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Choose your destiny.

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>no Yukari

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Are you implying that Yukari is still a virgin?

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This only reinforces my belief.

Also, what the hell is wrong with the Koishi's dialogue? It doesn't fit her at all.

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Man, I really don't like how Hammer does everyone as either really blushy and stammery or full semen demon. It's like they've never actually read any dialogue from them.

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Secondaries at their worst.

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>Touhou dialogue

You mean the general monotone, uncharacteristic 1st dimensional writing that exists to just push the plot and many 2hu fans take as basis for personality and traits of the character because of one or two specific lines per character?

Reimu can be defined as a piece of cardboard slathered with paint and the rest of the cast as a color coded bead on a necklace that I can draw a happy face, angry face, sad face, disgruntled face, snide, coy, etc.

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I also don't like Hammer's work but mostly because I don't like the style, there are super-secondaries who write all the Touhous as unbelievably trolling each other all the time and those bring some of my favorite secondary humor.

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Only a couple of them are anything close to semen demons, anon. And there's examples of stuff besides those two character types in the very picture you're replying to.

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>censored tails

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Let's use a specific example, since you seem to have missed the point. Hammer's Yuuka is a blushing, stuttery woman with no confidence and is easily embarrassed and hardly ever smiles, whereas PoFV Yuuka and LLS Yuuka approaches nearly every situation with a wide smile and 'good cheer'/potentially murdeous intent while taking everything in stride. I don't think Yuuka has ever been embarrassed or even frowned inside of the games except for after defeating Medicine.

This is true of nearly EVERY character Hammer does, and he seems to have only two personalities he ever uses.

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Okay, that's true. There's also "unaware of what is being spoken to them." Look, three whole personalities! A new record.

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All four have different personalities, anon. Okuu's clueless, Remi's shy, Hata's kinda in to it, Kasen's having none of this.
Try harder.

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Three are blushing and stammering and one doesn't get it. Seems to match to me.

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You could randomize the dialogues among the characters and nobody would notice, this is how bad this is.
Hell, you could even put the portrait of a non 2hu character and it still wouldn't matter.

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Only one of them is stammering or getting tongue tied at all. And so what if they're blushing? Tons and tons of personalities blush.

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What's the issue then? If they were switched and be just as acceptable because -- read my lips: touhous do not have personality anyway.

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Again, though: nearly every single girl is semen demon, blushing and embarrassed, or clueless. Hammer doesn't write anyone as aggressive, sarcastic, mocking, confident (unless it's a seductive confident), gentle, or even smug.

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So what, nigger.

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Three personality types is all he has, most of which don't even match the character at all since he's unwilling to use sarcastic characters. Hammer is a bad and inflexible writer with no grasp on the material he's referencing.

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Anon, at some point you're just going to have to accept that nobody cares but you.

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Except that's not true. Even the ones that are semen demons, shy, and clueless are of different levels from eachother.

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Not even ZUN gives a shit over how his characters are represented by the fans. Go become a alcoholic like ZUN is.

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Shitposting general

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You mean other than the people who are replying or agreeing? Look, just because you like the hack doesn't mean nobody cares that he's bad.
I'm not even sure what you're trying to say here. That there are varying gradients of semen demon, shy and clueless? Sure, some have more luminescent blushes and a few more stutters, but as >>14414106 said, you could scramble the dialogue between them and hardly notice.

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Hey, you don't have to take my opinion as law. All I said was that I don't like how Hammer portrays 80% of Touhou characters.

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it's a choose your destiny with a very narrow range of destinies available, cmon...

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Christ, anon. You keep saying the same stuff when the Hammer art posted in this very thread proves the three personality thing wrong.

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I pick Sub-Zero

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i'll fight fire with fire, anon

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>Dumb ice fairy against ice ninja that rips out spines for fun

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>Dumb immortal ice fairy against ice ninja that rips out spines for fun

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He has unlimited spines to work with now?

That kinda takes out the fun and shock of his spine rips if it becomes a night job.

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Koishi treats sex in a very immature manner.

When her partner is about to climax, she pulls out, calls him a virgin and slut, and then masturbates herself off. She then crowns herself the winner.

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She can fly so hitting her would require more luck than aiming skills plus a single mistake from his part would cost him his life. It's a fight he'll never win

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>jump -> kick
There. Mortal Kombat strategy wins again.

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While what you're saying is plausible it does not match with Hammer's dialogue for her

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I don't know why Mortal Kombat logic is mandatory but as I said, you're fighting an opponent with infinite healthbar so his blows are irrelevant.

