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Why would you want a waifu like this?
I bet she can't even read.

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Oi, she was shown reading Aya's shitty newspaper. She can read.

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I just want to be her friend!

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You gay

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For all you know, she was pretending and just looking at the pictures.

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I don't mind, the only thing she need to do is stay cute for me.

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I want to hug the Frandoru~!

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>Not wanting long discussions about contemporary politics and astronomy with an educated, top-tier waifu

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Sorry bratty bat, Did you said top tier waifu?

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All she does is sleep and dream. Fun waifu you got there.

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Don't bully Flan!

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>he doesnt get that yukari only fakes that shes sleeping

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Still boring as shit then amirite
I'd rather walk the night with the actual best 2hu

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Don't fight, guys. Both are top tier and you know it.

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I like ANALphabets.

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Jokes on you, sleeping sex is my fetish

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Flankari Scarkumo

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Hmm yes pandering to secondaries. I hate fanworks that do that. This is how you get people posting shit like "Flan was locked up in the basement and tortured by her sister and now she's bipolar".

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She was locked up and it doesn't matter if she did it willingly, she still didn't know enough about the outside world to make a rational choice.

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Flan was locked up in the basement and tortured by her sister and now she's bipolar.

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>Locked up
Let the autists do the talking

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Dat don't make no sense. If Flan is bipolar, why didn't she blew up Remi?

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Bcuase REmi did the thing with sper gugñir an undwound alll of the FaTE and that why remey is STRonGESTT 2HeuY

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So she isn't locked up she is just being manipulated to stay there. Yeah, that's much better.

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>mfw I am older than 495
>mfw I can't think for myself

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Who are you quoting? If she has never even seen a living human before or been outside the SDM then of course she can't make a rational decision. She doesn't know any better and trusts what her sister tells her.

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Pachouli, Meiling, and Sakuya all interact with Flandre too. Sakuya isn't even confirmed lunarian so she has seen a human before.
Canonly, Remilia and Flandre don't even have a dialogue so there's no 'what her sister tells her'.
Aside from that, if you'd actually get to extra stage and read Flan's dialogue you'd just be able to read that she isn't mentally retarded or anything.

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All the others in SDM are bullies! BULLIES!

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rational choice about what

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About going outside to see the world or staying inside the SDM like a hikki.

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"Flan, please stay in the basement."

"Oh, okay, onee-sama."

"Patche, if she changes her mind, make it rain, will you? Flan's too excitable to be out alone."

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>official profile states "She idolizes her older sister Remilia"
>when interviewed by Aya, displays no reservations about claiming Remilia and her talk of reading fate to be a load of bullshit

Maybe the real reason they're so keen on keeping her in the basement is because they think she's kind of an asshole

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Don't use /a/ teenbro terms kudasai

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She's just engaging in sibling bantz, Anon.

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I do like that interpretation of it though, because that fanwork shows that Remi did it because she was searching for a way to make it so she and Flan could live as they please, which resulted in the Scarlet Mist. so its not some "REMI IS SO CRUEL HURT POOR FLAN" shit

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what the fuck is with her arm

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Isn't that exactly why? Keep 'em dumb, like a pet, so you can do whatever you want to them.

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Can't speak for others but my dick is too tiny for any adult female, which is why I'm a raging pedo.

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To fuck all day, obviously.

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tfw my dick is almost 19cm so I probably won't be able to fuck Flan without restraint. But damn I love developing loli bodies.

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Where did alarm go?

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Flandre is objectively the worst Touhou fanbase. At least Cirno is in other games, and has a fleshed out personality. Flandre is just "le edgy vampire child XD"

fuck you if you like her

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She's a powerful youkai, surely it'll be fine.

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I think you meant to say the Patchouli/Fatchouli fanbase

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Patchouli fans are classy aristocrats so go fuck yourself

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They're all retarded filthy secondaries

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What Touhou favorites are signs of an actual game player

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Touhous that had direct importance to the story in the manga or games such as the main antagonists and cause of incidents, and the ones who solve them.

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Reimu confirmed most hardcore anti-secondary favorite girl

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Yukarin fans

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Aki sisters

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That's the sign of a casual that couldn't get past the first level in the easiest 2hu game.

