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Yukari, what's sex?

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Well you see, when a human and a youkai get together...

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Yukari wouldnt know.
Too busy crafting a reputation and sleeping to actually have sex.
She is also only 17.

Seriously though, I dont think Youkai have sex drives. Ecluding Koakuma who is clearly a succubus.

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So how do they make babies?

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They think really hard at each other.

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Animal Youkai probably have sex drives.
But how do you explain Chen? Ran has never been with a man, and even if she did it would be a half fox baby. Chen is a cat.

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Yukari sustains herself by sexually harassing Reimu and young boys.

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whats a woman?

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What is Rinnosuke

Next Question for 1000$

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Is your gender, Reimu

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Yukari, what's a relation ship?

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something you'll never experience, anon

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>She is also only 17.

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Yukari, buy me tampons.

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>I dont think Youkai have sex drives

Well, there are examples of youkai marrying humans, so presumably at least some do.

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How do you explain Rinnosuke then? Rape?

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Sorry Reimu, All jumbo size were bought by Sanae.

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You can be asexual without being aromantic you fucking shitlord

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Something girls do with boys!

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As the youkai of borders this is easy. Its where people define their borders with eachother. For example Marisa likes Rinnosuke a lot and would gladly let him cross various boundries she wouldnt let others cross. However some relationships require mutual feelings, so while Marisa would like to close the boundry between them, Rinnosuke wishes to maintain it. Thus the relationship betwen them can be defined. In this case, we call it the friendzone. It's like a mini genskyo where all of Marisa's dreams come to die, and instead of youkai it's filled with angst and sexual frustration.

Do you understand Reimu?

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Rude. Sanae probably has a severely worn out, tattered vag, whilst the local harlot Reimu's is still fairly taut.

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Of course she's only 17.

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What is a man?

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>I dont think Youkai have sex drives
They do, one of Rinnosuke's parents was human and the other was youkai.

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Yukari, this is wrong....

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Sanae's meat curtains probably reach the ground from how loose and floppy they must be by now.

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Dude, Chen is not Ran's daughter.

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Plent of anons here would rape a youkai if they could. Thats why Rinnosuke is so weak, his father managed to overpower and rape a weak youkai (like Kogasa tier)

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Would Kogasa be easy to rape?

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even if that was the case it still means that the female youkai can ovulate, meaning their bodies are built for sex.

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Kogasa's my woman.

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Kogasa got scared by a graveyard, of course she'd be easy to rape. Put on a halloween zombie mask and pin her down while she shits her pants in terror.

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I think just asking her would be enough, but that won't be rape

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Fuck off Mizuki

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Second easiest.

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Yukari, what's your favorite dinosaur?

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I thought Reimu was being lewd when I saw that thumbnail.

I was disappointed.

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She never tops with Yukari.

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just by raising her arm she's already being lewd.

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You would be wrong.
She would just crawl inside your urethra and manually disable your baby-making capabilities.

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She's not that small.

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she'll be hard to put my dick inside

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shortly after asking, she goes to prove she is the strongest

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Can this be a YukaReimu thread?

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you're not supposed to say it explicitly, follow the others' example and share the thread.

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I didn't mean she would fit inside your urethra. She would just make herself fit inside your urethra.

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she's the size of Reimu's hand, your urethra is that stretchy?

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Post the rape one.

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I only want it because their child would be broken as hell.

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But Reimu and Yukari don't have penis.

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You're drunk again? goddamnit I'm not like Sanae.

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So who's on top?

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Who said anything about stretching?

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indeed, You're worst

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Yukari, no! Not while Meirin is there!

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At least according to Ninniku, she is pretty easy to rape.

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Wow, your head is really far up the SJW agenda's ass. DEUS VULT LOLOLOLOL

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Go on...

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Can't really blame her, Reimu's armpit sweat must smell like heaven

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Tell that to the judge.

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Why dont you ask your parents?
Oh right.
Why did they leave you again?

