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Yukari is the strongest Touhou, faglords. By manipulating the boundaries of various abstract concepts she can do practically anything.

She is the prime example of what a nigh-omnipotent is.

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It doesn't matter when all arguments are settled by playing firework dodgeball and then getting drunk.

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I wish she'd manipulate the boundaries of my penis so it wasn't such a babydick ;-;

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She can't deal with Eiki at all, is weaker than the moonbitches, Hecatia, Yuuka and American astronauts, to say nothing of Reimu. She's not even close to nigh-omnipotent.

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Yukari secondariers are on par with "Goku can beat any character from any universe because!!!" retards.

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But can she beat Giorno?

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Can giorno kill servants?
Can yukari kill shiki?
Can I fuck yukari?

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Yes, no and not with that attitude, you can't.

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Lambdadelta/Bernkastel tier

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I kinda of agree,Zun has never shown her in a serious fight.

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B-but, with a different one, does that mean I can?

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She lacks the power to make my dick hard, so she is nothing compared to even the likes of Kaguya

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maybe she should use her super powers to make herself less ugly

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Not she, but her ability has this potential

That eiki thing doesn't make sense, eiki ability isn't anything worth and she isn't a powerful type of monster, reimu won against yukari (and other powerful youkai) only because spellcard system.
Moonbithces probably aren't stronger than yukari, yorihime for example is a buffed reimu and toyohime ability looks like can be reproduced by yukari, but moon tech is dangerous
Hecatia and Yuuka I don't know...

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Eiki is a Yama. She also can define things as good or evil objectively, which is helpful against someone who deals in ambiguities. But keep in mind, an ability isn't everything for power. She's very powerful just from her ability to give out any punishment that the celestial bureaucracy requires.
Reimu won against Yukari because she is LITERALLY UNDEFEATABLE when resolving an incident (see: Fantasy Heaven). Everyone else in a 'power list' needs to bow down before her.
Moonbitches are in fact stronger than Yukari if you go by their only appearance to date, where Yukari had to resort to surrender to avoid being destroyed. In fact, the moonbitches are stronger than everyone, save Hecatia, American astronauts apparently, and Eiki/Yuuka.
Hecatia is potentially by far and away the most powerful character in the series, or at least the most important as ruler and god of all hells.
Yuuka is the strongest being in Gensoyko (PoFV, Yuuka route), is physically the mightiest Youkai, (LLS) and is an ancient horror beyond the comprehension of man with the highest threat level and lowest 'human friendship level' of any Youkai despite her 'worthless' ability. She'd take Yukari on a ride on the pain train to pain town.

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Even if fantasy heaven is a controlled state of that bullshit reimu power, without spellcard rules, yukari could go truth/lie (a boundary she was showed to control) and reimu couldn't use it anymore

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Except that Reimu doesn't care about what Yukari says, since nothing can prevent her from floating away from reality.

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2 bad she can't manipulate the boundary between old and hag!

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>>Reimu doesn't care about what Yukari says
How did reimu learn divination?

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Yukari has 3 threads.

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She's the most powerful you fucking niggers.

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Dude Eiki is a judge of hell, she needs to send whatever evil to punishment no matter how powerful it is. And Yukari herself saod Reimu, Yuyuko and Yukari together have no chance against her.

But nope, you secondaries are so damn stubborn with power levels to comedic levels. Do you have some kind of inferiority complex that if your hag isn't the strongest will really upset you?

Also her power seems to have limitations since she can't just teleport to the Moon but has to make a slippery slope during full Moons. So her power probably isn't omnipotent, kinda how Rumia can't engulf the world in darkness but just her surroundings.

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Eiki: Yukari Yakumo your day has come to be judged!
Yukari: *Gaps 10 dimensions away*

Yes that would be the fight. Yukari is one of the smartest if not the smartest youkai in Gensokyo, she wouldn't confront her directly unless she had a death wish. Yes you are right, Eiki could defeat her easily, but because of the experience Yukari has makes it impossible for Eiki to do it alone.

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>teleporting away from divine punishment
As if. You don't need to be before Eiki to be judged.

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so why Yukari manages to get away from her?

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Are you seriously going to play like a little kid making up random bullshit in an imaginary fight? Psshh it was a hologrem.

Because she's not dead?

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daily reminder that Yukari is eternal because of border of life and death manipulation

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teleports bhind u
*uses hedcannon*

Ur tem is over kid

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Isn't Yukari like Yog Sothoth or some shit?

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I want to be buried in her cleavage!

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"Ruler" is a bit too strong of a description. The term is more like "govern".

>yukari could go truth/lie
You showed up in the last thread with Yukari powerlevels and were called out for the total bullshit that this is. Stop it.

