because the adhesive itself has nothing to grip onto, much like sanding a solid suface before applying paint. This is especially the case for cyanoacrylate in my experience because ir keeps chipping off from smooth surfaces!

With thermoplastics, it is best to leave the material and liquefy it through solvent or through heat, as the material is freely bound to itself. Exceptions of course exist.

In case you do try, be careful not to apply any near the tunnel, as it can cause chemical or abrasive irritation.

>> No.14857530
File: 115 KB, 800x625, 9H2BD[2].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have the screencap of the sick fuck that found one of these on the side of the street, full of mold and maggots, taking it home and asking 4chan if he should fuck it?

>> No.14857539
File: 69 KB, 306x331, 1447702032123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the proper way of disposing of your onahole? I want to give mine a proper burial when the time comes.

>> No.14857552


Send it to space.

>> No.14857553

I have disposed of my old ones by wrapping them in paper towel, putting it in an opaque plastic bag and putting that in the bin.

>> No.14857571
File: 17 KB, 250x174, pet-burial[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same way you bury your pet, in the backyard. Put a little headstone including the official name or your nickname for the toy, the date purchased, the date used, and what you jerked off to with it.

>> No.14857615

>what you jerked off to with it

How do I contact those guys who can write the bible onto tiny grains of rice?

>> No.14857619
File: 27 KB, 400x300, ec22e8b4f6a798c0e06094138a538035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

on the beach near hermit crabs

>> No.14857644

To further my post, I have tried cyanoacrylates and it simply sheared off within two expansions, while another anon has had some success with solvent, being acetone. Did the character limit increase?

>> No.14857665

I'll be getting my Mouth of Truth tomorrow hopefully. Have any of you tried kissing it? How did it feel?

>> No.14857777

I thought about writing my dead virgin uncle's name on it and burn it to ashes, then decide not to because it is disrespectful to give the dead used stuff.
this is a belief in chinese tradition, in case you are wondering

>> No.14857783

>bought a fuckable nipple oppai onahole few weeks ago
>been using it for paizuri only
>decide one night to fuck the nipple
>feels great
>amazing suction
>even though its only like a 3in insert climax is great
>since no exit hole, had to squeeze the breast to make the cum come out
>looks weird
>its yellowish
>little yellow jelly bits
>think im going to die
>google it
>lack of hydration
>drink lots more water past 10 or so days
>its white and watery with no jelly blobs
>also lost weight from not nearly as much soda
>realized a little sex toy changed my life
Well this.. was an interesting experience. Also dont know why I found my semen coming out of the nipple hot, but I do.

>> No.14857787

does that have a bullet vibrator included with the purchase? or do I need to buy one separate?

>> No.14857793

Where can I buy?

>> No.14857800

to see life blossom from my seed is my only desire

>> No.14857814

I tried looking on j-list where I bought it but dont see it anymore, and the pastebin is filled with lots of shit I dont wanna go through.

>> No.14857830

a fool and his money are soon parted

>> No.14857835

Well give the other anon options so he too can work on his semen color.

>> No.14857896

Rina is less intense, Lolinco is pretty wild with the hymens and cervix, assuming that such a big guy like you wont break them.

>> No.14857910

Not that anon but here's one.

>> No.14857928

Who are you quoting?

>> No.14857930

Not him but I almost bought that, ended up getting the foot instead.

>> No.14857946

Does anyone else get horny just looking at onaholes?

>> No.14857964
File: 47 KB, 499x694, B0vFq3YCMAAIk8c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just jumping in here

are there any ona holes that has the same feel as the tenga deepthroat one? its really soft and i loved it,

>> No.14857971

>Or use rubber bands around the base to provide some squeezing action. Also, in general you should figure out how to use them hands-free which is a big enhancement.

I wrap a blanket tight-ish around my Zero Spiral (currently my only hole), starting from the corner of the blanket. The first few wraps will be enough to tighten the hole so you can use whatever you have left of the blanket to turn the whole thing into a makeshift hip by continuing the wrap. I've never owned a Hoppapillow 1, but that's what it'd basically turn into.

I usually wrap the blanket tight at the opening and then have it lax a bit through the rest of the hole, rather than tight throughout. Feels just like it sounds.

>> No.14858037
File: 62 KB, 554x472, KeroKero.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just got a decently sized shipment in today, so as requested I'm giving my first impressions on Mero Mero Frog. Was used with the lube provided.

