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their single gets released this time next week!

Old Thread

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with OG/1st Batch

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Kirara still scares the shit out of me

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Wait What? Did Ai-chan just announce her Retirement?

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The other day someone told me there was an ideapocket serie about pee drinking, and that Jessica Kizaki was in one of those but I can't find them, have I being trolled?

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Help me /jp/.

I think I'm in love with Shirosaki Aoi.

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Yea she did. I didn't need this shit at the start of the week.

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Pee drinking in IP? Most likely not anon...
IP has quite a few "harder" vids, but I cant imagaine a big name like Jessica would need this

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It was going to be fake pee like in most movies though. But yeah, I've been trolled.

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It's alrigth anon... have smt to eat

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Movie when?

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God, what did Kirara do to her face?

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waiting for the jav

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just watch the nasty shit she does especially dandy-423 where she basically gets destroyed by niggers with horse cocks and you'll get over her after realising what a slut she is.

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I like sluts and I loved watching her take care of BBC. I'm going to miss her.

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she didn't retire yet

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Not yet, but she's leaving February. That's like 2.5 months from now.

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wwhere did you get your info

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It's everywhere. She even tweeted about it directly, as did R18's official twitter.

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don't lie

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can somebody share the name of the actress whose S1 debut/porn debut was cancelled?

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So apparently Anri Okita made some films in 2013 under "Akane Mizuki"

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indeed she did... nothing special though


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I wonder why
she's one of the most recognizable faces in JAV, why bother doing movies under a pseudonym

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these hosts are on akb shows as well... disgusting. keep this filth away from my idols.

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What?That was one of her best films.

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A gif of it.

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>tfw ai uehara and yuria satomi will never drink piss

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Kind of surprised Kizaki even did it. It was when she was still new though. I guess it makes sense.

Ai Uehara has done pretty much everything. I call bs.

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Yuria and Ai have pissed on people, but never been pissed on. Trust me, I've looked.

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what was the actress and move which actress requested fan's cum to record the movie?
can we have a download link?

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probably an uta film. skinny cum whore.

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download link pls!

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>girl has an flat ass
>suddenly her ass gets 200% bigger when doing cowgirl/bending over
i don't know what magic is this but my dick loves it

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It's NEO-017: ザーメン募集 琥珀うた 急募!あなたの精子をペットボトルに入れて送って下さい!

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is it worth watching? in jp porn is very usual using fake cum, idk if movie will be true

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>jp porn is very usual using fake cum
ummm... no. unless you mean for creampies. yea most likely.

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Pretty sure she didn't drink a bunch of old semen sent by mail

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Yes, I was talking when they give her a glass fill with cum, that is 99% fake
I think same way

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>to donate to the cause by sending in bottles of their own male bodily fluids for inclusion in the film, according to the Brazilian website
Why are they citing a brazillian source for something japanese?
Anyways, how many diseases can you get from that? They just used some fake cum right?

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Holy Crap... Anon y u allways rigth?


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1. They probably tested all of the cum
2. Disease and sickness die after around a day or so when semen is exposed to oxygen
3. Japan has some of the lowest STD rates in the entire world

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What kinda production ID format does anon use?

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Japan has low everything because they never report shit. I thought this was known?

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I made the gif of it. Why would I lie?!

Always IPTD446 format. Adding - - - - - is a waste of time.

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I'm honestly sorry anon. I only saw your post after posting myself... orz

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Riri Kuribayashi did a film in the same series. I used to watch her videos. Kaho Kasumi as well.

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I thought dash was the standard

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So posting about last thread:
please source this?
I just have to watch the undressing of that bra...

> Ai Uehara retiring
Damn son, but I wouldn't blame her, she has taken enough dicks for several lifetimes... and I doubt she is 23 only
As for the her uncensored movies, can someone name them please?

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Dash is how it appears on the box and how most sites label them, but I don't think anyone really cares much.

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I think something's wrong.

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Source is ENFD-5615: 潤はまだ16だから/芹沢潤. She was 16 in that; it's gravure.

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> gravure
dang it....
did she get into jav yet?

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Nope, she's 17 now.

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wake me up in four years
thanks for the info anon

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What is that? Can anyone explain it to me?

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they can start av at 18

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Here are the 12 Uehara Ai films I'm aware of:

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Its the biggest mystery in AV senpai. You can either use a "-" in the Production Code or not. Both versions are technically correct.
DMM uses them without "-" on their site
Whereas the covers include a "-"

Its not like it would matter or anything since you'll find your AV with or without a "-". Its just personal liking and just like >>14368587, I am also removing the dash

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Her uncensored scenes are also found in this uncensored movies:

- S2M046
- S2M047
- S2M050

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Doesn't DMM randomly use 5 digits for codes?

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The inconsistency in usage is really annoying, since you get different results searching with and without the hyphen, even on the same tracker or forum.

Then we got r18 and how it omits the hyphen but adds two more zeroes (unlike dmm), which guarantees their legit purchase option wont come up in search results

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def. not senpai

the production code uses 3 to 4 letters for the studio like: IPZ (Idea Pocket) MIDE (Moodyz) SNIS (S1) followed by a three digit number from 000 to 999

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My mistake, looks like these are only on R18.

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It's the code that appears on the side and back of DVD boxes and on the discs to uniquely identify that product. In the pictured example, the code would be NYAN-009.

The code DMM uses is based on the production code, but they sometimes add on letters and numbers and remove the dashes to suit their needs. Sometimes their code is completely different to what appears on the box, so you shouldn't really rely on the DMM URL for determining the production code.

R18 codes are generally the same as on DMM's download section (/digital/). They do differ on DMM's hardcopy section (/mono/), though. But they are all mostly based on the canonical production code which is what you see on the box.

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good explanation senpai

and before someone asks: No this movie doesnt exist. Its just a parody

>> No.14368886

What she's gonna do then? Mainstream entertainment?

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pleb here, what sites should i be using to fuel my porn addiction?
right now i'm basically only using JAVJunkies, are there any decent alternatives?

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there's to much uncensored these days
its boring regular sex. no wife no fetish no incest no rape just regular boring sex

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Is there a method to descensor the movies?

>> No.14368978

If there was such method, wouldn't people upload descensored JAVs?

