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what does jp think of lewdrisa?

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Absolutely disgusting.
You almost made poor Marisa cry!

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you know what would fix that? giving her lower mouth an adult kiss

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Touhous are for loving, not for lewd.

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are you joking? i'd fondle the heck out of her awoos until she started awooing.

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that's right i'm the lewd king, and i call the shots. all touhous a lewd!

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don't you da ze me, you naughty witch, or i'll spin you around and then stick a mushroom in your butt.

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I prefer this swimsuit. Fits her more.

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honestly i think it would be better if she was wearing only the top.

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too lewd

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marisa needs a heart shaped cutout on the back and front of her bloomers.

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Marisa is not lewd.

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marisa is super lewd. she works with mushrooms all the time, i bet she has thoughts about how they'd rebel and start rubbing themselves around her little navel.

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>no selfie stick

what a dump kappa

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Lewd Lewd

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marisa looks too comfy. perhaps some bullying is in order?

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I like to imagine that Marisa is really lewd and aggressive when fooling around with other girls but has never been with a guy and gets really red in the face whenever she imagines non lesbian sex.

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she'd probably panic and revert to her kansai dialect when you confront her with both your arms on the wall barricading her.

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Marisa is not a lesbian, please do not spread dykefag lies. Marisa has eyes only for the silver-haired shopkeeper.

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marisa is the lewdiest yurian touhou. she probably rubs her butt on reimus shrine staff covering it in her special cauldron broth.

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I don't want any of Marisa's broth if it's coming from her butt, dude.

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don't call me dude, bro.

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No boobs.

No thighs.

No hat.

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but that's what she broke into Patchi's library for

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just shop the three pics into one, silly.

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What's that Marisa? You want in on this?

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Even official stuff is getting too lewd.

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You must be one hell of a pervert to find that lewd.

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She's showing off her bloomers and ankle. Of course it is lewd.

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Bloomers are very lewd!

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Well don't call me bro, pal.

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Youmu's bloomers have been visible in each of her portraits. ZUN can't think they're THAT lewd.

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How 'bout ya fellas tone it down a notch, eh?

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Youmu confirmed to be the lewdest Touhou.

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Youkai are bad influence on pure witches.

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Reminder that Alice is the definition of sex.

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We already know that

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I want all the magicians to have lesbian sex ontop off me in bed so I won't be cold in the middle of the night

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Whoa! Looks like they spent a little too much time in the sun!

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2hu gave me a small bloomer fetish I'm not even kidding. Reimu's armpits too.

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I want to tongue her pale pussy

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Where are the tanlines?

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Under their swimsuits, obviously.

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Do you even know how to fap?

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I could snap her arms like toothpicks

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What's lewd about this?

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Wet clothes
Penis Plants

What isn't lewd about that

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It's just a foot. Broad foot with small toes, at that.
>Wet clothes
Feels gross, and they're too layered with almost no transparency.
Not lewd given the situation.
>Penis Plants
You might be a homo.

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I like my Marisa disdainful and my Reimu indifferent, both being paid peanuts to give me handjobs.

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I like grown girls with suckable small breasts!

A cup only for my dick. I want oiled-up naizuri from Marisa's cute little chest! Afterwards I can give her a baby!

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Cute Cute!

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I want to see Marisa's pussy. I bet it's super cute.

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What would be best, a hairy pussy, a smooth hairless pussy, or a tiny wisp of hair?

I'm divided between completely smooth and some hair. But I would happily tongue either one deeply and eagerly.

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>hairy pussy
Stronger scent.
>smooth hairless pussy
>tiny wisp of hair
Absolutely disgusting.

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Looks like they spent some time in the Mexican sun

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Oh yeah, mm-hmm, sloppy mestizo gangbangs ahoy! I bet their pussies were reamed loose and belched cum for hours after the day was done.

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>Absolutely disgusting.

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The tan will fade, but the result won't

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Look how much better it is.

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The tanlines don't match their faces. You should give Marisa the one-piece tanlines and Nitori the slut pattern.

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The filthy catholic irish untermenschen within me wants to claim Marisa's womb with my seed this very instant. She has a body suited for breeding.

