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Today I was on the tube coming back from uni, when on stepped some beautiful Japanese girl, about 20 years old. She was stunning, immaculate, and she smelled of a citrus perfume.

I was standing up because there was nowhere to sit, and she stood opposite me. I smiled at her (I smile at everyone, it's like my thing) and she smiled shyly. I was just thinking "she's so kirei!"

I was leaning against this little glass wall they have at the end of the seats for some reason, and the guy at the end got off at the next stop, freeing up a seat.

At this point she looked at me in a silent way asking if I wanted the seat, but I gestured with my head that she could have it, and she bowed slightly and sat down.

A few minutes later I noticed she was leaning against the glass sleeping (or at least resting her eyes)

It was like she was resting against me. I almost died of happiness for a few seconds. Then I just felt really comfortable.

Looking back, I think I should have just talked to her or something. Impressed her with my basic Japanese language knowledge.

I'm so pathetic.

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Is this London Underground?

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Why are you so sure she even knew Japanese?

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Delicious copypasta.

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You should have asked her if she has had sex with more than 2 men.

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Some guy you don't know looks pretty cool.

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Don't be such a fucking pushover. If she's not a virgin she should be thrown out for being expired.

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Same reason I knew she was female, or that birds aren't dogs


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What line?

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No, I'm pretty liberal so my upper limit is 2 different men. I also expect her to have gone at least a year without sex after 18 to see how great her powers of self-control are.

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Picadilly, why?

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>Same reason I knew she was female
I have some good news for you.
>or that birds aren't dogs
What does that even mean? Japanese aren't born with knowledge of language. I know this is copypasta and troll, but I am unable to stop myself from replying.

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lol, i get picadilly too, not today though.

was this in central or towards COCKfosters and oakWOOD?

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I laughed at your bugeyes.

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Amusing story. I was feeling down too. Thanks.

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It's neither copypasta nor trolling

She was quite pale, she was in London and she was well dressed. From those things, I inferred she was Japanese (and most likely a visitor, rather than a permanent resident) and her bowing sealed the deal entirely. Not to mention that Japs outnumber chinks in central london by a significant margin.

Westbound from central

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>(and most likely a visitor, rather than a permanent resident) and her bowing sealed the deal entirely.
See, that makes sense.

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How many different men do you think she had slept with?

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In my mind she'll always be a virgin

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Why didn't you commit aggravated sexual assault?

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'some guy i don't know' is Ecstasy aka Darks

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I'm glad to hear you have standards my friend. Most people these days think that a girl who has slept with 10 different men is 'average'.

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Even grazing a penis or seeing a penis means she's not pure. Where can you find something like this?

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Before puberty.

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Are you kidding me? Do modern men have no standards at all?

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>>10 different men is 'average'
this world is disgusting

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Does that mean I'm "pure" then?

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I think you should shave, brother. If, that is, you want to do this social interacting thing. Or go for a proper beard. Why not.

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After just over a year (last time I shaved was July 2007, I recall because it was at the Tokyo Hilton....long story, I didn't pay) I still haven't managed to grow a proper beard.

I have been toying with the idea of shaving my neck fluff, but I don't like how I look with no facial hair at all.

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Well personally I dislike girls who girl blowjobs and handjobs and don't count them among their sexual experiences because imo that makes them less pure.

Most only PRETEND to be ok with it to seem 'progressive'.

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Are you a girl? Because if you are a man then chances are you have seen your own penis.

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>neck fluff
You'd look better, trust me.

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I'm progressive, I think both men and women are sluts.

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It's not a good thing.

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If you know what a penis is you are not pure!

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Yea, I've been thinking the same.

I'll pick up a razor and some foam next time I'm out.

Thanks for pushing me over the edge anon.

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And maybe stop by /fa/?

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But I'm not gay...

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Next you'll be saying people should visit /fit/

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Fuck that. Thin white ovals never go out of style.

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Don't mention /fa/ here.

Don't be satirical my female friend.

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You-know-who is here! I know it!
:) :) :)

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What do you mean?

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/fa/ is pretty cool, they helped me buy a cool watch. That was months ago though. Does /fa/ suck now?

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I don't like /fa/, I don't like /cgl/ either. It's the same userbase by and large. Cosplayers are disgusting people.

