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Let's have a Renko and Maribel thread, /jp/. I find their adventures much more interesting than the main games. Discuss about them, your favorite ZUN music CD track or why he doesn't make them anymore, and other shit.
Also, Renko>>Maribel.

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Changeability best album.
Maribel is a backup body for Yukari.

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No way, Maribel is the cutest. Saving this thread for Maribel.

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I know I am shitter for asking this

But where I can read their stories? I can find the albums but no translations for their adventures.

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Touhou wiki has them, just look around on the album pages.

Speaking of that album, Neo Super Express is one of my favorites.

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Thank you based anon.

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is their first story. >>14486698
gave you their third one but I would read them chronologically. You can listen to the according song while you read, there's playlists on youtube.


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I like Renko, shes the best

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again, thanks you based anon, let's see what kind of ride is this.

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Something that always intrigues me about them is their world. We know it's the future, but just how far into the future is it?
Interesting stuff in their world:
-Synthetic food are eaten regularly
-Regular trips to the moon
-Natural vegetation is rare
-Supposedly, the Grand Unified Theory is solved

The lack of natural vegetation makes me think that Renko and Merry's outside world is the same as Seihou, or at least near the era. It also helps that many Seihou tracks get remixed by ZUN and put on the music CDs. Alternatively, they could come from Yumemi's world where the theory was also solved. Anyway, just a thought.

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Don't forget a train that has monitors for windows, and the Noah's ark that got sent into space.

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and remember that they manage to make a space station with a small garden on it and some animals.

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Why and who?

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>Noah's Ark

I wonder how wondeful or screw up is the future there.

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Yukari said that snow doesn't exist in the outside world anymore. We can assume that global warming has become quite severe. It would explain why theyre trying to grow plants in a space station.

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Is Gensokyo time (the one we see in games and manga) the same as Renko and Maribel time?

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That's not entirely clear, since Maribel visits gensokyo every now and then, but always in a different time period.
Time doesn't work the same way in and outside of gensokyo

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But I remember that Yukari once said to Rinnosuke, when he discovered a gameboy, something like "that is a old model, the newest one even have 2 screens". in that sense isn't Gensokyo time the same as ours? Maribel can see the boundaries, and probably also find places where the boundarie of gensokyo is so damaged/twistes/disorted that even times get's weird? just a idea.

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Yes, given the hints in CoLA and stuff like the timing and description of Reisen running from the Moon and how long she's been in Gensokyo, it has always been roughly similar to ours.

Sumireko's appearance also basically confirms this. She comes from a similar world, similar technology, etc.

Renko and Maribel come from somewhere a little more far flung than that. The stuff that's described is at least 40 years off (guessing).

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Time flows at the same speed inside Gensokyo and out, if that's what you mean. Every new game/manga chapter/etc. takes place at the time it was released, or within a few months of it. The Bunbunmaru articles even have dates on them (but they're written in a different calendar system based on phases of the moon). It's just hard to tell when most characters are aging due to inconsistent art, unless they're Akyuu.

Renko and Maribel live in the future. Sumireko lives in the present.

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What the timeline an relationship between Renko and Sumireko? From what I understand Sumireko is in the present in our current irl time and Renko is some sort of relative in the future relative to Sumireko

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Could Sumireko being a older cousin or relative? on Limbo time, Renko is still a child if not a baby, When Sumireko is older and Renko enter the same school as her "cool" relative, she convice her of joining, or even reviving, the sealing club.

Just some ideas.

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Sealing Club might've just survived on its own. There's some romanticism in joining the same club as a relative before you did.

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yeah, but we don't know if there were more members after Sumireko graduate, and so far, Maribel and Renko are the only ones in their time. The club could survive on his own until Renko or could die and get revived later, we don't know, and the romanticism part could get better if you revive that club.

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>Maribel is a backup body for Yukari.

inb4 Renko is a spare body for Sumireko

Sumireko and Yukari confirmed for friendship.

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I consider the gap between our time and Renko's to likely be wide enough that aunt, mother or grandmother would be more realistic.

If Sumireko is Renko's aunt, maybe she finally disappears into Gensokyo one day and Renko finds her stuff and takes up the mantle of the Sealing Club to find out what happened.

Another possibility is that they aren't related at all and the hat and surname are either a coincidence or is titular, to be passed down in succession. In this scenario, maybe Sumireko continues the club into university, it continues or she and the club disappear, to be discovered later by Renko and Maribel.