Can we please stop using this misconstruing of an already-poorly-translated phrase as basis for "eki beats yukeri gaiz"? The rest of your post is totally valid but seriously this is old.

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I'm not that guy, but I was in that thread as well, and after someone said something about this,, another guy came and said she used this manipulation to make a portal to moon, so I think it makes sense

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No, she's eternal because of border of 17 and 18 manipulation.

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but she is old hag so she gets a zero/ten

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Not as strong as the innocent blade

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But only during a specific, limited time after a lot of preparation mind.

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I fucking hate Yukari.

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Why do people take Yukari's actions in Silent Sinner in Blue as proof that she's weaker than the moonbitches? She gives up before they fight, but it was very obviously a double feint from the very beginning just so she could sneak Yuyuko into their city. She planned it from the start.

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She can even destroy the twin towers!

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Yukari claims that her greatest strength is she has no weaknesses to exploit, and that she can defeat people stronger than herself through cunning.

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>very obviously a double feint
Reimu, Marisa and Remilia stood no chance, so why would Yukari? She's weaker than Reimu, straight up. Besides, claiming that she wasn't really trying when she'd already lost an invasion of the moon to them before isn't really much of an argument.

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>lost an invasion of the moon
Except it's stated that she did that on purpose to curb the youkai of Gensokyo's desire for war and expansion. There's a reason why Gensokyo is relatively peaceful and shit only gets dicey when new people show up.

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>Reimu, Marisa and Remilia stood no chance
Any reason you didn't mentioned Sakuya? Or did you just forget about her?

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That was because she needed the full moon reflex

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Such a thing as strength and power doesn't even matter.

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If Yukari is so great, why is her power only able to take her to the moon at specific times?
So if there are limitations on even her ability to go anywhere, then why would anyone assume that she has some kind limitless power over abstract stuff too?

In more important news I also wish to be stepped on by Yukari-sama.

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I think she doesn't have enough "MP" to use her skill to it's fullest, because the skill itself is very OP

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Or through cunny.

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Silly Yukari!

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Because Yukari canonically lied about having power over abstract stuff once.

This proves that she really does have power over abstract stuff, because if she did then she could manipulate the boundary of truth and lies. Obviously.

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ITT: Yukari is best 2hu because fuck you

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>If Yukari is so great, why is her power only able to take her to the moon at specific times?
Forget that, look at SWR. She can't even gap all the way up Youkai Mountain in one trip.

Yuyuko says Yukari isn't powerful enough to have built the Great Hakurei Barrier by herself, and Yuyuko is so perceptive it's like she's goddamn omniscient, even when she's not talking about her best friend she's known for hundreds of years.

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Teasing aunt Yukari about her smelly feet!

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Basically Yukari is like Yuuka, but more well-rounded (i.e. less muscle, more speed and brainpower). Her abilities as a youkai are exceptional, and her gaps are more of an extra on top of that.

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>She's weaker than Reimu
Are you even trying,Yukari could easily kill Reimu with her boundary manipulation,The reason Yukari let's her live is due the fact that she wants to preserve Gensokyo

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In that chapter of CiLR it gives the "rationale" for why she was able to. She didn't just go up to a lake and go "the moon on the lake isn't real so now it's real xD!!!". She had to wait for the full moon to be reflected in the water so that it appeared like the one in the sky, and importantly, the moon visible in the sky is already considered a kind of illusion; a picture "drawn in the sky" by virtue of it also being a reflection off the moon. This is relevant during IN and is also referenced in BAiJR when Suika blows up the "moon".

Anyways, the point is that the one in the sky is seen as essentially the same as the one on the lake since they're both reflections in a sense. Because they were basically the -same- she was able to tweak the boundary between the two sources and connect the Earth's surface and the Moon's surface. She didn't manipulate a "boundary between truth and lies", she manipulated a conceptual boundary between two very related things to make one thing act as the other.

Yukari being able to manipulate some boundary between truth and lie would probably be more about playing with ambiguous statements/claims that skirt between being truths and lies. That's where the boundary exists, so that's what's relevant.

>So if there are limitations on even her ability to go anywhere, then why would anyone assume that she has some kind limitless power over abstract stuff too?
They shouldn't, surprise.

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Her powers don't work very well outside Gensokyo

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Monkey King was the only being to defeat the 10 King Yamas.
Hence, Sun Wukong beats everyone in Gensokyo

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see >>14397100

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She definitely has the strongest and most STINKIEST gas.

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Ah well Shiggy Eggy reports to the highest authority in 2hu so it doesn't really matter

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>Are you even trying,Yukari could easily kill Reimu with her boundary manipulation
Reimu is unbeatable when solving an incident. Try again.

