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What's Kaguya so smug about?

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She just 1cc'd LOLK

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She just released a silent-but-deadly and no one suspected it was her.

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she's outlived yet another life insurance policy and saw the size of the payout cheque (check)

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What genre of music does she like?

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But that's not Space Jin's drawing.

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She's laughing about all the retards dumb enough to reply to this shitty thread.
That includes me, but one can't just point the bait out without taking it.

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By not getting married and not making her adoptive dad happy.

Also why didn't the Emperor have to do the impossible task shit?

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a cute NEET

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She knows you desperately want to put it in, but her position of authority and power forces you to submit to her impossible requests, just to have the faintest hint of a shot at tapping that lunarian ass!

Oh, to see a cute horny Anon squirm!

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No I just want to play video games with her

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I put a baby in her

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Of course you do, you sly Anon...

And then the rape begins, doesn't it?!

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Kaguya Kaguya Tsurupeta Kaguya.

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If they were restricted to fisticuffs, who would die first?

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The emperor had true feelings for her, Kaguya even at some point fell for him but knew it was a forbidden engagement.

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Holy fuck, that finger is long. It's like fucking E.T.

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Post the one where she has a question mark over her head

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Kaguya is cute!

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I don't like those artstyles

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Get up and do something, Princess ffs.

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I want to marry Space Zin


Don't voice your opinions ever again

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I have an unnaturally strong attraction to Space Jin's Kaguya. I see that jet black hair, those dilated pupils, that sensual smirk, and I just want to stick it inside, and keep cumming over and over until I break my prostate or something.

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I feel ya

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Don't forget the tits.

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With hair that looks as if it was pulled from a Gulf Coast oil spill, I have no idea why she's smiling.

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looks like crap

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Don't wake up Kaguya!

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Wake up and help clean or something you lazy cunt.

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His 10 incher.

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>The emperor had true feelings for her
He, like all the others liked her for her beauty. Thats the entire reason anyone went after her. Thats why Kaguya surrounds herself with rabbits and her best friend, they are the only ones who like her for who she is, not becuase of how she looks.

Atleast thats how I always saw things. Same reason many rich people are probably lonely as fuck, or paranoid that people dont really like them, but just want their money. It's kinda tragic.

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He in fact tried to forcefully take her at first but eventually came to respect her and kept distance, courting her only with letters. The one who was insecure about herself was Kaguya.

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I think she is gonna break something else on you considering the artist

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I dont remember that part ever being mentioned in the tale.

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Which part?
Kaguya constantly doubts being as beautiful as everyone seems to imply and flees compromise as she doesn't think she's fit to be a bride.
She and the emperor becoming distant lovers is the final climax of the tale.

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I guess something like this was to be expected

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The part about genuine feelings between them. The emporer liked her enough to ignore eternal life given he would live without her, but it seemed entiely one sided. Also iirc Kaguya forgot everything about earth anyway.

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That's why the ending to bamboo cutter is the best part, I think it's funny as fuck. It's all emotional and shit but then Kaguya just puts on the cloak and is like "lel, earthlings" and fucks off back to the moon.

I think Kaguya's "love" in the story is stressed a lot more towards her adoptive parents and earth in general, I never really saw it as love for the Emperor. Which is why I one of the aspects of her character in touhou is convincing Eirin that earth is worth living on, so they stay and hang out in Gensokyo.

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Yeah, I always got the impression her adoptive parents were the only ones she cared about.

I dont think she needs to convince Eirin, given the elixer they cant go back to the moon anyway, and Eirin doesnt seem to hate humans or youkai, given she offers medical services to them. Allthough I always got the feeling Eirin was interested in helping people becuase it's her job, not that she actually cares. Kaguya wanted immortality, Eirin only became immortal out of guilt. I doubt she enjoys the idea of living forever, so just distracts herself with work.
Atleast thats what I imagine her to be like.

I never got why Kaguya wanted immortality anyway, you lived a long life on the moon, it was safe and immortality is more of a curse than anything. Eventually she will get bored of life.

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probably just youth, naivete, and arrogance. mokou was probably the same way, just anger instead of arrogance

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I wonder if she regrets it.
Allthough now Eirin got dragged into it, I dont think Kaguya could ever admit it. I actually feel kind of bad for her. Mokou lives alone, so it's not too bad. I wonder how Kaguya and Eirin will feel when Reisen dies.

