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Weekend Touhou thread

I've recently started playing these games and I'm in love. I never thought I could even like something like this, but /jp/ was right. Touhou is really great.

Anyway lets discuss this fantastic game
>post screenshots
>post goals
>have a good time

I'm gonna try and beat cherry blossom for the first time. Ill be using Sakuya on easy and hopefully will 1cc the game.

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Start with EoSD.
Stop being a bitch and do the same as me. EoSD is my first game, and I'm going Lunatic. I waste all my lives on Cirno and die on level 3, but I will make it eventually.

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I recently beat my first extra stage. It was PCB, and it felt a little too easy, so I assume it is easier than others.

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damn your hardcore.

EoSD was also my first touhou game, PCB is my second. I managed to beat it on easy but because I got the shitty ending I was left unsatisfied. For now, I'm practicing my skills on PCB and whatever comes after that. Then I'll return and do the games justice again.

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You get a lot of resources in PCB Extra, plus the benefit of borders. You should unlock Phantasm and clear that too.

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I don't understand why people say that PCB is easier than EoSD. I started with EoSD and while the bullets are faster, there's always a gap to zoom through or escape. Youmu is harder to fight than Sakuya, because while you don't need as much reflex to dart through the bullets flying at you, it's hard to find a clear path in the storm. So I've been stuck fighting the dork for the past few days.

I played EoSD for two months constantly day in and day out, though, because while it was frustrating as all hell being my first shoot 'em up game, I was determined to become better because I became obsessed with Touhou in general. So I don't give a fuck if I have to practice against Youmu for weeks or for months.

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Didnt manage to 1cc it, oh well. gonna try later again though.

Post some screenshots guys

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Also, OP, never play on Easy. Ever. You should be embarrassed as all hell to be doing such a thing. I know that I'm doing the bare minimum by playing on Normal.

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I'm also just beginning to get 2hu fever (nothing like waifu posting though)

I started about two weeks ago and I'm playing one or two rounds a day. Should I up my game or can I take it slow?

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Play for hours on Normal until you get better. It will be a long time but you will eventually do it. I want to 1CC every game on Normal to start with, and on each character with their best shot type, no matter how hard Normal is. And I actually have a waifu from Touhou and take it seriously, that's how obsessed I've become with it.

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You should say why. It's because you will improve faster on normal, even if you have to push yourself a bit.

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is this what 1 yr of boats will do to you

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>start with eosd
literaly shittiest game

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Don't think of anything having to do with a waifu as a proper end game for being a touhou fan, or any fan for that matter. Taking a bit of fantasy seriously is fine, but claiming a copyrighted character from a series you like, distorting its personality and traits so it won't kill/be repulsed by you in your headcanon, and then pretending it wants to fuck you is unhealthy and blasphemous besides.

As for getting better at the game, it just happens. The biggest hikes in skill for a lot of people actually come after taking long breaks from playing. Getting back into the game after playing other stuff will make things seem clearer if you find yourself getting frustrated.

u wot m8

Even if you don't like EoSD, it is the first in the current canon. Surely, for the sake of continuity if nothing else, you would want to start there.

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What makes scrubs like you think they should dictate how others play?! Should I bully you for not trying to score in your first 1ccs now?

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you have only yourself to blame

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domo arigato, mr roboto, I hail from /ss13g/ and would like to ask you, in this video https://youtu.be/V4aOLkiXzcs?t=21s [Embed] [Embed] - 21 seconds in, ANIKI says "fuck you, leather____", could you please give us your opinion as to what fills that blank space?

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Disclaimer: I am GARBAGE at these games (can barely easy 1CC IN)

How are you supposed to deal with the flames that explode when you shoot them in Subterranean Animism in the 5th stage (hell level)? These fuckers absolutely flood the screen when they die

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Well, I somehow got by them.... AND beat the boss on the first try! Damn that was stressful

sage for blogging

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Don't shoot them. The ones where the one main yin-yang shoots blue medium bullets will just leave the screen harmlessly. The ones at the beginning and end will all die at once and if you stay still they will all just aim at you, so you can just tap one or twice to avoid it all.

