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Go away, hag.

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Hello, Yukari.

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Having Yukari as a mom would be frustrating. Imagine trying to masturbate when suddenly she appears in your room like >>14350242.

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Also you would have to deal with these two.

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But in all seriousness, if she comes to see you, she'll probably want to gate you into Gensokyo to be consumed by Youkai.

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Is it my birthday?

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bio: yukari was born with a special power. she was stronger than all her classmates in the hag fighting academy. she served in the hag military fighting nyarlathotep and in the final battel against nyarlathotep they were fighting and nyarlathotep turned against eirin and killed her. she made herself a cute hat out of the peeople she kelled, pls stop PMing me askin me why thats why. also umbrelas arent gurly fuck you lolikid663 everyone knos your a fuckin kancoole scammer fagot

likes: hurtin ran, bein evul, trains, yuyuhakusho, killing, zun, death, eatin peopple, coot dressis, portols, darkness, hot dudes who are /x/philes, peopel skreemin, raymoo, umbrelas, purple (cool kind not gay kind)

dislikes: niceness, happiness, shikieki, beatrice from school fuck you beato stop showin evryone my fuckin posts on 4cin you peace of shit, kancoole, moonbetshis, lolikid663 (mega ass-lolicon), sunshine, life, my dad, football, peopile callin her old

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You find that Yukari has changed your gender. What do you do?

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nice hat. Yukari

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>masturbating when having yukarin as mom

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you forgot sex as a like

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That pic makes me feel horrible. It makes me feel like I'm forgetting something important.

And it certainly doesn't help that me and her will be reaching our 'anniversary' soon.

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I appreciate you, anon

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>Yukari as your mom
>she catches you masturbating
The start of a doujinshi is all I'm hearing.

Her favorite thing is probably sleeping, considering she hibernates, for months or sometimes even years long.

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I like in the written works her looks costantly change from old hag to forever 17.

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>old hag to forever 17
The border between those two concepts would be easy for her to manipulate. In fact, there's nothing to stop Yukari from being any body type she wants.

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Nice rack, Yukari!

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Hello Maribel

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Can she manipulate the borders of me not having a gf

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It's Yukarin!

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I want to protect that smile

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Yukari is really old!

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you missed a b in one word there

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I wonder the place where the tails are plugged on her.

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Would it be incest?

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They don't come from her pussy, so no.

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Lame. It'd be like one of those stories where the siblings aren't related by blood but grew up together. I hate that!

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I still would like something like that to happen to me. Now I'm too old for that.

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What if Yukari decreases the gap between when you were born and your current age in order to form you into a more suitable form for her to unleash her motherly urges on?

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wat do

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Keep away, she looks pissed enough to kill someone who gets near from her.

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Yukari is a young girl!

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No ;_;

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Pat head and ruffle hair!

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Jack off

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You walk into your room and see this.

What do?

[ ] Retreat
[ ] Stand firm

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[X] Genuflect

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I apologize the master went home to hibernate.

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Demand that she speak English, motherfucker.

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It's okay. I like you better anyways.

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We Letty now?

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Ask for her gloves.

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Glovejobs from Yukarin!

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You make ran blush.

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Mom is sleeping?

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The softest!

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Imagine all the kind of unearthly sex play Yukari surely know.

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You two should meet up.

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She's a demon in the sack! Also, China dress Yukarin is the best Yukarin!

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Cuddling with Yukari Sama.

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I wonder what she wants.

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Dunno man

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Yukarin is the warmest and softest Touhou!

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Get on you knees, bow you head, apologize for what you did, and pray.

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Kek, I get the reference, anon.

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yukari is not cute.

she is a dangerous youkai with immense power

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The second thing you said is correct. The first thing is incorrect.

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such a dangerous being.

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Reminder >>14347750

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>Shoulder-length gloves

Oh god, yes!

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Oh I'd stand firm if you know what I mean?

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You need to get her hat back before night fall.

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Her immense power springs from cuteness, she's dangerous because everyone who meets her wants to cuddle her until they die.

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I will sell you a new one for 2 keys.

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Mini Yukarin is hiding!

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Stalking her prey, waiting for the right moment to strike..
Yukari is such a rapist.

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Hey hey!

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No lowball please.

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hey nerds, I've found this shit. Tell me how much are willing to pay for it.

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'bout $3.50

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2 buds and a bills

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I pay in cum

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How much cum?

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This artist is soooo good! That wetness, those eyes, how scrunched up she is! If only he didn't drop that art style.

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Hello, maidboys.

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Unlimited supply as long as you try.

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foreplay with Yukari sama

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I admit it.

Yukari is probably not the strongest.

but she's still the smartest, cutest, sexiest... best 2hu over all.

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Ara, ara!

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Tats are too small

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She controls the border of life and death so being killed isn't an issue for her, any other doubts?

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Looks pretty good but clearly cosplay. The one I met was the real thing.

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>silver eyes

>> No.14357562

Pretty sure that Shikieki wouldn't give two shits about that.

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Yukari is the strongest youkai

Every touhou character has been defeated, at least with Yukari you can only do it on a unique beyond-EX difficulty. Cirno beats Marisa in EX, Marisa beats Reimu in stage 4, Reimu beats Cirno in stage 2.

X beat X, therefore X is stronger!!1 is not even remotely valid.