>> No.14368979

Actually there is, but you need extra hardware for it and you got to manually adjust it to the censored part everytime it changes (which happens every 5-10 seconds). Good luck doing it with only one hand.

Also dont expect to much from it

>> No.14368999

You're right but I was wondering bc the jap movies with jap dvd case but uncensored
Mmmm so that's it... In some japenese novels, teens talk about friends who descensor porn so I was curious about method

>> No.14369007

since trips... source: http://kotaku.com/the-machines-that-claim-to-uncensor-japanese-pornograph-1531391785

>> No.14369034

All those devices do is blur the censored area so the pixels don't stand out. Which might have been great in the days of VHS when the original video was blurry anyway, but you're going to have a hard time getting decent results with HD video.

>> No.14369035

Wow, a lot of work. Also it says there's a software that can do the work. Do you know something about it?

>> No.14369050

Unfortunately not anon. Dont worry... you get used to the censoring and it wouldnt be AV if it wasnt censored

Your only hope is that we get more leaks in the future
Pic related. Its Julias leaked scene http://i.imgur.com/wZkIwJC.jpg

>> No.14369054

Mika Kayama's one made my dick neutronium hard.

>> No.14369059

Yea... I hope companies keep raw uncensored videos saved. Sometimes I feel it's a pitty that quality can't be seen with genitals, japs just produce really HD vid

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uncensored sucks
there i said it

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Hey guys where could I download JAV torrents?

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JAV Junkies

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File: 2.58 MB, 880x660, Brooke Lee Adams.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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What's the name of gay japanese adult movies? I mean boy x boy are not JAV, right?

>> No.14369145

I can't make sense out of it with broken translation, but I don't think she is retiring. I have no idea what she could be talking about though.

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Source of the webm.

Also, you can always go to your home away from home. >>>/t/

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The first site needs an invitation to join?

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Any qt I missed? Who should I add?

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How don't you have anything with Yuria Satomi

>> No.14369181

Tina Yuzuki (Rio)
Airi Suzumura
Shunka Ayami
Misaki Honda
Rico Honda
Karen Haruki

So many

>> No.14369184

thanks I will look them up

>> No.14369202

Mana Sakura
Tsubasa Amami
Airi Suzumura
Nana Usami
Nana Ogura
Anri Okita

>> No.14369212

onofrio is my hero

>> No.14369219

really want to know

>> No.14369238


you're welcome.

>> No.14369252


that site only has like 4 sdmu movies

>> No.14369258

I wish JAV was subbed, especially those with story lines / game shows.

>> No.14369261

Doesn't seem like a bad thing. SDMU is usually crap.

>> No.14369279

I'll continue.
These two people upload pretty much everything new to streaming.

>> No.14369283


You take that back, bitch.

SDMU usually has the best looking actresses and the most interesting JAV settings ranging from nanpa to game shows to massage parlors to outdoor baths. It's both fun to watch and hot to fap to and the quality is beast.

>> No.14369290

I know someone will be snarky and goes
>lol watching porn for story
But story or just basic setting gave context and context makes it much better. There are fetishes that depend on context like incest or NTR. Without any context you can't tell if those two human fucking are related or not. Whether they're cheating etc.

So yeah I support JAV subbing effort.

>> No.14369305

Is it possible to search through an users history?

>> No.14369306


NTR JAV is 10x hotter when you can understand what the girls are being asked and such.

SDMU-229, for example, would greatly benefit from a translation.

Actually, any JAV with an interview/stats section would since it sets the mood even better and is much hotter when the girl gets screwed by some player.

>> No.14369318

jav debuts with subtitles would be nice, especially when the girl is crying or is ashamedg about her crushed dreams

>> No.14369320

>SDMU usually has the best looking actresses
I've already had enough of you. I'm not even going to finish reading your hyperbole.

>> No.14369326

I'd love if this became a thing, but considering the only uploads we're getting is from chinks and there's no reason for them to translate into English..

>> No.14369334

>being into NTR

>> No.14369343

I love it when the couple is talking and laughing together during sex. Even if those are just unimportant small talk, I want to know what they're talking about.
It sets the mood.

>> No.14369353


> not masturbating to your beaufiful, faithful wife getting off to some sleazebag's gigantic cock prying into her cute little slit shaped after your tiny pecker


>> No.14369363


>> No.14369379



I highly recommend OYC-026 if you liked that one.

NTR JAV just isn't the same without the boyfriend watching / at least nearby. I hate it when they slap a ring on some whore's finger and tag it as cuc.kold when there's no further mention of a significant other. It makes finding the actual good stuff a lot harder.

>> No.14369382

I'm really into reverse rape and gyaru (they don't necessarily have to be at the same time)

Any series recommendations?
I've checked out most the blk's and kisd's already

>> No.14369401

I like that NTR concept, but I'm not into massage oil. I think the oil is disgusting and oiled body looks unnatural

>> No.14369407

Man, Maiko Hashimoto is so hot

>> No.14369418


I respect that. Try these, then:


>> No.14369429

HBAD-293 was out of this world good. The choreography in this is fantastic and the girl was super hot.

I'll have my eye on Teni Moka from now on, haven't seen her before. Debuted only this year and is already one of my favorites.

>> No.14369437

>Outdoor sex
Aww yeah, my favorite. Thanks a lot

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How do I get into Oppaitime?

Go to irc.oppaiti.me and join #oppaitime-invites. Ask for an invite and they'll call you a faggot and tell you to fuck off. But don't worry, this is part of the invite process (yes I'm serious), just wait and they'll eventually tell you to PM your email address and you'll get an invite.

>> No.14369573

Is anyone uploading these episodes anywhere?

>> No.14369574

what's the context? is it traps vs. girls?

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File: 52 KB, 640x480, Collector - COZD-007_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Years ago (when 4:3 is still a thing) there was this line called Collectors and their DVD codes are all started with 'COZD'. I found around 10 videos of them and all of them are about exhibitionism.
And holy fuck, those were the most daring exhibitionist JAV I've ever seen. The variety may not that much, but it's the time and location they chose. A busy part of the town in broad daylight. The girls were directed to ignore passerby, not trying to hide and even having full nude sex on the sidewalk. I guess they were so daring they went into trouble then the studio ceased to exist.
So yeah guys, what I want to ask, any good & recent public/outdoor/exhibitionism videos? Empty forests and beaches were alright but something a lot riskier (and real or convicingly real) is what I'm looking for.

