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Never knew Cirno was a tranny

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Don't use transphobic language on /jp/, kudasai.

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I didn't mean it like that; it was merely an observation and nothing more

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English is not my first language and I thought it was a diminutive

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Molesting the fairy!

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What's up with all those cirno threads popping up recently?

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Probably because winter's around the corner?

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Still wouldn't it be smarter and more polite to the janitors to stick to just one thread?

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That drawing looks like shit. I don't accept a thread opened with such a disgraceful portrayal of this lovely fairy.

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There are currently two Cirno threads and this seems to be happening often. Hina has 2 aswell, Youmu the same and I've seen up to 3. Not like you're not right but yeah

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Sorry, let me correct myself:

Never knew Cirno was a disgusting faggot shemale.

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Cirno has a cute, feminine cock!

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It's just your usual futa dick, but yeah, I love when she fucks her fairy friends with it.

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This doesn't seem very feminine to me!

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Cirno the shrine maiden!

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Oh god, that is just horrible. What a terrible way to start a thread.

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put a cute, pink ribbon on it and we can call it a day

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i want to kiss a cirno

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Now you need three missile fairies.

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i dont understand you dude lol