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Next week I will be taken into some place where I'm getting all different sorts of treatment for my current mental state, where I will only be allowed to visit home once a week and I won't be allowed on the PC while I'm there (apart from like 30 minutes or so to send an e-mail to my parents). Can anyone share their experiences with these things? Because I'm extremely nervous right now.

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No. We do not have experiences with Insane Asylums.
Because we are not fucking insane.

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Prepare for electroshock therapy and lots of non-lubricated anal rape.

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I'm kinda interested in this, since I've been given the choice of either doing like OP or getting a job.

sage for blog though

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Fuck, that's going to happen to me soon...

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I want to believe... ;_;

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/jp/ is an insane asylum. OP is a faggot.

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Stay home, faggot.

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Why are you even considering not getting the job?

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Good luck have fun! We're rooting for you!

Find some really crazy drugged up young chicks to fondle and report back asap.

Speaking of drugs. Get as much as you can and enjoy yourself.

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>I'm getting all different sorts of treatment for my current mental state
What is your problem?

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I'm not crazy, so I dunno

I may be an antisocial loner, but I still show up to class often enough that I'm at a steady 2:1

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So what's your current mental state?

Anyway, I remember reading a story once about this guy who was committed and how the attendants let you get away with most stuff so long as you aren't a nuisance. He even had sex with a female patient. Don't know if any of it's true.

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I was given the choice to either finish high school on some school for adults with mostly people that dropped out for fucking behavior problems or the whole internal treatment thing. I tried the first, failed, got forced into the latter.

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because i'm a lazy ass who needs to be constantly encouraged, motivated and pampered to do as much as answer the phone

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That sounds horrible, what did you do to get your freedom stripped from you OP?

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I don't understand. Why are you getting treatments?

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I know what's wrong with you..........

I'm right aren't I?

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I have a sort of phobia involving phones, though. I don't mind answering them, but if I have to call someone I'll sit there for hours with the number in my hand, just frozen.

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I have that too. Whenever the phone or doorbell rings I get the feeling I'm in trouble for whatever reason, so I just sit there, scared, waiting for it to stop.

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Disregard that, I completely misread what you wrote.

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Rest assured that you will never be cured and you will come back to us, crying for more.

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I get that

even when I check my inbox I get that

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Me too. I have to talk myself into calling people..... I dont own a cell phone because it freaks me out.

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Well then you're obviously guilty of something..
OK, OUT WITH IT ANONYMOUS! What are you hiding! Spit it out you worthless fucker? What? What? I can't hear you?

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Same here. ;_;

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being a shiftless person and a waste of a human being, disappointing my loving parents who have afforded me every opportunity to make something of myself at their expense, running away from problems and the people who depended on me, and changing underwear only once every four days for good measure

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Another phone phobic person here. This seems to be a common thing here on /jp/.

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I have a problem too. I often kill people and enjoy it a lot. Am I insane?

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I just change my underwear when they become unbearably crunchy

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It's like looking into a mirror.

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not as common as random farting

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I dropped out of high school so we often get phone calls from the government and shit. I was once told by my mother she'd call the house phone sometime that day and I ended up with one of those government faggots on the phone. Needless to say I hung up instantly and anxiously went to my room.

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Shinji, is that you?

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Interesting... I wonder what causes Phone-Phobia.

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Fuck me too. I don't have any phone at home anymore, I don't use it.

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Enjoy mental rape at the hands of greedy psychiatrists. Why you would even CONSIDER going to one of those places is beyond me.

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sup sax

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I didn't get the chance to consider.

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Why would anyone here get a phone call unless it was something bad?

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Ironically, I'm actually in love with Shinji.

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Sweet! I bet they smell great.

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My parents call me once a week to see if I'm still alive. Other than that no one calls me except for wrong numbers.

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It's not just receiving calls; we hate making calls as well.

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I almost was sent to a farm because of my addiction to opioids, anime, isolation, and making ironic jokes about everyone even my own boss at job.
I didnt changed at all, I just played well enough to make everyone im different from before.


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Enjoy going through this.

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>>Next week I will be taken into some place where I'm getting all different sorts of treatment for my current mental state, where I will only be allowed to visit home once a week and I won't be allowed on the PC while I'm there

How does one reach this point? I've been a NEET for years now, but I don't think I'll ever have to do this.

Honestly though, it sounds somewhat interesting. How long do you have to stay there? Maybe it won't be too bad, and hopefully the food is good. I simply adore hospitals and insane asylums; they're so calming and filled with white.

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Growing up, I always wanted to be in an asylum...

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I don't touch phones anymore.

I just hate them.

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me too, i guess the appeal for me is that when one legitimately goes crazy he can't be held culpable for his actions

that and i suppose that those close to me (which at this point is nobody) would decide that maybe i wasn't so bad after all

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>How does one reach this point? I've been a NEET for years now, but I don't think I'll ever have to do this.
I would like to give a proper answer, but I cant, seeing as it will just be pointless self diagnosed bullshit. I've already been into therapy, and it was very hard for them to pin down what was wrong with me because I'm a pathological liar. Short summary, I dropped out of high school out of fear, went into therapy, got given the option to finish high school, failed to do that because I couldn't handle it, and here I am with only a week of freedom left before I have to go there for about a year.

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Lately I've been getting calls from some law firm, asking for an "Audrey". Everytime they call, I tell them I'm not Audrey..but they keep calling back, sounding angrier every time. They say things like "Audrey, we know it's you. Stop kidding around. We need to TALK ABOUT YOUR DEBTS, AUDREYYYYYYY."

I'm scared /jp/, what do I do?

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Well guess what? They hate you too motherfucker.

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but you ARE audrey

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You finally made my day, /jp/.