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File: 21 KB, 257x351, mizushima.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how could you not have Mizushima Azumi?!

>> No.14369780

living in japan must be great...
nudes walks pass you by in the streets... girls get molested and gangbanged on busses and trains...

>> No.14369848
File: 40 KB, 640x480, Collector - COZD-007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe. There could be Yakuza thugs watching over the area. You better act as if nothing happens.

>> No.14369854


Regarding the SNIS533 pulldown:
It really seems like they didnt censor the movie enough and had to pull it down to re-censor it.

I only glanced through the SD casino rip, but I found a short scene during the end of the second half.
Notice how in the upper screenshot Nami-chans Pussy is censored. A few seconds later the guy switches girls and turns towards her. During this moment there are a few frames where the mosaic seems to fade away (bottom screen).


>> No.14369874

That's fucking nothing.

>> No.14369899

Right. But it seems like it was enough...

Someone with the HD dioguitar Version should check the scene and maybe could tell us if its true or not.

The scene is from the second half around 1h and 34min.

>> No.14369929

you have no mayaya?!?

>> No.14369934

the chinese sub them, you can sometimes see those on chinese forums. encodes are even shittier since they always hardsub (ie reencode) instead of softsub

>> No.14370041

Collector are still around. Their website's here:

In fact, they released a "best of" for their Exposure Rhapsody series you mentioned (COZD-201). But they don't seem to be doing any new public nudity films these days. They talk a little about that in this interview:

>> No.14370046

mite b cool if some dude on /jp/ uploads a certain actress uploads. 500 scenes in a 900gb rar or something

>> No.14370143

Suggestions of any all girl, 3 or more, pissing videos? Can't find any good ones.

>> No.14370164

Awesome. Thanks. But I can't seem to find COZD-201 anywhere despite being quite recent
>There's also the fact that most everyone nowadays owns a phone with a camera built-in so there is a real risk of having footage from a public nudity shoot secretly taken and quickly uploaded to the internet without proper precaution
This make senses. Although it kinda sad.

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>those Aika pictures from JAE

I miss how Aika used to look...Her makeup is nice and all, but her face just looks so different.

>> No.14370230
File: 77 KB, 600x405, 1442938393901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

when's she gonna take dick

>> No.14370334

Ai Ueharu retired?

BRNever. Cutting my wrists.

>> No.14370355


>> No.14370466

Do you guys sort by Maker/Label or by Actress?

>> No.14370505

Maker> Actress > Code

>> No.14370567


Who is that that is in the 2nd row and 2nd from the right (in blue)?

>> No.14370571

She reminds me of Yui Kasumi.

>> No.14370599

Damn Anon I can't believe you don't even know who she is. I'll give you a hint, this thread and the previous one were talking about her recent retirement announcement.

>> No.14370634

someone who is thankfully retiring

>> No.14370662

>Hating on the most popular
You must be a hipster

>> No.14370670

Ayumi Shinoda's uncensored debut looks really boring. Like holy shit.

But I'm not a fan of her to begin with, so maybe I'm biased.

>> No.14370688

Where can i take a look at this?

>> No.14370693

It's on AV Entertainment's Upcoming Release page. It's so by the book.

>> No.14370700


I meant 2nd from the right (our right), not Ai Uehara.

>> No.14370842

but I like Yuria and Tia, nice try though.

>> No.14370845

I want to like her and Julia so much but most of their videos are shit

>> No.14370901

Everything she does is by the book. She's extremely fucking boring. I don't know how she exploded in popularity. When she's good she's great, but 99% of her shit is the exact same.

>> No.14370921
File: 2.89 MB, 896x504, [PPPD-302] Ayumi Shinoda Wants To Play.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She is way sexier than Julia in my opinion. Sensual, mischievous and knows how to ride dick.

>> No.14371019

>on the same level of productivity and popularity as Ai Uehara

Ai being retired won't make them more popular than they're now

>> No.14371027

Any good pregnant stuff?

>> No.14371581

So ive been wondering, in JAV like NPS-252 where there are "amateur" girls getting pulled off the streets are these girls just getting into the business? is it like a tryout? i get that their not actually random girls, but to not be listed seems like a crappy way of getting your name out there.

>> No.14371593


>> No.14371802
File: 86 KB, 421x304, tch_sluts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love how everyone else smiled broadly with excitement gleaming in their eyes.

Except for An Tsujimoto here.

(check her document-style video by Team ZERO if you're into timid/awkward girl)

>> No.14371822
File: 131 KB, 444x299, ebisu_demonicstare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now this one is just creepy

>> No.14371824

is that AKB48?

>> No.14371845

>Kana Yume
Nah, that would be Kirara with her spooky face, Kana is a pure cum dumpster succubus

>> No.14371853

Is there any way to see the old archived threads or to search them? There was this one girl that was kind of cute but had a really big nose, but I can't seem to find it on my various hard drives. I think it was something like KAWD, ABP, or SNIS, but I could totally be wrong.

>> No.14371856

that's like asking for a black person in africa

>> No.14371858
File: 2.09 MB, 1280x720, 1447927119887.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey jav new to this shit wondering if anyone has a source on this. I'm absolutely diamonds and cannot sleep until I find the source. Also on that note is there somewhere I can search an actress' videos? Pretty sure it's Eri Kitami but I can't find any of her stuff since I don't know where to look.

>> No.14371862


I think I remembered typing something about a big nose and attached a screenshot, so it wouldn't be too hard as long as I could do a search, but there's no more /jp/ archive that I can use after archive.moe went down.

>> No.14371872

>no one's in bondage
That's NOT Muscats, and will never be.

... also, HOLY SHIT. The new show that stole the Muscats name (because no, no one's in bondage, so that's NOT Muscats) is MC'd by Ogiyahagi and Okubo Kayoko!? Jesus. Torrents please.

>> No.14371888

Ah, scratch that. I found every episode with the easiest video search on google.

Still, thanks for the heads up.

