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Post your saddest Touhou picture... ;_;

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Don't cry. She'll definitely be playable next game.

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Also, I'm assuming this was drawn when only the demo was out and no one knew Moriya Shrine was involved in the game?

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A boy shouldn't cry.

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Fuck you Anon. ;__;

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Why can't Alice just cry all the time? That would be ULTRA SUPER MOE

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If that's the saddest you got then I'd like to see that happiest you have.

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Eh that was only moderately sad.

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Moriya Shrine should be involved in every Touhou game from now on.

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Man, this is why Sakuya should never die.

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Reimu, I will never stop loving you, even though you are a cow I will treat your body like a woman.

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Fuck you.

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They were all dead.
The final spellcard was an exclamation mark to everything that had led to this point.
I loosened my grip on the hakkero.
And then it was over.

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... why? Do you hate Sakuya or something?

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The bullet holes were rubies on her chest, blood glowing on her ivory skin. She was so beautiful. The killer was smiling.

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There was no glory in this. I hadn't asked for this crap. Trouble had come to me, in big dark swarms. The good and the just, they were like gold dust in this city. I had no illusions. I was not one of them. I was no hero. Just me and the gohei, and the crook. My options had decreased to a singular course.

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Is the Max Payne movie worth seeing? I liked the games but movie reviewers are normalfags.

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I still want this eroge. Someday...someday...


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I dunno, is it reated R hmmmmm, guess it's not so no. Stupid ass troll

On with sad thread

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Fuck off, troll.

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u mad?

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Not even trying, little fucker.

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u mad

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Go back to Shitlmer, and go suck mommy's nipple, or Doyora's underage dick.

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"Even if you cut my head off, I won't di-KGGhrk...."
[Mouthing]("But it will hurt incredibly...")

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still mad? have a rainbow, it's as gay as you

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It's 'pooshitsmear'.

Remember, 'pooshitsmear'.

Christ, you guys can't even insult it right.

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u mad?

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Anyone remembers that video that was sad as hell where all the Touhou characters that are human/not immortal eventually die?

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Nothing is agreed on

lurk moar

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Is this a post by an automated bot? It certainly looks generic enough.

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Since we need to spread your shit instead of what we think with our own minds, rite, flowerfriends ^o^.

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Kill yourself, pooshitsmear fag.

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lol wut.
Too bad for you Pooshlmers, I'm not you, troll.

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Go argue somewhere else, shitstains.

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Butthurt pooshitsmears trying to defend their shitty board, while sucking kregsafs and doyra cocks. Enjoy your shitty /jp/ reposts and faggotry.


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Sincerely...are you truly being so butthurt to LOL DRAMA me with your broken simpathy towards Pooshitmears, as you call them?
If so, let's be friends, I'm not a faggot like them, and not a tripfiend, and not a natural born faggot called Anonymous, if not, you're a double faggot than any of them.

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Pooshmler is like this:

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Why did that site come up in the conversation anyway? It looks like it's way too easy to hijack threads here just by mentioning it.

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Trolling metagame

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>Anyone remembers that video that was sad as hell where all the Touhou characters that are human/not immortal eventually die?

Hadn't seen that one, but the Chen "My First Friend" video is baww worthy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwY752_On6Q

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/jp/ is filled with sorrow. Pooshmler with happiness. I know which one I would choose.

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These idiots like to come here and fuck /jp/ in the ass, whenever they want, and even when we're having nice events, no matter what.
For example, the Bro fist PFFFT is their doing.
And Betty is one of them, altought he's a random impersonator I can't fucking understand, as you can see.
Seems like he's much of a shitposter rath

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These idiots like to come here and fuck /jp/ in the ass, whenever they want, and even when we're having nice events, no matter what.
For example, the Bro fist PFFFT is their doing.
And Betty is one of them, altought he's a random impersonator I can't fucking understand, as you can see.
Seems like he's much of a shitposter rather than a troll.

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That's pretty obvious, but it's sad how many people fall for it. I just tend to ignore every post with sage in the e-mail field.