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Why would anon need a watch

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so he knows if it's night or day

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I'm going to ride the train now. Both underground and overground! I wonder if I'll have any wacky adventures involving meeting interesting or attractive people. Nah, I don't look at anyone outside. See ya!

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Why would Anon need to know if it's night or day?

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Hey op, what's the race of the guy on the left?

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brown of some sort

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that was bizarrely hilarious

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I'm the guy on the left. And I saw your embarrassing neckbeard.

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Oh wow!

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You look more like an Ore than a Watashi to me, OP.

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this is how i imagined OP

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...well...shit. ;_;

All the Japanese girls in London are hot, I swear those pictures of ugly girls showing what it's really like in Japan are just because all the hot girls are over here.

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You missed the slobber on the glass.

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the same could be said of any asian who goes abroad. you know what I mean? it's always certain kind of asian person that goes abroad, and they're not your ugly kind.

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>girl blowjobs

Is that cunnilingus?

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Well it's a typo. Basically I don't like girls who have slept with more than 2 men or had sexual contact with more than 2 men.

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thats pretty pathetic alright

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I don't like girls who have shown their hair or ankles to more than 2 men.

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The more attractive you are, the more likely you are to succeed in life, get money etc.

Also more likely to travel to the most expensive city in the world, and I agree, London is full of smoking Japanese girls, but this one was special. She had was almost 2D-quality.

And I've been to Japan several times, they are fat from universally attractive

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Sup Mohammed

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People have sex. Yes, even girls.

Welcome to reality. If you're looking for a virgin dream girl, I sure hope you're younger than 20...

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99% of females go for guys older than they are

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I'd rather have high hopes that are never fufilled than settle for the bottom of the barrel.

>> No.1461550

s'up femanon

feeling periody today?

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Shut the fuck up you pathetic normalfag, stop trying to appear progressive to /jp/'s large female userbase. I'm sick of you scum, you are degnerate sores on the ass of society.

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Hah! They're everything BUT a virgin. Why do you think they like older guys? To be a loli imouto? Fuck no, they want to be made to feel like women (fucked hard)

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>large female userbase

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If you're the bottom of the barrel yourself, I would strongly recommend against that line of thought.

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I hunger for more.

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And you are top of the barrel or something? Is that why you like women who have slept with more than ten men? Real fucking classy.

Get back to your nightclubs.

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Get out.

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truth hurts, u don't have to be a normal fag to know that people do what they were put on this planet to do

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Not even steel could keep me apart from Rika.

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nice strawman logic

>> No.1461590

People, that is humans, have the ability to fight their instinct when it is rational to do so. In order not to cheat and so on. I respect self-control, you respect those who have no self-control because you want to draw a line of demarcation between yourself and /jp/. It's a pure black and white dichotomy here.

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/jp/ doesn't have a large amount of anything, besides retards

>> No.1461594


It's not really a strawman to assume that you wouldn't have a problem with a slut if you see sleeping around as 'natural' now, is it?

>> No.1461596


haha oh wow, you actually thought girls who like older guys are innocent? they're the least innocent, brah. i mean, think about it, why do you think they're into mature gentlemen?

>> No.1461602


I don't care about girls who like older guys. My point is that girls who sleep around are worthless to us. Regardless of their tastes.

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Get out.

>> No.1461605


u mad?

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girls who have slept with more than 2 men in their lifetime != slut

You don't know what a slut really is. You're idea of a non-slut is your little sister. While that may be true, there's more to it than that. You're thinking about chicks who get banged every time they go to a nightclub because they're too fucking stupid. As opposed to women who simply fucked because they were in a relation ship with someone and happened to be in relationships with more guys in her lifetime than you.

>> No.1461613

She thought you were creepy and feigned sleep so she wouldn't have to talk to you. She was probably wishing her boyfriend was around to tell you off for staring at her.

>> No.1461615

/jp/ is just tsundere for 3D pig girls.

Don't worry, anons pretending to be female jp users.

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Get out.

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yo dawg, I heard you liked exploitable pics

[trying to unshit a possibly good thread :(]

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why so serious?

>> No.1461622


You don't seem to get it do you? If you have a pattern of sequential monogamy with 5 or 6 guys in the space of 5 or so years, all of whom you were 'in love' with, then you are a fucking moron and don't seem to understand the concept of learning more about a person before you just commit to a relationship ad nauseum.

