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What does /jp/ think of Sumireko?

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She sucks.

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Dumb glasses wearing whore

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It's pure shit. Delete this thread.

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It's like Vegeta's moustache.
We're all trying to forget it ever existed.

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I dislike Sumireko myself but what's the reason she's universally hated by most people?

Is it because she does not really fit in Touhou at all?

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I don't get people saying that she does not fit touhou, Yumemi has the same concept, she really can't be non-touhou.

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Chuuni faggot

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Worst Touhou Game gives us the worst touhou.

A perfect fit!

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You can't really compare PC98 2hus to windows 2hus. It's not like we blow up tanks in the windows games.

Also PC98 is not canon.

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I was expecting a faggot like you to quote me just to say "muh PC-98 is not canon!".
It being not canon don't make it less touhou. Yumemi and Touhou 3 is a part of the touhou history/essence, saying that Sumireko does not fit touhou when she reminds a old character is just ridiculous.

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PC98 games were the best shit ZUN made outside of the first few windows games. If it's not canon then fuck Touhou. Touhou has been shit for years.

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A shit. Its sad Kasen had to debut in this shitty game.

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The PC-98 games didn't have a canon, they were just ZUN doing whatever seemed cool at the time. That's why Marisa looks completely different between her first two appearances. He only started trying to tie things together around the time of PCB.

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A cute

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And don't think this, the PC-98 have their charm for being retro, but they have extremely random dialogue and are clunky kinda in gameplay. Many characters are forgettable too, but there's good ones.

I also think that later touhou games (in Windows) are good, TD was my least favorite one, but it got alright again in DDC and LoLK.

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Junko would look great on that raft.

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>He only started trying to tie things together around the time of PCB

That has been one big mistake imo. I felt things start to go downhill during/after MoF. Now we have a bunch of characters with retarded designs and backstories.

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Yes because you absolutely know better on what to do with the franchise. If everyone was like you, we'd be celebrating world peace.

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4chan is for hate and anger.

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But it is a valid point, the PC98 games and Windows games could not be any more different in term of design and such.
It 2 different worlds.

That's why it's just retarded to say "But there's nothing wrong with this 2hu! because she's just like the PC98 2hu."

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>implying any of that matters

Touhou is whatever ZUN wants it to be. He could make a character that is just a black square and it would be Touhou.

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So progressive.

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I actually think ZUN's designs improved massively after EoSD and PCB. He went from making every character a girl in a mob cap to trying to have their designs correspond in some way to their mythological source (apart from Kaguya unfortunately).

The other big change is that the newer characters have more clearly defined motivations and personalities than the ones hailing from the early Windows games.

Take Remilia, for example. She's a haughty vampire who is a new arrival to Gensokyo, who claims to be a descendant of Vlap Tepes, and who was willing to screw over everyone else in order to be able to go out during the day. If you wanted to get more than that about what she's like, you would need to look at one of the published sourcebooks.

Compare this to, say, Byakuren. Just from the game script + manual, we know that she's a former nun who started practicing black magic in order to become eternally youthful, that her reasons for doing so were because her brother's death made her feel her own mortality, and that, while she was originally just faking it at first, she eventually came to legitimately embrace her role as a messiah for monsters. Despite having endured 1000 years of imprisonment for all of this, she has not renounced her beliefs and intends to act upon them if she is freed.

Regardless of whether you hate her or like her, Byakuren obviously has both more substance and more potential for interpretation to her character.

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Deal with it
JK chuunihu a cute

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>she camesback the in the next fighting game

What to do?

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>Mamizou stole her debut on TD

Seeing that this game is terrible, is a shame she didn't appear on TD.

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I second this. Since MoF the new characters tend to have more clear goals too, aside from the one that caused the incident of the game they appear.

Kanako is trying to kickstart the industrial revolution, Byakuren is really trying to be the youkai messiah, Miko is trying to reach inmortality, and in the best case, rule humanity for the better, Mamizou is building her own powerhouse and trying to gain some control over the human village, Kasen is looking for her arm while trying to improve the current Hakurei Miko.

Meanwhile old Character like Remila (and her group), Youmu and Yuyuko, Eirin and Kaguya (and the rabbits) are happy just living in their places just getting out for drinking parties.

sorry for bad english

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She's pretty neat, I have no problems with her.

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Shes such a dork. Does she fun post on the jaypee with her smartphone?

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I don't like her at all. She sounds like a huge jerk.

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This is totally truth.

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I used to dislike some rare characters in the tōhō universe but I still accepted them.

But this one... It's not even a tōhō character to me, it's just some random commercial shit that don't belong here. And she doesn't deserve to be considered as a tōhō character.

Trying to give your opinion on her is like judging a pebble on a cooking contest. People won't even say they hate it, they just don't eat pebbles, so they would just tell to fuck off to the retard who brought it here.

But I still get pissed whenever I see her name or image because her existence insults the whole tōhō universe.

