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I'm in love with Patchouli Knowledge!

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I'm sorry to break it to you OP but Patchouli Knowledge is already in love with me.

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You'd both be wrong friends. She's mine.

Go on, hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect.

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As long as my sweet and beloved Patchy is happy, she can love whoever she wants.

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Patchouli loves Alice!

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I want to violate Patchy with /jp/ and make this anon watch!

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Patchouli only gets to live three more months due to her current condition.

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You must take care of my daughteru!

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Counterpoint: She is smelly and fat.

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take that back desu

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Make me.

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....what is that object? A weapon?

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Patchy is at a greater risk for diabetes and heart disease! Because she's FAT.

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Last chance, scum.

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I bet she smells like rotten food and her fat jiggles when she moves!

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Kill confirmed.
Nothing to see here, move along.

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Go away fatass

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Who you're calling fatass?!

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I want to smell Patchouli's steamy butt.

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But patchouli loves Marisa
Keep dreaming kid
Just smell Gabe arse

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Don't be so sure about that.

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We'll see about that.

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No I will never call back after our fight date

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That just sounds wrong somehow.

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I want to exercise with Patchooey's choo choo!

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My waifu would be friends with Patchouli. They'd eat sweets, drink tea and be best girls together.

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I love Patchouli.

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You are fat and dumb and NO ONE thinks that you're cool AT ALL.

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What is your favorite thing about Patchouli, /jp/?

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Her boobies!

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Quick, she is knocked out, what would you do to her?

Personally, fondle her legs and feet.

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Please don't sexualize the Patchouli.


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Too difficult to narrow it down to one thing.

>Quick, she is knocked out, what would you do to her?

Pick her up and lay her on the sofa and sit with her until she wakes up.

She does that herself.

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I wonder how ticklish she is...

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Her flat chest.

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I want to impregnate patchouli

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>Pick her up and lay her on the sofa and sit with her until she wakes up.

Good answer.

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I don't care much for those fan anime touhou things, but at least they gave just about everyone big knockers.

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how does someone who biologically doesn't need to eat become fat?

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You wouldn't a Fatchouli right /jp/?

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I can't get any harder than this

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Post more fatchy

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Beautiful plump breeder

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Where did this fatchouli notion even come from? She eats so little that she's anemic despite not needing food to live.

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She doesn't get any exercise, so in that way it makes sense.

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>Will forget to eat due to reading
>Eats little anyway
I fucking hate fat fetishists pushing this bullshit. If anything Patchy would lean more to a skeletal look, than a fat one.
>She doesn't get any exercise, so in that way it makes sense.
You burn calorious without exercise. Fat people are people who dont burn enoug calories. If Patchy eats fuck all, then she is just getting enough to repair/sustain her body. I have never seen any anorexic people at the gym either. Aside from skeletons lifting to get big.

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I don't mean just not getting any exercise. She'd obviously still need to eat more than her body requires, but most people in gensokyo move around a lot or are physically strong, so it makes the most sense that Patchy would be the one to eat herself fat.
I don't care either way, I just think it makes more sense than most other touhous.

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>most people in gensokyo move around a lot or are physically strong, so it makes the most sense that Patchy would be the one to eat herself fat.
Most "people" in gensokyo are youkai, who are superhuman in terms of strength. The few humans arent particlarly strong.

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Pache is for hugging!

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She's a youkai magician, biologically human except for being ageless and lacking hunger and thirst. She doesn't need to eat, and yet still is anemic, so it is probably safe to assume that the magic only covers that caloric and macronutritional requirement to maintain basic survival. She's as weak physically as any human girl who never lifts and doesn't eat enough and spends all her time in her room.

EoSD is older than this website. What is your excuse?

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Even if she doesn't need to anymore, wouldn't Patchouli still eat some things just for the taste? Sakuya's supposed to be a good cook.

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It does not change the fact that she still drinks coffee and such all the time.

So even if she feels no thirst she still drinks, so one would assume she also eats.

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Enough to get fat?

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Oh forgive me, I wrote that so one would probably interpreted the text that I would call her fat or something.

Obviously the "Patchy is fat" thing is just silly, but I still think she eats food now and then, especially considering that they got a great cook in the house.
But if anything she probably eats less food then a normal person would.

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We really need some autist to ask ZUN if Patchy is fat or thin in his next interview, just to end all this bullshit.
I'm tired of the Patchy being fat meme.

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But then how do we deal with the Patchy can magic herself a dick meme?

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We cant, becuase it's magic.
Unless it turns out this is set in the same world as Umineko, then we have a chance.

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WOAH! Patchouli is big!

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Good for you, most people here on /jp/ also love her.

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I was waiting to see when a patchy thread would turn into a fatchy thread

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I would a muscle bound Patchy.

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I don't.

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And a nip nong ching chong to you to, young lady

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Squishy Witch

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I want to cuddle a muscle bound Fatchy.

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I'm now confused.

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Reminder to please not sexualize the Pache!

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She's fat you know, you OK with that?

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Sex is a very good way of burning fat.

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But I don't want Patchouli to lose her giant tits!

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Why do people like to imagine Patchy with so large breasts?
She's a loli around the same height as Youmu. so obviously she does not have any large breasts.

I feel sorry for Patchy, people do not like her for who she is and need to imagine such lewd thoughts about her.

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Put your hands away, she's mine.