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Who's your favorite Last Boss, /jp/?

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Trimmed this fucker

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more like the emperor

"Good. I can feel your anger. I am defenseless. Take your weapon! Strike me down with all your hatred, and your journey towards the dark side will be complete!"

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Shiki has the best speeches.

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Good! Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you!

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Give in to your anger! With each passing moment, you make yourself more my slave!

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I liked Kaguya best because she was fun and enjoyable.
Same with Mokou as an extra boss.

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Yuyuko. My first and favorite.
Also Shinki's fight gives me eye cancer. She gets last place.

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>Who's your favorite Last Boss, /jp/?
This >>1472327

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Remilia's quote is the most suave. It would have been better if she smashed a wine glass, though.

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You mistook Yukari with Eirin

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Eiki, Kanako and Utsuho in no particular order.

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does anyone have any of the images in the OP's? Kaguya especially

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The lack of Eirin & Flandre ashames you guys much.
And it's not just an opinion.

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LAST Bosses, not Extra Bosses

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You call Eirin Extra?
And Flandre just an Extra?

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chiquita dragonforce sounds like a sith lord trying to turn reimu to the dark side.

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Almost like... Darth Vader?

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Reimu is the dark side. She cannot turn to herself.

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Aumaan Anubis was pretty badass, especially after you get to beat up Ken beforehand.

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>Yukari Yakumo

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Yukari is an extra tho

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You forgot Sariel and my wife Yumemi.

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And I;m disgusted that I'm the only one to notice that.

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Yukari Yakumo is like the God of Gensokyo and one of the "token girls" of Touhou.

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It looks like Tensi is stepping on herself.

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She has competition from Kanako now.
I suppose there's a certain charm to believing that Yukari is infallible and omnipotent, but I think having someone comparable to her in power spices up the story more.

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sage for wraith

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Where the hell is Yumemi, we're missing a full series here.
Back to the topic, I would say Yuyuko for in-game play and Remilia or Mima personality wise.

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In Yume Nikki.

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None, because I don't play this shit.

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ur a faget

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Mima, followed closely by Remilia

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Mima, then Shinki, and finally Yuyuko and Utsuho tied.

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Yumemi, you fucking asshole.

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The one with the cape and the crosses.

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DEEP-tan you dumass

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D) None of the above.

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If we are talking about gods why not the one that tangoed with the original creator?

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It makes the eye mand

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Please don't divide the heavens into two.

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My pic in no order.

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Remilia gets my vote.

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Why is Yukari in there and none of the other Extra Stage bosses?

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Uh, because Yukari isn't an Extra stage boss?

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>favorite Last Boss
>no Erin

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Even if you consider Phantasm to be "not Extra", you can surely only have one Last Boss per game. Hence the word "last."

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I dunno.
I'm more offended that they didn't use the official translation for Kaguya's quote.

"The fragmented eternal evening that you have created...
My eternity manipulation will destroy it...
Your spell of Imperishable Night will shatter...
And the dawn shall come!"

S'more climactic.

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OP is full of fail, Yumemi where, Eirin where, Yukari why, and most of the quotes chosen are retarded. (That's the best you could find for Yuka? Seriously?)

Best final battles are Shinki, Remilia, Yuyuko and Eirin. Mima is just too random, Yuka's fight is a little iffy on design (though understandably so since it's dragged out over two stages), the vs and fighter bosses don't feel the same due to their games, Kaguya is a laughable letdown after Eirin, Kanako is outright boring and Okuu is a pretty good fight except for the anticlimactic last card.

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Most of the quotes are fine, its just that per above, the translation chosen was stilted/shit.

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Yumemi fucking sucks.
Heck, Wriggle is more memorable than that stupid bitch.

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All quotes are retarded. Except Remilia.

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Blame ZUN.
This is what happens when a drunkard tries to sound Shakespeare-ish.

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Kaguya, Remilia, Tenshi and Utsuho are the best quotes: Kaguya's make you feel like you're the bad guy, Remilia is simple and concrete (she is going to kill you asshole!!!) , Tenshi is like the emperor and Utsuho...OMG SHE IS THROWING FUCKING SUNS!!!!

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Kaguya for me

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Kanako and Remilia.

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Yuyuko in terms of gameplay, i.e danmaku patterns, etc.
Remilia in terms of general experience.
Yuka in terms of fandom faggotry.

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I like how Kanako's power level is maximum.