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It was a character made so that the player could self insert as that character and enter gensokyo like she did, however, most humans dislike other beings that share similar qualities with themselves.

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She's fun. Odd, but I'm glad she exists.

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ZUN said she's the kind of character who might have been a light novel protagonist a decade or two back. Also that the main difference between Sumireko and Sanae is that Sanae is an optimist while Sumireko is a pessimist.

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Sanae is cute. Sumireko a shit. A SHIT.

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She is my adorable, classy, highly upgradeable, slightly weak to saltwater waifu. The true queen.

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She's a sleeping slut!

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She probably funposts on Futaba, if anything.

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Jesus christ I want to rape sumireko over and over again until she breaks

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Another outside slut in my 2hu.

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So being mean to the sumisumi is a meme now huh

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Is that the van from Touhou Kenchinroku?

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Is there a doujinshi yet where she's in Gensokyo, and realizes her body was drugged and someone is having their way with her body.

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Her design is pretty shitty and it doesn't help that I particularly dislike girls with glasses, but I actually like her character.
Some idiots forget about Renko and Maribel and the fact that Zun wants to ultimately tie together a story that involves the outside world and Gensokyo, so in a way she represents the future of Touhou where we will learn that there are more "Espers" like her and maybe even some magicians and/or Youkai still living in the outside world. My guess is that this will be the final arc of Touhou, right after we finish with the lunarians, the new enemy will once again be the outsiders when they find about the existence of Gensokyo.
I personally think this route has potential of becoming more interesting than the repeating story we have so far.

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>Her design is pretty shitty and it doesn't help that I particularly dislike girls with glasses

I'm usually ambivalent towards glasses, but I think they work well on Sumireko. In the same way that the cape hides that she actually has a great body, the glasses mask the fact that her face is pretty cute.

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She's an ultra qt and she was made for bullying. Please feel free to bully the Sumireko-chan.

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She smells too much like an original character. She's the kind of overpowered shit you would find on touhou-project.

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Bully the sumi and I'll bully the everloving shit out of you, nerdboy

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She's /k/ tier, just below Reisen.

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I want to bully Sumireko's butt with a carpet beater.

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/jp/ loved Sumireko when she debuts, I guess love is fickle.

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Or maybe /jp/ isn't just one guy.

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And I want to bully your testicles with a car battery, but I guess we'll never get to live out those fantasies, huh?

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You're gay if you want to play with someone else's balls.

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I was speaking about the majority of /jp/.

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What, you don't dream every night of fucking cute boys in the ass while jerking off their cute little boyclits making them shoot sticky smelly spunk all over their lacy dresses and frilly panties?

Fucking fag

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Three posters don't make a majority, Anon.

No because I'm a well-balanced and sane individual.
Instead of that, I dream that I fuck Sekibanki after slapping her face.

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>No because I'm a well-balanced and sane individual.
Shame. It's alright to indulge in forbidden meats every now and then.

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I haven't been raised as a Catholic, but I still consider homosexuality to be a sin.
Do it if you want, I won't partake in it.

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I talked to Jesus and he said that Reko is for cute and NOT bully.

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Is she for spanking then?

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She's one of the most cute girls in ULiL and LoLK, fight me /a/nons.

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>shit talking clownpiece
I'll fite you IRL.

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OH COME ON! Clownpieceofshit is not even funny anymore. Cockslurping fairy.

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Who are you quoting?

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It makes me sad that sumi gets so little vanilla dojinworks

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Isn't that kind of the point? She's a dissatisfied teen who brutally self-inserted herself into a fairytale land with no thought to how it would affect everything because she wanted to run away and rather than own up, face her problems and deal with the hand she was given.

That, being all too willing to press the destruct button when things don't go her way, and dismissing anyone who wants to get to know her doesn't make her all that likable, but there also exists the possibility she changes for the better due to her experiences.

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Would you quit Touhou if there were to be more Sumireko-like characters?

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I liked it in the manga when ZUN confirmed she would Time Cop if her dreamself ever touched her sleeping real body


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I miss this guy's Iku/Tenshi comics.

Where's that first one from, by the way?

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his twitter account

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I really don't want to think about Sumi dying liek that.

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Serious question.

Why do so many people enjoy thinking about bullying/ryona/guro/rape involving Sumireko? My only guess is that she represents a character archetype that a lot of creative people within the dojinshi community detest. However I do not see much in her character bio and game dialogue that is detestable, and she is partly "reformed" at the end of the game when the Gensokyoians scare her with the urban legends. If anything, her newfound habit of sleeping all day to escape from real life pushes her closer to an archetype that would represent /jp/sies and hikki VIPpers.

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That whole thing was pretty fucked up

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If I had to guess it's because of how comparatively weak and fragile and vulnerable she is compare to other Touhous.
She's got some powers, but she's also a squishy human. A squishy outside world human at that, and outsider worlders are fair game for all the nasty stuff Touhou usually stays away from. She also sorta makes an enemy out of Gensokyo, and doesn't really have any allies or buddies, besides Mokou I guess.