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To be riding on Komachi's boat across the river is a literal death.

So, with strange aeons...

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/jp/ > /pooshlmer/

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That's why I hate those pooshitsmear faggots.

They should go back to their own piece of shit site and leave us alone.

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But I tend to use sage correctly.

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First of all, I'm not trying to go Mod-mode around like the Pooshlmers like to do, but you should remove your fucking name now.
If you're not like them, don't impersonate a faggot fatass like Betty anymore, just use your tripcode or something like that, otherwise, I'm not biting any of your shit, and I'll stack you with them, as the same kind of faggot.
You're not winning anyone's simpathy like that.

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In which case you use it to post comments which aren't worth bumping the thread, in which case I don't lose anything by ignoring them either.

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Shut up and sage.

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In which case you use it to post comments which aren't worth bumping the thread, meaning I don't lose anything by ignoring them either.

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........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´
Bro Fist

If You Dont Post This To 5 Bros Then You Arent A Bro

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this the one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_J2H-1O1KY&NR=1

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Protip: I am Betty.

I merely troll them, that's all.

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Post the one with Mokou standing by as Keine fades away, please.

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Haha; oh wow.
The last time I was told about you guys, this one little bird told me that not only /touhou/ was butthurt in Pooshlmer, but /tsukihime/(type-moon crappy random board) and half of you fags that lurk here.
I believe that you and some IRCfags like CurryButt are the only trolls lurking here ''for the lulz'', as you like to state.

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I've actually never said 'for the lulz'. Ever.

Not even when it was 'popular' and 'cool'.

I don't even understand the first three quarters of your post. Try wording it better, in proper english.

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Please shut up, everyone.

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Alright, let's get into proper terms.
You seem to be truly a faggot, because you know shit about what they keep doing while they lasted in our board last weeks, right? so you're just wanting to have an excuse to reply my post? durr hurr, just chill off, already, troll.
Look, I don't know your motives to be impersonating Betty, but since you like to stay as a impersonating faggot, I'll let you live your own misery, do as you please.
I'm not going to spend more time replying to a faggot like you, sorry.

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Thank you.

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Lets briefly have a bit of happy to break up the faggotry and depression.

Guess who's the father?

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Normally I'd say Mokou wears the pants in that relationship, but that's EX-Keine, so... poor Mokou, that must hurt.

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Mokou's the father. When the full moon comes around, Mokou's the disturbingly subserviant wife.

Hooray delicious werecow!

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this thumbnail is deceptive.

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4879538475938747 hours in MS Paint do not a sad picture make. :->

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Your english is terrible.

And I'm the real Betty. True story.

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true story bro

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Haha; oh wow.
You like to try, and you caught my attention there, but you're an homungous faggot.

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I can only see Mokou as the father.
Just so the kid would call her "Papa".

And to drag this back to a sad thread...
"Papa, why don't you get old?"
"Papa, why do Mommy and I have to die?"
"Papa, why can't I stay pretty forever like you?"
"Papa, will you be sad when I die?"

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"Papa, why do you have a hard time sitting down after the full moon?"

>> No.1483060

I think you're an smart person.

Sorry, but I'm me. Go back to pooshitsmear.

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>> No.1483074

"Papa why do you and mommy fight during the night?"

>> No.1484231

bampu pantsu

I am the real Betty!!

>> No.1484351

No, I'm the real Betty! All you other Betties are just imitating!

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Gunner's crag hijack.

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Never fails to make me laugh.

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I didn't get it, please explain it!

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>Gunner's crag
It's Gunnerkrigg Court

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Just referring to the fact that I find Chen's look of despair and sadness quite funny in that last panel.

>> No.1484574

i didn't find it funny at all

you mean anon *sadface*

>> No.1484594

You horrible monster.

>> No.1485207

Someone explain to me why this is sad. Chen got rich and left Yukari and Ran, then hired impersonators?

Is that it?

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>> No.1485230

I refuse to play any later Touhou until I can beat EoSD on Lunatic. I have no idea what's going on in that picture and want an explanation.

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