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Kaguya's letter to the emperor states she truly wanted to be her bride but couldn't, also giving her the elixir of immortality as a memento at least suggest she had him in good regard.

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>Kaguya's letter to the emperor states she truly wanted to be her bride but couldn't
Or maybe she just didnt want to piss off the emporer who rules over her human family. We are talking about the person who would rather send people on impossible missions than just say they werent interested.

I always saw her handling of the emporer as political. (And probably because no one in Japan wanted to be tied to a story where you dont put your ruler down gentley. Today they could probably get away with it however)

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I guess it could be interpreted either way, the emperor could have been an excellent poet or maybe indeed she was being political.
The tale itself was already very subversive for it's time though, some historians even argue it was authored by an opposing faction of emperor Tenmu

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Mokou's best friend is a human teacher though, so she's going to have to watch Keine die. I don't know if Reisen will be able to become a youkai like Tewy is and feed off of belief for a while but I imagine eventually it'll effect them. As an immortal you probably stop caring about mortals eventually but the rabbits are pretty important to them.

I figure after years and years Kaguya, Eirin, and Mokou will just get over their differences and come together just because of their eternal plight. They're really the only ones who can understand each other.

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Keine isnt human.
>As an immortal you probably stop caring about mortals eventually
You cant stop getting attatched that easy. Anyone with a dog or cat knows they will outlive their pets, but it still hurts to lose them.

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I think Kaguya is cute

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Keine is a human. Her turning into a Hakutaku during the full moon is akin to being cursed. So in other words Keine is a full human as long as it isn't the full moon. Not sure how that or her ability might be able to affect her lifespan, though.

Anyway, I don't believe Kaguya was in love with the emperor at all, though I believe she did have some manner of respect for him. It's very obvious the emperor only wanted to marry her for her beauty and nothing else, just like every other man. Only reason why Kaguya gave the impossible request to those five noble men is because they would literally not leave her alone. They had went home, twice. Only to come back. The first time was when her adoptive father told the five men that she was just adopted and that he didn't have control over her. This in it of itself was pretty much "no". Second time was after they received the request, which based on the context, the men knew that the requests were utterly ridiculous and there was basically no point in taking it. Another "no". Only for three of them to actually try to trick her into marriage kek. Iirc, it's highly likely one of the deceivers as Mokou's father.

Anyway, you may not think about it but it's really the Lunarians who were the big dickheads in the story. They had be punished by coming to earth, form bonds, and then end up being taken away prematurely. And if you put it in a Touhou context, they're even worse. Stupid Lunarians making my waifu hurt. Curse you.

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i don't think life insurance works that way

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What if she walks into their office and shoots herself? It'd be easy to fake your death when you don't really need to fake it.

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If she was fugged, would her immortality power recover her pooper and vagOOO so she's a virgin forever?

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I dont see her as human. Keine was turned into something not human, even if it's jsut like a werewolf, a werewolf isnt human. Just becuase she was originally human doesnt make her one, I dont see vampires as human, and a vampire is just a cursed human.

As for Kaguya, I really do feel bad for her. As you said, every guy wanted her just for her looks, and every time she meets a guy she would probably feel she cant trust them. It must be lonely if everyone only likes you for superficial reasons. Given her status she probably wouldnt have many friends on the moon either, only Eirin or some other high ranking Lunarian could be her friend. Or a blind person who doesnt know she is a princess.

>Anyway, you may not think about it but it's really the Lunarians who were the big dickheads in the story.
Anon I always think the Lunarians are the biggest dicks in Touhou. The only Lunarians Iike are the ones on Earth. Kaguya s happy to live quietly alone in her forest, Eirin is kind when it comes to helping people with medicine, and Reisen seems kind but withdrawn.
Then again, I'm the type of person who thinks Yukari is actually an amazing person. Excluding her treatment of Ran.

Speaking of pets, I am very dissapointed Kaguya and Eirin didnt adopt Ringo and Seiran.

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Space Jin's Kaguya is the type of girl that likes to peg.

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I dont see an issue with this pic. If Kaguya is in your bed and she started it, I'm sure Eirin wouldnt be too angry. Eirin doesnt seem like the angry type anyway, she would be creepy as fuck until Kaguya explains. But she isnt the type to explode and ignore reason, and ask questions later.

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Post more Kaguya art.

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Could you find it in your heart to tell me the font you used for the right-hand text? I want to make use of it for unrelated things!

