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Lets settle this once and for all...

Who is the very best? You must provide supporting augments + image/s

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no augments needed

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>You must provide supporting augments

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There are your augments.

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I came here to argue on behalf my my waifu.
But Cirno is my daughteru, so this is also fine.
She's cute and endearing, an iconic character and has great music.

I wonfer if, with the power of faith. We can make her stronger.

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The dork is augmented.

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yucurry because she's like your friends hot mom you always wanted to screw

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I never knew this feel, non of my friends had attractive mothers. Most of them were overweight too. Women dont age well.

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>has to be pure
>is the main character
>she's poor so even your little bit of money can make her happy
>Zun agrees, don't bother him about it

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I don't have any favorites. Is this bad?

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>>has to be pure
Pretty sure we've had this discussion before and it ended with some anon posting about how in times of poverty/strife, shrine maidens were known to sell their body.

You cant assume Reimu is any more pure than the average touhou.

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Well normal shrine maidens also don't have supernatural power

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I want to say Hijiri but some anon will come with his shitty Taoshit shills and muh restriction of freedumbz.

>Implying modern astrology doesnt debunk taoshit shills
>Implying religion isn't just a way to teach people how to act.

Why can't people accept the inevitable gay relationship between Taishi-sama and Hijirin.

Now I wait for the taoshits or just an average anon to shit on my opinion

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Byakushit isn't even a real Buddhist.

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>Hurrr she's not a reel budest so she a shid

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>>Implying modern astrology doesnt debunk taoshit shills
That was bullshit added later, it doesnt cound as Taoist.
It's like thinking Mormons = Christianity, or Islam being a successor becuase Muhammed said some stuff about the original (Jews and Christians) before adding his own shit into the mix.

Not Taoist.

>Implying religion isn't just a way to teach people how to act.
Well Byakuren cant even get that right and adhere to dharma, so I guess she's a total failure then.

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>Wanting a mary sue and not a character with understandable flaws

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I dont want a mary sue, I just hate hypocrites.
Please stop temping me into posting about how the new star wars is shit because of Rey.

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A supernatural craving for dick, perhaps.

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Well, she's a moonrabbit, so that's pretty cool.

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You wanna fight? 1PM in front of the park I'll be waiting

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How ironic, have you ever considered how much of a hypocrite YOU are. I'm no angel either but you're pretty autistic to be this much of an elitist.


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I would like to use this post as my argument against Byakuren. She is an autism magnet, and you know what they say, birds of a feather flock together.

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The complete and utter truth is that All the girls are bestgirl. There's no need to fight about it, simply accept the truth into your hearts.

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What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you incapable of arguing in a way that isn't just repeating what the other guy just said in a retarded way?

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>likes to drink

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Marisa is the best touhou. She's fun-loving, witty, and incredibly human. She's both incredibly outgoing, but also reflective and capable of being reserved at times. She's insightful, she's knowledgeable, she's curious about the world around her, and she's quick to catch on to things. Her fighting style is flashy, but at the same time straight forward at the same time, a reflection of herself in many ways. She's stylish as well, while her outfit is clearly meant to invoke the image of a classic witch, she's managed to put her own unique spin on it. She's bold and courageous, willing to venture forth and try new things, even if they may be a bit dangerous.

Basically, Marisa is the cutest, smartest, and coolest girl.

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Please do not shitpost on /jp/. You are giving your favorite touhou and fans of your favorite touhou a bad name.

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She's not even my wife, but I have to agree

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yuugs because seh drinks sake and doesnt afraid of anything

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Alice because she's Alice. Alice doesn't need a reason to be the best.

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She's cute, she's smart, she's fun, what's not to like?

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canonically beat marisa in a danmaku battle

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Okuu because she could be your playful pet, your wife, your daughteru that you want to raise and protect, or just your friendly neighborhood Sun Goddess that you worship and praise depending on how you feel about her. Also she's just plain sexy and cute as fuck.

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>canonically beat marisa in a danmaku battle
Yup, this is what a winner typically looks like. She really got Marisa good.