I'm so hard right now man, thinking about me and Marisa, waiting out a cold winter storm on the couch together, drinking Carlsberg and rutting like filthy dogs! Marisa will get pregnant for sure after I've shot my third load inside her teenage womb!

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That does look really great

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Can someone give them big pregnant bellies?

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/jp/ - Photoshop masters

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Really not that difficult. Here's a version where their bellies are untanned. It took me maybe a minute.

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Mercilessly erotic

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Why was she wearing a towel below her breasts?

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How's this?

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Can you do mostly tan with tanline arrows pointing at their navels, please?

>> No.14443576

Arrows in what direction?

>> No.14443591

Either one larger one pointing straight down at it, or a pair of arrows above left and above right, I think
Unless you have a configuration that would look better

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Like this?

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Yes, the one on Marisa is wonderful

>> No.14443710

would you mind trying with slightly smaller arrows, and a circular untanned area on their navels, as well?

>> No.14443719

That's a lot of aliasing on Nitori, senpai.

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This good?

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Looks a little weird not following the curvature of their stomachs. Here's my attempt.

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Legendary thread

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Can you write "Tickle Me" on each of their bellies in tanlines?, please?

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Open the untanned one in one mspaint. Open the tanned one in another ms paint. Take the eraser tool, and erase the part you don't want tanned, then copy is with transparency on top of the untanned picture.

>> No.14444421

Can you draw egg cells with tanlines on their bellies and tanline sperm cells surrounding them and swimming towards?

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Understood, thank you
You can stop, please

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Here they are with just their tummies tanned, to complete the set

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the lewd is too much for jp

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This is very fun.

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Messed up the last one, but having a lot of fun.

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These are starting to get more ridiculous than Trump's tax and trade plans.

>> No.14445654

Can anyone post a step-by-step for tanning?


>> No.14445671

For tanning or for making tanlines?

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Too erotic

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All we need now is someone to shop in a picture bubble of Nitori's and Marisa's eggs being inseminated into >>14442758

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You know I surprised proremiriat hasn't chimed in yet. Marisa's belly in the OP pic is so fuckin erotic I made it my cellphone wallpaper

>> No.14454660

But I have been here since the thread was created m8

>> No.14454678

pics of yer phone wall pls

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Goodnight lewdrisa thread

one of the best /jp/ threads of 2015

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The thread shouldn't end without mention of orgasms.

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Inc. Byakuren?


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Are mushrooms like the gear sticks of a fantasy world, or does Marisa breed her own cockshrooms?

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Just her belly? Lewd!

>> No.14462883

Of course not. There's a lot going on in that image. Just look at Marisa's budding cherries.

Observe how her smooth belly slopes down to her pubic mound. Her womanhood is so edible, I want to pleasure it for hours.

Nitori is pretty okay as well!

>> No.14463272

There aren't any fruits in that image.

>> No.14464784

You wouldn't be able to see them on Nitori though cause her outfit is much more conservative. Tanlines are meant to be seen!

>> No.14464817

>not appreciate the budding fruit that forms on a lewdhou


>> No.14465945

Just give Nitori a really high cut bottom line and an around the neck top line. Then you get both coherence and joy of discovery.

>> No.14467369

we need to go lewder

>> No.14467434

Marisa reminds me of my sister. A cool gal, that one.

>> No.14468381

Is she a spicy gal, though?
Does she get recognition for her spicy ways (if she is spicy)?

>> No.14468407

Around the neck how? A criss-cross halter top or something?

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>this thread

>> No.14473035

I know that feeling, bro.

>> No.14476514

Is she pretty?

>> No.14484146

not a fan :^(

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I like big boobs Marisa

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Me too

>> No.14484859

Just look at that breeding sow, she's literally made to birth children and feed them

>> No.14485105

Cropping 2hu bellies for wallpapers is the best

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Reverse-anthropomorphization technology is still in its infancy. I'm sure you can be a fan one day, anon.

>> No.14485773

I'll never get to take responsibility.

>> No.14489492

not with that attitude. you have to attack her navel with big long licks then subdue her defense barriers with deep thrusts!

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That's not Marisa.

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Doesn't Marisa have yellow eyes?

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Yes but secondaries are that ignorant.

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