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Isn't it about time to get another Phantasmagoria?

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Any tips for clearing Hell's Artifical Sun, aside from gitting gud? I keep dying on it

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Personally, it's mainly because of deathbomb. I can react in the 0.2-3s allowed by PCB about 60% of the time, but in EoSD you HAVE to know you're gonna be hit. I'm rarely looking at my character/hitbox, more at the surrounding bullets and it's most of the time already too late when trying to react to the sound.

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who /pc98/ master race here

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Modify thpatch's files.
Gain a funny.

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It feels like some of the difficulty comes from just not being able to see the bullets against the background, which is less fun than other difficulties, but they're still great.

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Used a replay from when I first began playing 2hu to proofread, all of my other replays skipped through the dialogue.

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pls strm !

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Oooh, 3 lives and one bomb and I'm about to fight Remilia.
Could this be it? Could I finally win?

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What the fuck does it take longer for a bomb to activate the more you use them or something, what the hell?
I lost btw.

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im so sorry anon

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Remilia's a cruel bitch, I recommend at least 4 lives.

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That fucking Ice Dream stage in MS, mate, jesus, wot was ZUN high on?

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>first began playing 2hu to proofread
You only played the games in order to proofread?

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>4 lives

I dunno man, I managed to start out against Remilia with two lives on her stage, and still managed to make my way through Red Magic (though usually with no lives due to stupid mistakes.)

Everyone here must be fucking high because Yuyuko is far more difficult than mistress. Sure, bombs don't hurt her on Red Magic, but when Yuyuko uses 30% flowering or whatever it's called, not even bullets hurt her, you have to wait that bullshit out.

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Let me rephrase that, you missed the second-half of my post.
I used a replay to check if I could modify the dialogue boxes.
The replay from my first ever 1cc was the only one where I didn't skip through the cutscene.

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what a shit graph

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possibly the worst i've ever seen

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I think this graph is pretty okay.

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Wew, I finally did it. I beat her with 0 lives and 0 bombs left. I could have done it without using that last bomb, I pressed it after I already won in a panic.
What's crazy is that I got up to Sakuya with 8 lives and 3 bombs, and came out with 3 lives and 1 bomb. Admittedly, I pretty much never practiced Sakuya, as opposed to practicing Remilia's stage a little bit.

Anyway, it was a nice ending. I doubt I can do it with any character other than MarisaB though. So I probably won't see the other endings for a while. Man I've been trying this since January.

What game is next anyway?

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>What's crazy is that I got up to Sakuya with 8 lives and 3 bombs

You started with 5 lives, didn't you? I did that as well, but I felt like I was cheating by not starting with the standard 2 lives, so I beat it with 2 lives instead. And don't ask such a retarded question when you have internet access.

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>I got up to Sakuya with 8 lives
>You started with 5 lives, didn't you?

Just so you know, it's not really a 1cc if you don't start with default 3 lives.

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Ahh, no, I'm a liar. I must have miscounted or forgot, I only got up to her stage with 7 lives. And I got up to her as a boss with only 4 or 5.
I did start with 3 lives though.
I was hoping to reach the 60 million mark at Scarlet this time, but I couldn't since I didn't get a bunch of spell card bonuses. Luckily I didn't need it anyway.

Here's the replay if anyone is that interested.

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Oh. Yeah, I didn't start with 3. Why did I think I did.

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The reason I played with 5 lives originally is because when I downloaded the game from the Moriya Shrine, that's what it has you start off with by default.

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Well, you are already pretty close. Won't be long till you can 1cc it for real.

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Who did everyone here beat ESoD with first?
I can hardly even play with Reimu. And MarisaA is good, but I'm not used to it at all.

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MarisaB, her bomb is the best for survival.

>> No.14361869

I used ReimuA because she can hit everything on the screen, but MarisaA which I did my second playthrough on isn't too hard. In some spell cards it's actually easier than it seems to stay under the boss and keep hurting it, like when Sakuya uses Misdirection, you can just stay still as Marisa and still hit her enough to capture the spellcard because of how much damage you do. I feel that ReimuB and MarisaB are inferior because they don't play to the character strengths, why have a narrow blast if you're going to move slower, and why have a long bomb and weaker/thinner shot if you can move quickly. I'm sure a 2hu pro can come in and prove me wrong though.