This is the reason women can't be ronery, because after they've broken up with their boyfriend most of the time they'll just bounce back into another relationship for the sake of it.

And I sure as shit am not going to trust a woman who has been in 'love' with 6 different men and has said the words 'I love you, I want to be with you forever' to 6 different men. That's just called being willfully ignorant to the true nature of someone.

>> No.1461628

I was right. He's definitely here. Sans tripcode. Y'all know who.
:) :) :)

>> No.1461629

Get out.

>> No.1461636

I know you are a woman and whatsmore, I know you agree with me because most women on /jp/ are rational and do agree with me.

>> No.1461637

Reading your story while listening to Konayuki by Remioromen made me cry a little. You should have just gone for it, OP. ♥

>> No.1461653

Athens-san, this is... well, it's just the second time. I'm not a woman. Really, dude.

I agree with some of your premises but I'd not be so strict on living up to the conclusion you've come to. (i.e. automatically rejecting anyone slept with >2 men). People can make mistakes, and they can change...

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I was kind of hoping you were a woman because they are very calming to chat to.

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this describes not only my feelings about this post, but pretty much all of /jp/ in general.

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thanks, bro

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I dream of it every night, if only she could be mine. ;_;

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I like your MSPaint-Fu.

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I dream of it every night, if only she could be mine. ;_;

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Madotsuki is not pleased.

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>large female userbase

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If I saw Rika on a train, I wouldn't be able to control myself.

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Is that who I think it is?

>> No.1461680

The true moe blob.

>> No.1461682

I'm glad I'm not the only one immature enough to make jokes about cockfosters.

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I was expecting this story to end in chikan...

>> No.1461687

Haha, wood.

>> No.1461693

Actually, I know three girls who browse 4chan and one guy (2 if you include me). They're out there, believe me.

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Why is he so delicious? ;_;

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This didn't come out as awesome as I imagined it.
so, like, sage

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Yeh but do they browse /b/ and /r9k/?

I think girls who browse those boards are pretty slutty.

>> No.1461779

Damn, Saya's hot.

>> No.1461838


>> No.1461873

I heard there was a female anon in this thread. Wanna go out with me?

>> No.1461885

God damn it I lol'd at OP picture.

>> No.1461888

She was probably korean

>> No.1461893

The first one I met used to browse /b/ way back before it started to suck, but kind of fell out of the loop as the years went on (can't blame her). She's smart, funny, insanely hot, and not the least bit slutty.

The second one I know browses /jp/ and only /jp/. While not terribly attractive (not hideous either mind you), she's one of the more laid-back and friendly people I know.

The third embodies everything I loathe about 4chan. She browses /b/, says things like "lulz" and "you just lost the game" in real life, and is underage (surprise!). If she wasn't my best friend's girlfriend I would have beaten her to death years ago.

>> No.1461895

You did the right thing my friend.

>> No.1461897

can i have the second one? please

>> No.1461914


>She was probably korean

Neither. OP never mentioned the girl carrying a tricked-out cellphone, shopping bags, or wearing out-of-place clothes, or accompanied by friends.

She's Filipina.

>> No.1461915



>> No.1461918

sorry but no Filipina don't fall into that category

>> No.1461928


How many men have each of them slept with?

>> No.1461935


>> No.1461944



Even the one who browses /jp/? I would have thought she wouldn't have slept with more than 2 men.

>> No.1461945

Slut detected, i hope you don't think you're normal cause you get gangbanged each weekend

>> No.1461948

Any female, even one who browses /jp/, is a fucking socialfag

either that or they're hideous

and I mean cut-her-out-of-her-house-and-lift-her-with-a-crane-when-she-dies kind of hideous, not the simple phantom-of-the-opera-half-her-face-burned-off kind of hideous, because that kind of hideous still goes out drinking every friday and saturday

>> No.1461955


nobody browses "only" /jp/

>> No.1461956


fuck I guess that tiny glimmer of hope is finally dead. Time to order a new hard drive and fill it with VNs.

>> No.1461960


I don't think so. But I'm sure there are a few women on here that have had sex with more than 2 men, but I don't think they are the majority.