Gesokyo logic > MK logic

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Keep her in a stunlock.
The end.

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Unless she's in the air. Keep in mind that flight =/= jump so he can't hit her while she's in the air.

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none of the above. I'm into Kosuzu.

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He'll do some retarded gamebreaking move, relaaaaaaax. He's got this covered.

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>That Youmu answer
Pure Pure

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YUKARI ISN'T SHORTER THAN RAN YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD FUCKING DAmNIT" I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No, the problem is not with Hammer, but with you. Your stupid brain was completely eaten by shitty anime and poorly written VNs and now you measure everything with a pre-defined set of one-dimensional anime archetypes. Oh, a character blushes? She must be a shy one who doesn't talk much and is always embarrassed, just like in my chinese cartoons. No. Blush and embarrassment don't define personality, it just indicates that character is not comfortable with the topic. And sex is something even more lewd characters can feel awkward to talk in public.

You are generalizing their reactions and not personalities. Also what about Flandre who is just annoyed/disgusted with your question? Is she semen demon? Or is she shy/embarrassed type? What about Mami who just tries to politely reject you?

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>Ran response
>Sakuya response
I'm not even going to bother. 2 of my favourites, and both have horrible responses.
Sakuya needs to be more flustered due to how undignified sex is. Ran too, given how most humans view her as an animals, so she probably has no intimacy outside of her motherly relationship with Chen.

Why cant they be pure like Youmu?
Also Sanae a slut, and Yukari I dont see as having sex at all, becuase it wouldnt fit the image she cultivated of herself.

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>how undignified sex is

Maybe if you have no idea what you are doing or are in a bar bathroom.

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Are you okay, anon?

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I want Sakuya to tell me how dignified and classy she is, while lying on her back legs spread open, as lewd sounds from her private regions fill the room.

Make it sound dignified, go on.

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Is there a Patchouli one?

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>lewd sounds from her private regions

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Because the character profiles and written works don't exist? You're seriously suggesting that Reimu doesn't have a personality?

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It's incredible how Hammer has drawn this many images yet still sucks at drawing. And all of his artwork is insipid haremwaifu self-insert shit.

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>Also Sanae a slut

Nice meme, secondary.

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Here is your reply.

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Well it's true.

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Suppose these are the people we should expect here on /jp/, but man are they still hard to digest.

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Flandre? Embarassed or clueless would both work. Are you seriously suggesting that there are no women who aren't embarrassed by talking about sex, and the ones that are have to be incredibly seductive? Come now, does this really also apply to flesh-eating monstrosities even if that was true? Hammer ignores canon traits so that he can apply his own moeblob 'personalities' to them, and I'd you want to ignore that, fine, but have a better argument than just throwing ad hominems around.
Well, he's willing to ignore Yuuka acting completely out of character because it doesn't fit his argument so I don't think you're going to get much of a response out of him.

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I love Remilia. Like Mokou though, I think she's desensitized to pain. In Silent Sinner In Blue, she touches Patchouli's forcefield around the rocket, turning her finger black, but she doesn't seem to care. Nevertheles, I would never want to hurt my mistress. It'd be slow, romantic and loving between the two of us.

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Prove it without maymays. Oh wait, you can't.

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Touhou have no personalities anyways. Yall admirating ZUN and praying his games like he was some god but high schoolers could probably write better dialogs than him.

Some Non-h doujins are literally better in script than the canon stuff.

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>Flandre? Embarassed or clueless would both work.
Again. "Embarrassed" is not a personality. It's a state, reaction. Just like confused, shocked, scarred etc. And single reaction doesn't define personality, it may only give you a hint.
You're using stupid anime logic that sets one of predefined archetypes to a character and then she always behaves predictably according to that archetype. You so got used to it that you use reverse logic. If character is embarrassed => she's shy type. But that's not how it works.
Do you seriously don't understand the difference between personality and reaction?

>Are you seriously suggesting that there are no women who aren't embarrassed by talking about sex, and the ones that are have to be incredibly seductive?
What? That's exactly what YOU were trying to imply. Take Suwako, she's not embarassed. By your logic it means she's semen demon then. But she's not. She's not embarrassed and she doesn't try to seduce you, she just casually talks about it. Another character that doesn't fit in one of your three categories.

>just throwing ad hominems around.
I'm glad that you learned a new word, but you're a retard.

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Still throwing ad hominems around, so clearly you have nothing useful or interesting to say. Here is your reply.

>> No.14415278

Are this ad homines too, you imbecile:
>Again. "Embarrassed" is not a personality. It's a state, reaction.
>Do you seriously don't understand the difference between personality and reaction?

