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Is Youmu a tomboy?

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No, she's a dork.

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A big one

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Why is she wearing some sort of pantyhose shorts?

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they're スパッツ dude

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She tries to be a stoic but loses her composure all the time

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No, Youmu is pretty girly. It just took Yuyuko a little bit of time to get her to embrace her femininity.

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>She tries to be a stoic

But she doesn't, bitch immediately found helping Yuyuko a pain in the ass and considered lying to her about her task in CoLA.

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Tomboys can be dorks!

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No they aren't. Those are cutoff panty hose. Bike shorts are made of spandex and are not translucent and labia molded like that.

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Youmu *is* a boy.

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She's pretty boyish so yes

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what if they're magic

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They're not transparent, they're so tight that the shape of her panties are seen.

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File: 57 KB, 1280x720, [DmonHiro] Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai Yo Ne 04 - In The Nude [BD, 720p] [0CD2D65E].mkv_snapshot_01.22_[2014.04.25_20.44.07].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Youmu is the softest

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Not only is that not possible, the panties are a lighter color.

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youmu is a yelper!

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Youmu is a horny girl

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I want to exercise with Youmu

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Youmu is dead ;__;

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it's ok she's half-alive.

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If Youmu's half-ghost, how did her parents... you know.

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Ghosts are fertile beings capable of pregnancy

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Her grand dad was a halfghost

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The usual way.

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Youki used her big sperm to fuck some whore and then Youmu was born

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Why is she rubbing her vagina on her butt?

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refer to any yuyuko dojin for details.

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So Youmu is a weresperm?

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Because that's how two girls have sex.

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Everyone is a weresperm since we ae bron from a sperm and an egg cell

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so youmu can be anyone? she might be reading this very thread?!

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Youmu is a bitch boy!

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But how does the one kneeling down feel good? Shouldn't they rub their thingies together so they can both feel good?

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She has a really big clit.

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Youmu is MY bitch boy

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You wouldn't actually do things to a helpless Youmu, would you?

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Nah, I like my women a little more womanly!

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If she tied herself up she obviously wants to do ero things.

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Youmu is only mine
You guys aren't allowed to touch her just watch

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There are an infinite amount of Youmus. Just like all 2Ds

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Youmu is a pure sweet girl

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She isn't very femenine but she knows how to cook and she manages to be cute

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i want to jack of in font of you when you fuck youmu

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>spends a lot of time gardening
>spends a lot of time in the kitchen
>spends the time serving others
>probably knows her tea very well
How is Youmu not feminine?

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sword training isn't femenine

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Youmu can polish several blades at once, and that's super feminine.

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She definitely did not tie herself up.

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Well who did? I'm no good at that stuff!

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I love sazanami mio

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I want Youmu to tie me up and then ignore me!

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I think that's a little overkill.

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Yuyuko? Yukari? Some faceless guy? I dunno, man.

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>foreveraly delitized

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I want to watch you watching him

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I hope that doesn't hurt or anything

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I want to suck Youmu's big clit!

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me on the left

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Youmu preys on young boys.

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yomu <3's mcintyre

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i want to lick youmus vagina through her spats

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This image makes me want to sniff Youmu's butt.

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Not even close. She's a cowardly baby.

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Youmu is my wife

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Tomboy is wriggle nightbug!!

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The softest also deserve the softest breasts.

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Youmu a cute

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>The video you are searching for has been deleted.

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A shame too.
It was such a great video.

I sure hope someone bothered to download it before it got taken down.

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Was it just an extended version of http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm26744466?

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Yeah, but it was a damn fine extension.

Then again, I'm not surprised it got removed; it was basically porn.
Actually, it was even better than porn.

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What was so great about it?

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Not him but
>it was basically porn.
Would be my guess.

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>it was basically porn
covers a lot of videos of varying quality. There are plenty of fakesex, partially offscreen sex, and masturbating videos for instance.

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>>Looks up image on Pixiv
>>Notices that it's tagged 「男を知りすぎた妖夢」, which translates into "The Youmu that knows too much about men"


She is definitely how Yuyuko wants Youmu to turn out to be like when she becomes an adult.

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Welcome to like five years ago, anon.

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>>Looks up image on Pixiv
>>Notices that it's tagged 「男を知り過ぎた妖夢」, which translates into "The Youmu that knows too much about men"


She is definitely the kind of person Yuyuko wants Youmu to turn out to be like when she becomes an adult.

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It was like having sex with Youmu, or at least as close as it gets with the current level of technology.

Hard to describe, but it was very erotic, especially Youmu's reactions and the part where you get really close to her vagina as she tries to push your face away with her bare foot, only for "you" to grab her foot, spread her legs wider and pull her in even closer.

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I want to rub Youmu's spats covered crotch!

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Non-con? Don't do such things to Youmu.

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So it turned into one of those facestomp/beach ball type videos?

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Not really, no.

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more like a youmu forceful undesired sex simulator

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I've recently found that Youmu looks really cute when she's stuffing her face full of food.

It makes me wonder: Considering how much Yuyuko tends to eat all the food in Hakugyokurou and leave her extremely hungry, is it possible that Youmu might end up developing the same kind of gluttony as Yuyuko?

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>Considering how much Yuyuko tends to eat all the food in Hakugyokurou and leave her extremely hungry
this why Youmu is half dead

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doesn't look like it

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thanks for the read

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What does "dork" even mean nowadays? Literally nothing.

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Whatever, dweeb.

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I want to cum inside Youmu's butt.

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Then get it taken care of.

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Youmu a chubby chaser

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I'd fuck that Youmu.
really, I'd fuck any Youmu, Youmu is perfect

same way you'd get a kid as usual

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The Konpaku bloodline carries the trait for being half phantom

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Is it legal? Considering the booze and all.

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Can tomboyish dorks be cute? Because the Youmu is really cute.

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>Youki used his big sperm to fuck some whore and then Youmu was born

So he fucked Yuyuko when she was still alive, then.

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Tomboy and dork are mutually exclusive.

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could someone do me a favor and upload (C87) [そらばたけ (D@i)] 東方ショタ専攻科 (東方Project)

nyaa is kill and I can't get past the sadpanda atm, help I need to fap /jp/

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