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What cup size is Kaguya normally drawn with?

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Flat as in not an A cup?

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Smug about getting a cutie like Keine to talk to her.

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about being a dumb neet

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The princess is smug about her huge breasts. I wish, anyway.

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Kaguya has L cup size hikki tits?

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She got a new hot tub.

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Not gonna lie, thjis actually made me depressed.
Mokou could easily free herself if she tried so I dont really care about that.

It's Keine I feel terrible for. Which is strange, I thought I didnt really care for her, yet for some reason I dont like seeing her worried like this.

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Too bad Rexlent fell on the boatslut side.

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Ain't nothing wrong with not liking seeing people being anxious and worried.

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>Ain't nothing wrong with not liking seeing people being anxious and worried.
Then why dont I care about the "save the children" bullshit?

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I'm out of Kaguya pics

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The difference between a were-hakutaku and a vampire is that a vampire has completely lost all of its humanity. The were-hakutaku, Keine still has her humanity for the majority of the time while it's not a full moon. The youkai she transforms into isn't even a malevolent kind. In one tale, a hakutaku had visited Emperor Koutei and told him that there were 11520 youkai along with methods on how to deal with the bad and good ones. It has always been beneficial to humanity, and is seen as a good omen. Also, a werewolf and were-hakutaku aren't exactly the same either. They may both transform on the night of the full moon, but a werewolf is generally something malevolent (with Kagerou as an exception).

Also, I agree with you completely. In the end, she was kind of just screwed over. A lot. But you have to admit the way she acted in IN was pretty stupid. I don't hold that against her though, since she grew even more after those events. No more spell of eternity of Eientei, now she can finally live in Gensokyo without fear of the moon. There's a reason she's my favorite character.

I don't really have a problem with the Watatsuki's, though I do have a bit of a problem with Sagume. The Watatsuki's have their own bowl of problems and they still greatly respect Eirin. Also, the fact Yorihime was actually willing to submit to this "earthly" game of danmaku battles in SSiB shows that she can't be a jerk Lunarian. As for Yukari, I respect her, but I don't like her.

And who knows what'll happen to Seiran and Ringo. In the end it's up to them whether they wanna live at Eientei or not, right? They like Earth, so maybe it'll happen.

It's alright. I have more fuel!

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The font is "you murderer"

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She just saved 15% on her ox cart insurance

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I really like the idea of imagining Kaguya hime with gloriously huge tits.

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>a vampire has completely lost all of its humanity
Remilia is civilized, honours her bargins and the SDM has helped people in the past.
She's better than most humans.

Also when people say things lack humanity, they imply humans are something good. Human nature is just as good as it is bad. Thats why communism ended up so terrible in practice, human nature. So not being human doesnt mean a bad thing. Shiki isnt human, yet she is justice incarnate.
>But you have to admit the way she acted in IN was pretty stupid.
It was mostly Eirin iirc. Her sending people to bully Mokou was the only thing I disliked her for.
>As for Yukari, I respect her, but I don't like her.
Why? I think it takes an amazing person to do the right thing (or what they believe is the right thing) even if it means having the world hate them. She cares about Gensokyo, with her power she could do whatever the hell she wanted, but she's content to just live with her family while maintaining the barrier and keeping things calm. No one thanks her for it, and due to the way she handles things people actually dislike her. Her profile in IaMP says
>However, no one can match her in sincerely caring about Gensokyo, and loving it with all her heart.
Also iirc she secretly donated money to Reimu in one of the manga. So she's not bad, just very much an "ends justify the means" type, and willing to do the right thing even if it's inconvenient. Allthough as a youkai, she benefits from the fear.
>In the end it's up to them whether they wanna live at Eientei or not, right?
Reisen didnt invite them and Eirin wanted to keep it hiddenw ehn Reisen 2 crashed.

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>kaguya is a bitch1.png
Post the rest, please!

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>You will never pull Kaguya close to you and inhale the scent of her fluffy hair.

Why live.

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Ultimate Mokou bullying.

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very nice!

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>fluffy hair
Go pet a rabbit if you want fluffy and fuzzy. Kaguya's hair is silky and heavy and smooth enough to slide right out of your hands.

>> No.14859993

I don't want a fucking rabbit.

I want Kaguya.