Mero Mero Frog is my first hole made by Toys Love, and it has quite a lot going on inside it, I'm pretty impressed with it so far. The exterior is going to be a hit or miss with people. I like it, it's unique, fits the gimmick, and the flappy parts are fun to stretch. The initial smell of this is REALLY strong. I don't really care about smell myself but I know others do, and this is probably the worst smelling hole I have. I'll see if the smell goes away after a few more washes. The material is very firm and holds its shape, with it just barely bending downwards when held at the end. The texture is alright, just a slight amount of stickiness. Doesn't necessarily need to be powdered but it wouldn't hurt it. Quality control checks out good, the tunnel on mine is centered evenly.

The internal, due to the stiff material and large, exaggerated features, is very stimulating, almost overwhelming in fact. The bumpy entrance is gentle compared to the rest of the hole. The middle and ends are where most of the stimulation is. The 2 large bumps in the middle are very nice. I favored using the hole turned 90 degrees so they were rubbing the top and bottom of my shaft. The most interesting part about this hole are the ends. It splits off into two short end tunnels, with the ripple patterned end being more smooth compared to the more stimulating circle patterned end. I would usually tilt the end in the direction I wanted to go, being able to switch the feeling on the fly is really enjoyable. What's also nice is when you stroke towards the middle, you satisfyingly "pop" into one of the ends, adding another layer of stimulation to the hole.

I'm mainly scared of punching through the ends, as the amount of material between them and the outside is very thin. The two large exterior bumps at the end give the sides a decent amount of padding, though. Just be careful when you want to go balls deep.

The box art is nice. Has two different shots of the drunk frog girl, nothing too special, but I like it.

A 20ml pouch of AIEKI Lotion, which I assume is made by Toys Love themselves, is provided with the hole. It's got a cute chick on it, but it's pretty shitty, dries up after 5~10 minutes of use so I had to spit/reapply often. The hole did feel pretty rough on my dick, but I'm thinking that's the lube's fault, not the material, so I'll have to see what other lubes do for it.

Overall I like it. More experienced people should appreciate the uniqueness, and that's why I wouldn't recommend it for newbies I guess because it might be too overwhelming, but if you want it just say fuck it and get it.

Man this is long....

>> No.14858053

Thanks for the review, been considering that one as well.

>> No.14858114


No problem. A review for G PROJECT x PEPE hot lube was requested as well, so I'll post that here in a few days as well.

>> No.14858178

>Have small locked cupboard on desk where I store all my onahole and lewd shit
>Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro(https://en-nls.com/pict1-42545?c2=12001014) back on sale on nls
>Have no room for it
Shouldn't have bought those bulk buy condoms.

>> No.14858192

So first order... Average sized.
Gurun Gurun Fantasy
Onahole warmer (one detailed in pastebin)
Squamate hole hard
Thick puni ana juice
Did i do good for a starter kit into the hobby?

>> No.14858195

I've had the urge many times. Never done it. It probably feels fine but it'll just tastes how it smells - not that it smells strong, but it's just a rubbery smell. But they're nice lips and it feels good to "roleplay" the lips on your dick - I like rubbing it along the tip or letting it kiss my dick while watching/reading a fellatio scene and mimicking it. If you insert it at an awkward angle you can get the tongue to sort of bend backwards or sideways, and then when you push past it it'll flick back to normal position and it'll feel like it's licking just underneath your head with a little force.

>> No.14858217

Just ordered a VA admission from amazon. Any tips on cleaning it? Should I turn it inside out or should I just finger some soap into it? Air dry or microfiber?

>> No.14858230

Wash out the cum thoroughly, then dry it. I normally just use a handkerchief, just put it over your finger and put it in, then pull it out and use a dry part of the handkerchief.

Pretty good!

>> No.14858246

Any personal experience with those, or the lotions? I'm so very excited. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate those holes to 3dpd? As you can see, girls with a monster side are quite arousing to me, so eh.

>> No.14858267

I have a Squadmate hole, but not the hard version, been looking to get the drunk frog and both of those other sheep holes (I'm from New Zealand).

3dpd isn't a good substitute for onaholes, nor can they be compared subjectively.

>> No.14858292
File: 14 KB, 497x501, 1310267871948.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody try shoving a bullet vibrator in their onahole or a vibrating/swing dildo into the 2nd hole of the onahole?
Curious to know what it feels like but I really don't want to have to order a dildo to find out myself.

>> No.14858295

I've always wanted to visit there, looks gorgeous. USA here. But, stimulation, warmth and feel wise? Good? (at least on the soft end which you own)

>> No.14858302

thats a nice idea.
The hole feels great coming out of the hole, though the hole isn't as tight as other holes I own, nor as hard, which would make the hole feel much better.