>> No.1461961

one day I hope to meet a brillian, attractive girl who doesn't own a phone, and likes to be alone

Maybe we can be alone together

having sex

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>I don't think so
you don't get to have an opinion

it's a fact, science says so

Here's a pie chart

want to argue with a pie chart made using hard scientific data?


>> No.1461979

Have you given up hope? Or are you planning to enter that world?

>> No.1461982

I've told you before I think. I love women who aren't slutty a lot and I don't think the women on /jp/ are sluts because my judgment is impeccable.

I don't think they like clubbing either.

>> No.1461985

/r9k/ is fucking insufferable. It is a very accurate reflection of the average female.

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>I think
>I think

>> No.1461989

This thread died as soon as a female posted

I hope your gender is fucking satisfied

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/r9k/ is awful, yeah, did any of you catch that thread 'how many people have you slept with'?

Most of the women were 25+ sexual partners.

Also, some women said they had slept with more than 40 men, or more than 50..... I agree that when you read things like that you lose hope.

>> No.1462002

I just disagree fundamentally.

>> No.1462008


>> No.1462012


Seriously, I don't have a problem with the females that tend to browse /a/ and /jp/ because they're ronery shut ins just like us, but if you browse /r9k/ ... yeah, SPEAKING OF red flags.

>> No.1462019

I'd like to share your optimism, I really would

From the bottom of my heart.

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>the females that tend to browse /a/ and /jp/ because they're ronery shut ins just like us

>> No.1462029

<3 you too!

That's my point, there is a big disconnect between /b/ - /r9k/ and the rest of us. You can't compare /r9k/ females to females who browse /jp/ - Most of the girls on /r9k/ probably haven't seen a single anime series, let alone heard of visual novels, touhou etc.

>> No.1462034


Whatever faggot. You know some exist. And I said TEND TO.

>> No.1462035

ITT delusional anons who think konata is real, and lives in san diego

>> No.1462039

Daytime shift

harsh realities of life haven't kicked in for the mostly underage-b& crowd here

and most of them are probably socialfags themselves

>> No.1462042


I'm not even assuming that they're hot.

>> No.1462045

>and most of them are probably socialfags themselves

Heh, you have no idea.... I am probably less social than you, though I admit I'm not a NEET. But as I said, I used to dislike all women on 4chan, but I just can't dislike all of them. They are so adorable, well some of them at least, how can you not see that they aren't all like the ones on /r9k/? I bet if one of them offered to cuddle with you while watching Kaiji you wouldn't refuse at all.

Also, I am 99% sure that 75% haven't slept with more than 2 men.

>> No.1462046

brb, moving to san diego

>> No.1462047


even fat 50-year old saggy hairy women could go outside and find a guy willing to fuck her brains out in 30 seconds flat, if she wanted

women don't get to be ronery

>> No.1462048


They're on /cm/ and /y/. You should go if you want to meet them.

>> No.1462051

Guys, guys

Being asexual is awesome

Come join me faggots

>> No.1462052


>> No.1462054

>how can you not see that they aren't all like the ones on /r9k/?
I've never been to /r9k/

>I am probably less social than you
I find that hard to believe

>I bet if one of them offered to cuddle with you while watching Kaiji you wouldn't refuse at all.
...at which point jesus jumps out from under my space-bar shitting rainbows

>> No.1462060

Again, I don't care if they're not attractive because I only have to talk to them over the Internet. And these tolerable females do exist in limited numbers.

/cgl/ is a tier below /r9k/ when it comes to awful females, but it's still nigh intolerable.

>> No.1462063

>talk to them over the Internet
I think I just threw up a little

>> No.1462066
File: 64 KB, 459x600, 1224101814763.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are we talking about 3D girls?

>> No.1462070

>I find that hard to believe

Well if I'm being honest I am genuinely scared of women. Actually scared of them. I stutter around them, I can't maintain eye contact, I also get really scared at the idea of any kind of relationship because asides from being blessed with an element of intelligence - I am not physically big and therefore have inferiority complex towards big muscular men who I'd think any potential girlfriend would secretly lust over.

And I justify my inaction with this kind of reasoning.

So yeh, I'm hardly normal.

>...at which point jesus jumps out from under my space-bar shitting rainbows

Maybe it's unlikely but in the event it did happen you wouldn't say no. Women can melt a man's heart in a second, that's part of their charm, a part they should emphasize more (at least in my opinion) than dressing in scantily clad clothing.

