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I'm actually glad that I was out the whole day. Thread quality plummeted badly and the Sayu spammer flooded 2 threads already.

And if you were wondering, yes, I am a butthurt faggot who is rewinding the thread numbering to counter the flood.

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Is this the official one? I need to know...

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Only if you want it to be.

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haha, i left for an hour and sayumi spammer made part 12, i liked part 11 until namefags and sayumi bomber
this one looks like its the real deal

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how bout this be the text only thread (not likely)

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If it gives this thread some credit, I'm the faggot who started all this Momusu and Ayaya thread numbering bullshit.

Also, I'd probably be busy tomorrow too so expect Love Story in the evening.

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Any time is fine.

You are just butthurt because we told you to leave.

I guess this is the official, but I guess everyone left anyway, so it doesn't really matter but I'm here if anyone is still here.

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I'm glad that there are others that decry this sayu bullshit.

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of course we do, its annoying as shit, fucking proxy bombing and they can't catch the guy day after day after day

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Now, we can't post Sayu without upholding that faggot's legacy.

On another note, can we get some stalker pics flowing?

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more yossy pls.

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>can we get some stalker pics flowing?
ahh good ole reinya<3 , constantly saying stupid shit

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Fuck yes

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she's disliked by the others???

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Wow I fucking did that in photoshop like half a year ago. Here's another one from the set.

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more like she dislikes them

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ill take the first one

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What's wrong with stalker pics?

What does her shirt actually say? I can only make out "boobs". "show off boobs"???

This one's for you!

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>What's wrong with stalker pics?
wow if you have no problem with being a stalking namefaggot, please carry on, considering the level of gayness you operate at it would only make sense that you should be arrested

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thanks. yossy and korenaga sandwich dominate my dreams.

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anyways i'd take fake av's over stalking photos, its better sublimation

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That's just what I call them you retarded ape, they aren't necessarily stalkers taking the pics. There is such thing as paparazzi in Japan.

Don't blame the fact that you are a moralfag on me wanting to see some pics of them in real life situations, but if it bothers you that much, then I'll just go back to posting Yossi because I love all of you.

Also, you forgot the "dc".

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>That's just what I call them you retarded ape
again, trying to explain your fucking logic
i know what papparazzi pics are, but you were requesting stalker pics, normal people understand and make that distinction

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Why is everyone always on reinya's dick? He doesn't seem that bad to me. Unless you faggots have the "lol tripfagz r ghey" mentality.

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motherfucking source needed. that fake has wonky eyes and everything

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>Also, you forgot the "dc".

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"show off my boobs"

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I'm pretty sure that I was making a general term for those types of pictures, I'm also pretty sure that everyone else (leaving you aside) knew what I meant.

I'll make it more clear for you though. Pictures of them in real life situations where they might not know that they are being photographed at the moment. Please. By the way who in the world can tell when paparazzi, or a stalker is taking the picture? Also, what, in reality, is the difference between a stalker and a paparazzi? I think you are putting up walls that don't need to exist between what I said and what everyone knew I meant.

Anyway, I'll continue on with the paparazzi pictures.

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i know, thats why the fake that was posted earlier didnt really cut it, but do you know how hard it would be to find that out from just the pic, we need an AV expert

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>Also, what, in reality, is the difference between a stalker and a paparazzi?
Alright kids, lets not be like reinya and understand people who hide around people's houses are criminal scumbags

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ur face forgot the dc

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>Also, what, in reality, is the difference between a stalker and a paparazzi?

I would say Paparazzi get paid for their photo's and Stalkers take photo's for personal pleasure.

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Paparazzi do that too, but I'm really not trying to argue this. I will stop posting the pics because you requested it. I'm sorry.

I can't believe it has still never been found, not just among us. No one has found it.

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>>the difference between a stalker and a paparazzi?
Paparazzi is a job. Stalkers are just plain obsessed creeps.

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Anyone else the Johnnies faggot would let them on Utaban more often, so as to let Taka-san bring the win and give them an outlet for the lesser "known" members to show their personalities?

We're also going to need some motherfucking sauce.

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Are you actually saying paparazzi aren't criminal scumbags???

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we speak and read english here friend

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Gentle wota, let's not get off track here.

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That makes sense, but I don't really see why getting paid for stalking makes it any better, a little more legitimate probably. Better? I don't think so.

That guy is cool though, he is no comedic match for Taka, but I like him.

and I think we should all give up on that sauce lol ;_;

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sorry but call outs for stalker photos makes me rage a little inside

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apparently you don't, what he said made sense.