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I'd argue that Yuuka is stronger than Yukari if we assume that Eiki is telling the truth in PoFV.

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powerlevels don't mean shit since they can never use them and have to resort to menstruating purple dots everywhere instead


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And shinki?

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In SSiB Reimu channels a god of boundaries and asks why they even need Yukari when she can give herself all the same powers if she really wants to.

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Didn't stop her ass from getting beat by Yorihime,who did the God Shit better than Reimu,what makes you think Reimu boundary manipulation is better than Yukari's when she completely forgot about her God training in WaHH

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You can categorize 2hu powers into 3 sets.

Raw power: Intense youkai strength which can make up for lack of other features. Yuugi, Yuuka, Suika, Junko, Eiki, Moonie cunts.
Opposite end of this would be pretty much all the fairies, all the various early midbosses.

Ability: Abusable through vagueness and outright absurd specialties. Yukari, Satori, Yuyuko, etc.
Opposite end of this spectrum would be Toyosatomimi no Miko, Yuuka, Chen, Kogasa, and the likes.

Danmaku proficiency: Probably the most important aspect of all three, fueled by the previous two. The only outright canon "Is bad at danmaku" is self-proclaimed by Meiling. Junko is also not "good" at it, ie ignoring the beauty aspect and instead just going all out with raw power concentrated into efficient shots. Hilariously also the least able to be defined.

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Aya and Seija are the best at Danmaku

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Cheaters don't count

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Eiki is pretty good too.
Can we not also judge them by the excellentness of their theme music?

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I think it was the opposite, she says why they need a boundary god when they have a boundary youkai

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It doesn't really matter unless she can manipulate the border of existence ;_;

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she is behind you right now, but disappears the moment you want to look in any way at her

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This is the biggest bait in power level discussions. A character's 'special ability' if one is listed is not usable in an argument about power levels.
Certain listed powers are taken for granted or are blatantly lying or misleading or underrepresented.
You list Satori and Miko as opposite ends, when they effectively have the same ability.
A character like Iku is listed as being able to read the atmosphere, but in truth that only refers to atmospheric pressure and has no bearing on conversational atmosphere. Alice is listed to be able to control dolls, which doesn't hold any power, it might even lower her power as a magician as she relies on proxies.

The real purpose that Eiki vs whoever situation is highlighted is because Eiki is in charge of the afterlife, and realistically when you're seeing her, it's because you're dead and she's passing judgement on you. She has more than the moral high ground, she's the damn judge. And the only existences that really cheat death to that extent are the eternal nature's fairies, hermits and hourai folk.

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Except Yukari herself said her+Yuyuko+Reimu COMBINED would not even stand a chance against Shikieiki.

Yukari's also scared of Yorihime/Toyohime to the point she made a war as a distraction to them just to steal their wine. With her powers you wouldn't think she'd need to start a freaking war just to nab a bottle right?

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>taking a character's word as canonical power level

By that logic, Cirno is the most powerful Touhou character.

>> No.14410154

I agree with you that relying on just Yukari's internal thoughts is silly, but keep in mind its what OTHER people think of her power level, which is much more likely to be true.

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The problem with Eiki's ability is that it can't be enacted randomly on the living, and "Border of Life and Death" is a noted canon use of Yukari's ability.

This whole "Yukari wasn't being serious" has an alternative of "ZUN and previous canon regarding Yukari weren't serious", and the latter sounds more ridiculous.

Other people? Yukari herself was the one that said she 'couldn't beat Shiki', and she's not exactly known for her honesty either.

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>The problem with Eiki's ability is that it can't be enacted randomly on the living
What. She has the ability to distinguish anything between black and white, as a Yama does. If you meant sentencing, then sure, but that's still largely irrelevant unless you're actually arguing that Yukari is immortal and lives outside of Samsara for some reason. Just the same as there being a boundary between a truth and a lie doesn't mean she can just magically flip lies into truths, there being a boundary between life and death doesn't mean she can make herself immortal.

>Except Yukari herself said her+Yuyuko+Reimu COMBINED would not even stand a chance against Shikieiki.
>Yukari herself was the one that said she 'couldn't beat Shiki
See: >>14400879
>Can we please stop using this misconstruing of an already-poorly-translated phrase as basis for "eki beats yukeri gaiz"?

This was never the intention of this line if you know anything about the characters at all. People jumping to think that it has anything to do with fighting Eiki in a no-holds-barred situation, or is relevant in such a way at all, is ridiculous.

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>"Border of Life and Death" is a noted canon use of Yukari's ability.
"Border of Life and Death" is a canon ATTACK NAME. Just like Flandre's "Starbow Break" does not mean she can punch stars apart, and Marisa's "Event Horizon" does not let her create inescapable black holes.