>> No.1462076

All oriental people in the UK are actually Chinese

>> No.1462078


You were not invited, please leave.

>> No.1462084
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What have you become, /jp/?

>> No.1462086

/cgl/ is just terrible. Honestly, from the way they talk you'd think cons were travelling whore shows, a lot of them have one night stands and other things like that. It doesn't fit contextually well with my hobby, it reminds me of school a little. I mean, there is even one cosplayer who has become a pornstar.

I'm also convinced a lot of them have fucking low power levels and don't really care about anime/manga/video games but instead just want an excuse to show off.

>> No.1462088

>there is even one cosplayer who has become a pornstar.

saging my own faggotry

>> No.1462091

What? Since the day /jp/ opened I stopped browsing /a/ and only browse /jp/

>> No.1462097

Some people really hate the term "we." Even though he wasn't being presumptuous there.

>> No.1462100


Separatist pig.


>> No.1462101

Dear god, this thread needs to just stop. Stop assuming women are kind, stop assuming there are female virgins on 4chan, stop assuming. Women are horrible creations, and once they pass 12 years of age, they are irreconcilable, period.

>> No.1462105
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>> No.1462107

This. These threads get pretty damn creepy. It's okay to be sick perverts with inanimate objects and women from the 2D world but leave that stuff out of 3D land.

>> No.1462108

I refuse to lose hope, false hope is better than no hope. And as I said, she doesn't have to be a virgin, just not slept with more than 2 men.

>> No.1462110

Also the best kind of women are usually older than 20 and are very intellectual. I don't see the appeal in young girls.

>> No.1462111

Having been in an institution before I can tell you there are all kinds of women out there and there's probably plenty of socially-broken lonely bitches browsing /jp/ right now and you will NEVER FUCKING MEET THEM because neither of you ever go outside, even if you did meet them, nothing would happen because neither of you would talk or make eye contact and you'd both be desperatly hoping the other wouldn't talk and make things even more awkward. They also don't know how to shave.

>> No.1462115

Oh athens, you're such a man.


>> No.1462116

>damn creepy

I don't think it's creepy at all.

>> No.1462119

Hey, I happen to like 13 year olds.

>> No.1462120

Nothing wrong with a little thunder down under. That is, until it gets to Jumanji levels.

>> No.1462121

Actually I'm a female virgin of 19 years of age. Never had a boyfriend (I'm asexual), etc etc. I don't really care either.
saging because no one will believe me or care anyways.

>> No.1462123

thread died here

>> No.1462125

I guess we can all agree that it's impossible to find a female virgin over 25.

If I find a partner in the future then it's likely that she will have had at least one, maybe two previous relationships, not counting all the casual sex. I'm going to feel inferior and I will be the weaker part in the relationship.

>> No.1462128

yea but you're also a socialfag cancer

>> No.1462129

You missed the OP and accidentally clicked the quote for a post in the middle of the thread.

>> No.1462135


The thing with women is that they start to panic once they get into their mid to late 20s, because their best before date for getting married is rapidly approaching and so they're always slutting it up thinking, "Yeah, this guy is the one."

>> No.1462136

>If I find a partner in the future then she'll be a barely legal teen looking for an older guy who can treat her good

>> No.1462138

shitstorm inc

>> No.1462142
File: 90 KB, 750x1106, 1224103059486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys... We know who we are. Let's just wrap this up and go home.

>> No.1462145

Nice try. It's just gay to pretend to be a female, you fag.

>> No.1462148

I care and I hope you find someone sooner or later. You are one in a million, look upon your asexuality as a blessing, you can find true platonic love that way, unencumbered by sexual desire.

Nothing wrong with one or two long term relationships.

don't be sarcastic, I'm being serious.

>> No.1462152

I came from /co/ and I only browse /jp/.

>> No.1462154

stop flirting anon, you're embarrassing yourself considering I'm a guy

>> No.1462157

I'm not flirting, I'm in a good mood and I want to spread the positive mood around to people who deserve it.

>> No.1462159


>> No.1462160

What? I was being serious ;_;

>> No.1462168


Fuck you then. You don't understand our heritage. You don't understand ANYTHING.

