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Could somebody tell me where is the safe zone in "Border of Life and Death" located?
ZUN mentioned one in an interview and this is the only card that keeps me from beating phantasm.

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You mean Bounded Field "Boundary of Life and Death" .

There is no "safe zone". You have to create one.
There are different shot types.
When one type is fired for the first time it aims at the player +/- [angle]. The angle is the same every time.

This means you can create a safe zone by directing the shots.

First, move to the left when she fires the first shot type. The 2nd type is aimed directly at you, so when she starts firing the big red bullets, you should be IN the first barrage. After that, go into the gap between those two and stay there for the rest of the card.

If you mess up, bomb and shoot until she is dead.

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