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These vampires are sleeping in your bed, what do?

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kissu on head

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Grab holy water (old souvenir from Lourdes) and slam the windows open whille brandishing the silverware.

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Crawl under bed, make loud spooky noises.

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Lay at the feet of the bed and sleep like a dog.

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Make eggs. Then make them eat the eggs when they wake up.

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But I don't have a bed. I sleep on the floor. I'd hate to see them sleeping on the floor so I'd probably get under them and try my best to be their bed.

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Wake up sucka

I hate vampires

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Close the fucking curtains, scold Sakuya for not doing it and go sleep in the guest coffin.

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Sneak between them, have the greatest time of my life until Remilia wakes up and kills me

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Ask my mom where she picked them up.

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Clean my sheets. There must be a lot of dirt if vampires are sleeping in them.

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Get my piss blessed by a priest, then i'd blast them with holy piss.

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>guest coffin
>most of furniture in SDM was made by human villagers
Those poor carpenters.

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sleep tight vamper

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Take out my belt.

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Pour running water next to them in a cup, and watch as the cute mistress wets the bed~

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And then spank her in front of her little sister. Brilliant.

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She will be so embarrassed.
She is supposed to be the older sister, and she is getting punished.

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Yes. The humiliation will be supreme.

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Read them a story

Maybe then they'll finally pay their goddamn tab

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Stick my head under the covers so I can get a good sniff of her lolibodies aromas and feel their warmth on my face.