The build quality left a bit to desire though (my hole had a thin side, almost resulted in a blowout)

>> No.14858318

Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro
Puni Hole DX Fuwatoro

>> No.14858459


>> No.14858515


In a well

>> No.14858881

Serious reply here, instead of wrapping it in paper and having a very suspicions ball in the trash; I use scissors to cut the onahole in tiny bits and then just throw them away, no one will suspect anything.

>> No.14859150

Gonna need the source for that one, mate.

>> No.14859369

no I'm not

>> No.14859495

>not creating a frankenstine ona with your mutilated bits and pieces

>> No.14859593
File: 14 KB, 425x88, ona.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw queen cat ships as fast as you're gonna cum in the toy you're getting

I ordered this yesterday morning. LEWD. Prio shipping was an extra 2 bucks so why not.

>> No.14859603

I bought it as a quickie hole. All the reviews said hard wasn't really "hard" and that it's high stimulation.

Worst case, I learn what the hard material feels like for reference, and I'm out $25 bucks.

>> No.14859802

He said paizuri so its either not that or he bought two

>> No.14859904
File: 17 KB, 300x225, baby-faced-green-ass-teacher.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I just had my first go with "Green-ass babyfaced teachwer" (pic related).
Here's some bulletin points of my opinion:
+ Translucency is top notch.
+ Makes your dick look huge due to lensing effect.
+ Small overall size makes you think you got a nice dick even more.
+ To quote moonrune comics, seeing the internal structure is quite erotic
+ Seriously, it's like an R-rated sex ed class
- Super sticky. I just know that cleaning the outside will be a bitch.
- Will most likely become cloudy quite fast due to aforementioned stickiness.
- A bit too small ie. too tight. Like, Lolinco tight IMO.
- Hard to get your dick in due to the opening being so small

In the end, it felt good but I couldn't properly cum due my dick getting strangled. Disappointing but still a fun gimmick toy for it's low price.

Suggestion: Could we add a translucent recommendations category to the guide? I think I found something that I like.

>> No.14859995

How is Daisyuki Hold?

>> No.14860182

Any europe based onahole shops that doesn't double the price with shipping?

>> No.14860388

Cheap and slow from Japan
Expensive and fast from OmochaDreams
Make your choice

>> No.14860485
File: 749 KB, 1264x1000, 1451081016683.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haha, you weren't kidding.
Wet Meiki KIWAMI...
en-nls fairly steep $255~, I wonder what OmochaDre-...
$434 WHAT
How can this be allowed?! They're nothing more then a reseller and they tack on that much?!

>> No.14860492

this is how the world works friend
people tend to spent more money on things they know nothing about

>> No.14860523
File: 464 KB, 1100x1327, 1451081157302.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I should change my career choice if they can get away with this.
Clearly the western market is untapped and all I need to do is learn some alchemy to create RUBBER and form it into genitals.

Tips on education paths that could teach me all the nescesities to become a manufacturer of -everything- onahole?

>> No.14860629
File: 2.49 MB, 648x936, DarkElfBootySlave.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>make mold
>make vagurba
>sell for three fiddy.
The pastebin has a category on making your own onaholes.
Pic related is nearly 1000 dollarydoos, people will pay well for that shit.

>> No.14860666

Omochadreams is alright in a low price range considering I'd have to pay 19% import tax on both product and shipping. If the difference is less than 10 bucks I'll go for it but otherwise theyre too expensive

>> No.14860690
File: 2.54 MB, 3840x2160, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With enough powder it's not sticky but less see-through. In my opinion it's not even close to as tight as lolinco. Inside on mine is a lot to the right. Easy to turn inside out for cleaning and come with ~100 ml lube. Quite good small/handheld hole.
It get closer with shipping + VAT + handling fee + tariff duty. Without undervaluing, shit can add up very quickly but i'm not denying that they are top jews.

>> No.14860702

That young reported is a qt. I'd comfort her.

>> No.14860741

What hip was this again?

>> No.14860779

Fantasia 25 inch.
From seductive midnight candy

>> No.14860788

Thanks dude.

>> No.14860876

>Was used with the lube provided
What? Mine came without lube.
Pretty good hole however

>> No.14860982

I also want to know which particular nipple fucker this was as I think there are a few.

>> No.14861149
File: 92 KB, 414x1500, Bottle Brush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found a review that said this was a lazy yet more effective way to dry your toy. Take a non-abrasive narrow sponge bottle-cleaner and work it around in the toy. The sponge should get everything that the cloth might miss and should make drying penis abusers, like the lolinco, much easier.

I'm tempted to buy one. Have any of you attempted this? If so, what are your results?

>> No.14861167

My concern is that bits of sponge might tear off and be left inside. And sponges are breeding grounds for germs.