There is one /a/, an /a/ where anime discussion and Touhou and ronery threads and Hatsune Miku all co-exist together in peace and unlimited harmony.

>> No.1462171

If by 'socialfag' you mean going out partying and whatnot, no I don't do that.
Although I do go out every once in awhile for walks, a movie here and there, etc.

I kinda understand the men of /jp/ though. Somewhat..
Eh I guess not really.

Thanks NiceAnon. Although I don't really care about my condition, It's nicer then just saging me and calling me a liar.

>> No.1462174

In that case thank you, and I'm sure you are a real woman of high distinction as well.

>> No.1462182

you must be pretty unattractive

>> No.1462184

I honestly think that most of us will have had sex at least once before we turn 40.

>> No.1462187



>> No.1462190

What? Go back to /a/, true /jp/ were happy to be out of that shithole.

>> No.1462191

>Although I don't really care about my condition,

But don't you still dream of meeting someone? I'm interested because I'm generally interested in how similar we ronery men are to you ronery women - as you usually get saged for no good reason in these kinds of threads. How, for example, would you describe your perfect man?

>> No.1462192

That sounds sarcastic ;_;

No, athens, don't leave me ;_;

>> No.1462196

You leave your house and you have a group of people with whom you associate. If you don't hate them, you are a socialfag and you don't embrace /jp/'s true nature.

I have a group of people that I go drinking with, but I hate it. The only reason I do it is because they buy the lies that I'm broke and buy me alcohol with which I can drown my sorrows. The chick keeps hitting on me and thinks I've had sex before, but I'm a virgin pedophile and think she and her DD breasts are disgusting. The gay guy seems to have noticed that I don't show interest in women, though he doesn't seem to have pinpointed the reason.

I try to avoid it, but the free alcohol is too good to pass up.

>> No.1462203
File: 31 KB, 380x288, 1223577860425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3D bullshit

>> No.1462204

I'm shooting to lose my virginity with a loli. So, I will die a virgin.

>> No.1462205

>I have a group of people that I go drinking with
Oh, "I hate them" no fuck you. You are a socialfag, get the fuck out.

>> No.1462206


You're a stupid fucking drunk, and part of the problem.

>> No.1462207

I'm not being sarcastic at all. I think the presence of women on /jp/ is a good thing and I think most of you are quite special compared to the women on other boards. Especially, as mentioned, /r9k/ and /cgl/.

>> No.1462213

This post is filled with hypocrisy.

>> No.1462216

kill yourself

>> No.1462219
File: 36 KB, 400x264, short-bus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah, they're special all right.

>> No.1462220

You are a failure.

>> No.1462221

I like how the hostility in this thread really skyrocketed once it approached autosage.

It's like people wanted to get their final FUCK YOUs in.

>> No.1462224

Can I fuck you?

>> No.1462228

You know what, fuck this shit. I haven't been outside for over a week, I can't even relate to this.

>> No.1462232
File: 56 KB, 602x437, shirousez.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is the worst thread on /jp/ right now. You socialfags should be ashamed trying to levy standards here in /jp/ about virginity. By posting in here, you're effectively a NEET loser!

>> No.1462236

For all your discussion, the bottom line is this:
In all likelihood, no woman will ever love you. This is completely independent of her virginity, her hobbies, and whether she browses /jp/ or not. The sooner you abandon your misguided hope, the sooner you can learn to be content with solitude. Now I won't lie to you, Anonymous, it'll still get lonely. But eventually you'll be able to appreciate the hard times just as much as the good. Though it may sound trite, happiness, or at least contentment, does indeed come from within. You won't find it in women and you sure as hell won't find it in a thread like this.

Sage. I'm well aware that it doesn't matter at this point, but it's always been a token gesture anyway.

>> No.1462238

Hypocrite detected. May I draw your attention to the fact the modified Konata character you are posting has been specifically engineered to more closely resemble a REAL WORLD, 3D, nerdy female.
Don't deny.

>> No.1462244

Except that women have offered to fuck me in the past, and I turned them down. It's not that I can't lose my virginity, it's that I don't care to with some slut.

>> No.1462250


No, they are special because they are the female equivalent of us. That's quite rare, and highly desirable, like a form of precious metal. But much, much better than any material good hard currency can purchase.