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Run away.

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Got to keep the loonies on the path.

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Lately, I've been getting calls from a law firm, looking for "Audrey".
They keep calling back, sounding angrier everytime, even though i tell them that I'm not Audrey. They say things like "We know who you are, Audrey. Stop fooling around, Audrey. We need to talk about your debts, AUDREYYY."

I'm gettin paranoid over this, what do I do, /jp/?

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I knew it. I can hear them talking to each other on the cradle, whispering their secrets in the language of hertz.

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Pay Audrey's debts, faggots.

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>I'm a pathological liar.


>Next week I will be taken into some place where I'm getting all different sorts of treatment for my current mental state, where I will only be allowed to visit home once a week and I won't be allowed on the PC while I'm there

... Hmm...

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This thread greatly pleases me.

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>>I have to go there for about a year.

Wow, fuck that. A whole year of that would just make anyone go even more crazy.

So did your parents set this up?

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Excuse me, I'm from a law firm. Is there an Audrey around?

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There's nothing wrong with me. I chose to be this way, so I bear all the burden for my lifestyle.

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useless as you may be, that alone puts you above 95% of /jp/

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Yeah, pretty much. We're not exactly wealthy so my mother is currently working a lot more than she should just to be able to keep me in the house.

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Assuming OP speaks the truth (which is a bit of a stretch) how can he have no choice in the matter? Unless, of course, he's a minor.

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I just wonder what kind of treatment plan involves keeping you committed for six days of the week. Do you only visit a therapist for one or two days of the week and get to hang out the rest of the time, or is it a 24/7 Soviet re-education camp kind of thing?

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Well, if he is legally insane, the state has the rights to force him to seek treatment against his will.

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They're after K1 too..

Where do I run to,/jp/?

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go into asylum
fall in love with girl
escape asylum w/ girl
start new life

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I think your parents can commit you if you fail a mental fitness test or some such.

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I got molested as a child numerous times and would molest young boys and girls at a young age, got caught.

slowly losing every contact i have

was admitted to mental wards

long periods of isolation, got kicked out of my primary school.

currently in debt to the gambino crime family for cutting in on caporegime's Stephen "Stevie Coogan" Grammauta's rackets, waiting for them to come kill me basically.

i can only get off on 2D, but thats not that big of an issue

>I'm more fucked than you OP, dont worry about it.

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You're basically put together with people that have the same problems and practice things like having conversations, working together, eye contact, etc. Next to that there are also different kinds of therapy.

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>currently in debt to the gambino crime family for cutting in on caporegime's Stephen "Stevie Coogan" Grammauta's rackets, waiting for them to come kill me basically.

Okay, I lol'd.

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Either tell me the name of this VN or fund it, whichever applies.

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Katawa Shoujo :D

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That's not a mental ward.

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This thread makes me feel so much better about myself. Goddamn some of you guys are so fucked up compared to me.

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Stop trying to promote a shitty game that will end in failure and disappointment, Jones

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Yes it is.

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u mad?

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Wait, what do you mean "in love with Shinji"? Do you mean that you relate so much to his feelings of dread and humiliation that you want Shinji Penis inside your anal?

There are 3 people in the world I love: Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, (depressed) Lady Yuna.

Why do you love Shinji?

(I want Shinji Penis inside of me... ;_; )

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"...wristo cutto"

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inb4 omedetou

or any more posts, period

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i kno what you mean, but i love Shinji more like a brother. it's not like i love him in the gay sense or anything.

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Let us know how it goes, OP. I am interested in your 6 day a week treatment plan.

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Hey, YunaShinjiRei-lover queer:
I hope you get over your malaise and crippling self-doubt. I found this pretty picture of Yuna. It's my gift to you. Please cheer up!

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Audrey, is that you?

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Just remember, don't drop that bar of soap.

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It's ignorant statements like that which gives rape such a negative image! You should think about yourself and your own failings instead of reflexively criticizing rape. The world would be a much better place if only we stop discriminating against rape.

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It's not really that fact that I want Shinji delicious cock (I'm pretty much asexual), but more that I just want to hold him in a ever loving manner and we can help each other in our own ways.

There's more to it, but I've never been one that could express myself.

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rape isnt something to be joked about. it's a so sad and terriable. your sick if you think its funny. your an ass. not funny at all.

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1/10, trying just a little too hard

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troll harder

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I'mma rape you, bitch!

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I don't think you really are going to a place to get treatment, OP. Enjoy your Gulag.

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I feel like there is some real team spirit going on in this thread. Yush!

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The time I spent in an institution was probably the best of my life. That's kind of sad I guess, but I really wish I could go back. The people there were nice, at least all the staff were really nice though there were a couple shithead patients there but generally it's the same everywhere, some people just don't like eachother and act like assholes. There was this weird thing where instead of having a big meal in the evening, they would have 'dinner' in the afternoon at lunch time. I don't know why, but it was actually a lot nicer like that. Fuck, it really was nice. You could be a complete NEET, you got fed and were allowed to do pretty much whatever you wanted in the day though you were expected to hold up to your therapy appointments and stuff like that. There were some computers but they were pretty much all shit, I still spent what other people around me considered a lot of time behind it but "a lot" was like an hour or two, could barely do anything on the things, ran like snails. But that stuff was shiteasy, talk with a shrink, creative therapy stuff, talk with a doctor, talk in a group, swimming therapy with friends and basically you just screwed around and had fun. Most of us were allowed to go outside though you had to tell someone first and and be back within a certain time. I even had a relationship with a cute girl there, lost our virginity to each other. She was almost kind of moe. Now outside, I hide in my room and do absolutely nothing, don't talk to people for months.

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