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more like greasy and smelly because she never showers

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I wasn't implying that that humans were good, it's pretty obvious that humans are neutral when you consider that Celestials exists. And in Buddhism, the human realm is the middle most realm. I also said before that there were good youkai. Like the hakutaku, or inari fox. Also, things that are not human aren't always youkai, as gods and 'other' things exist. Eiki is considered a goddess, technically. Also Remilia still drinks the blood of humans and probably eats them too. So I wouldn't say she's better than most humans. The only humans in the past the SDM has ever helped that I know of is Maribel and Renko.

And once again, I still respect Yukari, I just don't like her like I said before. Her sincerity in protecting Gensokyo is why I respect her, but some of her actions in doing it and her way of acting is what makes me not like her as a being. Humans from the outside world are spirited away into Gensokyo as food for the youkai. Pretty harsh don't you think? That could probably be the only way for certain youkai to have a sustained existence, but that doesn't mean I have to like her for it right? Just a complicated issue. Her donating to the Hakurei Shrine is nice and all, but the Hakurei Shrine isn't that dormant when you look at the events in WaHH. There are many periods where the Hakurei Shrine has gotten a lot of service and faith, and Reimu isn't starving either. She eats fairly well in fact.

Also, it wasn't that Eirin wanted to keep Eientei hidden. The events of IN onward basically say 'they aren't afraid of the moon anymore' which is why the spell of eternity was removed. However, there was a lot of drama going on on the moon at the time, so as a precaution and because Rei'sen's feelings weren't genuine, she was sent back. So once again, it's up to Seiran and Ringo if they want to come to Eientei. They have to not only want to live on Earth, but also want to leave the moon.

I'll light the grease on your body and watch you burn.

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>Also Remilia still drinks the blood of humans and probably eats them too. So I wouldn't say she's better than most humans. The only humans in the past the SDM has ever helped that I know of is Maribel and Renko.
Remi drinks blood, but like a leach you can get that without killing your prey. Vampires are parasites after all, so they dont need to kill humans. They are actually better than various other youkai due to this, given human flesh is from illing, where you can get blood from donations.
I remember talk of someone being wounded, and waking up in te SDM. They arent mindless killers.

>Humans from the outside world are spirited away into Gensokyo as food for the youkai. Pretty harsh don't you think?
Not at all. It's also implied the ones spirited away are those attempting suicide. But even if that werent the case it isnt an issue.
>That could probably be the only way for certain youkai to have a sustained existence, but that doesn't mean I have to like her for it right?
Are you a vegetarian? If you arent thats a hypocritical attitude. The animals you eat dont want to be killed and eaten either, do you think you being human makes a difference? To a youkai you are no different, you're just used to the idea of humans being on top of the food chain. Youkai may also need to eat humans, where humans are omnivores and could live without killing animals. Allthough youkai like Ran could easily live as vegitarian/vegan. She would probably love fried tofu every day.
I would also say youkai are more humane than most humans when it comes to food. Animals raised to be slaughtered then taken to a slaughterhouse have no chance. Atleast a human can escape, and get to the shrine or village and survie. A slim chance, but a chance.
Before you think about it, I'm a meat eater myself. I have just been thinking about giving up eating farm animals due to ethics. It's kinda sad, but I only thought this way after seeing Terminus in The Walking Dead. I just wish I could hunt.
>Just a complicated issue. Her donating to the Hakurei Shrine is nice and all, but the Hakurei Shrine isn't that dormant when you look at the events in WaHH. There are many periods where the Hakurei Shrine has gotten a lot of service and faith, and Reimu isn't starving either. She eats fairly well in fact.
It's dormant enough to the point where the god is absent due to lack of faith, where humans regularly avoid it due to youkai and I honestly think Reimu deserves more money than she has. She solves all the incidents, she being the barrier shrine maiden is the most important person in Gensokyo.

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>she never showers

Why would anyone ever shower when they have an entire staff to bathe them?

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You can't justify youkai eating humans just because humans eat animals. They're two completely different things. And whether or not if I'm a vegan or omnivore doesn't matter either. Youkai as an existence were created by Lunarians to regulate human 'filth'. At least the bad ones. There are a huge variety of youkai, 11520 if you go by the Emperor Koutei tale. It could be justified if the humans being provided as food for youkai are all 'filth' but if they're not, than it's just bad. Animals aren't human, animals don't have free will. They don't have reasoning like humans do. They are a lower existence. Now I could see your point if humans were also eating youkai though, but I don't know of any instance of that happening. It's just Yukari's way of trying to sustain Gensokyo's existence, the dark side, dark side. The way I'm seeing it, if there are youkai that need to eat humans in order to sustain its existence, vs youkai that don't need it (i.e. Kogasa only needs fear), then maybe those youkai don't need to exist do they? Did you know many youkai were once human before? And you know how they became youkai? Some by tragic event, others because of holding onto some vulgar desire or constantly committing some, INHUMANE deed.