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Yet you are acknowledging that somehow there is a difference between the two. WRONG.

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Again, I'm sorry. I probably should not have called them that, but I just meant pictures of them not in "Morning Musume Mode" if that makes any sense. They are commonly referred to as stalker pics, but I see the harm in it.

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>Alright kids, lets not be like reinya
( the Negative tense, as in DO make the distinction between stalking and paparazzi)

>and understand people who hide around people's houses are criminal scumbags
what should be known . . .

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go to japan and find out the difference then ...
one you can get arrested for and the other you get paid for

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What you want are called candid pics not stalker pics. Candid pics are non-staged shots.

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Morally is there a difference? Like I said, legitimately sure... there is a difference, but in the actual act of following someone around and taking pictures of them, is it really better if you are getting paid to do it? One might argue it is worse.

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>Morally is there a difference?
my god does this really need an explanation,
i certainly don't want to teach you about the paparazzi business in here

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I'll search for it this weekend.

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a private detective ! exactly what we need right now

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You sir are a moralfag of the worst degree, a hypocrite. If you are going to be against the idea of a stalker how can you not be against paparazzi it is all the same shit. I agree with you that stalking is absolutely disgusting and a crime but I hold no distinction and find paparazzi to be just as dehumanizing and criminal.

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>You sir are the moralfag
well your argument would be true if the hundreds of magazines and newspapers didn't use the pictures either, but they do, so lets leave it there
clearly paparazzi cross the line into stalker all the time and those people should be condemned

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I'll just go back to posting Yossi. She's really fucking skinny.

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such a beautiful head. no way alien, at all.

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Paprazzi get arrested all the damn time for crossing the line.

Nice try anyway irreversibly-retarded-hypocritcal-moralfag. Please keep forcefeeding us your good guy propoganda bullshit.

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she's really fucking awesome. i would like to feed her big macs.

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Again the only reason I am stating this is because you are trying to take the moral high ground when there is none to be taken. Shit is still shit whether it is bought or not.

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>Please keep forcefeeding us your good guy propoganda bullshit

my god i havent witnessed trolls of this magnitude in a long time

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Oh good they hid her chimp ears this time.

>> No.1469244

someone called out for stalker photos and i condemned it, then an argument about ensued over the fact that stupid people can't distinguish between the two categories,
no one is taking any highroads, if anything its just idiots smashing their heads together for no reason

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You can look in her eyes and tell she has no soul.

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her final form?

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look even the Konno troll is getting ignored , jesus

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she was six years old in the picture?

delicious loli, indeed.

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I took the highroad and went and made some popcorn. I'm going to watch something now. I'll stay here while I watch though.

Yes. I too would like to feed her big macs.

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oh, ill just leave this here

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Oh, you...

Sixth grade.

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at least reina is getting love in this picture.

>> No.1469280

LOL I guess having eyesight makes me a troll. Sorry but she really is not attractive get over it.

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I'd give her love if you know what I mean.

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i suppose i can overlook the fact she is a trekkie :\

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reina is still in the lead as top loli.

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who did reina impersonate in mini moni? Mari?

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Second part of the article.

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he sister seems cute

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Looks that way.

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someone should tell this anon his encode went wrong.

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Are these actually candid?

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wow that anon was right, you're completely beyond all logical reasoning

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Any chance of a /rs/ of your candid collection?

>> No.1469382

it's from a paparazzi photobook+DVD

does anyone happen to have a DL links for them?



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I don't really have as much as you'd think and I wish I was smart enough when I first started getting them to make a "candid" folder or something but they are just scattered throughout each member's folders ;_;

But I'll look through my folders and if there is any amount worth wrapping into a collection I'll do it for you. Just remind me later or something.

Thanks, I assume these are pretty legit if they were published and all but they couldn't have picked a creepier subtitle "Following the Tracks of MUSUME'S History in Detail" lol.

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I really don't have that many pics or videos. I only have this photobook and a DVD, and I haven't ripped the DVD or scanned the pages because it is so old and probably out there already (it's from 2002)

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anyone have a better ver of this pic?

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I do that with my wall scrolls all the time.


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I used to have this video on my computer about 4 years ago, but I have no idea where it is now. It was probably on an old HDD that died.

Anyone have a link to it?

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good job loser


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must know source

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It seems that you have a different definition for "on reinya's dick". If anything we're being tsundere.

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anyone have an updated version of this?

I'm assuming kumai is much taller than Iida now?

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maybe when they do another sports festival (never)

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I can't believe 5'6" was the tallest back then...