>> No.14371897

hi /jav/

I'm looking for a video I've seen years ago on a tube site. First, the girl, an office lady sitting in an office, was having fun with a dildo which she stuck to her desk. Later on 2 dudes came in and they started making out. That's all I can remember.

>> No.14371901

never said anything about them being more popular

>> No.14371908

There must be 1001 titles with a scene like that.

>> No.14371915

Kirara worse face compared to Yume? I know personal opinions and all but yours are pure fucked.

>> No.14371940

>He likes current Kirara's face
Go see an optometrist, you need it.

>> No.14371945

Knowing the name is one big step for successful search, unlike this poor anon >>14371897 but are you sure the name is correct? Can't find Eri Kitami or Kitami Eri in javlibrary actress database
Okay, so what kind of benefits you'll get from Ai-chin's retirement?

>> No.14371951

u have the code bro i'm intrigued

>> No.14371990
File: 92 KB, 480x640, IMG_4409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Try TEAM-059, it's my favorite. The setup is that there are no crews and the couple must film themselves. The last segment is the best. An-chan visits the guy's apartment to do the filming there, and there she admits she never went into a guy's place before. It helps that the guy (Ken Shimizu) is a smooth talker.

An-chan is a kind of girl who just prefer to stay at home playing online games

>> No.14372085

Riku Minato makes my dick diamond hard, I hope she does anal.

>> No.14372128

Tsujimoto is an actress I want to like but fuck her awkwardness when they try and have her do story jav is too much.

>> No.14372166


>> No.14372174

Exactly. I avoid her drama AV for that reason. I only collect her document AV

>> No.14372206
File: 143 KB, 704x396, shimokitaGloryDays.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

man, I fap to this girl a lot, and now she's the nerd. damn

>> No.14372244

Where can I find some black (black, not GAL/ganguro, african-american black) girl JAVs?
I used to have a few of some girl back in the day (like 2011) but torrents seem to have died, and javlibrary doesn't have the female: black tag.
Had a really big ass, did oil stuff with two guys and shit like that, forgot her name, and are there any codes you'd recommend?

>> No.14372246

>Yuma Asami with glasses and pony tails
Time to fap

>> No.14372326


I think there's something wrong with her.

Compare the older movies she's featured in to the new ones. In the old ones she looks slender but plump, gorgeous skin and qt belly.

In the newer ones she looks like she got cancer or HIV. She looks like she lost 50 pounds, no longer has an ass and you can easily see her ribs in any position.

>> No.14372572

Collector don't seem to distribute through DMM for some reason, though they sell through Amazon and their own website. They even have English-subbed versions available through Zenra.

We discussed this earlier in this thread. She was 16 in that film, 17 now.

So-called amateurs often seem to be girls just wanting to make a bit of extra dosh without committing to multiple titles. If they really wanted to get their name out there, they'd go through the usual route with a debut release, but then they'd probably need to sign a contract for a certain number of titles.

Try Warosu.

>> No.14372641

You know what I absolutely love?

Women getting touched, groped, fingered and kissed by several men at the same time. Bonus points if the girl is reluctant at first but then just lets it happen.


>> No.14372670

uncensored always so whack. the censorship gave us the pervs we love

>> No.14372725

Yes just click their name then you can crawl their posts

>> No.14372770

more like AVB48

>> No.14372784

>People of Japanese nationality

unless you can scrounge up enough money and somehow procure a shotgun wedding to happen then you're shit outta luck. by the way did she say anything about her future plans, is she gonna stay in the business somehow, such as with ebisucats, or is she gonna go elsewhere?

>> No.14372792
File: 778 KB, 3741x2073, CQsa-jBUEAAaTbO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

search for that on dailymotion

>> No.14372822

Don't compare these skanks to akb48.

>> No.14372842


Thanks, I actually found it. It was MIGD-593.

>> No.14372848

here is your reply

>> No.14372892

>be away from pc for 2 months due to work/life
>have a few days some spare time, decide to check some AV
>missed so many good releases, start downloading stuff
>end up with 318 new movies (around 380gb)

kek. help me /jav/

>> No.14372896

find jesus or something or embrace the degenerate

>> No.14372945
File: 2.58 MB, 960x540, 1429961842513.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ty m8

>> No.14373147

.webm source?

>> No.14373219

Saki Hatsumi

>> No.14373268
File: 394 KB, 720x540, cap_e_0_abp-408.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is good.

>> No.14373299

who is the girl in the middle in the erection inducing tights

>> No.14373309

>318 movies
>only 380 gb
what shitty quality videos are you downloading

>> No.14373336

I'm downloading my AV from all those streaming sites that pop up everywhere. Most stuff is boring or bad so I dont waste stuff on them.
But once I find a good AV I donload them of course in better quality. Problem is that I dont have much space left (~1 tb only) and dont want to buy yet again another hdd...

I'm even reencoding most bigger ones so they waste even less space. No, I'm not even thinking of deleting my downloaded stuff :^)

>> No.14373444

>sad about retiring
She really did enjoy being used as a living onahole huh?

>> No.14373452

Wouldn't you enjoy being used as a living dildo?

>> No.14373478

She was good at it, a star and brought joy to many glowing dark rooms. Personally looking forward to her works kept me from killing myself

>> No.14373496

There is also the BKZD series

They stopped making extreme videos because most of them got arrested, these people were involved with the bakky videos where they lied to girls (some of them shooting porn for the first time) telling they would do a normal AV but instead they got raped, almost drowned, forced to drink alcohol and all kind of other shit. From the public videos, i've only seen BKZD-013 and one of the guys filming was the same guy that raped and drugged a girl in a other video.

Seeing it's all sold on the same site and they say they're inspired by the bakky guys, I'm pretty sure those people were involved in these videos as well.

Somehow the site and videos are still up, I guess it can't be removed by law

>> No.14373552


This. That's why I like a lot of the nampa stuff, the talking in the beginning/persuading is the hottest part.

>> No.14373563

> girl enters elevator dripping in cum
bejesus, what happened here?

