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Which USAMI SUMIREKO is the one you like?

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2 is the best.

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Translate it weeaboos

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This one

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Sumireko a best

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NONE because she's a DORK

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The one captured by youkai!

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which one comes with mokou?

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>Which USAMI SUMIREKO is the one you like?

>Hmm... you're curious about me?
>I have grown interested in you, too!

>Hmm... you're curious about me?
>I-it's not like I'm curious about you or anything... but I have some spare time, so...
On a side note, I don't understand this one at all.

>You just can't be apart from me, huh.

>I-is someone like me really okay?
>I... might end up hurting you, you know?

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This one.

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it's a man baby

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Yes, and...?

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The one Reimu killed at the end of Ulil

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Why isn't this canon?

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I call dibs on the hat.

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Then I'm taking the cape. It might be a bit beat up, but the runes are probably still good

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Not like it matters, that wasn't her real body.

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Translate it weebs

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>in /jp/

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3 is the cutest
I wanna lay her down in my bed and pinch her ears

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> Scribbles on her thigh
I can see where this is going.

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you misspelled renko usami

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That dastardly lesbian stole all of Sumi's votes.

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I like the fetish things the artist did

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I want (2). If I hypnotize someone, then I want them to be hypnotized.

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Yeah, I miss those. Got any more hard translated one?
1 for me. It's funner if they're still conscious.

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>>what is danbooru????

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Sumireko's ass is inferior

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>>what is hard translated????

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Combination of 1 and 4 where "inside" version of them is 1 but they're acting like 4 on the outside is best.
Hypno's not really my jam though.

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>I... might end up hurting you, you know?

How? By running away to Mokou when she had the chances?

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Well, I mean, she has plenty of super powers, maybe she doesn't know how they will react to sex.

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very nice

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Alice should make dakis for the cast.

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They'd smell really bad.

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OK, that's enough pote for now.

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I'd recognize that cape anywhere.

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rest in pieces

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It's just that one pic, apparently.

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fucking nerdazoid

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YOU are the nerd.

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Being honest, she is just a mildly annoying nerdy girl... There is absolutely no need to shove these cockroaches in her vag00...

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Why isn't there any art of Sumi and Sanae hanging out? Two nerdy, high school age outsiders with strange powers...they've got so much in common!

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>High school age
Anon, it's been almost nine years since Mountain of Faith. I'm sorry but Sanae's been lying about her age to you.

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Time is convoluted.

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Grotesco value Crisps.

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You know you have a problem when fanartists realize why something doesn't fit in canon faster than you can.

Not that it's entirely a good thing, though. I would very much like to see more Sanae and Sumireko art but for all of my searching I only found 4 pieces of art like that, and one of them wasn't even in pixiv.

It kinda sucks, I want art of Sumireko telling Sanae why her taste in anime is shit.

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Oh, I also found this outside of pixiv. Literally the only two save-worthy pics I found.

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>You know you have a problem when fanartists realize why something doesn't fit in canon faster than you can.
You wanna run that by me again?

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Right, I think that's putting a little too much faith in fanartists. It's the only way I can explain the severe lack of Sanae/Sumireko art, though.

Two girls from the outside world, perfectly capable of interacting with one another since there are no Hakurei barriers or time or the whim of Maribel's dreams to stop them. You'd think fanartists would have milked the shit out of such a situation by now, but I guess not.

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>Outsiders are said to be weak
>Outsiders that have actually appeared so far are a psychic, a demi-goddess, a time-manipulating serial killer, and even a bunch of no-name soldiers are referred to that BTFO of Lunaria

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No one who manages to find Gensokyo and travel there under their own power is going to be weak.

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Gensokyo is just a small backwater pocket dimension. It just happens to have few really strong Youkais. From what we've seen with Hecatia, there could be other dimensions that we don't know of. Who knows? Maybe there are other dimensions filled with Greek Gods, American Cryptids, Chinese legends and other shit that could be even more powerful than Yukari and Hecatia.

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Both of them could have come from opposite 'sides of town' or the next town over from, so chances of a non-meeting are at the least 'plausible'

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This video has them meet up, though it's not the main focus.

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How many cockroaches can Sumireko fit inside her uterus?