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Yukari is pretty much Reimu's mom by bossing her around and trying to interest her in shit that only old people would find fascinating like radio towers. Just like how grandmas try telling stories about their youth that they think anyone gives a rat's ass about.

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Suck my clit.

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I always wondering why Yukari's font is like this.

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Because she's fancy

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I still dont get why she hasnt ripped out Eirins liver and gapped it into Reimu's stomach.
It's like Yukari doesnt realize how important that bloodline is. I wonder if we will live long enough to see Yukari asking Reimu why she hasnt found a husband and settled down.

Unfortunately, Yukari doesnt have any money on her. Peddle your services elsewhere, you harlot.
Back in Yukari's day miko were far more dignified andrespectful. Maybe if you were more like that, your shrine god wouldnt have left you like your parents.

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In Seasonal Dream Vision, Yukari's narration says that she cares about Reimu's well-being but also thinks that Reimu should be able to take care of whatever situation she gets into on her own.
>Yukari doesnt have any money on her.
She does. She's probably the only youkai who donates to Reimu.
>Back in Yukari's day miko were far more dignified andrespectful. Maybe if you were more like that, your shrine god wouldnt have left you like your parents.
IIRC the Hakurei shrine was always known to be barren until Reimu's antics in WaHH that actually got supporters, both human and youkai. Byakuren says the god is still there, not like it can go anywhere since gods need shrines devoted to them, but that there's so little faith in it it can't even get a physical form yet, meaning Reimu's predecessors did jack squat.

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Marisa noticed.
She wouldnt steal Reimu's donations right?
Even she has limits, right?

One day I will sit down and read all of the official stuff. One day.

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>Even she has limits, right?
Pfft, like she cares about that. In that same manga series she fools the fairies into doing something that, unbeknownst to them, made Reimu and apparently everyone else (we only see the SDM's reaction) think that she's losing her shrine maiden abilities by sabotaging a ritual that makes youkai less aggressive for the year. It's like Marisa's fuckup in SSiB where she knocks down something Reimu was using for a ritual, only this time it's actually on purpose and fooling others into doing it for her. All because she wanted a laugh.

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Yukari, show me your ruddies.

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perfect body

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No my gender is male

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You would think Reimu would just enjoy it by now.

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maybe she's just not gay.

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Everyone is gay for gapheg.

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ZUN says nobody but Reimu can really stand gaphag.

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Must be love.

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What font is this anyway?

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She's just playing hard to get.

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Out of curiosity, what are the gay ships for touhou 15?

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Oh, so that's the explanation of Sumireko being able to throw radio towers around while inside Gensokyo.

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Some Doremy/Sagume also.

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Oh I thought she was being breastfed
That wouldn't be so bad either

>> No.14563218

>Oh I thought she was being breastfed
That's what everyone thought.

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Murrican fairy gets no pussy?

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Marisa is a bitch, holy shit.

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Marisa is a witch, holy shit.

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Didn't Yukari have an afffair with Yuyucow when she was human?

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Yukari isnt gay, stop projecting your homosexual urges onto her.

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she recorded everything Reimu did from SA to this chapter, which would include everytime she'd take a bath.

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Murrican fairy gets dicks

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Whoa, what a slut. Burn that youkai fucker and her shrine.

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Sanae brought aids into Gensokyo.

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Aids was either a lunarian made disease or ceated by the union of a kappa and a magician.

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it's the curse of the wind goddess to all the men who used up her floppy meat curtains.

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>Seriously though, I dont think Youkai have sex drives
Many kinds of youkai reflect humans too much to not have sex drives. There are also beast youkai like Ran where it wouldn't make sense for them to lose their sex drives when becoming youkai.

>> No.14566911

Pretty sure Ran is so old she is way past menopause.

>> No.14566919

That's not gonna happen, anon.

Though even if it did that would just prove the existence of a sex drive.

>> No.14566957

Ran went through menopause when she was a normal fox

>> No.14566980

So you assume. Being able to live long enough to become such a youkai in the first place necessitates a change in the aging process. There is no reason to assume youkai aren't as fertile or infertile as their human appearance would suggest.