>> No.14373567

>I got fooled by believable acting

>> No.14373585

hahahah great one anon :^)
confirmed for not having seen a Bakky video ever. I ask you kindly to leave or inform yourself properly

>almost drowned
you are probably talking about BKGD001 (aka BKG001). Have you seen it yourself?
Its one of the most intense AVs I've ever seen. And I ask myself how were they able to get it into sale. Stuff like this should've been illegal. Honestly...

>> No.14373587

uncensored JAV is horrible

bad shoots, tamer sex, ugly girls, no plot and fantasy, ugly genitals holy shit

>> No.14373600

Needs to be more water boarding/drowning smut. I know tokyo hot did a couple short head in water skits during their rape fantasy works.

>> No.14373602

So does that mean you're now gonna do it?

>> No.14373612

If only

>> No.14373618

I can agree with you.

>> No.14373627

>implying some idols don't have nice looking pussies

>> No.14373642

Check out following AVs. They have a few water/pee drowing scenes (most in a bucket or smt like that):
- SVDVD271
- SVDVD291 (great one. The whole movie is one long 2h scene in which poor Mizuki is used in every possible way. Superb Stuff!)
- SVDVD363
- SVDVD365

>> No.14373651

Yes, that one
I've seen most of the bakky stuff from the torrent on TPB, It's all crazy.

I agree that it should we illegal, it's pretty much rape and abuse but laws in Japan are weird I guess, Issei Sagawa is still a free man as well

>> No.14373667
File: 178 KB, 800x537, 1svdvd271pl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the best

>> No.14373670

That's because of the whole France part. The teenagers involved with the fucking concrete girl are all free now though right? Which is horrible.

At least people who REALLY deserve it in Japan still can be put to death by fucking hanging.

>> No.14373687

Any other sick fucks want more water torture stuff look up DASD-222 on javlibrary I put up a dll of a torrent I downloaded of it. I believe the torrent is also still active I dunno

>> No.14373697

wew lads
im just here for the vanilla porn with pretty girls and you guys are talking about snuff porn

>> No.14373700

abp-408 doesnt exist?

>> No.14373702

thx duke. gonna check it out asap.

to each their own i guess.
I love to appreciate pretty girls, but sometimes you simply need kinky stuff, i guess :^)

>> No.14373705

snuff porn? no that's the superhero stuff. Water boarding is just breathe play

>> No.14373719

Murder laws in some EU countries are stupid as well, in some you will be free again after 15-20 years with parole

I didn't know they still did that, in most cases I'm not for it but if you do something crazy like the concrete guys you deserve it though

>> No.14373785

You sure that's for murder and not man slaughter? Also different degrees of murder can get you off with parole in the states

>> No.14373787
File: 737 KB, 1920x1080, carib-081815-951-1080p.mp4_snapshot_00.01.29_[2015.11.19_21.04.51].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no fantasies and fetishes is a bummer, but there are many gorgeous actresses

>> No.14373794


Anyone know where this is from

>> No.14373809
File: 618 KB, 1920x1080, carib-081815-951-1080p.mp4_snapshot_00.02.05_[2015.11.19_21.09.51].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot to add that uncensored tends to be [email protected], a very pleasant step up from chink rips

>> No.14373815

gotta search for the scene though

>> No.14373830

oh yeah, I knew it was Julia but forgot ot mention that

>> No.14373833

Yep for murder, if you're a gud boy and claim you won't do anything again there is a big chance you will be free again in 15-20 years

>> No.14373845

Well that's an actual rehabilitation program instead of just a cage for undesirables

>> No.14373855

can we go back to talking about jav

>> No.14373888

What's some good uncensored train molester scenes? I stumbled on one on a tube site and was curious to find more.

>> No.14373906

I'm back, informed.
They either took advantage of naive sluts or gave them endurance training.
I'm joking
Which one is the rapey one?

>> No.14373939

Since I'm not seeing a dick and it's pov I'm guessing it's one of those gravure titles she does from time to time.

>> No.14373958 [DELETED] 
File: 516 KB, 1536x2304, non46jake-09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm hoping this KV release that was just uploaded on javlibrary today is a good one.

>> No.14373964


Gravure - REBD099

compare the screenshots anon: http://javpop.com/2015/05/27/rebd-099.html

>> No.14374118
File: 82 KB, 600x800, CMiaS_CUkAEGcbR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why Meguri sometimes tweets in Korean? Does she have Korean descent or she's just pleasing her Korean fans?

>> No.14374169

First Chika and now this. 2015 has been cruel to me.

>> No.14374190

>tfw a girl does a debut and then disappears.

Some girl decided to make an adult video one time and now has to live with the fact that thousands of perverts will eternally have record of this on their hard drives to masturbate to.

>> No.14374200

I am new to JAV and I am wondering if all those girls get some action in that video.


>> No.14374205

Women love the attention probably a great go to when flicking the bean

>> No.14374321

Chika, Ai, Aino, Alice...
2015 is such a dark year

The girls in the pic are various AV actresses and as such get enough action in their videos.
The picture is from a japanese AV variety show. Its all fun and play, but if you are looking for naughty stuff thats the wrong show for you senpai.

Lurk the thread for a few recommendations on girls if you are new and dont know any

>> No.14374329
File: 137 KB, 576x1024, IMG_20151006_154312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not mentioning best mama

Seriously, her retiring broke me.

>> No.14374364

I'm sorry for not mentioning her senpai orz
I've been out of the scene lately and only have time to get slowly back. Damn all those retirement news hurt so bad... I'm really afraid of the day when Tsubomi will retire...

>> No.14374425
File: 410 KB, 1600x2234, 81hDB4EQ8QL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yuria's will have been in the business for over 10 years starting next year. I have feeling she's going to retire. I'm not sure how I'm going to take it.

>> No.14374459

I know, fapping to her anal title.

>> No.14374473

I completely forgot that Yuria-chan used another Name in the past. She went with "Koizumi Aya" back in the days didnt she. Just looked it up and realized her debut was for Max-A on 2004/03/26. Thats sooo long ago kek

Its true that Tsubomi debuted later (2006/04/19 for S1), however Tsubomi has been pumping out more movies than her. Not like its a competition or so.

Both girls are great and both days will be dark when one of them retires. Lets hope it will be as late as possible

>> No.14374488

She did her only IR as Aya Koizumi as well. Truthfully though, those days before her nose job were shit. She hit her prime as Yuria and even though she's in decline I still love her.

