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Post 2hus.
Mods aren't here anyway.

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Only if you post the canon touhou manga series anon.
No wait, I wouldn't wish even a jew have to read Silent Sinner in Blue, it's shit.

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My cirno folder is GONE
I only have some cringey oc I made on 9/9 last year.

There is no need to upload that shit, right?

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I would a fairy.

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Me on the left

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Is it true that Shiruno wears no underwear?

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Cirno is shit

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The other mangas are pretty good, tho

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What's wrong afraid of superior moon pussy

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This desu

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Friendly reminders that those 2 are the only 2hus to be canonically used goods

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Suwako and Junko too

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Friendly reminder that you forgot second best Touhou, Suwako.

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Oh yeah forgot about Suwako

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So guys did you rike LoLK?

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>Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Anon, I'm not that guy but please.

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I wonder if ZUN was fucking with us whe he came with that title

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The touhous are only good for doujins. Lots and lots of doujins.

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The first half is not that bad desu, it just goes to shit once they get to the moon

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>Missing the joke.
Gee anon.

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So besides Silent in Sinner Blue
what other manga is fully translated and ready for download

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Inaba of the Moon, Eastern and Little Nature Deity, Strange and Bright Nature Deity, Oriental Sacred Place

The other 2 manga are still ongoing and scans are irregular as fuck on top of one of theim being a quarterly manga.
You should check the wiki

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More importantly when is more Miko Miko Suika going to be ready?

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Me on the far right

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Is there any 2hu more attractive than mamizou in official material? At least before they gave her the stupid leaf hat.

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>At least before they gave her the stupid leaf hat.

But she always had one

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Best Touhou, Zun agrees

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Fug the bolice :DDDDD

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Why are the Scarlets so sexual?

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Poast awoobs

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Canon sinners

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Parsee-chan is cute!

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Canon Yukari attitude.

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Absolutely worshipable

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I liked Undertale, would I enjoy these games as well?

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Well, thread went to shit.

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>went to shit
It started shit and you know it.

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The OP was shit, but it was turning into a nice thead about the 2hu mangos until dumpers fucked it up

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Oh no, /a/! Patchouli has forgotten to eat for nearly a month! Quick get her a snack.

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The bestest.

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*unzips dick*

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I'm going to sleep now, /jp/a/. Good night.

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Do your worst, /a/.

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Forgot Picture.

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>inb4 she turn to a fatty

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Is patchy a weird-boy for the Bad Moons?

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On the topic of Aya, she looks quite evil in FS.

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Sleep tight, Awooo~!

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Suika is marginally better than Raymoo

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But Yuugi is the better goblin.

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You have my permission to be wrong

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She is an old, tremendously powerful youkai. Youkai this old don't get this old by being stupid, careless, or naive.

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Danmaku is old hat. Let's solve this via drinking contest

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Does /a/ even read the official manga? Or do you guys just read doujins?

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I'm just waiting for to be completed translated so I read in one go

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The only 2hu media I consume is images posted on /jp/ anymore. I was into the games and doujins for a while, but I got board of them quick.

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Conspicuous lack of Yukari raping in the official manga.

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Best 2hu coming through.

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SSiB was fun enough.
Shame there was such an anitclimax though.

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Mods are shit because 2hu is /a/ related anyway.
I got your bakas right here:
Or if you want shitloads more 2hu get this instead. I also included the Cirno reactions folder in there so no need to grab both.

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What if my Patchy turned into a snack?

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if suwako is second, who the fuck is first?
if you say anything other than youmu ur a faken faget

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Vampires are carnal creatures

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You should find the last book she was reading and see if there's a way to reverse the spell she foolishly decided to cast on herself.

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I'm gonna dump FS chapter 33, gotta keep this /a/ related somehow. A few images are already posted in this thread so there are some reposts.

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Not enough CP ITT.

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read: The games kicked my ass and I managed to salvage my pride by hiding from them

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I wasn't great at them, and I thought they were fun, but I just don't care enough to memorize the patterns. I still pick up PCB from time to time when i feel like playing one of the games.

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Her sister's better in every way.

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The lack of best girl is really bothering me.

>Saigyouji-sama will never bully your dick with her fan
Why live?

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This is page four by the way>>14432750

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What sister?

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Dw, I'm the same.

I'll try my hand at lolk soon, but these autism simulators are just too hard. Even on ezmodo

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Aya old hah, now if you want old yukaris old. Literally the king of trolls

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This is my fetish.

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Poor Kosuzu and Akyuu, always getting bullied by Youkai

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> Anonymous ## Mod Mod Icon 12/02/15(Wed)00:20:17 No.134241551

>This thread was moved to >>14432680

No fun allowed.

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Hello, /jp/!

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Jaypee konnichiwa!

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At least the nigger didn't delete it for once.

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Caught in between hotpocket breaks

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well fuck, we got moved to /jp/?
Touhou is more /a/ related than kancolle, fuck jp we need a touhou board.

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>Naruto is more accepted than 2ho on /a/


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Maybe if you faggots hadn't turned it into a shitty general with your /jp/ faggotry

>> No.14432819

Touhou isn't anime

>> No.14432825

This was an/a/thread? Damn, I knew it seemed way too cancerous to be /jp/-born.