>> No.1462253

You're a little incorrect with that. There is a woman out there who will love you, she may even be a little attractive, she may even have some of the same interests you do. And you hate her, you will hate her, you will want nothing to do with her. Why? That's just how it works, you both have horrible fucking personalities.

>> No.1462255

I am content in solitude, having a girl would just be the icing on the cake. That's the correct attitude to take.

>> No.1462256

I'm not trying to embrace "/jp/'s true nature". I only come here because this board's sense of humor is great, even though I don't understand most of it.
Also I like playing touhou, but I'm pretty bad at it.
Well judging from other anon's responses, you messed up pretty bad, so I got a good laugh there.

>But don't you still dream of meeting someone?
>I'm interested because I'm generally interested in how similar we ronery men are to you ronery women - as you usually get saged for no good reason in these kinds of threads.
I'm not lonely (as in love lonely..or whatever.. lovesick?), So I don't know.
>How, for example, would you describe your perfect man?
Be nice, and be funny. Nothing else really matters after that.

>> No.1462259

Fucking equals neither love nor happiness, Anonymous. If you spent more time thinking, you might have realized this.

>> No.1462261


She's something you'd want in 3D, only rendered in 2D, making it much better!

>> No.1462263

Fuck != Love
You of all people should know this, Anonymous.

>> No.1462267

ITT people who aren't pedophiles


>> No.1462269

I know, this is why I turned them down. I had a loli that loved me once, just not in the "I'd fuck you" way.

>> No.1462270
File: 99 KB, 247x248, 1222212861171.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1462275

>people who aren't pedophiles
>I had a loli that loved me once, just not in the "I'd fuck you" way ;_;

>> No.1462277


>Be nice

What a load of shit. You want a man to treat you like dirt, admit it.

>> No.1462283

I want a woman to treat me like dirt.

>> No.1462285

But I don't understand, I mean, you don't feel lonely at all? Do you honestly feel totally content? And even if you do, there is no innate desire to share that contentedness with someone else?

I mean, I'm pretty content on my own, but I'd still like to share it with someone else.

>> No.1462286
File: 106 KB, 554x439, 1220914916734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's taken, I'm afraid.

I know for sure that the first one is not a virgin, but other than that, no clue. I can't just be like, "hey, how many dudes have you fucked," and it's really none of my business either way.

>> No.1462295

Different anon, but I never feel lonely at all. I don't understand ronery threads and stuff, it just seems strange to me.

>> No.1462310

I don't get you guys who like younger, I really don't.

I want a woman, not a girl, ideally a woman who has not slept with more than 2 men, but still a woman with her own opinions, with intelligence, with experience about travelling and life in general. You don't get that with a small child, they are not mentally or physically desirable.

It's just not attractive in the least.

>> No.1462322

You don't belong here, fiend.

>> No.1462328


I would like you to know that you a terrible person and that I hate you with every fiber of my being

That's all

>> No.1462332

Little girls are the pinnacle of perfection

>> No.1462340

That's a pretty nice thing to have I guess, I still dont understand why you wouldn't still desire it to some extent though.


>> No.1462341

ronery != lonely

>> No.1462348


>I know for sure that the first one is not a virgin,

But you said she's "not the least bit slutty". Fucking liar.

>> No.1462349

Not really. A phd student virgin is the pinnacle of perfection.

>> No.1462363

Mayhap that was in her past, but she has since repented of her sins?

>> No.1462365

Oho. How would you define "slutty?"

>> No.1462370

a female who swallows dicks with her mouth and genitals as a hobby

>> No.1462372


If she's had sex with even ONE guy, it means that she's a LITTLE slutty. So the fact that there's a good chance there's even more than one means "not the least bit" is really stretching it.

>> No.1462378

How about the girl who browses /jp/? Has she had more than 1 boyfriend?

>> No.1462379

So a leopard can never change its spots, eh?

>> No.1462388

Early in "relationships" girls take dicks inside them an average of 8 times per week

that's a lot of dick

Would you rather have an old used car from the 80s, or something undriven from...say...2008

actually 2000 is more my style. I'm not into babies.

>> No.1462397

There are girls our age that are virgins too though.

>> No.1462408

Not my age (20)

girls my age have fresh dick every day

>> No.1462414

I'm older than you (by a year) and I do NOT think so.