>> No.14374530
File: 623 KB, 1280x800, yuka tachibana.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im starting to like Yuka Tachibana

>> No.14374553

Hey, what's a 'JK'?

>> No.14374575

High School Girls

W stands for Double, meaning there are two girls

>> No.14374611

Thanks. Any other basic terms we need to know?

>> No.14374630
File: 546 KB, 786x558, Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.14.44 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's Julia got herself into this time?!

>> No.14374862


OL = Office Lady. Basically set in an office theme. Focus often on the uniform/glasses/stockings/tights
ギャル (Gyaru) = tanned girls
NTR = https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netorare
ロリ(Rori) = young looking girls
中出し (Nakadashi) = Creampie
フェラ (Fera) = Fellatio
イラマチオ (Iramachio) = Irrumatio or Deepthroat
ロイ (Gero) = Vomiting
ごっくん (Gokkun) = Cum Play. Basically the girl is playing with the cum in her mouth. Involves also eating stuff that has cum on it. Brushing teeth with cum, burble etc.. (dont confuse with bukkake)
ぶっかけ (Bukkake) = Massive Facials (Check out Moodys Dream Woman Series. Good stuff)
コスプレ (Kosupure) = Cosplay. Sometimes abbreviated to simply コス (Kosu)
アナル (Anaru) = anal hur dur
オナニー (Onanie) = Masturbation
巨乳 (Kyonyuu) = Big Boobs (also look out for boin/chichi/oppai/mune which all mean boobs)
パイズリ (Paizuri) = Titty Fucking
パイパン (Paipan) = Shaved Pussy
エステ (Esute) = Dont know the english translation but according to wiki its Western esotericism. Involves massages with oil and stuff. Either the girl gets groped while massaged or the guy gets Handjobs with oil an stuff
イカせ (Ikase) = dunno the translation, but Ikase means if the girl is made to cum over and over again. Often with multiple vibrators
潮吹き (Shiofuki) = Squirting
3P (4P) = 3 (4 ect.) People have sex. Basically Threesomes or Gangbang
美少女 (Bishoujo) = A term to describe a really, really pretty girl
痴漢 (Chikan) = Molester. Typically groping in a train/bus
黒人 (Kuro Jin) = lit. Black Person. IR
ナンパ (Nanpa) = Flirting or soliciting women for sexual acts
マンコ (Manko) = pussy
ふたなり (Futanari) = Hermaphrodites. Do not confuse with new-halfs (who have a real penis). Futanari is often used if the girl has a real looking strap-on/penis with fake cum... etc.
Yaoi = love between males (also shounen ai aka boys love)
Yuri = love between females

Source: http://forum.scanlover.com/showthread.php?t=32040

Thats all I can come up with. Any Additions??

>> No.14375005

Judging by >>14361885, perhaps the Black Man tag is the place to look.

>> No.14375027

are there terms for choking or slapping?

>> No.14375031


>> No.14375048

This chick has her first uncensored coming out.

>> No.14375111

After seeing this
do all asian girls feel creeped out when a man has an asian fetish?
I had an asian gf for 2 years and she never knew about my jav collection. I wonder what her reaction would be if she found it.

>> No.14375123

My girls Japanese and she knows I'm a perverted fucker with yellow fever.

She just laughs and calls me hentai kun

>> No.14375150

You find some asian women attractive. Big fucking deal. I love the guilt trips people try and give you for being attracted to someone. I wonder if those people apply that method of thinking to themselves when they are attracted to someone.

>> No.14375178
File: 1.99 MB, 400x300, 3dpd.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw chatting with JAV girls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuT7y_W5-P8

>> No.14375193

fapping to this is easier than I imagined it would be...

>> No.14375213

>do all asian girls feel creeped out when a man has an asian fetish
No, This is predominantly an asian american thing.

>> No.14375432

Is Moka/Erika's GL-011 available anywhere besides nyaa?

>> No.14375464


>> No.14375471

never actually saw japs streamming anything.

where do they stream?

>> No.14375474


>> No.14375504

thanks anon

>> No.14375581
File: 419 KB, 597x900, mini.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's currently my favorite girl. She is very cute!

>> No.14375698

Some dumbass recently livesteamed himself burning his house down.

>> No.14375858

wow... that's hot

>> No.14375918

I just downloaded around 50 gb of Yuria Satomi. jav is bad for hard drives.

It'll be a sad day

>> No.14375939

Ah, now I understand why that anon post that seemingly unrelated news to this JAV thread

>> No.14376055

a question to you jav experts

if they have to censor genitalia, why are assholes censored the moment something touches it?

>> No.14376128

Anal is a rare fetish in Japanese porn so they consider asshole as non-genital stuff totally unrelated to sex.
But when asshole subjected to sexual stimulation and (or even when not lead to) penetration, then it's a genital that needs to be censored. That's the logic.
Just be glad it doesn't apply to mouth, nipples, or any body parts the actors decided to touch or lick.

>> No.14376736

she got infected by hallyu

>> No.14376743
File: 65 KB, 653x1024, CThusxVUwAEhYAO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She has a huge following in Korea it seems. She even has fanmeets in Korea.

>> No.14376805



>> No.14376967


>> No.14376993



>> No.14377060

Huh, she looks scared. As if the photographer is gonna rape her.
Maybe Koreans love that look.

>> No.14377119

Is there any info about % of anal tittles in JAV market? Are average salary man so uninterestedbto anal sex? What about average girl?

>> No.14377143

Koreans love putting jav actresses in their shitty b tier erotic films. They usually have them be the girlfriend or wife.

>> No.14377159

Can JAV actresses speak korean decently? or in those movies they don't speak?

>> No.14377191

It's usually a mix of korean, english and japanese.

>> No.14377213

Any gravure cuties please. I don't know anyone.