>> No.14568007

>Many kinds of youkai reflect humans too much to not have sex drives
That's a 100% assumption.

All you have to do is point at Rinnosuke to prove that youkai have bodies built for sex.

>> No.14568157

If Rinnosuke is half youkai and half human, and youkai need people to believe in them to exist, what happens if people stop believing in him?

>> No.14568161

ask ZUN.

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I love Yukarin and when I grow up I'm gonna marry her!

>> No.14568220

>Pretty sure Ran is so old she is way past menopause.
Tewi is over 1000 and still a kid.
Ran could still have kids. She just doesnt have them becuase humansdislike youkai in the village, and she wouldnt want kids becuase she has to look after Yukari and Chen already. She wouldnt want to add to her burden.

>what happens if people stop believing in him?
Nothing changes. Not even Rinnosuke believes in Rinnosuke. Thats why he's so weak.

>> No.14568228

>Nothing changes

>> No.14569077

It is probably like how Terra survived at the end of FF6, she turned 100% human.

Same thing would probably happened to Keine as well.

>> No.14569092

He'll be half dead

>> No.14569096

So he'd be Youmu?

>> No.14569098

He actually explained it himself already in CoLA, he's resistent against both psychological attacks youkai are weak to thanks to his human side and resistent to various human physical diseases thanks to his youkai side.

Source is surely on CoLA, should be the chapter where everyone gets sick.

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No, more like Yoshika.

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A new Miko is in town.

>> No.14569278

hag thinking that outfit is her size to make herself feel younger.

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I love Reimu's face here.

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nig pls, With a body like hers even that shitty miko outfit looks gorgeous.

>> No.14569297

no matter what saggy tits does she won't be any younger, how embarassing.

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Just like you anon, the difference is she is hot and pretty.

>> No.14569334

that's probably what she tells herself every night as her face wrinkles up more and more.

no wonder ZUN said that nobody can stand her, except Reimu somehow.

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What if Yukari and Reimu swapped jobs for a week?

>> No.14569388

Reimu has a job?

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If she didn't you wouldn't have games to play.

>> No.14569404

Remember that Yukari spends nearly all of her time sleeping.

If her job is that carefree then it's basically a vacation week for Reimu where she doesn't have to do nasty jobs like exterminating youkai or having to handle the shrine.

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It's just for donations, I swear.

>> No.14569435

Donations would skyrocket at the shrine. Meanwhile, Reimu gets some much needed rest. Win win, although I wonder if Reimu gets Ran and Chen for the week, or if they help Yukari slay Youkai.

>> No.14569448

>Donations would skyrocket at the shrine
Donations wouldn't come if the shrine maiden does almost nothing but sleep like Yukari does.

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I imagined Ran and Chen going with Reimu while Marisa and Suika got shitfaced with Yukari.

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>> No.14569500

Marisa gets hostile when Yukari is around in CoLA, not the ''oh not you again'' kind like most people but rather the ''LEAVE INMEDIATELY'' kind.

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I haven't read that, but I see it's written from Rinnosuke's perspective.

Could that attitude be because Marisa was being defensive with Yukari around him?

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If I remember correctly Reimu spends all the fucking day doing nothing important, and only moves her lazy ass when someone is nearly to destroy gensokyo or some shit like that.

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Reimu would ask Yukari to gap her somewhere expensive.

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Nah, some of her days aren't boring otherwise we wouldn't have WaHH and FS

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>her face wrinkles up more and more.

dude you're blind, right?

>> No.14569539

Marisa went bananas the moment Yukari came in. Even after Yukari left, Marisa was still complaining about her and how she can't stand her.
>If I remember correctly
Well sorry to tell you that you don't remember correctly. Go read any manga, pretty much every chapter is Reimu doing something, especially WaHH where she gets actual donators for her shrine, that's more than Yukari's nothing.

>> No.14569548

at her age it wouldn't surprise me that Yukari's eyesight has become so bad that she can't notice her own wrinkles in the mirror, refusing to wear glasses cause that would make her look old.

