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Have you properly worshipped the mistress today?

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worst last boss

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That's not Faguren.

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Of course, I already spurted today's offering on her name.

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This picture always makes me wonder how she managed to fill that whole lake with blood. I don't believe there are even enough people in gensokyo to fill a small lake of blood let alone a lake as big as this picture implies. We are talking like millions of people bleeding out into this lake and then just vamishing or being eaten by a near equal number of youkai. Isn't gensokyo stated to be not that large?

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Maybe it's all the blood she summoned using Scarlet Meister.

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I have that picture on my mousepad.

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Do not bap the remimi.

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Why do people post Flan and Remi getting along? Didn't Remi lock Flan in the cellar for like 500 years?

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to be fair she was an uppity cunt

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Flan still respects her (she still said Aya that Remi is just bluffing about her power to control fate), but she still won't leave the mansion as by her orders.

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Vampires should be sensual and busty, not little girls!

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Little girls are sensual though.

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>Didn't Remi lock Flan in the cellar

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She keeps her within the mansion grounds, so it's not as bad as it sounds.

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I'm pretty sure I recall the conversation between Flan and Marisa in the extra stage: something about how Flan says she's been locked in the cellar for like 500 years and then Marisa says something like "Wow, that's awesome, I only get two days a week off!"

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Kuso taste.

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Filtthy capitalistic Kappa.

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I want to cum between Remi's pure-white thighs.

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That is haram, anon

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I have nothing to say. Just posting cute Remi.

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pat pat

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