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Are squishy and fit for titty fucking, will you /jp/

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it's a vampire trick, dont fall for it they want your blood

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Flandres a big girl.

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YES, I WILL /jp/!

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The voice of reason. At least someone else is not going to die if we get invaded. /jp/ is just falling for its lust.

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Flandre best 2hu

Flandre best everything

Honestly would you resist that? She's too well endowed and cute to say no too!

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Mmmmm chocolate, please share it with me flan.

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>cowtits on my Flan

Absolutely disgusting

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She's a mature girl now though.

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Tumors in your breast do not equal maturity

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I'll fold one boob over and use that, a /jp/ can use the other one.

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There are good ways to present Adult Flandre.

Cowtits bigger than her head are not one of them.

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For you

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Please don't post disgusting shit.

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What's so bad about it? It's not like she takes all your blood at once anyway. Just a little, and then you get to play with big girl Flan for a while until it wears off.


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yep, its heresy.

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Holy shit OP kill yourself.

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I'm masturbating right now

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c-can we cuddle afterwards?

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So huge..
Those monstrous things would kill many a /jp/.
Mass genocide, I tell you.

Anyways, I doubt Flan would even be able to walk proper with all that upper weight. We're safe.

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If by afterwards you mean after the tumor surgery, yeah.

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You can cuddle with me after >>14494128

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Flan Flan

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I want to cum on this artist's hair drawings.

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That's lewd, anon, cum in this, instead.

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Post more titty flan

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There are two threads about scarlet tits.

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>, I doubt Flan would even be able to walk proper with all that upper weight.
Pretty sure her metal wings would act as a counter balance, if anything that'd probably balance her out from how she is normally. Goes for Remi as well.

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>cowtits on flan


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My favorite part of "loli character made into titty monster" threads are the butthurt pedos.

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>"loli character made into titty monster"
Basically all touhous in the hands of fans. Why don't they just go play KanColle or something if they want big boobed characters?

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what about loli-fied hags

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the best

lolified anything is the best

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It's almost Christmas /jp/

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Because I care about character design as well as game design, which I like Touhou more in both aspects. I also like huge tits a lot and I think it makes them look even better (many of them). So huge tittied Flandre is a fuck yeah in my book. I wanna play with her or tease others as her...

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>sexualizing Flandre

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I'm you from the future, and I have fantastic news! If you get on with it and masturbate already, then you'll stop caring about and won't be compelled to be a heathen in this fandom anymore! You also discover shortly after that KanColle has everything you look for in 'character design' and live happily ever after.

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>>14505789 (you)

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Seems like it would be easier to jerk off to something built entirely for that purpose. Ah well, I guess the point of your dick is to convince you that things that don't make sense are actually fantastic ideas.

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She looks starving.

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I just want to make Flandre pregnant with my seed!

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Can you even impregnate vampires? I feel like that's an exercise in futility.

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Such is the eternal mystery of ZUNpires, but for a variety of reasons *probably* not.

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Why does big flan looks like yukari

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I would like to masturbate to this image but I haven't fapped to oppai lolis before.

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Can I masturbate you then?

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Maybe I'm wrong but technically you can't, since vampires are undead, and dead flesh can't produce living flesh through natural reproduction.

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Chubby Flan with tits makes my dick hard!

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It's not as if Flan's cells are all rotting away and never being replaced, therefore some kind of biological functions are at play. Who is to say those biological functions wouldn't cover reproduction?

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>Who is to say those biological functions wouldn't cover reproduction?
Well she's also prepubescent, despite this silly thread.

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"Kedamono Kangoku Tou"

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adult chen > adult flan

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Adult Chen is the greatest thing ever created by man, except for oppai loli Chen.

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When did scanners stop caring about the most lewd flan creator?

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