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also canonically confirmed in SoPM she didn't just get beat, but that Marisa was drunk and probably literally using flashlights

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>and probably literally using flashlights
One of her spellcards was literally called Love Sign "Master Spark-like Flashlight"

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Samefag pls go

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Loves to hate everyone and be hated, cheats and plays danmaku like no other, she is also the only one with pure villanous motives while not giving a fuck about anything.
She is objectively the best character to came out of ZUN's narrow imagination.

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Liberation of the downtrodden is a villainous motive. Sure, senpai.

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Nice picture, saved

Have a picture of my favorite in return

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Her motives are selfish and pure evil, you were deceived like a pitiful inchling to believe she cares about the oppressed Gensokyans. How naive of you, senpai.

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>>likes to drink
Drunk people make bad decisions, and arent loyal as a result.

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>Basically, Marisa is the cutest, smartest, and coolest girl.
Also an increasingly worse playable with every passing game. Thanks ZUN.

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But she was at her worse in TD, it's been nowhere but up from there.

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Honestly not convinced that Marisa is significantly better in either DDC or LoLK. Marisa's high point in DDC I guess is using the flamethrower on Cirno in stage 1. That is, unless I'm ignorant and MarisaB is actually good in DDC. Just don't want to miss out on the flamethrower.

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>That is, unless I'm ignorant and MarisaB is actually good in DDC.
Ignorant isn't a strong enough word to describe you at this moment.

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What the fuck. That is amazing.

But I guess I still hate ZUN for making the other Marisa suck while giving her the best visuals.

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LoLK Marisa is pretty good too. She got a buff to her damage, so her damage output is the highest among the four girls if you discount bombs, and her AoE means that she's better at clearing random fairies while focused that Reimu. She just doesn't seem great when put next to Sanae "Breaks the Game in Half" Kochiya, or Reisen "Easy Modo" Inaba

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>Sanae "Breaks the Game in Half" Kochiya, or Reisen "Easy Modo" Inaba
Which is more broken.
I havent played LoLK yet, but I want to play as Reisen. How is she broke?

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Sanae is better for Point Device, and Legacy if you know what you're doing.
Reisen breaks Extra, and can complete Legacy normal more easily if you don't know what you're doing.

>> No.14519264

But how is she broken?
Does she do insane damage or something?

>> No.14519280

Her homing attack is very strong for a homing attack, and her bomb allows her to easily get enough graze to get an extra life piece, on top of being stronger than Master Spark and giving her an insane amount of invincibility.

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literally the strongest character

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Aside from pic related.

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Drunk as she was, marisa admitted that if she wasn't holding back and used actual lasers, cirno still probably would have won

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That's a nice thought, but Cirno has never actually won under those conditions, and next time she shows up she's back to being a stage 1 midboss.

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What? a fairy can't have an off day?

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I can't buy no holds barred Marisa being beaten by Cirno. Like, not even a little. Marisa is clearly mistaken in her musings.

>> No.14520388

I never said no holds barred, i said not holding back and using actual lasers.

That still leaves some wiggle room in terms of marisa's strength.

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You called?

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She flies circles around the entire damn cast and kicks their asses without even trying. She's the fastest, period. Speed is the best superpower!
She's a crow, and as we all know, crows are the best birds. She's even got a bunch of crow minions!
She actually DOES something in canon; running a newspaper. Good chunk of the canon and character bios comes from her writing!
She's got a wonderfully simple and appealing look and color-scheme. No over-design here!
She's smart and cunning and wise. Moriya Shrine probably wouldn't be there without her! Had probably been around the block a few times before Gensokyo was even created.
She's sexy as hell. Legs, tits, ass, full package. Fanon flexible, too. Whatever fetish or desires you've got, she can probably fill it!

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Please. If you're gonna throw in Aya in the mix, Seija might as well be the strongest one before lolk because she fucking owned those losers.

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This gentleman of refined taste speaks like a true connoisseur, I can't help but agree with him.

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Seija is without question the best danmakuist in all of Gensokyo but still a low class Youkai and low level Amanojaku.

>> No.14520456

>The fastest, period

Youmu has the potential to beat her in max speed, if not sustained.

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Seija had to cheat to win. Without all the doohickeys she stole(?) she'd be fucking nothing, and she knows it.
Aya, on the other hand, dodges everyone's best under her own power, including spell cards purpose-built to shoot her down, all the while taking pictures of the bullet patterns.