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Just shut up and fuck already, you two.

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>ad hominems
>ad homines
I have to note that "ad hominem" is indeclinable. If you really want to decline it, use the pivot word "argumentum" before the construction, of which the plural is "argumenta".

God, I'm autistic.

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>hammer thread
The bait that doesn't age.

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His really old pictures were much more detailed, but popularity is more important than skill.

>> No.14415438

*doesn't sage

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It's just quantity over quality. And this choice is not always bad. It's not like people follow him to enjoy and fap to his drawings. It's all about dialogues, poses and clothes.

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>And this choice is not always bad.
If you're a peasant.
>It's not like people follow him to enjoy and fap to his drawings
Now you're not even trying.

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bend over already

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There are hundreds of new pics on pixiv every day, with high quality, shitton of details etc, but I don't care about any of them. I saw thousands and thousands of anime/touhou pics of all kinds and at this point not a single one of them can impress me. I remember times when I could even fap to R-18 images. But now any generic image is a total garbage for me. It should be something original, something interesting. That's why I mostly follow only artists who make comics, 4komas or images with text (like hammer).

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>touhous do not have personalit

When did this secondary meme get so popular?

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Then why do you post the most "secondary" image in the history of /jp/?

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Her whole hand catches fire and she doesn't give a shit.

So, ballsdeep inside the Remi!.
Firmly pressing your glans against her cervix and flooding her tiny womb with your thick smelly seed!

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I didn't know dialogue from the game in comparison to standard fanon portrayals was considered secondary, Anon.

Because it isn't, faggot.

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perv lol

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Oh, so you're serious and not just trolling? Because that image was crated to troll stupid newfags and "primaries" like you.
And no, those are not in-game dialogues. It's a shitty mistranslation of in-game dialogues. And even then they are taken out of context and do not represent actual Alice personality.

>> No.14420721

Read my lips: I'm a filthy secondary

Problem with the picture is that the translation there isn't very good, for starters the characters don't swear. Still Alice is indeed somewhat of a bitch with sand on her vagina.

>> No.14420722

I wanted to believe that this thread was full of crossboarders and shitposters, then remembered that this truly is the state of current /jp/.

>> No.14420744

>Still Alice is indeed somewhat of a bitch
You mean that cute and kind girl who does puppet performances for kids in the village and invite strangers to her home?

>> No.14420849

You know, クチュクチュ and パンパン

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>someone who wouldn't mine small ones

What did she mean by this? Small cunny? Small tits? Small arsehole? Small dick ?

>> No.14420902

Breasts, ding dong.

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I hate hammer.

>> No.14421246

But Marisa works hard all the time...

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Not for secondaries of course.

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What's with the sudden income of all these retarded "primaries"? It's like 2012 again.

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man I fucking love Imizu.

>> No.14421896

prove it

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>it's all about technique
suwako knows what she's talking about

>> No.14423997

I think Remilia would react more to slow, gentle sex than rough one. You already said she doesn't react to having her hand burned, so to get a reaction out of her you would need to get far above that or the opposite of gentle sex.
Since she is the master of the mansion, it could be either that she has the same attitude in bed or that she enjoys being submissive. With the second making sense, similar to the boss of a company who has to be dominant in job, so he unwinds with the opposite. Although I think that Remi would switch between dominant and submissive one.

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I can't see Remilia being submissive

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>> No.14429898

I imagine Remi being a switch, but when she's submissive, she would never seem scared or helpless, she'd be smiling and feeling pleasure. And I'd prefer it that way, because I don't want to ever actually hurt her.

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personalities of mostly 2hu are pretty inconsistent in the canon, primary example is reimu even between the mangas

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I like this Hammer guy's artwork. Anyone got links?

>> No.14435681

I question your taste but Danbooru has ~2000 pieces of art from him/her.

>> No.14435691

Alright, thanks.

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I like hammer because they like boobs a lot.

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>Someone who wouldn't mind small ones...
What did she mean by this?

>> No.14437033

She has a small mushroom.

>> No.14437060

Who is the black haired one even supposed to be??

>> No.14437067

Seriously? It's Nue.

>> No.14437080

plz dont fall for such obvious bait in the future

>> No.14437114

Sorry. It's hard to tell with all the stupid shit in this thread.

>> No.14437178

I'm cool with Nue or Koishi.
I'm use to getting bullied, I'm alright with getting dominated.

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The heck is she saying? "Aren't you being rude?"?

>> No.14442387

Yukari. I bet she's experienced, and talking dirty makes me diamonds.