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ReimuA becuse it made the stages easier. Then went back and used Reimu B because i realized that homing bullets are kind of cheap. Then i beat the game again with both Marisa's shot types.
Reimu B is my favorite.

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I used to be really good with MarisaB, but now I just can't beat Reimu's needles- they seem even more powerful than MarisaA's magic missiles.

When I try to use Marisa now, I always win p underestimating her speed

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I beat Hard with Marisa(b) well before I even beat Normal with Reimu(b).

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hehe silly crossie

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does beating pofv without continuing count as an actual 1cc or am I gonna have to 1cc a real game before I can say I've 1cc'd a game?

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this is a stupid question and you should feel bad

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does beating swr without continuing count as an actual 1cc or am I gonna have to 1cc a real game before I can say I've 1cc'd a game?

>> No.14368729

shit man I mean this is confusing for a newbie

the game plays like a spinoff but it's a main line game

>> No.14368743

simple, stop caring about being able to say you 1cced "a game", you can just say you 1cced pofv

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What's the best shot type for SoEW: A, B or C?

>> No.14369074

Hey, I finally did it.
This time was an actually 1cc with the default lives and everything. I even ended with two bombs remaining.
Feeling pretty good.

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The only game I've beaten is LoLK, feels pretty bad. I just can't bring myself to keep going if I lose a life, I always restart even though I know I shouldn't.

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A, unless you're a homing kek, then B.

>> No.14369206

Gotta finish them all to unlock Extra anyway. Personally, I'd say B. I think the manual said B was the easiest, too.

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Yes, pofv is real. 1ccing with default lives counts as a 1cc. Just not when playing as Medicine/Aya, because those two characters fuck with the AI and make it die before they are supposed to.

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I'm playing EoTSD, I'm trying to get all the powerups when you begin on normal mode with Reimu using the homing amulet. Is it possible to get max powerups by the fairy before Cirno?

>Captcha: 9

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> Is it possible to get max powerups by the fairy before Cirno?
If you mean daiyousei (green haired fairy at the middle of the stage), then yes, you can, but you'll need to use a boom at the start of the second stage.

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I thought using bombs meant you sucked dick at Touhou. You have to play on lunatic without bombs and if you die once you have to delete touhou from your harddrive and kill yourself.

>> No.14370768

I've done it without a bomb, I'm pretty sure. If not, I acquired the max off Daiyousei herself.

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Bombs are lives

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Can anyone rank the windows Lunatic 1cc difficulties for me? I'd like to build up to SA/UFO.

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b-but the flashy colours... Anyways, most of the time bombs are pretty much lives like >>14370926

I guess I always choose the easy modo way and just use a bomb for the auto recollect, so I have to give it a try.

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How do I stop myself from getting distracted by the pretty patterns and backgrounds and actually start to look at my hitbox and surrounding area?

>> No.14371687

Been playing these for years and it never fails.

Sometimes you just gotta let your brain do what it wants. Maybe you're in the mood for pretty patterns today, mentally.

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It comes with experience. I still remember seeing Flower Wither Away [E] first time I played a 2hu.

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When playing a new game, does /jp/ tries to clear it with all the characters and all shooting types including the extra stage?

>> No.14373019

No, that sounds boring. I'd rather play the few games that I do enjoy for score.

>> No.14373041

who is this sperm empress?

>> No.14373099

For all shot types?
Not in my case.
Thought i do it for at least every character.

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I don't. I stick to just one or two characters/attack formations for each title. At some point I try the other ones for that whole completionist thing, but I don't keep it up for long. It's kind of like maining fighting game characters, because certain ones you're more comfortable using and simply do better with.

Reimu in EoSD moves like a truck while Marisa is sanic tier. It's really a "pick your poison" thing. I actually do variate between all the characters/shot types because there are only 4 different options here.

