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How does /jp/ cope with this feeling?

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He should take some more ammo, who knows what will try to eat him there.

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Report button still works, so I'm okay.

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Made me laugh.

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9mm bullets won't be enough against the likes of Tenshi.

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I don't know that feeling because guns are illegal here. I had to buy my suicide kit from a ukranian on Tor. I will be using it soon I just need to tie up some loose ends before I go

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I'm going to die anyway in 60 years anyway and time is relative

Every day I check off one day on my mental calendar as if they were seconds

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One day /jp/ will be reunited in Gensokyo or either in the great general thread in the sky! Until that day, I work hard for those that can't!

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that feel when you think at least two /jp/sies have quietly gone to gensokyo in the last month without fanfare or celebration

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So long as we all remember /jp/, we still remember them! Once you become a part of this place you never leave it! Your shitposts are still there for people to see.

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By using a better handgun.

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By wanting to die, almost dying, but then being too pussy to die.
Also, go mail your belongings to other /jp/sies.
I did.

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Is that you, Tewi anon?

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I couldnt actually go through with it I think.
Dont you feel guilty about how it would make family depressed?
Or afraid it will hurt?
And you would be especially fucked if the Abrahamic God was the real one, and I dont want things to get worse.

I guess Im just a pussy, but I still get thoughts and they still scare me.

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I don't post in the fumo threads anymore, but I still read them. I'm happy my Tewi is in a better home, even though I don't see photographs of her often.

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Why mail your belongings if you wont an hero?
Arent you in a worse position now you dont have anything to take the edge off life?
Dont an hero though. You seem like a considerate guy giving your stuff away, most people probably dont think of such things when thinking of suicide.So yeah, you seem nice so it's better if you stay.

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pls bub
I will an hero some day, somehow.
Doesn't matter how nice I am if the world isn't enjoyable to live in.

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I console myself with the knowledge that no matter what path I choose in life, death will come all the same.

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Yeah I feel terrible. I've been postponing my suicide for years because I didn't want to make my parents and siblings feel bad. but things have gotten so bad I'm left without a choice

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Your close family will suffer if they cared about you, and will likely never really get over it. No helping it. It won't hurt if you use a fast and sure enough method (put your head on train tracks, shotgun in the mouth). If the Abrahamic god is real I'm relatively convinced that all unworthy creatures simply burn in a lake of fire until they are finally extinguished. You will be nothing, just as you intended, with a slight period of revival and delay so that god can prove his worth and "justice" to anybody who gives a shit.

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>The world isnt enjoyable
But it's less enjoyable for everyone if good people an hero.
Someone who an heroed could have been the person to help make your life better, but they didnt because they killed themselves. The key to making the world better for everyone is to stop good people committing suicide while letting bad people kill themselves or die of some horrible disease.

The world is only shit because there arent enoughg ood people.
Also, if you die hell could be far, far worse.

Also before killing yourself, why not go full weeb and try buddhism? Buddhists seem pretty good when it comes to dealing with life being shit.

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What if you're literally immortal?

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Buddhism is about lowering your standards! Complete bullshit! Not doing it.
You can only go to hell if you believe in it.
The only way I see good people not wanting to die is to make sure we have communism/anarchism.

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>Your close family will suffer if they cared about you, and will likely never really get over it. No helping it.
Thats why I dont think I could do it, yet I still hate my life and have occasional thoughts. I dont know why I still have thoughts given, like I said the insane amount of guilt would stop me and hrts more than anything. It would break my mother especially given she is devoutly religious.
>It won't hurt if you use a fast and sure enough method (put your head on train tracks, shotgun in the mouth).
You say it wont hurt, but you cant confirm that. Mainly becuase dead people dont talk.
>burn in a lake of fire until they are finally extinguished
Which could be a long fucking time. Besides, I think if hell exists it has more to it than that. Plenty of ways to make people suffer.

I also feel kinda stupid. I have had thoguths of suicide (that I snap out of quickly due to family) but I dont think I have tried as hard as I could. It jsut seems kinda sad I have these thoughts, yet havent really given it my all. Like devoted myself t the point where I dont care if it kills me.
I hate my life, but I still dont seem motivated enough to actually become a force of positive change. You would think thoughts like "I wish I were dead" would make you go further with things, to the point where you ignore pretty much everything around you except those things which you believe will make things better.

Since another anon also talked about suicide, I want to ask him. Do you really feel you have honestly done all you can? Because if you are lik me and think you werent as committed as you could have/should have been, then you shouldnt rush to suicide. Even though the thoughts come before you have really tried everything.

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Kaguya would just spend her life wishing she could die. I mena after the universe ends it will be pretty boring. Either she dies, goes insane or just stops thinking.

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Couldn't Mokou just make a really big explosion and have the Big Bang happen again?

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>How does /jp/ cope with this feeling?

Good riddance. Gun owners are super dangerous, glad he killed himself before he shot up a school or some women.

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0/8 b8 not gr8

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I think it's super fucking insensitive to culturally appropriate a Japanese meme like this by white Westerners. White men should only say that they're going to kill themselves, end of line, or create some original metaphor for it on their own instead of stealing Japanese culture.

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>jamomatic Luger
>better than a Mak

>not bringing an AR/AK with 10 magazines, and a full field kit

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This is how you go into Gensokyo. Bonus points if you're dropped off by helicopter.

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Like this?

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Oh boy

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Why did he go to Gensokyo and leave behind his gun?

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It's for if anybody wants to come with him.

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I'm a weapons otaku so I play with my guns

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what kind of guns do you have? I have a .22-250 rifle

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>be in gensokyo
>it aint me starts playing

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Mosin Nagant, 20 gauge pump, beater AR, CZ P-09, and I'm building an AR.

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I-I don't think it's safe for Marisa to enroll in the USMC.

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speaking from observation, 9mm polymer-tips will take you to gensokyo.

take it easy anon

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Why do you not OD on heroin when traveling to Gensokyo?
At least your journey will be the most pleasant feeling in your life, I don't see why you should waste it by starving in the woods.

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Where did you find that picture?

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