Yukari was strong enough to lead a bunch of super youkai on a genocidal rampage against the moon and get them all killed, probably killing most of the moon's good youkai too since they are now weak enough to lose to ONE fairy.

Watatsukis died trying to evacuate the orphanage when Clownpiece attacked.

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>Watatsukis died trying to evacuate the orphanage when Clownpiece attacked.
poor girls

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Holy shit a panda

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>The one I met was the real thing.

Elaborate please.

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Every once in a while she pays me a visit.
It's hard to explain.

>> No.14358203

You're a lucky guy anon.
Can you detail about these visits?

>> No.14358208

You're a lucky guy anon.
Can you detail more about these visits? Or is that too personal?

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Shame the guy draws the same face all the time.

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Soo, who is stronger than Yukari anon?

>> No.14362094

Your mom lol

>> No.14362112

A guy armed with something that defeats gaps.

Example: Shovelful of earth/rubble (fill the gap), plank or model bridge (bridging the gap), a ramp and enough speed/jumping quite high and far (jump over the gap)...

Youkais are concept, fight them with their opposite

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Yukari just gaped her hand to your heart and squashed it, wat do?

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b-but muh c-concepts

>> No.14362822

Jokes on you.
Plank armor padded with dirt

>> No.14362829

the hecatia

>> No.14362884

hecatia get of computer nobody likes you

>> No.14363121

>someone who controls life and death at will is less stronger than X
I'm quoting you
no, sorry

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Yukarin a cute! A smiling cute!

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So we agree Kaguya and Mokou are stronger since they lie outside the cycle.

>> No.14370583

an immortal being can be trapped (sealed) into another dimension with Yukari's ability, so basically she can defeat them but not kill them.

>> No.14370666

since we don't know the extension of her power it's difficult to think about it, because true/lie ==> they aren't immortals anymore and so she could kill them; this is possible for her ability but we don't know if she can do it...

>> No.14370697

Having some boundary between a truth and a falsehood (not a lie) doesn't mean manipulation of that boundary (if it even exists) would ever result in arbitrary reality manipulation. You're just making stuff up without even thinking about it. Those who've drunk the Hourai Elixir aren't just "immortal" either, as if there was some switch between mortal and immortal that they flipped and you could unflip it.

>> No.14370712

I'm not that guy, but Yukari did sort of manipulate the boundary between real and not-real during that whole moon thing. That's one of the very very few things we know.

The most reasonable thing you guys have said is "we don't know the extension of [anyone's] power it's difficult to think about it".

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"At least powerful enough to instantly pull a large moving object from another dimension without looking and without knowing where it is first."

Is a baseline.

>> No.14370759

>without looking
You know she has like ten thousand eyes in there, right?

>> No.14370772


Without physically looking - of course she has to know where it is somehow.

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Kumagawa would beat her.

>> No.14370837

Maybe it's like Doraemon's pocket

You never know what you're gonna get

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I'm going to try 'reaching' her. Wish me luck, /jp/.

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Yukari herself said she can't beat moonpeople or Eiki for example.

>> No.14372392

wanna consult it before you do so?

>> No.14372406

But Doraemon knows what he's looking for.

>> No.14373548

1st kumagawa never wins
2nd his power is the same as exist and don't exist boundary manipulation...

>> No.14377885

and anon was never heard of again, hopefully she gave him a kissu

>> No.14379115

I doubt it. He probably didn't even meet her as he too weak to pass by a Ran that do not want her master to be disturbed in her sleep.

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Pfft, scrub.

>> No.14382345

Taken by the Fluff! Warm, cuddly death!

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>> No.14382860

rip anon-kun

>> No.14383860

death only in mommy's arms

>> No.14385341

I think you're color blind, anon.

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>> No.14385599

why is she swimming with her hat on and also her gloves and stockings on

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>> No.14386406

Why are you not swimming with your stockings and gloves?
You look like a slut with those naked legs

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>> No.14386875

Titty Youkais.

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Dat Ran.

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my dearest is so bodylicious

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sup' bitch

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dat ass

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>> No.14391964

bully not so tough anymore

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The look on Reimu's face is excellent.

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>> No.14397492

I want to cuddle Yukarin!

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>> No.14400382

Yukarin is tall!

>> No.14405377


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File: 2.05 MB, 1000x1176, Yakumo Yukari (13).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Fucking hearsay. Please get that shitty slut out of this precious thread.
Clownpiece is the cancer that's killing 2hu.

>> No.14413764

t.pcb - MoF PRO

>> No.14413773

Please keep your stupid 't.' memes off /jp/. I'd really appreciate it if you did.

>> No.14413784

someone explain this meme to me

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It's not a meme. It's like putting -tan at the end of a name, it's supposed to sound cute. Like how Orin and Remilia are sometimes called Orinrin and Remimi. Yuuka is called Yuukarin sometimes, too.

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noukarin honorable mention

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>> No.14420261

>Like how Orin and Remilia are sometimes called Orinrin

Aside for the fact Orin is already the name deformation. People call her Orinrin for other reasons.

>> No.14421477


>> No.14421506

Cuz it sounds like ochinchin LOL

>> No.14427103

How the body stand still?

>> No.14429506

Can someone explain this meme to me?

>> No.14429517

Yukari is breally old?

>> No.14431910

Yukari fags being tsunderes.

>> No.14433980

bold you baka

>> No.14434067

You can't write bold without old!

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shameless in a good way

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Please stop bulling the Yukarin!