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how did you all individually deal with japan hating otaku and by extension you?

how do you deal with obsession of a culture that you don't belong to?

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Smoking dope and listening to Toho BGM remixes

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There's always going to be someone who hates you. It's a part of life.

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>how did you all individually deal with japan hating otaku and by extension you?
Do they? I don't care what somebody living thousands of miles away think about me either way.

>how do you deal with obsession of a culture that you don't belong to?
I'm a stranger to my own cultural backgrounds and I don't feel I belong to it so my "obsession" as you call it over another one is no big deal.

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Post more Tatara

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I don't care about what other people think of my hobby, so I don't have anything to deal with.

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I can manage, somehow...

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It should be forbidden to humans to draw such cuties

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Everyone hates me so I'm kind of used to it.

Nothing by default belongs to me in this world so I'm kind of used to it.

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For some reason, I have a bulge in my pants for Reimu-san!!

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Who cares about any of that.

When I'm an otaku there's cute girls everywhere, how can you be worried about anything when you have cute girls.

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Is that a new light novel?

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Well you people hate me as well so I guess it's endurable if I can survive here.

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Wait, are there really people on the /jp/ who love everything about Japan, and not just mainly the cartoons and videogames and art and music and merchandise that they make? I refuse to believe this, no one can really be that way, can they?

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Individually? I don't, I have a literal and metaphorical wall of weebs to take any flak from the fury of the general japanese populace.
Besides I don't envy the average jap as they are just like the average joe here, albeit in a bit of a different form. No I envy the otaku who can defeat the blackened maw of wage-slavery day in and day out and NEETdom consuming the time they have with inane garbage in order to create what they find nice and beautiful despite all of their society telling them not to and often for no recognition
It takes no sacrifice or immediate backlash, except among the discerning, to declare oneself a weeaboo, it takes a little something more something to declare oneself an otaku

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Haven't you ever noticed how people around here get really defensive and butthurt when you criticize a Japanese custom etc. that hasn't to do with otaku media?

We have plenty of actual weeaboos here, not just the "weeb" variant.

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I don't care lolmao.

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What's the difference? Not like I belong in US culture either. Get lost. I don't belong anywhere..but in the end, it doesn't eVEN matter..,,.