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I was feeling sick, but then I fapped to some boobhus and felt better the next day

thank you boobhus

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I guess that's all I have to say on the subject, but I do think that boobhus are under-appreciated for their medicinal benefits!

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lmfao *faps to save own life*

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I've been sick for like the past week and too tired to fap. I'll try this tonight.

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I believe I heard there's medical benefits to do so. Be healthy, Anons.

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Dr. Anon here, I'm going to have to reccommend a larger dosage.

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I'm overdosing, doc

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It is only temporary.

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thats the proper dosage for me, I need to make sure I get it as Eirin prescribed.

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I absolutely love it when the breasts peek out from the side of their chests while pressed against something. It gives a great thought as to how soft their bodies are.

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Okuu is a big healthy boobhu

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Kokoro is NOT a boobhu!

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I demand a second opinion.

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Kokoro is definitely a boobhu

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Plump Touhous are the best! Bellies, butts, and breasts!

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that artist draws really good expansions

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You're 100% correct, Anon! There's lots of medical benefits to masturbating! And what better way to masturbate than to pump your cock to the sight of two huge soft globes of 2hu titty?

Cumming at least five times a week helps prevent prostate cancer in later life, which is why it's important for all you boys to cum regularly! Don't let that delicious man-goo build up in your balls, shoot it out instead!

Masturbation also releases cortisol - which helps your immune system - and the other hormones it releases into your bloodstream can help combat insomnia or stress. See? Helps you feel better, so get cranking that cock!

If you're a girl who likes huge boobhus, guess what? It's good for you too! In addition to the above hormone release, female masturbation helps prevent cervical and urinary tract infections. Everyone can join in!

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What kind of expansion?

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the breast kind

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What about butts?

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Butt expansion ?

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but this isn't the butthu thread, silly

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