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If someone would to kill Reimu, who would be the prime suspect?

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I'm thinking it's probably OP

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my mom

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My mom, I'd say.

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Is possible to kill Reimu at least?
Because the hurr "floating away from reality" seems like the most OP shit ever.

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You'd have to be a very sneaky ninja.

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Lets assume one clean headshot by surprise with a gun from the outside world.

Wouldn't recommend it due to her whole importance to the barrier and how dying without an heir would mean the end of Gensokyo.

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invalid question because she'd just graze the bullet anyway

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Her pimp.

Ha ha.

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Because I hate that bitch

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Elegance you said?

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Is he using a fuckin Luger 1900 to shoot Reimu? Does Gensokyo have some sort of Nazi conspiracy in it where resurgents are trying to kill all the cute girls??

I guess you at least picked a classy gun to do the deed with.

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and I would kill them in cold blood if they attempt to kill my waifu

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Yeah, my money would be on Sakuya for having the ability to pull it off. The ability to manipulate time pretty much makes you a god to do what ever.

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You cannot kill the Messiah!

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The fandom.

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Who would have the most to gain from nobody nobody enforcing the spell card rules or solving incidents AND also doesn't like Reimu?

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Please don't hate her, Marisa is a nice girl!

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Someone that want Gensokyo to disappear altogether.
So a very disgruntled, disenfranchised, savy outsider with a nihilistic streak.

This is just a deduction based on logic, no way i know that because i fit the bill no sir.

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>Someone that want Gensokyo to disappear altogether.
>So a very disgruntled, disenfranchised, savy outsider with a nihilistic streak.
Youkai are a moon nazi created bioweapon and a threat to humans, and they're doing whatever it takes to ensure their survival, so you should be doing your duty and ensuring your own race's survival as the youkai are doing so at the expense of humans.

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Yeah. I want to see Yukari bitch slap Reimu, demanding her to get more money.

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Sakuya is unable to have an alibi ever. How inconvenient.

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Probably Marisa, or someone who had contact with her through the human village. but the most likely culprit would be Seiga if Reimu did something to piss her off, She is probably the only truly evil person in touhou.