>> No.14861174

or the whole sponge just get's ripped off of the handle because it's too tight

>> No.14861222
File: 16 KB, 200x200, 1292911771743.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And sponges are breeding grounds for germs.
Wouldn't it be fine if I cleaned the sponge after each use? Plus I could always buy another if I believe it's starting to degrade, right?

I'm sure they sell a few that use a metal rod instead of plastic. that might grip the sponge better and prevent that from happening.

Seems I should just buy one and give a review of the results. Thanks for your input.

>> No.14861236

The council will be delighted to hear you report.

>> No.14861291

I posted this toy some times ago and a few assholes where getting on my case about it. Glad to see that anon as put it to good use.

>> No.14861745


Weird. Did you look behind/under the cardboard insert in the box?

>> No.14861864

get an aneros or whatever since they're pretty easy to start with. Keep in mind though, they may not do the job and it's hard to get a straight answer about what you're supposed to do to get something out of it since their forums are so full of spiritual bullshit.

I got an aneros and felt nothing from it, and I got pretty pissed off since all I had for my trouble was an emptier wallet and a sore asshole.

After a few months I decided to give prostate massage another shot and bought a tantus p-spot, a much bigger toy. I thought that if that didn't make me feel anything, nothing would.

It was night and day, honestly. It's a weird feeling of heat around your hips, but god damn it got me going. After a week of nofap and giving it a try, I was actually panting and shaking a bit. I didn't get to orgasm from just prostate stimulation, but I think that was because I just didn't have enough self control to not grab my dick.

Anyway, get an aneros to see if you're not turned off completely by the idea of sticking shit up your shithole, but don't lose hope if you don't feel anything. Your prostate may just be deeper inside or require more pressure than what those smaller toys can provide.

>> No.14861986

Plastics Engineering with a special focus in Elastomers and manufacturing methods.

Good luck with that shit, It's hard. But Plastics engineers also tend to make buckets of money.

>> No.14862216
File: 76 KB, 640x426, 100704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fill Lillith Super Soft to the brim with Onatsuyu
>that lewd sloppy noise
>squeeze air out
>that suction
I fell for the super soft meme
And i do not regret it one bit

>> No.14862378

i actually ended up buying that analyzer nero because the aneros stuff was a bit too expensive, it'll come in the mail like thursday if express shipping is kind to me, so hopefully it ends up all good
I also wouldn't have bought it if I wasn't so eager to sticking something up my butt but maybe i'll descend down that slippery slope sometime later

>> No.14862452

>that lewd sloppy noise
I have to wait for my roommate to leave because of it :(

>> No.14862476

Welcome to the "very-soft-meme-family"
>learn how to make rubber vaginas
>create an ass of a mountain to cover some niche fetishes
>make the onahole shit in it's actual purpose
>demand a ridiculous amount of money for it
>people will buy it
That's how you do bussines buddys, butt we're smarter. I actually want to puke that i call that thing onahole.

>> No.14862661
File: 58 KB, 380x380, Fuwapocha_Long_Tororina__16807.1449996705.380.500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just ordered pic related. Would you guys be interested in knowing how it is once it comes in?

>> No.14862663

new thread time bois

>> No.14862668


>> No.14862684

We have plenty of time. This thread is perfectly usable.

>> No.14862705

venus real normal and one of the gachapon random holes is coming tomorrow. what do you think I'll get?
im just excited for an upgrade over my tenga 3Ds.

>> No.14862708

>page 9

>> No.14862760


This isn't /b/. Thread will last at least another day or so.