Johnson is 168 cm (5'6")

Kumai is 178 cm (5'10") (Though, I think recently it was 5'11")

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Oh wow! Anymore Yossi candids? I don't think I have any...

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Anyone remember a few years back when a wota posted rika's house for sale on yahoo auctions, and it reached ~$900,000 before it was taken down by yahoo admins?

I should have made a screencap of that auction page....

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So cute... Are those from that book?

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no, they are from a japanese h!p blog for a long time ago. I don't remember the URL and it is probably dead.

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no, they are from a japanese h!p blog form a long time ago. I don't remember the URL....

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no, I DL'ed them from a japanese h!p blog a long time ago. I don't remember the URL.

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yossi looks like a trap in this one

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>> No.1469789

I'll post more later, i need to go to sleep...

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i'll post more sometime later, i need sleep...

>> No.1469827

I'm going to sleep too. Thanks for the pictures I didn't have, I'll see you tomorrow if you come back with the pics.

>> No.1470060

~ Ame no Furanai Hoshi dewa Aisenai Darou ~

We must think about global warming.

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File: 37.00 MB, 1977x3000, 1224240218692.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.1470463

Needs more dangerous arse.

>> No.1470505

love letter download?

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>> No.1470887

Yoro Sen #10

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back to china with you

>> No.1470975

JunJun looks hot right there. Is she losing weight?

>> No.1470987
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it would seem so, i agree she looks better in this episode

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Is Koharu gonna have to choke a bitch? (Answer: yes)

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Gaki, clearly capable of all human emotions

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Oh, fuck you. She was always hot and she was never fat. At most she was chubby and it was the cutest thing ever!

JunJun come to me!!!


>> No.1471281

Anyone spare some links for tvtokyo stream?

mms://hinamizawa.jp/tvtokyo isn't working anymore? :(

>> No.1471324

your words are meaningless

>> No.1471326



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They may be meaningless but they are still true.

That link is all you need.

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needs more aika

>> No.1471425

needs any aika more like it, seems she is in a major popularity drought round here at least

>> No.1471448
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It's too bad.

This anon thinks she's stellar.

>> No.1471461
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i dont feel the same way, but it's a fitting end to this thread

>> No.1471494

also a fitting end to morning musume

>> No.1471511
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>> No.1471534

the chinese move i think is the move that put them on the defensive

>> No.1471566

Aika needs some superior lips

>> No.1471862
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I'm I alone here? You guys have things to do on a Friday evening? Or is there another thread I'm not aware of?

>> No.1471899
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Look like megaupload hates my internet connection. I left the file uploading 10 hours ago and it froze saying that only 3 hours elapsed.

Gonna try uploading with this Mega Manager thingy and hope it doesn't carry spyware or virus.

If the gods will it, you will have your download links tomorrow morning.

>> No.1472003

well there isnt much to look forward to in this thread besides its autosaging and then eventual sayumi bomb for the next thread, personally i dont feel like being the stooge to carry it through these shitty phases

>> No.1472023

school uniform spammer here, I just got back. I received my momusu calendar today, but it the tube it came in had one of the endcaps missing, the other broken, and no calendar inside. The UPS guy delivered it by just putting it on my doorstep and running away, he didn't ring the doorbell or anything. Now I have to go through a shitstorm with UPS to figure out what the fuck happened and cause some hell.

I'm never using yesasia w/UPS ground ever again, I'm only using cdjapan w/EMS from now on, and I suggest you all take my advice.

>> No.1472029

fucking told ya, too many wotas at all phases of that deal, too much chances for it to be swiped

>> No.1472030

school uniform spammer here, I just got back. I received my momusu calendar today, but the tube it came in had one of the endcaps missing, the other broken, and no calendar inside. The UPS guy delivered it by just putting it on my doorstep and running away, he didn't ring the doorbell or anything. Now I have to go through a shitstorm with UPS to figure out what the fuck happened.

I'm never using yesasia w/UPS ground ever again, I'm only using cdjapan w/EMS from now on, and I suggest you all take my advice.

>> No.1472074

contact yesasia, they'll probably send you a another one. i've had pretty good experiences with yesasia's customer service in the past.

good luck.

>> No.1472107
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this thread needs more eri.

>> No.1472115
File: 646 KB, 1560x2480, 1224288768563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.1472118
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>> No.1472124

I wish I was a girl so I could fly to Japan and have hot lesbian sex with Yossie. ;_;

>> No.1472132
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>> No.1472142
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more eri to wind down the thread.

>> No.1472144
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>every thread needs more eri
fixd and pledged

>> No.1472167

max image limit reached

new thread:

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