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Now that's one really cute model they made for Sumi. The video isn't bad at all either, I really liked it, even if I would have preferred if they gave more focus to her meeting Sanae.

Not sure how I feel about Sumi wearing her sailor fuku instead of her regular uniform during the fight, though, but that's just a minor thing.

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Plausible, but unlikely. Especially with how Sanae would definitely seek her out once she hears about the psychic outsider.

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Does her ESP powers make her some kind of youkai or is she an ordinary magician like Marisa?

>> No.14894171

Just an outsider with ESP.

>> No.14894429

Wasn't supernatural shit completely removed from the outside world?
How can she "just" have supernatural abilities in a world of science?

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She's more like Sakuya. Totally human, but has some freakish powers for unexplained reasons (even Sumi herself doesn't know why she has those powers, as stated in her ULiL profile).

I assume she was born with them, same way as Maribel was born with her border powers.

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Outside world is pretty much just our world. Which obviously means there's a decent amount of people that believe in ESP stuff.

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>3D printed gun spell card
How long until she shoots up her school and ODs on sleeping pills so she can stay in Gensokyo forever?

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She's not white.

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But I don't know how to sing!

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Oranges are tasty.

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Guess no one got the reference.

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Why does everyone hate her so much? I think that she is pretty cute, and her story is interesting.

I know that making a statement about the effect of modern technology and the internet on the world is tiring, but ULiL pulled it off well.

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>Why does everyone hate her so much?
Because bakas keep asking.

Really though, it's hardly "everyone" and more like a couple people who are REALLY vocal about it. So don't let it get to ya like that, everything's fine.

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She'd have more friends if she ditched the weird cape.

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Because her clothes are gay

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She doesn't wear her cape when she isn't trying to be a final boss, though.

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So her hat is the same as Renko's, right?

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Could be, but Renko's hat seems to have a smaller bow than Sumi's. You can compare using Sumireko's ULiL fanart and the covers of the different music CDs.

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Could be, but Renko's hat seems to have a smaller bow than Sumi's. You can compare using Sumireko's ULiL art and the covers of the different music CDs.

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Goddamn these pictures are fucking HUGE.

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Big saggy school boobies!

>> No.14961854

The sumisumi has meaty thighs

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Sumireko has so much guro and ryona....

New most bullied Touhou? Most hated is probably still moonbitches but... poor Sumireko!

>> No.14970554

She's the only confirmed outsider in our time period who's gone to Gensokyo and made friends without being permanently invested, folks are just jealous.

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>Sumireko has so much guro and ryona....
I don't believe you. She probably has as much as other 2hus do and you're exaggerating.

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As much as I don't like Sumisumi she's the 2hu I'm most like since I regularly visit /x/ and /pol/.

>> No.14972612

Hahaha, cool, so what's your zodiac?

>> No.14972617

I don't have one.

>> No.14972627

Every single time I have seen this thread, I have read that as "USAMI SUPERRENKO" or "SUPPARENKO"

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Look out! MARIBEL HEARN is gonna fuse with USAMI RENKO to form the strongest 2hu, SUPERRENKO!

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That's enough SUPPA TENKO for you, mister. Now go outside and breath some fresh air.

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What's even Zun's plan for Sumireko? She just seems so out of place, like she was directly taken from some shitty fanwork and forcefully shoved in for no real reason.
At least Maribel and Renko felt like characters from a different universe only tangentially related to the games.

>> No.14981408

You don't need to plan, just make cute girls in the eternal now.

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>What's even Zun's plan for Sumireko?
As said by someone who doesn't keep up with all the new plot developments and release of new Touhou media.

>> No.14983843

She's like Brolli Diamondback as an actual canon Touhou character.

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Can't see how beyond the whole "outsider in Gensokyo" thing, which Sanae also does.

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Pew pew~!

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>> No.15025599
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>> No.15025664

Too much titty.

>> No.15028561
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>Oh dear, I guess my breasts grew bigger again somehow. *boing* My uniform's gotten quite tight. Perhaps I'll have to buy a replacement?

>And that's the dream I stopped having since I came here. *sigh* Well, it doesn't matter.

>> No.15030857
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>> No.15031400


>> No.15031414

Stylish 2hu.