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Mountain of Faith doesn't even come close to being the easiest touhou game. I think you are just trying to be an asshole.

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You can just bomb through every spellcard and get most of your power back

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No need to get offended and pointing out the obvious at a joke, you nignog. I guess you are not as cool as i thought.

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>Bombing through cards
>Counting as a clear

pick 1

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Beating the extra stage In EoSD is one hell of an accomplishment,and you spend so much time getting good enough that she grows on you.

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>Beating the extra stage In EoSD is one hell of an accomplishment

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>Beating the extra stage In EoSD is one hell of an accomplishment

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>Beating the extra stage In EoSD is one hell of an accomplishment

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>Beating the extra stage In EoSD is one hell of an accomplishment

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Please don't bully Flan for her poor Danmaku.

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Who are you quoting?

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Dear newfag,

He's not misusing the greentext function, and thus, that attempt at fitting in doesn't make sense. Please lurk more.

With regards, anon (Me).

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Meant for >>14816927

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I'd watch the shit out of this

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Flan is really cute. I want to hug her!

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I'm going to fucking DDoS your family. I hope you get AIDS and fucking cancer on your balls and teeth.

I will find you and fucking rub my dick in your insides. Fucking gay faggot with squirrel AIDS.

Please drink super ultra bleach and go die in Anne Frank's rotten pussy.

Fucking lung cancer piece of shit.

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I'm going to fucking DDoS your family. I hope you get AIDS and fucking cancer on your balls and teeth.

I will find you and fucking rub my dick in your insides. Fucking gay faggot with squirrel AIDS.

Please drink super ultra bleach and go die in Anne Frank's rotten pussy.

Fucking lung cancer piece of shit.

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>Someone who either didn't beat it or didn't play the game within 3 years of it's release.

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Who the hell are you quoting?

And if you're seriously implying that games get easier with time somehow, then I want you to leave.

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Because she's sexy as fuck.

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marisa but only if you play as her

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Remi might be hundreds of years old, but she's, still a child mentally.
Between the two of them, Flan is the more mature one.

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Please do not sexualize little Flandre

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Yatsuhashi because only game players are aware she exists.

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I want to creampie Flan-chan with after not fapping for 10 days!

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I can't even remember anymore.
Now it's just the way it is.

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Halloween with little Flandre.

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you might be onto something

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You will get shit on for liking anyone popular.

Coming from someone who has played every game and beat most on hard/lunatic, Marisa would be my favorite as I play on her mainly. Cirno and clownpiece come in second and third respectively.

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reading is for nerds anyway

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Pretty much this.

Before ULiL it was perfectly fine to like Koishi (sans KTHA tarnishing her a bit) but almost immediately after she became "Flan 2.0". And now it's no longer okay to like her because of her winning that popularity poll.

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It's your own fault if you're giving a shit about someone else's opinion on the interbutt.

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Who said anything about caring?

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>I bet she can't even read.
My dick doesn't have text on it.

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That's good.

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Poor little Remi couldn't hold it
Pls don't bully her!

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Can't write that small?

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Nah, the pencil got caught and lost in the foreskin.

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I'd've used a pen, personally.

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I wonder if Flan tastes like flan.

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End yourself.

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Delete this sick filth

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between Patchy, Meiling, and sakuya, I have no doubt that Flandre is functionally literate.
Practicality forced Remilia to have her home-schooled

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I want Flanduru-chwan to bully my dick with her loli hands!

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I''d rather her have bully my dick with her soft loli feet

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You cannot stop me posting breasts.

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Bottom right.

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This is acceptable.

>> No.14842031

This is okay
These are disgusting more due to the manface than due to those odious breasts

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Fldr is 4 anl sx

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This, I do not hate

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Me on the left

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New Yassy when?

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Still not scanned.

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>you will never get your dick sandwiched between those soft vampire loli tummies.

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Vampire loli tummy?

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It's okay, so long as I can get my dick sandwiched between those soft vampire loli butts!

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My favorite Touhou is this one because she's a monk and punches evil spirits with a ghost arm.

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Good taste, anon.