Sakuya A is a favorite of many in PCB, but if you know anything about how the cherry system works and that Sakuya has the lowest cherry rate, you realize that she's a crutch character. I like Marisa in this game despite the obvious disadvantages she has here, but I feel safer sticking to Reimu.

I know what the Malice cannon in IN is, but magic team (Marisa & Alice) just isn't much fun compared to the highly flexible and overall solid barrier team (Reimu & Yukari). The ghosts are fun to use but I don't like team SDM. Also largely comes down to my preference of fighting Marisa over Reimu. The latter's a much bigger pain in the ass IMO.

MoF: Reimu as well. Marisa's shot types are really gimmicky in this one. Except B, which is a very narrow laser.

SA: Reimu A or B. Marisa C's bomb is a neat gimmick but that rocket shot type is god awful.

Haven't really decided on my playstyle in UFO and beyond.

>> No.14373520

>SA: Reimu A or B.

I think you mean A or C.
B is shit.

As for me,

EoSD: Reimu A and B, I just can't deal with Marisa speed in this game.
PCB: Easily Reimu A.
IN: Border team. Magic team is trash even with MAlice cannon. The other two are fine.
MoF: I actually don't have any special preferences in MoF, they're all fine, but I like Marisa C's gimmick.
SA: Reimu A is the only viable shot type in the game.
UFO: Sanae A and B.
TD: Gotta go with Reimu.
DDC: Reimu A is the most fun to use, Sakuya A is the most overpowered one, unless you count bomb abuse with Marisa B, and Marisa A's flamethrower feels really satisfying to kill enemies with, but unfortunately she's the worst shot type.
LoLK: Reisen.

>> No.14373531

>SA: Reimu A is the only viable shot type in the game.


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I do! Runs are short enough in shmups anyway, and it gives a greater sense of completion to clear with all characters and shot types instead of just abusing the strongest/most broken one. Plus every shot type has a unique ending to see, and sometimes unique Extra dialogue like in SA. The later games do a nice job of noting this too, which I really like.

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These games take so much fucking time. Finally after months of intense practice I'm comfortable with Hard and can take on Lunatic but the path I have before me seems to stretch into infinity. I am thinking of quitting after messily 1cc'ing Lunatic modes because I don't have the energy to practice more, and I curse my lack of talent. Screw the no bomb, no miss, high score challenges, I've got a life to live.

Still, has anyone experienced the same and yet came back? Did your skill decay?

>> No.14373936

The ride never ends, anon. It just gets more autistic.

>> No.14373980


You have infinite time to practice when you're on autismbux.

>> No.14374122

you just play the game

>> No.14374943

This is a rumor.
If you think you're going to get through a Normal final boss for the very first time without using a bomb then you're kidding yourself.
Unless you're ZUN or some other super player.

>> No.14375009

Honestly Toyosatomimi no Miko (of Ten Desires) is enough of a pushover on Normal that beating her perfectly on a blind run seems reasonable for a practiced player. I only died twice to her and I was strictly a Normal player at the time.

>> No.14375257

Is ZUN very good at touhou?

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File: 2.93 MB, 720x404, ZUN 02.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You tell me.
I think he's pretty good at ULiL.

>> No.14375271

Really what you're observing is that STGs have a ridiculously high skill ceiling. The thing is that your determination to keep improving is something you decide; it isn't like there's some externally-defined goal that you need to achieve in order to feel accomplished. Your goals can just keep rising until you're stretching games so thinly that you're competing for a world record.

STG skills also don't deteriorate very quickly. You can spend a couple of years not playing and then get shake off the rust fairly easily at most levels of play. If anything, the less you practice the longer it takes to pick it back up.

>> No.14375278

ten-thousandth beer disclaimer

>> No.14375502

Thank you for this response.

>> No.14375706

Something tells me he's just pretending to be bad at the games.

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File: 540 KB, 656x519, awshoot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I take six pictures of this when I can't even take one? ;_;

>> No.14375753

That or he's too drunk to focus on the little hitbox to actually progress. He'd rather entertain than play it right since he had to move on with the show.