Now here's something to think about. In Forbidden Scrollery, there are many books that exist in Kosuzu's store that contain sealed youkai, many of which were too dangerous to be allowed to exist. They were too dangerous because they were too malicious, a destructive existence. Those youkai probably aren't as dangerous as Oni or Kitsune, but due to their lack of intelligence they were just bad. They deserved to be sealed. Now, I know Yukari is incredibly intelligent, so she knows what's doing. I'm sure Yukari herself has probably had to exterminate youkai. So what do you do you about the not so destructive ones that need humans for food to exist? This is why I said it was complicated. Because humans are intelligent creatures with free will. I can see your point about if those humans being drawn in did want to commit suicide. The barrier near the road of reconsideration is weak, and the humans that often traverse there are often there to die. And more often then not, they're eaten by youkai instead. Should a human be allowed to die if he just wants to die, or rather, is willing to become food for youkai? Is this of there own accord, or are they being 'manipulated'? That's all up in speculation and interpretation. Lastly, why are those youkai even allowed to live? But this is what I believe, as Yukari is a 'youkai', she is gonna have bias toward youkai and is only willing to give more control to youkai. This is why youkai have a bigger population in Gensokyo than humans, instead of it being even. Yukari is looking toward the well being of youkai kind, not human kind. Since humans are needed for the survival of youkai, she therefore has to keep them alive too. That's only my interpretation though. I will respect her, but I will not like her. Simple as that.

>> No.14861609

>Youkai as an existence were created by Lunarians
So sayeth whom?

>> No.14861622
File: 1.29 MB, 1727x945, 若い輝夜.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So says Kaguya, and you could say Yukari indirectly implies it because according to her, it was the light of the moon that created fear in the hearts of man. Considering that the lunar rabbits are a similar existence to youkai minus impurity, I'm more likely to believe Kaguya.

>> No.14863299
File: 1.78 MB, 1365x1570, 72e17284182b0b2fabe9775687746a7b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to hug the beautiful perfect princess! I used to be pretty neutral about her but after looking up the story behind the "real Kaguya" on Wikipedia I got really interested in her, I also decided to watch the Ghibli movie about her. Is it worth reading the original story and if so, what translation and version should I try to obtain?


>> No.14863580
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>> No.14863979

To be fair, I am pretty sure a girl would break something else of yours whether she was nice or not.

Its more you than her.

>> No.14864051

>And whether or not if I'm a vegan or omnivore doesn't matter either.
It does, you're basicly saying it's ok to kill and eat one thing, but not another.
>Animals aren't human
Being human doesnt mean anything to a youkai, so stop with this bulshit about being human. You are to a youkai, whatr a chicken is to you.
>animals don't have free will.
They do actually. Unless you are Kasen.
>They don't have reasoning like humans do. They are a lower existence.
Ah human reasoning. That wonderful thing where people will shoot eachother over their favourite kool aid flavour, or blow themselves up thinking it's what makes God happy. People vary all over the place. Humans are just more intelligent animals. If you prefer, would you rather Yukari go after babies, the mentally retarded and anyone in a coma? Fuck anyone who sleeps is at a lower level at the time. Now I know, you will say "but I will wake up and be my human level again" true. But animals are also able to attain these levels in Touhou, as shown by Tewi, Ran and beast youkai as a whole.