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Sumireko is a chuu2 high school girl and Renko is a university student. Sumireko is believed to be the first member of thee sealing club and the timeline only makes sense if Sumireko exists first and Renko and Maribel are in the future, but we do not know how big the time gap is.

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Neo-traditionalism of Japan and Dolls in Pseudo Paradise are my favorite albums, but latter is not part of the Ghost Field Club story.
Favorite tracks are Izanagi object and Gathering the Mysterious from All Around Japan. Neither are on YT, so this instead

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How comes Sumireko has esper powers but Renko has none?

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You cant debate that this isnt just one of the best if not the greatest song

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>Another possibility is that they aren't related at all and the hat and surname are either a coincidence.
You realise that they're both named after flowers? (Ren = Lotus, Sumire = Violet)
And that "Sumire" is a common name but "Sumireko" is a weird one which seems to exist only to match with "Renko"?

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I want to deflower the flowers!

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If touhou ever get a official anime (I know it will never happen) This song have to be the ending or used in the climax of the incident.

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Remember that Maribel was in a mental hospital for a time.

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More like a mental asylum.

Oh my god she's basically a walking HP Lovecraft protagonist, down to poking around in things man was not meant to know.

Also all the implications that she's turning into something not human.

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There's a theory that some of the themes in Lovecraft's works (like the prevalence of oceans) were influenced by Lafcadio Hearn

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>"Lafcadio Hearn, strange, wandering, and exotic, departs still farther from the realm of the real; and with the supreme artistry of a sensitive poet weaves phantasies impossible to an author of the solid roast-beef type. His Fantastics, written in America, contains some of the most impressive ghoulishness in all literature; whilst his Kwaidan, written in Japan, crystallises with matchless skill and delicacy the eerie lore and whispered legends of that richly colourful nation. Still more of Hearn’s weird wizardry of language is shewn in some of his translations from the French, especially from Gautier and Flaubert. His version of the latter’s Temptation of St. Anthony is a classic of fevered and riotous imagery clad in the magic of singing words."
> -H.P. Lovecraft

Yeah, he was a fan.

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More evidence that Maribel continues to become Yukari: lafcadio's pen name was Yakumo.

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Does anyone know a good place to download all these official albums (other than the original game soundtracks)?

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>she's turning into something not human.

She is the chosen one, she will enter Gensokyo while Renko is left behind.

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>lafcadio's pen name was Yakumo
No, Lafcadio Hearn married into the Yakumo family and changed his name to Koizumi. Koizumi Yakumo was his legal name at time of death.

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And so we learn a little everyday
The foreword to one of his books just listed it as his pen name

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After some searching I found convinient downloads of at least the lossy versions of everything:

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So she's named after an author that inspired fucking HP Lovecraft, continuously pokes around looking for unusual activity and entries to other dimensions, has created what would best be described as a cult organization (even if she only has a single other member), and there's a ridiculous pile of evidence she's turning into what in HP Lovecraft terms would be an OUTER GOD (i.e. Yog-Sothoth would be a close fit to Yukari).

How the hell have the 50 million warning sirens not yet gone off for at least one investigator or professor that there's an Outer God gestating on Earth? What's stopping a single man from putting the pieces together and shooting the Sealing Club up before Earth gets fucked over?

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>has created what would best be described as a cult organization (even if she only has a single other member)
Sumireko created the Sealing Club, and she already goes into another "world" onto a basis. Whatever relation she and Renko have, Renko must've learned through Sumireko of these other worlds, continued the club and Merry was absorbed into it as well.

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>What's stopping a single man from putting the pieces together and shooting the Sealing Club up
hopefully /x/ is gone by then

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I am now imagining a bunch of hardened investigators used to dealing with crazed cultists breaking down the door to the Sealing Club and finding Renko and Maribel just sitting there and chatting.

Cue confusion.

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Gensokyo is pretty much the Warp.

>Timely-wimely shenanigans
>Human belief shapes and gives life to its denizens
>Said denizens comprise monsters and self-proclaimed gods
>Hakurei Reimu can Warp-walk ("float away from reality")
>Sorcery, sorcery everywhere

Maribel "My Waifu" Hearn is an unsanctioned psyker and must be brought to the Emperor's justice before she causes a catastrophe.

Quoting the Inquisitorial report.

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Maribel is a physics major.

I am a physics major.

Maribel is cute.

However, I am not cute.

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One of them will probably fail a SAN check for some reason and go stark raving mad, like that one investigator who found some dog footprints, deduced that the animal must have been walking on two legs, broke down from the revelation and tried to incinerate himself.

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Seihou will never be canon to Touhou.
Stop it with this meme.