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Hey, everyone thought Reimu was lazying around all day until those mangas.

For all you know Yukari could be hard at wo-

Actually no, I couldn't say that with a straight face.

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Come to think of it Yukari didn't even do her job back in PCB despite not being asleep. It was something grave too, as it involved the barrier itself.

>> No.14569570

sorry, the new mangas are so plain and boring when my favorite touhou is not there.

and Reimu is always like, "fuck this shit, I want to end this quickly to come back to my house".

What about the fighting games?

She looks so "busy" there

>> No.14569576

It's interesting how Marisa has much stronger opinions (Both positive and negative) on authority figures than Reimu does.( See- Kanako, Erin, Yukari)

>> No.14569579

>and Reimu is always like, "fuck this shit, I want to end this quickly to come back to my house".
That's for incidents which she always resolves and has tea time with the final boss.

>> No.14569585

Like when she says ''I hate you'' to Kanako?

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Yes, because if she actually does her job, you'll never see that cute ghost and her gardener.

>> No.14569606

>If her job is that carefree then it's basically a vacation week for Reimu where she doesn't have to do nasty jobs like exterminating youkai or having to handle the shrine.
I want them to swap jobs for a week.
You realize the implications of this I hope.
Yukari would take Reimu's job, and obviously everything would be left for Ran.Ran would have to wear Reimu's clothes for a week.
I dont think I have eer seen art of this, but now I want it.

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Reimu said in PMiSS that Ran's tails look fluffy and warm.

>> No.14569670
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I know. It's a pretty obvious observation by Reimu.
I am just curious to see Ran in her clothes. Mainly becuase I like images where Ran isnt wearing a hat. She has kemonomimi it's a crime to cover that up with a hat. Also dogs have soft and warm ears, I want to touch Ran's.

>> No.14569677
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bitch wants to be Youkai.
bitch is just jealous.

>> No.14569851

How does she feel about Eirin?
I cat make my mind up about her. none hand, she's a Lunarian, so I feel she looks down on everyone not from the moon. On the other hand, she's really kind when it comes to providing people with treatment.

>> No.14569862

>On the other hand, she's really kind when it comes to providing people with treatment.
you do know she charges for that? she's as kind as every other person with a paid job, she's also not exactly too kind with Udonge.

>> No.14569897

IIRC she charges, but she's generous when it comes to payments, so it wont bee too much if you are poor.
She's fine to Reisen. If you are talking about her hurting her after selling the cat statues. Thats becuase if something went wrong, it could have caused big trouble for Eienti.
Besides, Reisen clearly loves her master. After all, she ran away from the last place she hated.

>> No.14569927

>but she's generous when it comes to payments
she charges even little penniless fairies.
>She's fine to Reisen
read Inaba, Udonge is basically her slave and punching bag for unfunny gags.
>Reisen clearly loves her master. After all, she ran away from the last place she hated.
that seems more like picking the less horrible option, even being an abused guinea pig is better than being in the army for her.

>> No.14569943

>read inaba
I'm pretty sure it's not canon.
>she charges even little penniless fairies.
Cant be penniless, they always seem to have clean, well kept clothes. Wait, when did she charge a fairy? They dont need medical attention, they just regenerate.

>> No.14570032

It seems like Reimu and Marisa are way more active about dealing with stuff in FS

In the others it doesn't seem like they give much of a shit about anything

>> No.14570041

Reimu's pretty active in WaHH.

Marisa's usually the expository character for the chapter's story.

>> No.14570098

Can you make me a sandwich?

>> No.14570100

Canids don't experience menopause. Very old ones can have irregular menstrual cycles but they remain fertile throughout life.

>> No.14570109

good thing she's not a canid but rather a humanoid mythological figure.

>> No.14570110
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Hey, gaphag. Listen here. Since your Raymoo here ain't got no heart, maybe you'd like to see a real miko.
I bet you stay up late at night dreamin' you had a real miko, don't you? I tell you what? Bring your pretty, ancient self over to my shrine tonight and I'll show you a real miko.