>> No.14432839

It has an OVA and Manga

>> No.14432849

Too bad only a couple of people was discussing the manga, and the rest was too busy shitposting and imagedumping.

Also the OVA is fanmade

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I don't see how that makes it any less anime related.

Whatever though, /a/ is dead these days anyway.

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The thread wasn't about either of those

>> No.14432859

Isn't discussing them discussing the OVA/Manga? I mean most threads don't discuss the actual material at hand but rather the characters.

>> No.14432863 [DELETED] 

/jp/ e youkoso~

>> No.14432864

ayyyyyyy that loli doujin.

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/jp/ e youkoso~

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The thread went full /jp/ circlejerk after a few posts and so it was moved to /jp/

At least the mod was kind enough to not outright delete it

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>Isn't discussing them discussing the OVA/Manga?
No. And in fact I'm fairly sure that's a can of worms /a/ doesn't want to open.

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>Isn't discussing them discussing the OVA/Manga?
It's really not. I'm pretty sure that's a can of worms most of /a/ doesn't want to open, given how many things it opens doors for.

>> No.14432911 [DELETED] 

I was reading it and I'm sure many others were.

Do we need everyone enjoying the thread to post their inane replies just to prove we're anime related

>I l-like this panel, senpai

>> No.14432919

No, you just need to keep it anime/manga related and have actual discussion instead of just circlejerking like a generalfag

>> No.14432932

>It's time
Yeah, nah. You're a bootlicking fag

>> No.14432937

>other people are shitting up the boar with their circlejerk generals, therefore I should shit it up too!
Literally cancer

>> No.14432947

It's called priorities.

Deleting/moving rule abiding threads before shitfests is overmoderation detrimental to the boards, and you're still a cocksucker

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Posting STRONGEST 2hu.

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Rate my mom.

>> No.14432978

I wake up and this is the state my thread is in?
Not only cancerized but also /jp/ized?

>> No.14432982

truly a fate worse than death

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This may amaze you but the homothread actually talks about anime and manga.

>> No.14433295

Is Patche canonically closer to skinny or fat?

>> No.14433376

I'd fuck your mom, dude

>> No.14433429

Get out of /jp/ you /a/ shitters.

>> No.14433532

>Touhou is more /a/ related than kancolle, fuck jp we need a touhou board
What do you think /jp/ is?

>> No.14433536 [DELETED] 


>> No.14433551

It changed since ship arrived. But touhou threads are very slow anyways nowadays

>> No.14433574

>It changed since ship arrived.
Then it will change back once you get Hiro to move ship away! Simple!

>> No.14433622

The mods made us come here, anon-kun, it's not our fault

>> No.14433627

I hoped for that years ago

>> No.14433628

Hiro wasn't the admin years ago. He's the admin now.

It happened to /sp/, it can happen to you too.

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Posting best 2hu.

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That's not Yuugi

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She's turned into a kotatsu!

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Parsee a cute.

>> No.14433960
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/a/ mods are the biggest shitters.

>> No.14433982

Parsee a shit

>> No.14434036

I'm all for more brown anime girl, but that's not a good colour combination. Maybe a bit less blue and a bit more green.

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Why do you have shit taste?

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Because Yuugi is better

>> No.14434135
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Yeah she is.

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My waifu, of course.
Also holy shit, I don't recall the last time I've seen a thread being MOVED on 4chan.

>> No.14435490

It only started recently with the creation of /trash/. Moving threads is almost always exclusively used for moving them to /trash/. This time the mod was nice; instead of just deleting it, they moved it to the board it actually belongs on.

>> No.14435886

LN threads keep getting moved from /a/ to /jp/ all the time.

You can thank nipplemod for this.

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>> No.14436405

except theme

>> No.14436487
File: 212 KB, 900x1090, nitori_s_favorite_cucumbers__touhou_overpaint__by_dave_shino-d7lxr2s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trust the kappa.

>> No.14436488

Is there more of these in English?

>> No.14436542

are geiger counters a meme now?

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My mom would fuck you too!

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Is that Yuugi?

>> No.14436621


>> No.14438227 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.70 MB, 1920x1080, 1449162481155.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's TIO

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Did Yuugi put black nail polish on her horn?


>> No.14438330

>oni in disguise

>> No.14438365

I want to go lifting with Yuugi!
And by that I mean I want Yuugi to use me as a weight since I'm weak and probably couldn't lift 1/1th of what she could.

>> No.14438370

Fucking phone

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This thread needs more Yuugi!

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>> No.14438435 [DELETED] 
File: 401 KB, 1200x1800, 019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 58 KB, 391x558, girls_that_love_girls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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kill yourself rulekek

>> No.14438455 [DELETED] 
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Nice trips.

But 3dpd, don't you have a drawing of her at least?

>> No.14438461 [DELETED] 

>thread gets moved
Looks like it was a bad idea after all.

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Nazrin is a mouse

>> No.14438470


>> No.14438507
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Nazrin has an extreme cuteness

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I want to _hug Nazrin!

>> No.14438537
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very tasty indeed

>> No.14438543

I want to _ug Naz!

>> No.14438555
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How soft is Nazrin?

>> No.14440774

I want to protect her smile

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I want to bang the drum!

>> No.14441637

It must be horrible knowing the cute cat girl will eventually grow up and try to eat you.