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She'd beat people up to get more. She's an oni, after all. Humans can't win against her.

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Really now, my brother?

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[x]Take nap on Yugi's tits

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[x] Sit on Yuugi's horn.

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Ohh uhhh ahhh...

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1. Steal infini-booze
2. Beg Komachi to give you seven-league boots
3. Run like fuck
4. ???
6. Just because you profited doesn't mean you can stop running

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What would happen to an oni that ran out of booze and can't get anymore?

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Oni are proud. Suika wouldn't beg.

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Stage 1 Withdrawl : Furious hunt for booze, no holds barred, crush all in path
Stage 2 Withdrawl : Smash everything for the fuck of it in hopes that booze may be found hidden
Stage 3 Withdrawl : just fucking kill everything until you get some fucking booze

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>1. Steal infini-booze
2. break it
3. ???????

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A hangover

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>> 3: ?????

4: The Strange Booze-Flood of Gensokyo. Potential set for a new touhou game.

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Fund it!

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3. ????
4. Infinite matter is created displacing every particle at infinite distance from applying infinite force, generating infinite heat, basically destroying the entire universe.

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>What would happen to an oni that ran out of booze and can't get anymore?
An Oni goes to sleep...

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You sure she won't turn into a subservient mess begging Reimu for booze?

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I'd her horn.

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>4: The Strange Booze-Flood of Gensokyo. Potential set for a new touhou game.

The accuracy of your bullets will deteriorate depending on how drunk you are. As the drunkeness rate increases, the character begins to become more erratic and unresponsive to the players controls, in two player mode, some characters may start getting 'overly friendly' with each other.

Some characters have better tolerances than others. Patch for instance takes very little to cause her to start reeling around, her shots flying everywhere, groping just about anything that get's within reach.

Reimu on the other hand is a mean drunk, and will slap the shit out of you.

Only be having the character rest on high spots in the back ground can she begin to sober up, picking up cups of coffee dropped by enemies will also help reduce this.

However if the drunkeness phase continued long enough then the character will enter 'Hangover Phase' which vaslty reduces her speed and firing rate.
Loud explosions will cause the character to freeze, moaning and clutching her ears.

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... and one million anons think of a subtle way of saying that doesn't look like sleeping...

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I like where this is going,sauce?

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Oh ho, why not include E?

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Well at least the baby didn't get osterized, let alone babyfucked like a certain Ran doujin that I know

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he dosn't love us

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Because of those 2 Marisa images.

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1 word