>> No.14377218

I don't have the number, but here's the thing about anal in JAV.
In western porn you can always expect anal in the usual repertoire along with handjob, blowjob, and vaginal. In JAV you have all of them except for anal, even in bondage or rape themed videos. Even in gangbang where a man could use another hole, he'll just pretend the one in the ass does not exist. However sometimes they made videos with anal as its theme and that's where you can get some asshole pumping. Or even DP.
So you can get 2-hour long videos of your favorite actress getting anal but then you won't see any in her other videos. Even after she -finally- lost her anal virginity doesn't mean that she will use that in non-anal themed videos made after that.
And how many of these specialized anal video existed? Well, consider super popular actress like Ai Uehara with hundreds of titles, I've only found one anal video of her. Most actress may never made a single anal video on her career.

I'm talking about major studios and prominent actress of course. Maybe there are rogue/small studios specialized in niche or extreme stuff that's constantly pumping out anal titles. But they could be hard to find.

>> No.14377238
File: 928 KB, 627x678, manami.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nicest dress i've ever seen.

>> No.14377254

Damn. Riku Minatos teeth are brighter than my future...

>> No.14377311

that's very edifying, thanks anon

>> No.14377318


> rolly polly loli canoli
> little yellow dicks boo big white dicks yaa
> please rub your milky man meat on my yellow pig face

that's not cute

>> No.14377443

You can find streams from AV studios on Nico Live here:
Though you won't get full-on live sex, due to the impracticalities of real-time mosaic, they do sometimes get rather close.

Some AV actresses also stream on TwitCasting from time to time, so it's worth keeping an eye on their Twitter feeds. You can even ask them questions (though it might help to know some runes).

>> No.14377484

you seem experienced in this. do you have any recommendations? i'd like to watch some instead of porn all the time

>> No.14377568

she's pretty but her performances are so boring
even the trance jav where they fuck her silly

>> No.14377573

>Though you won't get full-on sex

>> No.14377589

Most, yeah. But there's some amazing gems. Aoi Shirosaki has a REALLY good one (not her newest, an older one) that is better than most of her censored releases. Yua Arigas recent one is pretty good too.

>> No.14377606

TMA's films are available on Nico Nico Douga, but you won't see Goro whipping out his dick live. You do get to see boobs and vibrator-use, though. TMA's live shows are pretty great.

>> No.14377619

The Maidroid - has aino kishi in it.
Maze: Secret Love - has aino kishi and akiho yoshizawa.

Both released this year.

>> No.14377624

>you won't see Goro whipping out his dick

>> No.14377634

What exactly is TMA nico? Is it amateur or professional JAV?

Thinking about it now.. I really never watched Japanese porn that isn't from a label. The only "amateur" stuff I watched is from professional studios.

>> No.14377671

Again, that's a clip from one of TMA's films. It's a fabulous clip, but it's not live. Not sure if trolling...

Total Media Agency (TMA) is a professional AV studio. It's rather small, but is well-known for its cosplay films, and for Goro, who has probably fucked you're waifu.

They release on DVD and DMM, but you can watch clips through their Nico Nico channel.

Often when you see the word "amateur", it just means the actress is an amateur (and even then, that's probably a lie). The studio will usually be professional. That said, there are doujin AV circles, just as there are doujin circles for manga and music. Pinkyweb (ピンキーweb) is an example, and one I'm rather fond of.

>> No.14377744


>> No.14377805

Misaki Honda is so hot.

>> No.14377846

Anywhere I can stream SW-365? Couldn't find it.

The torrent has too many freakin leechers

>> No.14377864

no stream, but javlibrary has a few ddl (use a cbox if you dont have an account for the filehoster)

>> No.14377909

Hecks a cbox? I've only been using torrents all my life.

>> No.14377927

google is your friend senpai

>> No.14377950

your life is about to change.

>> No.14377958

Which cbox provider do you guys recommend?

>> No.14377980

Well I think I figured it out, but one site just keeps redirecting me and the other doesn't let me post links higher than 2 GB. Anything that actually works?

>> No.14377982


>> No.14377986

Someone please change my life by explaining this cbox thing and pointing me in the right direction

>> No.14378012

search for cbox on google. fine one or two that you like. make an account (just username and passwort).
find smt to fap and working links
post links in cbox. wait a few seconds for getting premium link
click premium link and deal with the forward bs
enjoy ddl

- sometimes not all hosters do work (like the most bullshitting ones. Or those really exotic ones)
- hosters may have a size limit
- I tried two different ones and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. It happens
- However rapidgator, uploadable and uploaded all worked for me fine

>> No.14378018

what's smt?

>> No.14378019

thank you

>> No.14378027

find something to fap with working links... isnt something abbreviated to smt?

>> No.14378046

also if you encounter some problems and the links wont work for you, just try after an hour or two again.
Downloaded some stuff from wushare yesterday and everything worked like a charm. Tried this morning and nothing worked, but just now it seems to work again...

>> No.14378057

my favorite girl right now is haruki sato and somehow i feel like i should feel bad about that

>> No.14378063

too fat

>> No.14378073
File: 42 KB, 394x700, qt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fat haruki is best haruki
though I still prefer her slimer debut days

>> No.14378108

was able to find one with minimal ad bs and no caps on datafile.

>> No.14378155
File: 72 KB, 599x653, CUBZ_v7UsAIcT2f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why must they taunt me so?

>> No.14378180

10 years? Holy shit and she's still so enthusiastic.

Dunno if I would call it decline. She still produces quality stuff. It's just that Premium sucks. She needs to go back to a better studio.

>> No.14378186

Upcoming Maguro releases look good

>> No.14378252
File: 303 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_nwadjacMSQ1s86cb2o4_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is pic related from an existing release?

>> No.14378286

seems like it will be released in a few months senpai
crimson comics did a few cosplay vids for moodyz in the past

>> No.14378309

Who is the girl on the right?

>> No.14378321

Her voice sounds a little strained and forced now, performances seem a little phoned in. Yuri at a low is still better than most, but you can definitely see a dip in quality. I honestly don't pay too much attention to the studios but if someone other than Premium can improve her performances that would be awesome.

>> No.14378325

Anri Okita

>> No.14378328

who's on the left?

>> No.14378335
File: 47 KB, 864x505, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone know who this is?

>> No.14378344

Who's the one in the middle?

>> No.14378360

my god, she's so fucking hot

>> No.14378368

the most famous AV actress of all time, the diet coke-sama

>> No.14378374

Hana Haruna. She's been doing avs for S1 since ages

she is

Minami Yoshiya

>> No.14378378

First time I've seen her. Thank you.