>> No.1462424

Where do you live, Utah?

>> No.1462425

Most girls who are virgins at our age are fundamentalist Christians. Even the fattest, ugliest girl can get laid before she turns 18.

Interestingly, I never cared about my first time being with a virgin until I started playing visual novels, since the sex is almost always virgin-on-virgin and virginity is highly romanticized. God damnit Japan I was already overly romantic enough.

>> No.1462430

You suggest you've gotten laid. lol wut.

>> No.1462434


I don't think the mainstream of society are not slutty, they are. But there are 'pockets' of decency.

>> No.1462444

All the girls would be married by then.

>> No.1462449

>>1462425 future child rapist

>> No.1462455

Sorry I didn't mean to. I most certainly have not gotten laid. I just meant that I used to not care if I lost my virginity to another virgin or not, but since it's always considered so special in visual novels I've found myself developing even more unrealistic standards. I now consider virginity almost mandatory in a girl, when before I didn't care at all.

>> No.1462468

hahaha oh wow

Are you telling me there's a non-socialfag virgin girl sitting at her computer schlicking away to the thought of a ronery guy like me, also in Lodnon?

nigga pl0rx

>> No.1462483


>> No.1462486

She's 22 years old. At absolute maximum, she has slept with 1 other guy, and 2 sexual relationships by that age is more than acceptable.

There seems to be this weird dichotomy here. You have half of you guys saying "OPEN YOUR EYES LOSERS EVERY GIRL FUCKS 20 DIFFERENT GUYS ON AVERAGE EVERY DAY" and half of you saying "ANY WOMAN WHO HAS FORNICATED OUT OF WEDLOCK IS A FILTHY HARLOT." You guys need to learn that there are much easier ways of judging someone's character than how many people they've had sex with.

She's only 18, and as I said, not too attractive, so I'm going to guess no.

>> No.1462487

Probably, well maybe not schlicking, but hoping there is someone else out there like her, who knows what it's like to be slowly and surely backed into a corner of tacit ostracization because she doesn't enjoy things like drinking or clubbing, which you pretty much HAVE to enjoy in order to fit in these days. Who shares the same cynicism towards the world, an underlying current of misanthropy.

The sad part is both will never meet. That's the true tragedy here. Such a perfect foundation for a relationship that is destined to never happen.

>> No.1462493

>and 2 sexual relationships by that age is more than acceptable.
I'm sorry, I think I misunderstood. Women with prior sexual experience are acceptable? Surely that just came out wrong, and you're not actually a completely normalfag.

>> No.1462499

>there are much easier ways
no, there aren't

/jp/ is like water, we take the easiest path through everything

you'd know that if you were ONE OF US

which you're not

>> No.1462501


Well I'm 21 and I draw the limit at more than 2 guys as I've already said. And that's pretty fair in my book. But the thing is, it's a pretty good indication of someone's character, it shows how shallow they are and is indicative of what their capacity for self-control is like.

>> No.1462504

Oh fuck. Did you just move to London like a month ago? I think I might know you.

>> No.1462510

No, I've been here for a while. Years in fact.

>> No.1462536

...You sure about that?

>> No.1462557


I'm a postgraduate student. I've been here since I started my bachelor's degree.

>> No.1462561

Wow, you must be hella old.

>> No.1462569

I'm 21....

>> No.1462591

Oh yeah, that's right.

>> No.1462606


What are you studying? I'm up in cold, cold Durham on a masters course but live just outside London.

>> No.1462609

Personally, I'm in internet love with a 3D. Hopelessly. Have been for years. Smart, Funny, Beautiful, shares my ambitions and dreams for the future.

In the past she said she liked me too, but I was scared of the relationship hurting our friendship.

By the time I was ready, she had moved on, and I can't get over her. She's changed since then, picking up what I consider to be faults, and I don't talk with her as much as I'd like, but regardless of the distance through non-communication, and those faults, I still can't get over her.

I see myself growing old and dying alone because I missed my one chance. There is next to no chance she'll turn around again, and be interested in a relationship again.

Honestly, it sucks, but not that bad. I suppose because I have this unrequitted love, it makes me less lonely because there is only one girl I'm missing out on, instead of getting over her and missing out on all of them.

>> No.1462646


Classical History, late Roman Republic.

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