You need to stop with this idea humans are special. Youkai need to eat humans, it's nothin personal it's jsut how it works. Unless you're a bleeding heart person who cries over humans eating animals, you cant really complain about how unfair this is, it's nature. Being human doesnt make you special, and animals can surpass you with time in the touhou world, as shown by Ran being a genius.
>then maybe those youkai don't need to exist do they?
Maybe the humans they killed didnt need to exist? It's funny you talk about lesser life forms, yet becuase a bunch of youkai ned to kill humans to live, you say they dont need to exist. You;re actually no different. You want them dead because it threatens your life, they want you dead because they want to sustain theirs.
Oh and if you dont want said youkai to exist, just run to Reimu and get out of Gensokyo. Gensokyo is a sanctuary for things that cant exist elsehwere. You want humans, then stay in the outside world. Given their endangered status and intelligence, youkai have every right to live in Gensokyo, the last place they have left without humans invading and killing them. Reimu's job isnt to exterminate youkai, it's to keep balance. If certain ones killed to many humans, it would be bad due to less humans to believe in youkai. So her job is to cull youkai who fuck with the ecosystem.
Meaningless word, we already covered the fact that humanity means fuckall. But you also cant judge that. Only Yama can, and Shiki is objectively true. Her attitude seems less about what you consider right and wrong, and more about doing your job. For a youkai who eats humans, this job is eating humans.
>Because humans are intelligent creatures with free will.
So are some animals. Dolphins are smart, I still have no issue with Japan eating them.
Wuld you be ok with eating a mentally retarded person? Intelligence is lacking, and they could be easily manipulated. I hope the answer is no. Also due to determinism, you could argue no one has free will, so stop with that too.
>Lastly, why are those youkai even allowed to live?
Because it's their fucking land. Gensokyo is youkai territory, in response to huans dominating the planet. Do you move in to a zoo, then demand all the tigers in the enclosure be shot becuase they threaten your safety inside the enclosure?
>Yukari is looking toward the well being of youkai kind, not human kind.
No shit. Again, youkai are endanged species. Humans have literally everywhere else. I didnt thing I would get mad, but I actually am. How the fuck do you not understand this, if you want human life to be valued look anywhere else. Gensokyo was built by youkai, for youkai, because it's the only place they had left outside of extinction.

Humans in Gensokyo also live happily enough. Marisa was able to become a strong magician, if the others dont care enough to copy her, then thats their problem.

>> No.14864138
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>Civil discussion while posting cute Kaguyas

Why is /jp/ so based?

>> No.14864508
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>I don't want a fucking rabbit.

>> No.14864579
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Dont worry Reisen, you're my second favourite Eientei girl, right after Eirin.

>> No.14864746

The reason I don't want a rabbit is because I'd only use her as a sex partner.

>> No.14864796
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Realisticly Reisen would be one of the best friends, girlfriends or wives. Mainly due to being the most level headed character. As a bonus she is learning medicine from EIrin, could help you psychologically with her insanity powers, or jsut be fun to talk with due to how talking with her fucks with your head.
She's also cute.

>> No.14864874

I'm not thinking that she'd be easy to make friends with. She goes into the village under a disguise and runs off immediately after work there is done.

Another issue is that talking with her and being unable to hear her properly is kind of an issue. That being said, I want to befriend the rabbit.

>> No.14864876
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Faith and belief based entities just shouldn't exist if they're detrimental to the humans that do and or don't support them. Mamizou and other various youkai that hunt outside the barrier make your tiger enclosure example null not to mention people don't get a choice when they're spirited away. I'd be more open to the live and let live idea were it true but until then fuck off back to Myouren temple.

>> No.14864917


>> No.14864992

Because you know it's a load of crock and children aren't really in danger.

>> No.14865141

Reminder there is nothing morally wrong with killing both humans, Yokais and whatever. Its just the natural thing to do.

>> No.14865156

dumb neet

>> No.14865158

She's just shy.
Obviously she can communicate properly if she focuses, if she didnt she wouldnt be a good medicine seller.

You dont get to decide who and who doesnt exist, sorry Adolf.
>Mamizou and other various youkai that hunt outside the barrier make your tiger enclosure example null not to mention people don't get a choice when they're spirited away.
You assume Mamizou eats people, and Yukari only goes for suicidal people. And even if she didnt, again who cares? It's nature.
Humans get eaten by wild animals all the time, rather than bitching that a shark, komodo dragon, wolf or whatever decided to eat someone, maybe you should just accept that it's nature for animals to eat animals, and no matter how much you bitch and whine about superiority. Humans are still animals, and they can still be eaten to survive.

Maybe you should ask Shiki if you can reincarnate as one of those toxic treefrogs if you are so strongly against the idea of not being top of the food chain.

It's not that, I jsut dont give a fuck. Africa was always shit, it's shit now and it will always be she. Meanwhile for all the money thrown away with foreign aid we have our own homeless, or could have fixed various other places that actually have a chance. Africa is just a black hole for money, it will never get better so I just dont care.

