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Why do vampire sisters make my heart pop a boner?

Please post more sisterly love.

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Any particular reason you don't like Remi?

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/jp/ like it

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/jp/ likes every 2ho doe

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Sisterly love you say?

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Not Tewi, none likes Tewi.

She's unlikeable.

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But Tewi has a thread for her right now!

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>tfw no English VN set in the Scarlet Devil Mansion where you can romance the sisters, Pachy, Sakuya, Hong, and Cirno

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This one >>14384287? It's just Tewi in OP pic, but thread is not about her.

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>translation for Kenchinroku 3 never coming

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I guess no one loves tewi then.

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Does a desire to rape her count as love?

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>Romancing Cirno

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More like this please, it gives me the fluffiest of heartboners

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Guys, um... I think I want to be Flan's adult brother. What should I do?

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Think about where shit went wrong in your life

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What is a hearboner

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When you see something so pure that it feels like your heart might fly away

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>the translator dropped off the map a year ago

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OP pic looks like its from an eroge

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Slutty Flan, why is she always revealing her delicious midriff?

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Remi raped my father and Flam just stood there

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Fuck me they are so cute

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It's my theory that this is an evolved trait to help the scarlets survive. You see, getting the blood flowing in males makes it much easier for them to feed, so of course they have this kind of effect!

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time for pigs to eat

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I am more deeply in love with Remilia Scarlet than anyone else on the /jp/.

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Prove it faggot

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Why does Remilia have jaundice? Has she been drinking too much?

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I have her as my login screen and mouse cursor and I've cried to pictures and music of hers many times.

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Meh that is on the weak side of stuff I've seen from people here

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Angry Flan is scary Flan!

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I love the scarlet sisters.

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How could anyone not?

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I want to drink the Hourai elixir so the Scarlet sisters can torture me for all eternity!

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i wish that story continue

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>Disliking best rabbit
It's your loss.

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What stuff have you seen from people here then?

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Did you just greentext?
Fuck these tewifags

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>expecting people to not greentext
It's only going to get worse from here, son.

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a lot of loyalty for a tewi fag

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Holy shit I just played the first one and I'm waiting for the second to finish downloading, and I'm sad 3 is never ever. What happened?

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How about a bedtime story?

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Post more cute sisters you faggots

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I want to hug little Flan

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They're so cute!

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The translation is done. But it's still not out.

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She hasn't been getting her daily dose of Flan.

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Where does the translator post updates?

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OP here. Never mind, I figured it out.

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So what about them gives your heart a boner?