>> No.14570124
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>> No.14570141

>she's not a canid
Are you saying Ran isn't a fox?

>> No.14570147

Pussy eats dick!

>> No.14570151

Certainly not the normal fox we know in real life, but rather a mythological creature that can shapeshift into a human-like form.

>> No.14570155

Yeah! Squirts. It does.

>> No.14570199

Inaba is sort of canon, I think. I don't believe it has ever been stated to be non-canon. Eirin really is pretty damn exaggerated there, as she sometimes comes off as a borderline psychopath, I don't think that's the personality ZUN has in mind for her now. Reisen's own situation in there clearly contradicts her later depictions.
As for
>none hand, she's a Lunarian, so I feel she looks down on everyone not from the moon.
Keeping in mind how inflated the egos of most 2hus are, this is probably the case at least to a degree, and there's the further issue of whether she's actually not just a Lunarian but a trillion years old elder goddess, or whether she's plotting something behind the scenes.

>> No.14570214
File: 1.21 MB, 1500x1066, yakumos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Certainly not the normal fox we know in real life
Actually, the fox youkai isn't fundamentally considered any different from a regular fox. Any fox that lives long enough should, according to the folklore, gain magical powers and superhuman intelligence as well as the ability to take human form. Therefore it can be assumed that barring the mentioned upgrades they have the characteristics of regular fox, as it is supposed to be the animal itself at a spiritually enlightened age as opposed to a folklore character that is a distinct version of the animal.

And besides that, since they only gain the ability to take human form after living at least several decades, longer than any real fox has been observed to live, but are still reported to have bore children with humans, it must be presumed that they maintain fertility into old age, though that may be a function of their spiritual nature rather than the fox's lack of menopause. That said, menopause isn't particularly common in non-primates, and while sexual senescence is exhibited by most animals that live past prime breeding age, it is usually characterized by a drop in fertility rather than a complete stop.

Basically, Ran is a fox so you can still get her pregnant.

>> No.14570222

>Actually, the fox youkai isn't fundamentally considered any different from a
this one certainly is, because it's a youkai in ZUN's version of japanese mythology.

otherwise you might as well claim Ran has 6 titties.

>> No.14570228 [DELETED] 

>otherwise you might as well claim Ran has 6 titties
When she's in the form of a cat why wouldn't she?

>> No.14570234

>otherwise you might as well claim Ran has 6 titties
When she's in the form of a fox why wouldn't she?

>> No.14570792

It's about as canon as any other fan work. It not being denied as canon doesnt make it any more than fanfiction.

They may have ego's. But Her's is worse becuase Lunarians an "muh purity"> It's fucking beautiful that Junko with her purification powers, was wrecking the people obsessed with purity.

>> No.14571144

A miserable little pile of secrets

>> No.14571163

Took you long enough.

>> No.14574848
File: 543 KB, 1000x1000, 1417962003531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sanae's an armpit slut!

>> No.14579370

Careful not to fall for it.

>> No.14579403

The chafing must be terrible with no sarashi under something like that. I hope she doesn't hurt herself.

>> No.14579428

Only fat and sweaty people have that problem.

>> No.14579432

I have had issues like that before and it's not fun.
Maybe it's something soft and smooth like silk. I cant imagine silk being bad.

>> No.14579433

God damn it I hate fat and greasy people...

>> No.14579444

>Only fat and sweaty people have that problem.
Sweat is hard to ignore. If you have a manual labour job you are gonna sweat.
Then get cold, then tour nipples perk up, then rub until you are in agony. But this may be because I was wearing a polo shirt at the time.

EIther way, it's possible. Sweat is inevitable in certain scenarios.

>> No.14579487

>Maybe it's something soft and smooth like silk.
Silk isn't really that soft. It's light, breathes well, and looks really pretty, but the texture can be unpleasant if it's worn directly on the skin. Cotton is actually quite a bit better if it's woven correctly.