>> No.14375877

Nah, it's fine to quit and come back. You will be temporarily rusty when you restart, but you are always improving over time.

I've been playing since 2006, but usually only for a month per year. A while back I got a good clear of EOSD extra, and then after a two year hiatus of no Touhou I came back to EoSD and got a deathless clear. It did take a few days to shake off the rust (completely normal even if it hadn't been so long), and then of course a couple weeks to improve to deathless.

Very little of your hard fought improvement is "muscle memory", it's more contemplative and cerebral. As you get better you develop a better mental language for thinking about the finer details, and that stays with you. You can also do what I do and write stuff down in a text file, which is useful for simple static information about patterns.

For what it is worth, 1cc'ing the main game on Lunatic is very difficult for me even after playing all this time. I've done it a few times in a few games, but the expectation that it will eventually be "easier" is something I've mostly given up on. It doesn't bother me though, cause 1cc'ing hard and low miss extras are still satisfying goals.

So don't think about the near infinite skill ceilling. Think about finite goals that you've reached before (but which weren't easy to reach) and then look forward to your future where you play each new game and retest yourself at reaching those goal.

>> No.14376737

What I did was, keep close to sakuya in the middle of the screen and take the shoot when kunais are about to touch you, rhen charge and dodge knives as good as you can.

>> No.14379264
File: 531 KB, 656x519, 5-5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks, anon.

On another note: is this and scene 1 actually meant to be scenes at which you can achieve consistency? I've been circling around the screen unfocused, waiting for good RNG for hours now since apparently that's all I can do.

>> No.14379341

ZUN plays the demos that show up when you don't interact with the title screen, right?

He isn't bad if you consider that as well. It feels like either the death in the webm was deliberate or he was drunk. Or both.

>> No.14379570
File: 2.81 MB, 640x480, th95_1.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a WebM with one of my attempts. I guess my question is whether I should learn to hold down shift for this kind of dodging. I feel that focusing for any purpose slows me down too much.

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>4 lives after I beat stage 5 in IN
>Hell yeah I'm ready for you Eirin
>Stage 6 starts
>It's stage 6 b and I've never been here before

No fun was had that day my friend

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File: 1.14 MB, 1200x900, 2D10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I perform badly on Easy mode... Because I get so bored that I don't even put much effort into dodging anymore.

I bet you're one of the poor bastards who took the illogical decision of not starting with EoSD as their first game, then moving up chronologically from there. Then once you tried EoSD you were like "HURR NO HITBOX EES OLD STUPID GAEM"

I feel bad for you son, because you can't reverse that choice now.

Yes. Hopefully including the return of Medicine Melancholy and Mima... And Yumemi, being the final boss of the PC-98 Phantasmagoria... but none of those are likely to make a comeback. Not even poor Medicine.

Shit as in how? Score-wise, yes. If your focus is to 1cc rather than get a high score, the auto-collect gimmick is very useful. And the shot type isn't too terrible. It's just that Reimu A overshadows it completely.

Overall Reimu B in SA is comparable to Sakuya A in PCB. They're training wheels characters. Your score will be bad, but it's nice to start out using those.

>> No.14379815

>is this and scene 1 actually meant to be scenes at which you can achieve consistency?

Considering I just captured it three times in a row?

Not bad.

But here's how I do it. The first 3 photos are super easy and require almost no dodging.
Just like in that webm snap the first shot, now stay at the bottom like you're doing there and make her come for you, quickly go past her as she's charging you, but before she shoots and go to the very top of the screen, now just hold down focus and charge that 100% while doing minimal dodging.
You're gonna have to dodge 2 waves at the top of the screen while charging, needs a bit of practice but it's really easy once you get it down.
You don't want to let go of charge until it's 100%, even if you get hit it's just the second photo, so it's not a big deal.
Next as she's charging you with the third wave, you wanna do the same thing you did at the bottom, only now on the top.
Wait for her to get close and snap a shot just as she's about to shoot to cancel all the bullshit.
Now still keep waiting at the top, let her rush you one more time, go past her before she shoots just like you did previously and go all the way to the bottom of the screen.
Same deal pretty much, hold down charge and don't let go until it's at 100%.
Except now it's gonna be much easier dodging when the bullets come from the top.
Wait for her to get close, snap the third shot.
And this is where the difficulty begins.
What I find works best for me is dragging her around in a upside-down U pattern.
So you pretty much never want her at the bottom in the middle.
Everytime you snap a photo try to cancel the bullets as she's charging you and is about to shoot, not after, like you're doing on that webm.
Also, if you happen to cancel the bullets in one of the bottom corners, instead of going to the bottom middle, go back up, past around her and try to drag her as close to the sides of the screen as possible.

