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Mokou is the coolest most badass character in 2hu and you cannot prove me wrong.

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How about you prove yourself right ?

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>fire 2hu

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How can she be cool if she controls fire?

Checkmate, fairies.

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I don't have to when it's badass immortal 2hu who has that air of wisdom, experience and strength that would make anyone cower before them.

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Mokou is hot as FUCK

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I don't really like that artstyle.

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<span class="sjis">What does this tag do?[/spoiler]

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She sure is cute.

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hahaha, what the fuck is moko to the beauty of kaguya? kaguya a love princess, deep elgendary beauty unmatch by all. she the helen of troy, the aphrodite of greece, the maiden of the moon. moko, she the whore of babylon, the catamite of egypt, the stink, the smell, the disgust of the DOG. DOG moko is,s he mangy mutt need to be but down and put to the dog bpund so she be sleeped. moko, dont make me laugh, wha a pig, wha a bafoon. kaguya, oh my kaguya, she is the beauty, the grace, the intellect, she the lunarian goddess, th earth goddess, she bring a nation togethe,r MOKON ONLY DESTRY, a slut unfit, not even the lowest male fuck her, her vagina rotting away, but kaguya, she a oure perfect wife, she an ideal of all, kaguya foreve rbe the best touhou, moko forever be the worst

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I think her butt is pretty cute.

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Is there somewhere you can get all the art from the Yachatta video aside from just capping them?

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Fuck off Haguya.

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Even cooled, she's hot

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She and her fans on Nico Nico Douga are cancer

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50 yens have been deposited into your Eientei shilling account.

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Really? It looks nice to me.

Anyway, yes, Mokou best girl. It's really the truth.

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I wish she didn't dress like a firefighter.

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dude mokou lmao

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How would you handle this situation?

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Smoking is not cool.
It tastes bad, is expensive, and gives a bad high that only happens when you smoke more.

Stop smoking, Mokou!

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mokou has shitty pants

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>you will never drink the Hourai elixir and spend all eternity with Mokou, no longer fearing death

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I'd rather spend it with the Doc, thanks.

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Yuuka is the cooler Pantshou.

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[X} Liver

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I fucking hate Mokou more than anything. Worst Touhou.

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She's immortal. She can smoke many doobies that she overdoses and gets high enough to die and live to tell the tale. It would be a shame for an immortal to not test these most blissful manners of death in search of enlightenment.

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Fuck off Kaguya.

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Cirno is the coolest!

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>exposed forehead

How masculine, I'm going to puke.

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Alice is the coolest.

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Alice is a loser nerd who plays with dollies and has a dakimakura of witch nigger.

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And she's a powerful magic user. Don't underestimate her.

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part time job to pay for smokes?

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anything to continue the battle for smokes

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Cool means self confident and trend-setting without being a hothead.
Mokou is none of the above.

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Lost to Kaguya.

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Someone should get to bookmaking in Gensokyo.

Fight #729
Mokou at $1.03
Kaguya out to $4.80

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Not many of the fights and bets are public things, though, and even fewer are planned in advance.

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Mokou is my WIFE for Life!

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Your life or her's?

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Mokou is honestly the second best Touho. I would touch her nipples and call her a cookie.

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hers, since he has no life

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Why didnt pic related just eat her guts?

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>I would touch her nipples
In public?!

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why is she crying?

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The goverment is kicking her out of the shrine to make room for muslim 'refugees'.

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she's fat

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That's alright, all she has to do is burn the fat.

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I've never felt this way about my enemy before!

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so cute together

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My favorite touhou from my favorite artist.

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Don't lie.

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What an evil doujinshi, and I'm even more evil for masturbating to it.

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It's pretty bad, yeah. Sexy at points and Mokou makes such wonderful faces, but bad.

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which other touhous could we make into a character action game?

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Mokou is my wife!

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I wish Mokou was my mom.

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Too big

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What about Yuuka?

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Please delete this image. Mokou and Kaguya would never act friendly with eachother like this.

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Mokou is a top!

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> Immortal
> Wisdom
Those two key words and the rest of the description fit Eirin just as well, if not better. Is doc the coolest 2hu ?

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nobody cares about eirin

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They're just double tsundere, silly.

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Yes. Although Bikeyuren comes close.

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What makes you think intelligence is a function of time?

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Wisdom and intelligence aren't synonymous.

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Why is there virtually no porn of Mokou domming Kaguya?

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Reisen is my favorite 2hu, but Mokou is second place!

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How much longer before ZUN runs out of goddesses and real world elements before relegating himself to OC Donut Steel rolls for new 2hus?

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They literally are, you nigger. Read a thesaurus.

Unless you're one of those "D'oh Intelligence is applied knowledge and situational awareness" shitters I deal with too often.

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He's already there.

>Clownpiece and the other garbage newhus

>> No.14404091

He hasn't touched a majority of Shinto gods.
He's touched some of the folklore, but would it too out of place?

He used the Sun god messenger as a new basis for a 2hu.

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I don't know, but it's the worst.

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How much longer until he's forced to revive Mima?

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>I start calling people names when they disagree with me!
Grow up.

I don't know what books you've been reading, but every source I managed to find gives them different definitions and none list them as synonyms.

Although I'm sure your grasp of the English language far surpasses the Oxford, Cambridge and Merriam-Webster dictionaries.

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im going to molest mokou

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She's an EX boss.

Name an EX boss that isn't at least moderately popular in some way.

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>almost 100 replies
>no one mention yuugi

>> No.14411291

whoever the one from DDC is

>> No.14411336

I want to sneak up behind her and grope her breasts!

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DDC didn't even have an extra stage, another reason why it's the worst Touhou game

>> No.14411987

>he doesn't want to bang the drum

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how fast would we have to be to grope mokou and not get burned?

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Drum? That's one of the prismriver ripoffs on stage 4 that no one cares about

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why no Moku in toho fighting games???

>> No.14419728


Are you retarded?

>> No.14419902

>tfw DDC has the least popular touhous ever in it

>> No.14421270

Cool: Absolutely
Best: There are better characters but she is very good easily would make top 10 non main characters.

Main characters: Reimu, Marisa, Youmu, Risen, Sakuya, Sanae.

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Where are the Mokou memes?

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you're right, mokou is the best

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i hate it when she smokes

>> No.14432273

Woah, nice boobs, Mokou!

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she's immortal, let her do what she wants

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i dont want mokou to smell bad, and it aggravates my allergies

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Convince her to let you eat her liver and you can do it with her and get desensitized.

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cannibalism seems to be a recurring theme

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exactly, you can do that if mokou smells like a biker bar in the 80's

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Mokou has some of the best fanart.
Every picture that depicts her smoking is a mokou meme.

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Why does most artists draw Mokou with enormous breasts when she's flat in canon art?

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because tits.

>> No.14445980


It's wrong and it looks wrong.

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File: 1.18 MB, 1023x1167, c13118333488e04411871f1eb5529c53.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>enormous breasts
Eh, they usually look pretty regular-sized to me, which makes sense since the average for official art is normally near-washboard levels of flatness. Hell, they seem to be drawn on the small side more often than they are grotesquely large.

>> No.14450303

Say that to Komachi.

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File: 1.18 MB, 1024x1280, 47759864_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mouko boobies!

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almost as bad as smoking mokou

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