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It doesn't matter for Seija if she's the lowest. I hope her revolution succeeds.

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Youmu might have some fast moves, but Aya is the definition of fast.

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Funny double standards you have there. Nevermind she beats Aya even when she's using her camera at Seija.

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What double standards would those be? The camera? Nothing cheaty about that.

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in all fairness, aya is fast with the use of her fan and control over wind.

Youmu's just fast. Slash of eternity and 6-root cleansing being the most prime examples. She doesn't even use myon's help for either.


See? myon just floats there waiting for youmu to be done. And even though the counter only says 18 hits, its obvious its a fair amount more.

I would be willing to hit a compromise and say youmu can't keep it up for an extended period of time, or maneuver like aya can though.

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Aya had to capture spellcards using her camera all the while clearing bullets with her camera. If thats not cheaty I don't know what since you consider Seija's items, which also includes a powered down tengu camera, cheat items. Face it, Aya is a fluke. She needs to step down.

>> No.14520494

Seija can use several at the same time though. Aya sticks to just the one trick, and its not foolproof.

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Seija can use several items at a time. She can also use none, and she'd still clear intended impossible spell cards. She's just that good.

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Has there ever been an implication that Aya's extreme speed is because of her wind manipulation?

If you're comparing removing bullets with invincibility and teleportation and bullet redirection...I really don't know what to say to you.

Really? Come on. That's like saying Reimu is a pacifist because you can do no shooting runs.

>> No.14520507

Aya could theoretically do the same. She doesn't NEED to clear danmaku with her camera. She does because thats the purpose of what she's doing, to get pictures of people and their danmaku.

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First off Seija's items are all considered cheat items. One of them includes a powered down Tengu camera from god knows where. Now you tell me how Aya's camera isn't a cheat item although its an accepted info she's just using it to capture spellcards for her newspaper.

However Aya and even Hatate came for Seija because she's hotshit during ISC. Hey, they even had danmaku battles, and both tengus are using their cameras! ISC is cheat vs cheat and Seija canonically beats them all. Yes even Yukari, Miko, Byaku and other bosses in day 10.
Also I said before lolk so don't bother throwing lolk people in the mix.

Checkmate atheists

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Let me pose a question then. IF those spell cards were "Impossible", why weren't they just literal walls of danmaku? For example, a laser sweeping From the left side of the screen to the right, or vice versa? Marisa using an unavoidable master spark?

I know the name is "impossible spell card" but at the end of the day they are still just spellcards. They were intended for use in danmaku battle, and as such have holes in them.

Seija is strong, i'll admit that, but people oversell her on virtue of ISC a bit too much. The other girls could have tried a lot harder if they really wanted too.

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If I have to guess, it has something to do with how each perceives the spellcard pattern. Kinda like how Cirno sees a fucking mess in TGFW but it was actually one of the easier spellcards she was facing against.

Ask ZUN.

>> No.14524392

Not the other guys, but danmaku can't be legitimately impossible because danmaku rule forbids it. It's the reason why reimu has to limit how long she can use fantasy heaven to shift out of reality, for example.

>> No.14524403

Well yeah, but they're cheating. That's the idea.

>> No.14524404

Yeah but I think it says in ISC that they used impossible spell cards on Seija because she's a filthy scum and threat to Gensokyo.

>> No.14524473

> IF those spell cards were "Impossible", why weren't they just literal walls of danmaku? For example, a laser sweeping From the left side of the screen to the right, or vice versa? Marisa using an unavoidable master spark?
I can think of numerous items that beat these 'impossible' walls of danmaku. Seija cheats well. Yin-yang orb, or the umbrella for instance.
If you're talking about gaps and 'itemless' plays being possible, it's not necessarily canon. We can talk about Reimu solving incidents by sniffing stage 6 boss skirts and grazing without firing a shot when it's intended that she is giving her best to take down some youkai. At least the game has enough room for some spectacular itemless spell captures which is somewhat above the expected approach.

Besides, I like the appeal of "I'll use any method available to me" Seija.

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because I want to cum on her face