>I guess my question is whether I should learn to hold down shift for this kind of dodging.

Depends on the situation, you need to decide.
Basically after the third photo you want to ignore her, don't pay attention to her, don't even look at her, just focus on the bullets that you're about to run through.
If you see a clear opening, let go of shift go dash right through quickly.
If it's a clusterfuck, hold down shit (without charging of course) and just keep moving, you have to keep in mind that if you're moving while focusing you don't want to stop at all.

>> No.14379858


In case you need visuals.

>> No.14379999

Pretty much both, he playtests every difficult difficulty.

>> No.14380004

>difficult difficulty
Didn't mean to type that twice but with quads that must say something.

>> No.14380125
File: 48 KB, 515x728, c0df9fda977c5303b257ffeffb74936a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, I wish I could dodge as smoothly as you! I have actually already taken the six photographs needed before I saw your post, but only with insane RNG as I successfully darted at full speed across an entire screen of bullets before snapping the final shot.

Thank you for the guide and even recording the replay! I'm somewhat sick of fighting Meiling now but I'll be sure to revisit her later.

Frankly I did not expect myself to like Shoot the Bullet, as I only launched it after I got bored with failing Lunatic in PCB and decided to go for something new. I had been avoiding the spin-offs before but now I admit I like the gameplay of StB more than that of anything in the main series, so I'm probably looking at a lot of hours to be spent taking pictures as Aya... Hopefully this will also prepare me for lunatic better than clearing the hard modes (and EoSD's Lunatic) did.

>> No.14380381
File: 34 KB, 248x274, 1433902453175.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone else get mad if they fail runs? Back when I was fucking up on normal 1CCs, I would just feel disappointed when I lost. Now if I fail a lunatic 1CC or no-bomb challenge I get mad and break shit then drop the game for a couple of weeks and accomplish nothing instead of accepting my loss and practicing to improve.

>> No.14380393
File: 520 KB, 636x478, 1 percent hitbox 99 percent loli.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So how do you tell where your hitbox is when most of your character isn't even hitbox? I've seen people slip through cracks that aren't even a millimeter wide.

>> No.14380589

Just look at the red circle in the middle of your character; it is not really that hard. Most people get to know where they tru-hitbox is even if they are not looking directly at it.

Also, you should remember that most of the time, bullets have a space in their sprite, meaning that their true hurboxes are smaller.

>> No.14380598

Well, the hitbox is at the center of the dot. And when you aim for a gap you aim for the center. You just hope it works out.

Really, at some level of granularity I'm unable to move in smaller pixel increments. When you know you only have time to press the arrow keys once or twice before committing to the gap and the required alignment is below that threshold of granularity, then it really is more of a gamble and less of a skill.

>> No.14380620
File: 36 KB, 262x284, remitroll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't wait for ZUN's next scoring scheme - True Graze, where it only counts if you're hitbox comes within 1 pixel.

>> No.14380625 [DELETED] 
File: 102 KB, 349x734, cute tantrum.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I end up punching my hand and snarling or screaming a lot when I fail in Touhou. And I like that you posted mistress, I like that a lot. I like that because I'm in love with her.

>> No.14380634

>What makes scrubs like you think they should dictate how others play?!

I don't just play Touhou on at least Normal, I play all games on at least Normal. I feel like a faggot if I ever play on Easy, even if Normal is actually really hard. Easy mode is for kids.