>> No.14378379

Yui Hatano

not sure if shitposting or newest newfag ever

>> No.14378440

I think something is more commonly abbreviated to sth.

>> No.14378595

Shibuya Kaho and Utsunomiya Shion are better Hitomis than Hitomi.

>> No.14378622

>Rin Sakuragi in digital channel
My dick is going to explode

>> No.14378632
File: 50 KB, 720x404, MIRD-125_Haruki_Sato.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love her as well. In 2014 Bako Bus Tour (MIRD-125) she looks like she's enjoying herself so much. I downloaded that for Meguri only to find her performance underwhelming there, but Haruki Sato's antics made up for the video. Check it out if you haven't.

>> No.14378702

Where can I find BHSP-005?

>> No.14378768


What is digital channel

>> No.14378810
File: 766 KB, 1785x2529, SUPD-134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a series of AV from IdeaPocket. You probably could have googled it.

>> No.14379019

Why Tsubasa Amami doesn't get better boobs?

>> No.14379171
File: 344 KB, 1600x1007, Chubby Haruki DAT CELLULITE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You gentlemen have fine taste. I prefer a chubby Haruki over a fat Haruki, a slim being my least favorite. She also seems very enthusiastic when she is taking black dick, which is a plus for me. I recommend watching her LA film by Global Media Entertainment (BTC-03).

>> No.14379372


Who is that on the right? I want to see that face splashed with cum.

>> No.14379389

Moe Amatsuka and Aoi.

>> No.14379459

are the girls who star in the CLUB unscrupulous massage series actually "celebrities"? because that would suck

>> No.14379541
File: 81 KB, 420x536, BF-424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the same outfit from one of her upcoming releases

>> No.14379545
File: 1.00 MB, 617x1022, manami2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not sure who you are referring to but I'm sure she's not who you think she is.

>> No.14379608

banging body but a face for radio

>> No.14379729
File: 96 KB, 800x536, elinafujisaki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can someone tell me what happen to elina fujisaki
no releases since last year so i assume retired or does she have a new name?

>> No.14379742
File: 146 KB, 1000x1500, haruna_hana_007_005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>face for radio
she's no where near as bad as Hitomi. I think she can just look a bit crazy with her big teeth, when she smiles/grins though.

>> No.14379847

seems like she retired...
dunno if you already knew, but she has done a few vids before debuting as Erina.
Check out sougo for all her releases

>> No.14379880

Kaho needs a boobjob now, she needs to get rid of those saggy tits

>> No.14380068

So R18 has an awards thing for the JAE? All I know about it is that Kotomi voted for Julia.

>> No.14380502


>> No.14380727

looks much more entertaining than shit like exxxotica and the avn awards

>> No.14380746

>forcing the guy to cum 2-3 times in a row makes him squirt
what the fuck, does this actually happen? i've done that before and i'm not squirting

>> No.14380766

Has anyone tried the R Player Plus R18 recently released? Is it any better better than the old one, or is just some "metro/modern" version of it?

>> No.14380858

I haven't heard of that, but I have heard of a way achieve male squirting.
Never tried it myself though.

>> No.14381199

I have this thing about swallowing, and I think that every high paid jav actress should do it. Why, after swallowing in the past is it okay to deny it forever after? She hasn't swallowed a load for upwards of 4 years.

>> No.14381209
File: 55 KB, 575x1024, large[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

does anyone know what this is? "number 1 bestseller"?


>> No.14381240

My favorite AV actresses are the really popular ones.. Like Shunka Ayami...

But right now, my favorite is Ayano Nana, does anyone know where to find a stream for xvsr101? The torrents didn't complete before I left for a work trip, and now I can't download torrents for 2 months on the work's internet.

>> No.14381430

Why does the chick in AVOP-116 have a hole on her left breast? What is that?
The gangbang was pretty crazy 2bh. Can't imagine why anybody would want to participate it in and nobody wore protection.

>> No.14381431

Her right breast sorry.

>> No.14381550

I enjoyed SDMU-260

The girls look amateur as hell. Second girl is cute. The most I enjoyed out of this is the rushed look on their faces after they got fucked and the cameramen came back to the flustered girls trying to hide the fact that they just got a thorough dicking. Amazing but the actual sex scenes were very short.

>> No.14381563

yuu shinoda

>> No.14382056

I miss Kana Oohori.

>> No.14382092

nozomi mayu

>> No.14382110

Downloading Nozomi Mayu and Airi Suzumura

Not quite fond of the other suggestions but thank you anyways

>> No.14382133

how did rei mizuna got so fat so fast she was perfect 6 months ago

>> No.14382180

eating genius, it's not rocket science

>> No.14382185

Haruki is awesome.
Such a nice squirter too.

>> No.14382200

Jessica Kizaki is one of the biggest swallow dodgers. Aino Kishi as well but shes retiring now so we won't have to deal with that tease anymore.
Rina Rukawa was one as well. At least they made her do it in the "I love sperm" series from S1 before she retired though.
You have to really dig to find Chika Arimura doing it as well. There is pretty much only 2 scenes where she does it.

>> No.14383500

I love watching cute girls and fine women get massaged and pampered by men, slightly touching their privates occasionally and slowly seducing them until they spread their legs on their own.

>> No.14383685

guys please
don't tell me she's just a host

>> No.14383778

>Not knowing one of the most famous JAV actresses of the last 10 years.

>> No.14384014
File: 303 KB, 997x1500, 20130225_542c3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>don't tell me she's just a host
best hostess

>> No.14384238

Can't wait for the 1st of December, Airis new vid looks goooood

>> No.14384269

How come some of the releases that came out today are available in FHD? I don't get this DRM thing

>> No.14384370

You can still do screen capture, there ain't just lossless method to remove DRM.

>> No.14384373

She just had a small guest appearance in that episode, as did most of the big names from the earlier seasons.

>> No.14385531

Man, this is depressing

>> No.14386135


do you guys know who this semen demon is? I'm pretty sure she's not Amateur

>> No.14386159

which one?

>> No.14386427

>Saryu Usui in Den-O

>> No.14386721

new thread >>14386717

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