>> No.14862801
File: 79 KB, 400x300, 1_1411006738_m_Z8E9g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Long ass Blogpost inc.
I just tried out my Ikappara Girl http://en-nls.com/pict1-40743 for the first time yesterday. My God! That skin feels so good, it doesn't have the disgusting rubber smell and instead smells like... quite hard to describe but like a girl that works in a bakery? Anyway, the weight on my crotch was fantastic and fucking it cowgirl style lying down on my bed while grabbing its ass was wonderful. It also does make a realistic sound when slapped but I'm not really into that. At first I tried the pussy and being a semi-virgin and a noob at sex it took me a while to get it at the right angle but it was really tight and had really nice stimulation. I used Onatsuyu lube and after bouncing it up and down for a few minutes it milked me hard. I kind of lay there in a daze afterwards in my sage time and afterwards got to work cleaning it. I put it upside down on a plate in the kitchen sink and ran the tap into for a while digging out the messy lube + cum mix and while doing that I got horny again and wanted to try its butthole this time. I layed it face down on a towel on my bed and tried to fuck it doggy style except while the mind is willing, the body is weak and my 80% erection was not enough to penetrate that extremely tight asshole, like it just wouldn't go in that hole is too small. After hotdogging for a while (oh god that skin still feels so good even though its a bit wet and sticky now) I decided to just put on some hentai and sit on my computer desk and fuck it in the pussy again like how I fap normally. My weak 80% hardon managed to get in and this time I managed to last quite a while longer and nutted hard again in the pussy. After cleaning it out again in the kitchen sink I put it on a towel and dried the outside. Drying the inside was a real bitch. At first I tried using paper towels but both holes were really tight and it was extremely difficult to reach the end of either (especially the anus) without the paper towel tearing. In the end I got out some old glasses cloth and realised it was too dirty to use on my new waifu toy so I just cleaned those cloths and while waiting for them to dry, I just left my Ikappara next to the glasses cloths on the towel on my bed and turned the fan on hoping it will be ok to use again at the end of the day when my penis has regened enough stamina (I'm a worthless NEET with retarded sleeping pattern btw and this was done in the middle of the day while my parents were out at work). Anyway at about 3am that night I decided I have regened enough to try its asshole for real this time and once again tried to lube it up and fuck its asshole while sitting down in front of my computer and watching hentai. Oh I had to mention by this time the sticky surface managed to catch a ton of dust and hair I had to wash the outside again. This time I was hard enough to get in but it was SO PAINFULLY TIGHT like VA:A tier (which I didn't enjoy at all) and the dick strangulation made me unable to cum and even with copious amounts of Ona Tsuyu I can barely move without feeling like its stretching my dick skin. It was so tight I also began to lose my boner. After a bit of trying and experimenting I managed to get it in and cum in its butthole but it wasn't that great for the pain and effort required. Afterwards I fucked the pussy another 3 times in the course of the night and washed it out using the plate and kitchen sink method (not letting it actually touch the bottom of a sink that might have traces of food or something in it, I can just wash the plate afterwards). Drying the outside with the towel and inital drying of the inside with paper towels I got to try out the glasses cloth for drying the very deepest parts of both holes. It worked magnificently well even though I still had to push hard to get to it and afterwards I powdered it with cornstarch and wrapped it up in the towel and put it in my drawer. All in all, the Ikappara Girl is excellent in the pussy, the ass is a bit too tight for my liking but the best thing about it is its shape and weight. I came buckets that day and the only annoying thing about it is being hard to dry and being an enormous dust magnet when not powdered. Totally worth.

>> No.14862866

Hello /ona/ I have been fapping daily for over 15 years. For most of my life, I have fapped without lubricant of any kind using only my bare hand. Recently, I purchased a lolinco virgo, and while some have described it as "a penis bully" I find the sensation is nice but hardly overwhelming. Based on the pastebin, I am concerned I have developed DGS, and am wondering if a week of no-fap is enough to undo the years of damage that I have unknowingly caused to my nerves.

Furthermore, if I am going on an extended no-fap is it a bad idea to watch porn/lightly play with myself? Or is it important to resist any and all sexual stimulus?

>> No.14862870

DGS isn't about nerve damage, it's mostly psychological.

Like being addicted to soda or french fries, it's not really a physical issue.

>> No.14862876

So second time using my Lolinco going nice and slow trying to make the session last as long as possible. Cleaning her out I see the hymen tore on one side. Are we sure this isn't supposed to be a feature? You know, deflowering your new loli waifu on your honeymoon?

>> No.14862881

I found fapping without any visual stimuli works wonders.
Just going off the imagination should be enough.
And use less lube with the lolinco, half a teaspoon and then add more if needed.
More lube = less resistance

>> No.14862882

so do these things feel like the real deal or better?

>> No.14862892

Depends on the model.
Sensation-wise some come very close, and depending on your preferences better than the real thing.
Now the intimacy you'll have to imagine your way to.

>> No.14862899

really? thats a load off of my mind. thanks for your wisdom anon

>> No.14862928

>using the kitchen sink for your semen
That's gross man, shouldn't use a plate either. Otherwise thank you for the report, it was very detailed. Sounds like a great hip.

>> No.14862933
File: 59 KB, 194x186, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Need to buy myself one of these. Whenever my beenis needs attention this'll end its suffering and I could finally focus on things other than my virginity.

>> No.14862943
File: 197 KB, 400x600, x1nnL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14862948

I can recommend the Lolinco or Lillith soft if you wanna go cheap.
If you wanna splurge a bit then the Puni DX is 10/10
And if you want a qt loli waifu then get the Puni SPDX

>> No.14862959

make sure you read the pastebin. no sense buying a $20 hole and paying $20 in shipping when you don't know how to use, clean, or maintain it.

>> No.14862967

inconsistency in the bonding of layers and durability issues, oh and its a bitch to really clean the insides as even though its open, it is heavily textured.

