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I want eirien to be my surgeon

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Eirin has two threads.

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I want Eirin to heal my boner.

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I was never afraid of the blood, and doctors like eirin made me want to become a docotr

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I want Eirin to milk my prostate and use my seed to impregnate herself with my spawn.

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Go for it, anon. It's time to quit being a NEET. Go to a medical college or what do you have in your country.

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What kind of surgery do you need, Anon?

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My dick is too small. I-I'd like a penis enlargement, doctor. Is it true that the Lunarians can do that?

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Yes anon, how would you like me to preform your surgery

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Just so long as it's not painful, and d-doctor... I don't have anyone to use my dick on... could I please use your pussy and fuck you at full force till I cum inside with my new big penis? You will like it

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No need, I will enlarge it using over 9000 miligrams of viagra

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I want Eirin to circumcise me without anesthetic!

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The surgeon lives

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Can Erin heal my herniated disc and and my Cauda Equina Syndrome?

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Pretty sure that much would cause fatal hypotension.

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I want Eirin to be my concubine

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Lets have a story about eirien being a surgeon and making us want to be a surgeon

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I have a bad feeling about this, but lets do it.

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How about a story where she gives you a titjob with her hair around your dick.

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How about a story where she makes me want to become a surgeon.

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Don't be a bitch, anon. She's from the moon! She obviously knows what she's doing.

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Help me out, guys.

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>I was never afraid of blood, I guess that is in part why I became a surgeon.

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I want Eirin to be my wife. I'm sure she's very wise and would have a lot of insightful things to say to me. She also seems kind.

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How many years of medical school would I need to become a really effective serial killer like Jack the Ripper?

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You would need to go back in time.
Nowadays he would get door kicked after a few killings.

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You cant jurt me jack

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I want to be cured of living

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Does Eirin do abortions and euthanasia?

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I can be a bit naughty sometimes, would Eirin have a cure?

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"At 10, I was intrigued by surgery, I wanted to be surgeon for a long time. I love doctor shows and surgery shows. Blood is not an issue for me. I even took pictures once of me having my blood taken. "
"Dr Babanga, my local doctor, recommended that I should perhaps try superflex before and after breakfast. "
"Humanity abhors, above all things, a vacuum in itself, and your class will be cut off from humanity as the surgeon slowly cuts the cancer and alien growth from the body."

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Got back pain, Doc?

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I want Eirin to assist at the 4077!

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I want Eirin to be my best friend

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A thousands of years old doctor and a /jp/sie. What an odd friendship that would be.

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Odd, but not impossible.

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I wouldn't mind having her as a friend.
Mostly because being sick sucks.

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How are you gonna pay her?

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I'll offer to babysit Kaguya in return for medical care.

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"Anon, empty my piss bottles"
"Anon, the batteries on my controller ran out. Get me more"
"Anon, come and be my personal dildo"

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That doesn't sound too bad.
We could be Neet pals.

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Eirin at the beach!

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I want Eirin to be my personal Ejaculation Donation Station!!

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I want to throw Kaguya in front of a fast moving truck on a dark road!

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Fuck Eirin.

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I do nightly.