>> No.14865168

Yeah but if you saw someone kidnapping a kid and you happened to have a baseball bat you'd probably clobber him.

>> No.14865946
File: 649 KB, 587x894, 蓬莱山輝夜17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone's getting too personal and taking the topic too seriously. You also put youkai on too high of a pedestal. You tell me to stop with the idea that humans are special, maybe you outta stop with the idea that youkai are special. Youkai for the most part are an unnatural existence. The ones that don't benefit the world have no business existence, and this goes for all things. The bad youkai deserve to be exterminated. Simple and point. Remember the fortune teller? He got exterminated. Sure youkai may have every right to exist in Gensokyo because they're endangered, but that doesn't excuse the existence of bad ones. Gensokyo wasn't a place created by and for youkai. The barrier was constructed by various individuals and youkai as a way to preserve the supernatural in a world where such a thing are on a decline. In the past, humans were getting killed by youkai a lot more often before Gensokyo was constructed. Kaguya tells of this herself, as do many other long lived Gensokyo denizens. Also, going by Shintoism humans are pretty special, just so ya know. You seem to have humanized all youkai or something, but youkai aren't human. They're not equal. Most of them have a sole existence for terrorizing mankind. It would be completely justified if all of the (bad) youkai were exterminated. Same for humans. Calm down and take a chill pill dude. It's just a Kaguya thread on /jp/.

>> No.14866382

fix the nose and draw the body before the boobs

the style is there, just gotta keep working on it

>> No.14867027
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I'm not sure Kaguya would get along with you...

The Donald Keene translation is the only one I know of that's more translation than retelling. The thing is, there are at least two. If you have academic institutional access to a scholarly journal database you can probably get a copy of an older translation he did in the fifties in Monumenta Nipponica. He revised it at least once for an edition that was published about fifteen years ago (with Yasunari Kawabata adapting the Japanese to modern in the same volume). There are a couple more kicking around I think but his has the widest reach for sure.

>> No.14867101
File: 1.50 MB, 1457x976, 43170b69903b8069d2116873fdad048b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Gensokyo wasn't a place created by and for youkai.

Are you sure about that?

>The bad youkai deserve to be exterminated. Simple and point. Remember the fortune teller? He got exterminated.

It seems you don't actually understand WHY he was exterminated. It wasn't because he was "bad."

>> No.14867404
File: 98 KB, 850x850, sample-52ac10a1c27940a408cad15d4269cc22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why was he exterminated then? I thought it was because he was a major threat to Gensokyo. That's bad.

>> No.14867496
File: 113 KB, 510x628, 蓬莱山輝夜30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He was exterminated because he was a human who purposely tried to become a youkai. He became a youkai by way of a taboo ritual, and he even tried to harm Kosuzu as well. The guy was incredibly high risk, and you know he was. And if word got out about his 'rituals' to become youkai, many more humans would have become like him too, and that would have ruined the balance of Gensokyo. Did you know the '4chanteller' hated the way Gensokyo was too btw? Why do you think he hated the state of Gensokyo? He had gathered some pretty serious and daunting information. The hidden, and dark secrets of Gensokyo. He may have been acting out of ignorance, he may have been truly acting out of a sense of justice, but regardless he was an incredibly high risk. He was not trustworthy, at all. He deserved to die.

And yes, I'm very sure it wasn't created by and for youkai. Here's something from the wiki: "Gensokyo was originally a desolate, haunted region of Japan ages ago. The youkai that lived there began to terrorize the surrounding lands, and thus powerful, heroic humans were sent to exorcise and exterminate them. The off and on battle between humans and youkai continued on until 1885 A.D., when Gensokyo was sealed off from this increasingly scientific and skeptical world with the creation of the Great Hakurei Barrier. There has been little contact between those societies ever since."

So as you see, it's whole purpose is to preserve the supernatural, which includes youkai, but not purely for youkai. It also includes gods, hermits, youjuu, and all sorts of supernatural beings and objects. Something you should remember, the relationship between humans and youkai within Gensokyo are just fine. They live peaceful lives and have their senseless yet non-lethal battles there. However, it is to me that the person in control is clearly looking more after the youkai than humans. What I'd want to see is the human and youkai population be more even. And for random humans to not be provided as food for youkai. Unless there's some justification that those humans were all truly worthless and bad, I can't say. After all, it would be doing humanity a favor if they were right? In the end it's up to speculation, your head canon.