>> No.14863049

How is the Puni DX compared to Ikappara?
Lolinco might be a bit too intense as a first hole though.
Depending on the hole, some of better stimulation. Nothing can replace the real deal in terms of having a gasping female primate grabbing onto your body though.
Its a kitchen sink I'm sure that there are worse things going down the drain and there are such things as cleaning agents.

>> No.14863078

aight, that's true. Gotta maintain it and know what I'm doing.
I'm takin' 'bout the sensation alone m8, not the feeling of someone with you. Though I'm good at imagening; think that's called tulpa or something.

>> No.14863101
File: 249 KB, 290x290, 1_1455081056_1_Sm0LN.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't understand why these things are so expensive while dildos are dirt cheap

>> No.14863103

anyone here from the philippines?

ive never actually bought anything outside the country, how does the buying-shipping process work on nls?

>> No.14863112

supply and demand, of sorts, its socially more acceptable for women to have dildos, while its a stigma for guys.

ergo, guys who do want to have this, would be prepared to pay more for the same product because its sold in small quantities.


>> No.14863122

That looks dangerous

>> No.14863128

it's "luxury".

You're paying premium because it's not really a sought after item.

>> No.14863130

I'm pretty sure manufacturing a multi-layer and relatively detailed (compared to 99% of dildos) onahole is a lot more challenging than making a stick, which is rigid that might vibrate or wiggle a bit. it's more that the bare minimum to simulate a semi enjoyable penis experience is greater than a semi enjoyable hole experience.

>> No.14863131

this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed

>> No.14863204

If you scrolled up a bit Tong-ggo apparently, I don't have one though.
Normies that fell for society's "straight" meme think its "gay" to have one and therefore less people buy them so each one has to sell for more to be profitable its a very niche market.

>> No.14863338

I bought a tenga fliphole as my first but I don't really see anyone here talking about tenga products. Are they unpopular here?

>> No.14863353

Tenga are normie products.
Insides of tengacups have no real pressure and they're designed to be thrown out because know know normies don't care to look after them. Hence why the fliphole came along to make it easier to clean but still is nowhere near the pleasure of an onahole, no tenga hole could pull off the suction that the vacuum even with that meme vacuum thing they made.
We are men of refined tastes here, and tenga isn't up to the bar.

>> No.14863368


Yeah that's kind of what I figured. I'll check the guide here for the next one I buy.

>> No.14863490

>tfw you own a helix syn but can't get it to work
Think I'm too tall that or I just jerk off too much.
Bacteria and anal still worries me though.

>> No.14863612

So Venus Real or Lilith Uterus for a first timer with a bit of a death grip syndrome?

Also how firm based on the same question.

>> No.14863628

so umm...

I have a MILF/cougar/older women fetish, is this thing good enough?


>> No.14863672
File: 458 KB, 910x771, barf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not MILF thats GILF! I don't think anyone here knows what its like to fuck someone's nan and can find a hole that can compare.

>> No.14863688

i tried registering on en-nls but my country isnt on the dropdown list in the registration page, for now im using hong kong.

what do?

>> No.14863817

Speak for yourself.
Gilf's are freaky as fuck
Will order that hole on my next shipment and compare

>> No.14863825

It's a greentext story, newfag

>> No.14863916

Hi guys, anyone had experience with Rends Milk ES? Couldn't find a review on the paste, and a search with the archive only returned a few results.

>> No.14863935
File: 78 KB, 445x367, 1358095483285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get 'em soldier! Thank you for your sacrifice!

>> No.14864218
File: 495 KB, 1078x718, tmp_32763-1431037860998-935649176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My first ona arrives today, but I just realized I forgot to add in the onatsuyu lube.

Would baka waito piggu ID Glide work, or should I hold out an extra week?

>> No.14864268

The granny on the box art is pretty hot.

>> No.14864274

No idea what that is but as long as its waterbased and can be used on a condom it should be fine.

>> No.14864279

ID Glide is basically mass produced, sold at Walgreens stuff. It is the water based one.

I used it as hand lube.

>> No.14864735

>tantus p-spot
Jesus, that thing is HUGE. I picked up a Maximus and I thought that was too big to move with. Yeesh.

Same, and I'm only in the 6'0" neighborhood. It feels good, but nothing legendary.

>> No.14864780

ID will work, it just won't be the best thing ever. Your choice whether or not you want to stay pure and have the best possible first experience or just want to put it in.

