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If you could use the ability of one chara of touhou, which one you would choose.

Me? I would choose the "hability to manipulate borders".
It's no need of cars if you have sukima.

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Flower Control.

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Power of ➈

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Well, its useful in summer.

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We all know that Yukari's is the most versatile power, but if you just don't want to use cars, use Komachi's.

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Nice boat?

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They see me floatin
They hatin
Trying to catch me floating sleepy

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...manipulation of distance...

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Ability to manipulate borders is really useful.
More useful than geass and death note.

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Obviously borders. Then I won't be a virgin anymore.

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open a boundary between the sexual organ and panties and made a fun. I know that.

What about use it to get money?

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habeeb it

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I'd get Daiyousei's ability to not see panties.

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Satori's ower to read people's hearts/minds.

oh wait

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"Hability to manipulate eternity".

What's a hability, by the way?

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Whoops, forgot my pic.

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At most a hairs width form full blown omnipotence, or settle for something considerably less?

Well, that's an easy choice.

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the ability to give people orgasms

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The ability to be able to use anyone I want and have them love me in return.

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What about manipulation of Nuclear Fusion?

.....nah, I dont have anyone what i want to nuke.

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I want to shoot bullets

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The ability to spin happily.

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I'd be kind of scared of wielding Yukari's power. You might end up fucking EVERYTHING up on a catastrophic scale.

I'd go for manipulation of fate. I'd just fatehax myself into fortune by winning multiple lotteries, multiple times.

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So the majority of us want to be Yukari?

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The ability to host a party that EVERYONE has to join in.


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how did you di that

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Power to manipulate illness.
May be we could create a vaccine for aids with this.

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Do what?

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Best power. Marisa is hax that way.

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Immortality. I'd need nothing else.

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Is there nothing Yukari's powers cannot do?

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God powers.

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Revive her best friend back.

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What power does Reimu have? Because that's the one I'd choose.

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You can't do anything against viruses with that power.

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She could do that. But it'd mean going against her friend's wishes.

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Ability to fly.
Ability to use the Hakurei Orbs which have their own powers.

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Ability to fly.

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And making herself invincible.

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Not really, just flying outside of reality.

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Why would she want that? As it is now, she can spend as much time with her friend as she wants (until Yukari dies or even beyond that). That wouldn't be possible if she were human.

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Exactly. Yuyuko's dead, not broken.

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And making herself invincible.

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on an unrelated note
I don't know why, but when someone becomes invincible in games, the manual always says they become invisible.

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If there was somebody else that existed outside of reality, they could still whack her.

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>Supreme Master-Arts by any means. With Reimu's ability to float, she floats from everything in reality and becomes invincible.

>If it wasn't just for play (with time limit), no one could beat her with any method.

Ability to float (also, it's float, not fly) gives her invincibility. It's not directly one of her abilities.

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She didn't get to omnipotence only by having her ability. She might as well be a human wizard to an extreme. Centuries of meditation and magical practice bringing her to transcend humanity.

Hey, you can do that in our world.

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But for now there isn't. Unless it's Yukari haxing reality with her border powers.

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Also, it's not really invincibility. It's more like having the ability to make your AC positive infinity (or negative, depending on the game. Whichever is good)

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Something that's effective invincibility still functions AS INVINCIBILITY.

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Whatever powers Yukari wants her to have.

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In after ZUN changing his own canon. Just wait until she loses to Yoirhime. Unless ZUN pulls a shounen cliche out of his butt and let's the protagonist win.

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It's like the status effect "Out of Phase". Nobody can harm you, but you can't harm anyone either. Unleash a barrage of bullets and lounge in-between dimensions.

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Inter dimensional headbutt.

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Air Conditioner
Armored Core
pic related to both

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I don't think you meant to ask about powers.
Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

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>and let's the protagonist win.
That would be surprising? The protagonist ALWAYS wins. Even if the protagonist is Mystia and the enemy is Reimu, or Yuka, or Sikieiki.

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I for once would like to see Reimu defeated in a humiliating way like what Yorihime did to Marisa.

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Self sage for "let's" instead of "lets". Too tired.

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That wouldn't exactly be good for the plot. Sakuya lost. Marisa lost. If Reimu loses there's no way Remilia could win. So what happens then? They get deported somehow or (more likely) everyone dies. Either way it's kinda hard for the story to continue.

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Yorihime ate a piece of Marisa's danmaku. After that I don't think the story needs to have a logical conclusion.

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It took a team of 2 to defeat a Lunarian before and they are fighting one on one now...

I'd like to see Yorihime losing by summoning one of the god's we know, who kind of doesn't do what she wants to.
or something like that.

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I want my spirit to be separate from my own body, that would be totally cool.

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Marisa, her power is maximum.

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The ability to destroy everything, just like Flandre's power.

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First I read this as "which touhou would you rather be". If that was it, my answer would be rather different. But if it's only ability, without any of the personality or physical attributes, the answer is easy.

Imagine never having to live with any regrets, why you did this, or why you didn't do that. Never having to wonder what could've been or what could've happened differently. And maybe best of all, not in any way limited to yourself.

Although - and I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned more yet - an awful lot of responsibility would come with an ability like this. But if you could just stand that, life would be great.

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What are Yukari's limits?

Can she manipulate the boarder of immortality?

Kill Mokou?

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Whatever allows me to manipulate reality in the most meaningful way. The would be remilia's. Couldn't I just fate people with gap powers to be my servants for ever? Then I'll have yukari's powers by proxy.

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In theory, yes. In practice, no. She could manipulate the border between mortality and immortality to kill Mokou. But the only real result would be Mokou regenerating from having her spectral composition altered, making it a matter of definition whether she was ever truly dead or not. So whether Yukari could truly kill Mokou is a philosophical question - it doesn't transfer easily into practice.

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tl;dr trying to make Touhou make sense will melt your brain.

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Isn't Koishi's power the ability to subconciously control a person?

Just think of the possibilities.

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/jp/-touhou psychology

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Time hax. Shit would be so useful.

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that has nothing to do with psychology fucking idiot

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I'm with this guy. Time hax come with physics hax; no way around that.

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I'd choose the "hability" to take it easy

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