>> No.14867510

>I thought it was because he was a major threat to Gensokyo.

That's exactly it. There are plenty of "bad" youkai in Gensokyo, but he was a threat to the balance between humans and Youkai. Can't let humans get the idea that it's a good idea to switch to the winning team so to speak.

He really didn't want to harm humans or have anything to do with them after his change. That would make him a "good" youkai right? That is irrelevant because the problem wasn't that he was good or bad, but that he was a human that thought to rise above his station. If every human thought it was a good idea to stop being human and become a youkai to avoid being what is essentially livestock, Gensokyo would collapse.

>> No.14867556

See, this is why wording is important. In your previous post(14865946) I assumed you attributed his exorcism to him being "bad" or "evil." As if predatory Youkai are to be exterminated and all others can be left alone.

>Did you know the '4chanteller' hated the way Gensokyo was too btw?

If you are going to assume I am stupid or don't have the same information as you you might as well not write an essay about it.

>> No.14869360

> Human in the village are livestock
The human in the village dont deserve the right to be called Humans, they're below it.

>> No.14869517

What if some humans wanted to be devoured by the Yokai?

>> No.14869562

It's mentioned that he saw the state of the world outside the barrier and lamented the status of humans in Gensokyo.

>> No.14869978
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Then we get a Zounose doujin.

>> No.14869980

Most people in the world are livestock.

>> No.14869988

I can't even recognize Keine without her hat.

>> No.14869999
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I want Kaguya to devour me.

>> No.14870192

>And for random humans to not be provided as food for youkai.
Using arguments that arent "Muh feelings", please provide reasons for why this is wrong. I dont like how various cute animals, are eaten by less cute animals. But that doesnt mean it's ok to genocide all snakes.

If you are arguing for extermination, you need an argument that isnt based on how you feel. Thats SJW logic, or the way ISIS opperates. You need to have actual reasons that arent based on your emotions.

>> No.14870211
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tfw girlfriend looks like kaguya, is smug and rude like kaguya, has perfect feet like kaguya

>> No.14870227
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Also fuck you, 3d looks nothing like glorious 2d.

>> No.14870235 [DELETED] 

Nice quads!

>> No.14870243

someone's booty bitter

>> No.14870249
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Nice le ebin new friend image macro, bud.

>> No.14870297

I love when I read shit like this then you see a picture of the person in question and they couldn't be farther from the truth

>> No.14870314

How are you so sure his girlfriend isn't 2D?
I'd go as far out to say his girlfriend IS Kaguya if it weren't for the fact Kaguya is my girlfriend.

>> No.14870555

4 years may not be "old" but that's already been half as long as /jp/'s been around.

>> No.14871798
File: 717 KB, 900x848, 蓬莱山輝夜21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're quick to point fingers and compare people to ISIS and SJWs. That's shitlord logic. Regardless, if you actually read back at my previous replies you'd know I'm not arguing 'muh feelings'. Get some context first before you speak and make sure you're replying to the right person.

A good question. That makes it weird. >>14869360
The humans in the human village are protected by the vampire contract. They aren't food. Humans that come into Gensokyo from the outside however, are not protected. This doesn't mean that all youkai follow this rule, some will get out of hand and maybe one may get away with it. This is where the Shrine Maiden comes in.
Sorry if my wording was off. I'm not sure how much knowledge you hold, so it's hard to grasp. You certainly know more than most people, I can tell you.

>> No.14880414
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I want to sniff her beautiful hair!

>> No.14880569

Kaguya is better when she has breasts on her.

>> No.14881200

Isn't it the same as any Japanese's hair?

>> No.14881236
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She is a beautiful lunarian princess of divine perfection. Her long black hair must be so silky smooth and smell so wonderful that it would cause you to orgasm just by laying your eyes on it. She is a perfect being in every way possible. Oh, how I want to be close to Kaguya-sama!

>> No.14881347
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>> No.14881437
File: 366 KB, 963x1400, ce43df53d4c55c4ffd8379bfb29ca9bb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are just proving my point. The scent of her wonderful divine body cannot be matched. It is perfection itself!

>> No.14881554
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I was try

>> No.14885108

greasy NEET hair!

>> No.14885598 [DELETED] 

Thank you, I made them myself!

>> No.14886952

flat breasts!