They're both fine, honestly. With DGS you're going to need to be patient with either hole and both will last you long past you've fixed your problem, but here's what you need to consider:

A. The Venus Real is a patrician hole typically recommended in Soft or V. Soft. You probably won't be able to appreciate it at first, but once you do it's amazing. Because it's a bit more expensive and absolutely WILL last though, it's advisable to think longer-term and choose it in S or VS.

B. The Uterus is also highly recommended, but not as gentle as the Real. In fact in the Normal hardness I've found it to be not quite intense, making it good for people with less sensitive dicks like you, however then it doesn't really fulfill the role of a soft hole anymore and you'd be looking to buy another for that role later. In S it still sounds to be fairly gentle so you could still go that route and keep it as your long fap hole but that still makes it less effective right off the bat.

With all that said though don't expect to have one hole for life; you will end up with others eventually regardless. In the end you have to decide what role you want the hole to play in your collection long term and how important it is to have something that feels really good now.


>> No.14864798
File: 67 KB, 1249x689, First.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anything else you anons would recommend me adding before finalizing my first hip purchase?
Amazon is being christian and won't ship Onatsuyu or other lewd-esque products to Sweden.

Recommended type of cleaning cloth?

>> No.14864865

I question the need for the Pure Clean Powder - any anti-bacterial soap would be sufficient. Corn starching for post-cleaning to maintain/prevent oils.
As for cleaning cloth, any micro-fiber cloth will do the trick. I bought a 12-pack from Amazon, and use one for the outside, one for the insides and a third to wrap (instead of getting an ona-bag).

>> No.14864904
File: 174 KB, 401x401, 1447716050215.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've ever only owned two fleshlights and I mistreated both of them to the point of destruction.
The first one was only cleaned with water and nothing else. I had some odd idea that soap would dry out the 'skin' on the FL.
My dick started itching and out it went.
The second one I figured I would read up on proper clening procedures and went overboard with talc. Every crevice and nook, in and out, all over the FL was covered in talc...
After a few weeks it started to crack, I believe it might've been 'overdried' by my procedure so...

I'll try a recommended powder - with moderation, this time.
Oh and I'll order one of those micro fiber cloth-packs, thanks.

>> No.14864918

>I'll try a recommended powder - with moderation, this time.
Corn starch IS a recommended powder, the problem is that you're retarded. Also, if you've been that bad to your last two holes shouldn't you start with something cheaper to practice maintenance on?

>> No.14864937 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.71 MB, 500x500, 1456946248214.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anything below $400 is cheap for me.
I think I'll get it right this time.

>> No.14864983

just don't powder the insides or you're gonna chafe the hell outta yo dick and remove the pliability of your ona at the same time.
just dry the insides thoroughly with durable paper towels/microfiber cloth/etc.

>> No.14864989

Anyone know if a good onahole that goes well with a dakimaki? I really want to enhance my fap sessions.

>> No.14865181

New thread, use this one until it dies to extend the life of the next one.

>> No.14865292

to be honest I use like a quarter of the full size. I just wanted to make sure reach wouldn't be an issue.

>> No.14865364

you realize you left out the title right?

>> No.14865379

Senpai I still have one misconception left to clear up, does water temperature matter during the cleaning process?
If FL didn't advertise hot water as a 'heat up, feels great' kind of thing I'd believe too hot would be bad for onaholes and their kind.

>> No.14865426

It may be too late, but that toy bag is not big enough for the puni ana DX

>> No.14865448

to the best of my knowledge, the water temp doesn't really matter. i wash mine with "uncomfortably hot" water - well below boiling, but hot enough that I wouldn't want to keep my hands in there longer than I need to.

Although on the other side of the spectrum, cold water IS better for getting rid of protein...

just don't melt or freeze it, is what i'm trying to get at. anything else in between is fine.

>> No.14865449

I picked up my Mouth of Truth from the post office today. I noticed that it seems to have chapped lips (some tearing at the right corner of the lip) and the hole through the material is oriented to the left.
I wonder if NLS gave me a sorta shitty one because I asked for packaging to be removed (Cucknadian here) and they know I can't ask for return/refunds.

It is my first hole, though and I don't think I've ever had my cum squeezed out of me quite like that. Haven't had head stimulation during ejaculation for a long time. Had leg spasms and would have fallen down were I not sitting. 100% worth the buy, even with the lip and centering problem.

I also tried kissing it. It feels good but the flavour/smell does ruin the experience.

How long do you tend to heat your holes?
I rinsed mine in warm/hot tap water for about 30 seconds, but it wasn't very good at retaining heat and had to keep it on my dick lest it go cold.

>> No.14865479
File: 17 KB, 226x133, 1447510658636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're right.
>I wonder what the size of the puni hole is
>I wonder if there's a toybag that fits
>Toy bag size XL 340x....
>340's larger than 280, I'll take it!