>> No.14380668

I think there's nothing wrong with playing Touhou on Easy. It's still pretty damn hard, which is true to the spirit of Touhou, and whether the player will move on to a higher difficulty is well, his own decision. Some stay on Normal, many stay on Hard, some choose never to perfect their messy Lunatic clears.

As mentioned before shmups in general have a ridiculous skill ceiling so even an LNN clear of a game would be considered shallow by some if it doesn't involve scoring or whatever.

Secondary fans of Touhou however...

>> No.14380688

Most people online who play Touhou from what I've seen are people who beat it on at least Hard or have 1CC'd every game on Lunatic and don't give any shits about the series anymore, as well as people who laugh when you suggest that Touhou is hard because they've cleared 50+ shoot 'em up games. I used to really feel like shit for being bad at the games because of that, but seeing that people are too afraid/bad to play on a difficulty higher than Easy lifts my spirits. Overall though I just stopped caring because going from never playing shmups before to 1ccing one made me feel really proud, it's all about personal achievement instead of comparing yourself to others.

>> No.14380698

>I think there's nothing wrong with playing Touhou on Easy

>Secondary fans of Touhou however...

You are a secondary till you have a normal 1cc in a main game

>> No.14380743

I've tried to approach the question from the perspective of defining a "true" Touhou fan. It's inherently unfair, but for what it's worth, I just think that one must experience the games before diving into the memes and moeshit, to connect with the characters better and feel what separates Touhou fans from the rest of the human race. For that purpose, I think that even Easy is sufficiently difficult to build some character in the player, and if not, there are the higher difficulties.

>> No.14380748

I think you are a true Touhou fan if you've 1CC'd a game or more on at least Normal, if you have lots of arranges and fan art downloaded, and if thinking of Gensokyo or any characters from it has made you cry.

>> No.14380774

I've cried once, to an arrangement of Ran's theme, after an hour of browsing fan art of the Yakumo household. I was weeping in despair, because I was failing my goals, the song was sad, and I was in love in Yukari. Then I went to bed and had a long dream that I was on a night date with Yukari and everything was all right. Then I had a second short dream that I was dodging nondescript danmaku. I guess I'm living the life...

>> No.14380792

I've cried more times than I can count to certain arranges of Touhou songs, and ten times that to my waifu who is from Touhou. No piece of media has ever brought me to tears like that before except for Touhou.

>> No.14380822
File: 1.79 MB, 1000x1000, 1442468271420.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All right, I admit defeat. Your power level is too high for me to handle. At least I've had a lot of dreams.

>> No.14380824
File: 636 KB, 1000x1000, 1441579035281.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd call you both fags if I didn't do the exact same shit, sometimes the music is just too much to handle.

>> No.14380836

I had a few dreams with Touhou characters even when I was a secondary who hadn't played any of the games before yet, I was playing through a fangame instead at the time.

>> No.14380846

I cried a little the first time I got to Byakuren in UFO and heard her theme. Sometimes when I'm at work I'll daydream and get teary-eyed just thinking of certain characters, like the Chireiden group.

>> No.14380863

The last time I REALLY cried to Touhou music was when I listened to 回路-kairo-'s album of PCB arranges. It was stupidly beautiful to me for the first week or so that I listened to it, and just thinking of characters doing pretty much anything hanging around Gensokyo while listening to it made me tear up. I was crying in public against my will thanks to listening to the album, which was pretty embarrassing.

>> No.14380871

Why do you guys cry?
I don't understand.

>> No.14380875

Last one I cried to was, particularly the very long end

>> No.14380891

I do it out of witnessing something beautiful rather than feeling any sort of sadness. Like I said, nothing had really made me cry before like Touhou has, so I was like you as well and didn't understand. I don't know why I feel that way about Touhou, something about Gensokyo is just so beautiful to me, I love all of the characters and everything that goes on there and I can't exactly pinpoint why. And the best part is that if I feel like I really want to devote myself to it, if I want to feel like I am doing something, I just play the games, over and over and over despite dying in them repeatedly and failing and reaching a climax where I punch my hands and scream and stop playing until 20 minutes or so later when I feel like I should continue.