>> No.15033172
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Prove to me that she isn't.

I love her cape. I wish I could snuggle in it with the Sumisumi.

>> No.15033206

How much would it cost to pay USAMI SUMIREKO to suck my dick?

>> No.15035254


>> No.15035478
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>> No.15038293
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>I'm getting more and more fresh wounds from danmaku...
>I wish they weren't so visible when I change my clothes for PE...

>> No.15038628
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Oh Sumi, you're so silly!

>> No.15038669

Dude, the schoolgirl who suck dicks is the green one.

>> No.15040600
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>> No.15043603
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>> No.15070370
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>page 10
Something interesting must have happened today.

>> No.15071525
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Gat Usami. Bringing FREEDOM to the bubble world.

>> No.15072242

>Building the Liberator from parts on a sprue
That isn't right at all, it is specifically labeled as 3D printed. That does raise the question of where she got bullets for it.

>> No.15072267

She printed the sprue, duh. You can't print a hollow object with moving parts as a single unit.

>> No.15072283

Nigger no, that's not how it works. You can print each part separately. A sprue inherently implies injection moulding. Therefore implying that somebody made a metal high-pressure injection mould for quickly mass producing plastic liberators. Why you would do that I have no idea tho.

>> No.15072335
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A better question would be why she even made a gun at all (assuming she had it before Marisa woke her up to the possibility of Gensokyo's inhabitants not being nice people - I can see she'd want a gun after that).

>> No.15072356
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I think the question is why she would NOT want to have a gun when going diving into interdimensional rifts. Watching like a single movie on the topic would school you forever about the fact that "gun = survival" as soon as literally anything goes sideways.

>> No.15072379
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Because it's a chuuni thing to do.

>> No.15074654
File: 458 KB, 1440x900, 52154973_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Makes sense.

>> No.15076457
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>> No.15078884
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>> No.15080691
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>> No.15082069

Considering how much damage Sumireko's single shot peashooter does in game, imagine how well you could do if you were properly kitted out. You could easily murder hoards of fairies without too much trouble. The only question is how long it would take for some youkai to sneak up on you.

>> No.15083220
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>You could easily murder hoards of fairies without too much trouble.
I wonder if they'd realize that what you're using isn't danmaku at all (assuming bullets don't count as danmaku).

>> No.15085092
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>> No.15085147
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>> No.15087458
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I'd eat a Sumireko, if you catch my drift.

>> No.15089287
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>> No.15091727
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>> No.15093825
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>> No.15096705
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>> No.15096724

Are you guys still playing this shitload of fuck?

>> No.15097955

Translate it weebs

>> No.15099213
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>shitload of fuck
I guess a nerd reference is actually appropiate for this thread.

So, apparently they got help from some group called Edelweiss (didn't know Welkin was part of the current doujin scene, but okay) and rewrote the special effects engine. This is apparently causing issues for a lot of people, although personally I didn't have any issues.

Also, Tasofro's jew practices are getting a bit out of hand now - The game freezes if your connection to the internet is lost. This is on top of the previously added IP check which forbids non-Japan Asian countries from playing the game. It will probably get removed or reworked, though, since apparently it's starting to cause problems for the Japanese players.

Patch notes: http://pastebin.com/dJ0qXvCW

>> No.15099767

Edelweiss is a big name in the doujin sphere nowadays.
Know those doujin game video compilations you see posted everywhere before a Comiket? It's Edelweiss that compiles them.
Their games are some of the most visually stunning ones and they've released games internationally (Ether Vapor/Freesia/Astebreed) so if Tasofro is getting help from them I'm glad even if the start is rocky.

>> No.15100994 [DELETED] 
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>> No.15101003
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>> No.15102516
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Took long enough.

>> No.15102776
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>thread is on autosage
I demand an explanation for this.

>> No.15102795

Honestly I don't get it.

>> No.15104160
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Thread's not getting un-autosaged, is it.

>> No.15104910

We're gonna die.

>> No.15105569
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What the fuck, I can't take it easy like this. If I wanted this kind of bullshit I'd download those retarded ultra patches for the games.

Load of crap.

>> No.15107326


>> No.15109446

71 days and 4 hours.