>> No.14865673


I ordered something this morning from there and asked them to remove all artwork and packaging. Does it just come in a brown box with newspaper or something?

>> No.14865835


Thanks for the heads up. I'll probably go the Venus, I'm uncut so it shouldn't take that long to get my sensitivity back. Also the uterus is sold out on omochadreams and there aren't many alternatives for britbongs to shop with.

>> No.14866294 [SPOILER] 
File: 65 KB, 600x600, 1456965326858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will consider this.

Anyone know of any other hips with really tight loli like holes but also has a bubble butt?

>> No.14866440

posted a review of the puni ana SPDX in the new thread. Didn't want my meaty blogpost to go unseen.

>> No.14866455
File: 275 KB, 1364x768, Honeyview_IMG_20160302_201942567_HDR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got this from the Queen cat reject sale. Anyone know what it is?

>> No.14866459

Has anyone tried drying their hole with a tampon? It seems like they might be ideal for drying holes, but I'm too much of a bitch to go out and buy them if they don't work.

>> No.14866466

looks like a pocket pussy to me

>> No.14866479

Don't think so, the inside looks more detailed than a pp. Not the right feel either.

>> No.14866500
File: 918 KB, 615x944, hmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


now you can have your personal touhou fugg doll as well

>> No.14866632

Brown box, not much detail on outside with some "fragile" signs and whatnot. After opening, going from the top, there was a panel of cardboard right at the opening covering everything. Then, about three bunches of crumpled construction paper (each bunch was enough to cover it on its own) and then the goods. I think there was another bunch of construction paper underneath as well. The paper does make good padding. It's the kind AmiAmi uses, if you've ever ordered anything from there before. The Mouth of Truth just came in its double plastic wrap (one was sealed and seemed a little bit moist) and the other was crinkly and also contained the bit of sample lube it comes with. I asked for artwork to be removed, but they couldn't really do that for the lube so they duct taped (black) over the artwork on the lube sample.
I also ordered a bottle of "Lovely girl's drool is sweet". It comes with a full bottle seal which is probably for the best during shipment, and NLS just put black duct tape over parts where the label could be seen through the clear shrink wrap.
That's about it. They seem to be experienced in this.

>> No.14866639

Looks exactly like the one from >>14837522

I looked around and wasn't able to find a match.

Lube comes still shrinkwrapped with a layer of black duct tape over the label. USB warmer came in original plastic packaging with cardboard insert (with illustrations) missing. Haven't ordered any holes with packaging removed though. They'd probably come with just the plastic bag they come in in the brown box with brown paper wrapping for cushioning.

>> No.14866706

>Had leg spasms and would have fallen down were I not sitting.

Damn. Does it simulate deepthroat/oral well, in the sense that it feels like your actually plunging into a mouth/throat?

>> No.14866779

Well, because the hole is relatively straight (and not curved like an actual throat would be) I can stuff it in deeper. The mouth is also pretty soft and textured compared to the hard palettes we have.
The throat area is soft too, and feels more textured than the mouth, but that could just be because of the sensitivity of the head.
One thing to note, though, is that when squeezing out air from the back to the front, it sorta looks like really rough asphyxiation play which doesn't add much to my own experience.

To answer the question better, I think it's quite a bit softer than actual oral would be, but since it's so soft it can encompass your dick better and feel pretty darned good too. The lack of rigid shape makes it feel less like sticking your dick in someone's mouth and more like sticking it in a mouth pussy I guess.

I think the best part about oral would be the autonomous movement of the fellator which this doesn't have. But this does passively stimulate far better than oral does, I think. Would have made me climax fairly quickly, but I wanted to keep the session going longer so I went very slowly and did more "foreplay" than most probably would.

Keep in mind that this is my first hole, so I don't know what other onaholes feel like.

>> No.14867430


I've got one. it's a real dick bully, you'll want to get some lube with it if you don't have any already. Its weight feels pretty good, but the material is super sticky, so wash it as much as possible. The nice part is that it's got bumps and warts everywhere so you should get good feeling from it.

Whatever you do through, don't lie on it. Mine got a tiny rip in the ass after a particularly rough session, and now it's just split to all hell.

>> No.14867507

I bought an r20 not realizing how big it was. My member really isnt big enough to use it fully. Should i cut it in half for two holes

>> No.14867884

New thread nigas

>> No.14867894 [DELETED] 
File: 44 KB, 604x366, god damnit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


fuck USPS

>> No.14868367
File: 161 KB, 1280x720, 34534534354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

swefag did you ask for undervalue and box art to be removed?
I didn't worry at my futa onahole order, but I'm not sure how customs treat loli stuff

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