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So I tried out TH10 after mastering Imperishable Night and what the fuck? This game is shit. Horrible soundtrack, only 2 characters (both have the same bomb), lame spells.

Seriously what the fuck did ZUN do?

Also, in b4 slowpoke.jpg

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ZUN is dying

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>Seriously what the fuck did ZUN do?

got sober

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ZUN got too drunk and it turns out his awesome-drunk graph is a bell curve.

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The hat sees what you did there.

The hat does not approve.

Repent, or prepare yourself.

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>Seriously what the fuck did ZUN do?

pic related

that slut

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Am I the only one who really likes MoF?

Hat related.

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>pic related

Haha, didn't even mean to do that.

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I'm totally gay for the hat.

I liked MoF, especially its OST. It's just very different to something like IN. And despite the character portraits, the in-game graphics are actually pretty sweet.

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>Long hat is broken

Well done, anon.

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curses. Flood detected. So close, but so far.

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When I first played through MoF, the first thing that really amazed me were the awesome spellcards. I love Aya's endurance card where she zooms across the screen. Sanae's side wave card is also neat since it's the first time that type of attack has been seen since the PC98 days.

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the music in mof was good, but not great. all are remixable

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The backgrounds in MoF were pretty well done

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Where is my playable Rinnosuke.

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I like Aya.

Please don't hate me, Anonymous. We can still be friends, right?

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So I guess I'm the only one disappointed with MoF...

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Actually, I'm dying to see a single update on SWR. It's been like 7 months since the demo was released. The final version probably won't be out till the next summer comiket.

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fuck, i'll be slowly dying inside til then

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MoF has my favorite stage 6.

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Get out.


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It's just different from the other Touhou games, that's all. It's nice to see ZUN take a different approach.

Now if he would just release some Suwako figurines...

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Stop pretending to like her. No matter how much you try to be friends with her, the only person's cock she sucks is ZUN's.

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So Mue

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>Horrible soundtrack

What the hell.

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Well I didn't like it at all.

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Everyone likes Aya.

That slut.

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It will grow on you. For example,I didn't liked Suwa Foughten Field at first, now it's one of my favorites.

MoF was a good game alright, but after playing IN I can understand you got underwhelmed.

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Speaking of Touhou games, FUCK YEAH I FINALLY BEAT EMBODIMENT OF SCARLET DEVIL. Jesus, that shit took me FUCKING FOREVER. I haven't raged at a game like that ever since I played God Hand on hard mode. Looking forward to playing Perfect Cherry Blossom and getting all pissed off with that too.

pic related. Every single one of you can eat my shit.

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>beat EoSD

By that, you mean you 1cc'd at LEAST Hard mode, right?

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No, he must mean lunatic.

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I thought beating Extra would be more like the resounding completion. It's about on the same level as hard, except Flandre eats your continues, so you have to 1cc.

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Yeah, I mean, most people can 1cc EoSD Normal Mode after like, 3 days of playing.

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I had a dream about Touhou last night. Does that mean I play it too often?

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>Horrible Soundtrack
>Same Bomb
>Lame Spells

play the game more then three times before you judge it.

Trust me, all of these things you complained about will grow on you like a fungus.

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The only way to beat Touhou is 1ccing.

People who continue are worse than people who play easymode.

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I dream about something weeaboo every night. Have for over a year now. Touhou is about 25% of that.

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I once dreamed of Alice having her way with Marisa...

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I once had a dream that I was Patchouli, and was going through a series of "stages" like you do in the games, but I was literally doing it.

This was really fucking awesome until my brain did its usual complete fuck-up in dreams and made the final boss shoot Jynxes at me. Yes, I do mean the Pokemon.

Basically yes you're a weeaboo, but it's okay, we all are here.

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and then you woke up.

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Here... inside my chest. It hurts.

You are really hurting my feelings, Anonymous. It hurts a lot. Please stop it.

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Better than dreaming you're on 4chan having conversations about Touhou.

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TH10 sucks as a game but the soundtrack is amazing overall

Although only one makes my top 5 however, but the rest would round out the rest of my top 15

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i had one of those as well it featured Remiu and me doing some very adult and lewd things in a car

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lol a car?

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Romance is dead.

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It was either her ride or mine, and really, have you had sex on a turtle before?

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I see your dream and raise you another.

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May we have the specifics

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I have a touhou related dreamcast

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What the fuck is 1cc? No continues? And no, I didn't beat the game on hard, I beat Normal with no continues. I'm pretty happy about it though. I just can't wait to RAGE all over again with Flandre and her ten fucking life bars.

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One of the two times I dreamt about toho, it was me giving cake to Yuyuko while she was on my lap, then cleaning the remains off her lips with my tongue. Best. Dream. Ever.

Too bad it ended up with me escaping from the military aboard a mini-train.

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Why didn't you die from Yuyuko's power to just inflict death?

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>escaping from the military

Why would you have to do this if you had Yuyuko under your finger?

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1cc = 1 continue clear. That is, you don't continue.

If you just 1cc'd Normal, you have no chance on Extra.

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I once dreamed that I was drinking tea with Yukari.

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>Too bad it ended up with me escaping from the military aboard a mini-train.

Is that some Grandia?

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;_; I want to drink tea with Yukari.


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I wish I could have Touhou dreams ;_;

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Because the scenario suddenly changed, of course Yuyuko disappeared. And there was I a second later, running for my life as if it was an everyday thing...very dream-ish.

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I've been having Touhou dreams so many nights in a row, it's mostly full of Alice and Marisa, then Yuyuko and Youmu.

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I dreamt about Remilia and Sakuya fighting, before Sakuya became Remilia's maid. Sakuya managed to cut off Remilia's arm and both her legs before she conceded defeat and pledged herself to Remilia, then Remilia drank a bit of Sakuya's blood to seal the deal.

I laughed when I woke up because then Remilia would have to fly around as a legless gimp for a while. I think I had this dream because I read Scarlet and Scarlet shortly before I went to sleep.

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Oh ho, don't you worry. I'll beat that shit and hate every second of it.

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I had a Touhou dream once.

I dreamt that I was her hat.
I rode her head everywhere.
Outside. Inside. Over hills and over fences.
It was the most beautiful dream that I ever had.

When I woke up and realized that I could never be the hat, I was filled with a sadness that I had never felt before.

tl;dr: I wish to be the hat.

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Does it make me a bad person that I'm trying to learn how to lucid dream in part because then I can have Touhou dreams whenever I want? Or whatever series I feel like dreaming about that night, too.

Or maybe it just makes me RONERY...

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Sup, Dan?

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I once tried to have lucid dreams on purpose myself, but I don't know, for some reason I can't do it sleeping on my own bed. If I go to my dad's house and sleep on that rock-hard mattress in the guest room I'll have a vivid dream every time. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

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Is this vivid dream of your dad raping the shit out of your unconscious body?

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No worse than learning how to lucid dream for any other reason.

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That's because you're not really lucid dreaming, you're just dreaming you're lucid dreaming.

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hey guys, i just saw OP's post, and i wanted to chime in that i loved MoF.

and i think Aya is fucking hot. she's mai waifu

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Mountain of Faith is disappointing to Touhou fans, to say the least. ZUN took the game in a different, more user-friendly direction with a simplified bombing and scoring system and, dare I say it, an overall easier game. Many MoF spells are simple once you figure out their "trick" Bombing is now encouraged. Grazing is no longer a factor, it would've been nice just to add a counter so I could see how many I've grazed.

However, I think its still a quality game that I will play for a long time.

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'Sup ZUN?

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Even if just to stop nightmares?

Also lucid dreaming just means you know you're dreaming, there's still another tiny baby step to go before you can control what you dream about

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I don't mind the changes, each game had a different scoring system.

My biggest problem is A) It seems like there are areas where he just wanted you to bomb. I watch the people 1cc lunatic clear it to try to get an idea of what to do in certain places, and every single place where I go, "How do I do this?" they just bomb. What?


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So, silly Alice. Poop leaker and all.

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>Even if just to stop nightmares?

Benadryl is a hell of a lot more efficient a way to do that.

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People who think bombing wasn't always encouraged are being naive.

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OR MAYBE I was having a lucid dream of myself dreaming that I was lucid dreaming. Holy shit.

That's kind of what I meant. I've never been able to control the content of my dreams, just sometimes realize I'm having one.

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It used to punish you pretty badly. IN it wrecks your time orb collection, PCB it ruins your cherry counter.

I guess it doesn't really do much in EosD either.

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I haven't dreamed of Touhou yet. I woke up around 2:00 am in the morning today to take a leak. As I begin to shoot, I blinked and for some odd reason I saw Reisen use Invisible Full Moon just like in the game (complete with the Hi-Score meter, Health, Bombs... etc. at the side)...

This has been happening to me a few times now and the weird thing is that it happens when I take a piss early in the morning. Is something wrong with me /jp/ or am I just playing (and failing) Touhou too much?

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Man, you must suck at IN if you're having to replay Reisen so much.

>> No.144527


Well I did just pick it up a few days ago.

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Does /jp/ play windowed or full screen?

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Full screen, windowed is too fucking small.

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Yeah I feel the same.
But damn I still haven't 1cc'd any of the games yet, except PCB once with SakuyaA.
I can actually get to Ran all the way up to her Spellcard where she teleports to where you are and fires lasers out and crap.
Yet I get creamed in EoSD stage 5.

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