>> No.14380973

>I feel like a faggot if I ever play on Easy
If you can't NMNB any game on lunatic ultra at 300fps, you are still a faggot.

>> No.14381119

actually you're a secondary until you get a good score

>> No.14381122
File: 20 KB, 403x415, tumblr_inline_nxeqb333GQ1qguhbr_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14381191

>or he was drunk
It was after a million beers on stream.

>> No.14381517

Is there a game with a scene that is particularly good for practicing dodging criss-crossing bullets? I can read most patterns well enough but when it comes to a large pattern of bullets coming at an angle from both sides my brain shuts down.

>> No.14381595

Kaguya's 'Swallow's cowrie shell' is pretty good for that.
Also Eirin's Hourai Elixir although the criss-cross bullets don't start until the second half of the spell card.

>> No.14381612
File: 28 KB, 674x612, aya youmu flowchart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure if fitting but we got an upcoming hisoutensoku tourney http://challonge.com/cornerassault11
The first phase will be round robin which means everyone is guaranteed to get matches played.

>> No.14381645
File: 151 KB, 480x480, 1347200848972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

only real 2hu games are tolerated, no disgusting tasofro fighters allowed

>> No.14381701


>> No.14381709 [DELETED] 
File: 317 KB, 1044x504, 1427924911762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not sure if fitting
It's not

>> No.14381796

Is LoLK's normal mode harder than DDC's hard mode?

>> No.14381805
File: 56 KB, 410x289, 1429562314303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just going to assume that you got the wrong post.

>> No.14381811
File: 28 KB, 184x244, 1419918546158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14387967
File: 18 KB, 184x244, 1448110986470.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14389334
File: 130 KB, 640x480, 2015-11-22_00020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone got tips for Flower View ? Using Youmou for my first 1cc and while I can get to the final boss I feel like I'm doing something wrong. My opponents get spellcards way faster than I can build mine up. Also since hers are a big clear when you fire it should I save my stage 2 and onward to counter spellcards or just fire em off as soon as they come up ?

>> No.14389604

>Using Youmou for my first 1cc
Youmu has a slow charge speed, have to get used to it.
>My opponents get spellcards way faster than I can build mine up.
You need to combo and keep your spell points up, the higher it is, the faster you're generating power.
>should I save my stage 2 and onward to counter spellcards or just fire em off as soon as they come up ?
Level 4 spell cards can only exist one at a time, and also happen when you hit specific spell point thresholds. If you can keep maintaining high spell points, you should eventually blow the boss character on your screen away. Also, every time you cast a level 2 or 3 spell, your future 2 or 3 spells get more dense.

>> No.14389621
File: 186 KB, 894x948, jgrsxHW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks this all will help

>> No.14390781

Have anyone tried LoLK with unfocused movement?

>> No.14391232

with youmu you should spam lvl 1s, you rarely get to use lvl 2s because of the slow charge speed.

>> No.14391278

OP, Touhou is to STGs what FSN is to VNs or CoD is to actual FPS games. I hope that once you become a little more competent, you pick up DoDonPachi or Radiant Silvergun and leave the amateurish mess that is Touhou behind.

>> No.14391347

xD That's right, only casuals play Touhou. Real shmuppers like ourselves play real shmup games. High five, Cavebro!

>> No.14391349

Been playing PCB for 5 days and still can't beat stage 3 on medium mode

>> No.14391364

I'm looking at them now, and uhh, where's the cute girls and nice music?

>> No.14391367

>playing games
haha, REAL real shmuppers only collect PCBs of games they can't 1cc

>> No.14391369

I'm looking at them now, and uhh, where's the cute girls and nice music and pretty patterns?

>> No.14391386

Do you mean normal?
Did you beat EoSD first? The first 3 stages in PCB should be a cakewalk if you were able to beat EoSD on normal.

>> No.14391763

PCB is my first game

>> No.14391801

it takes a while to get somewhere in these games, but if you stick around you can do anything!

>> No.14392184

Try playing EoSD.

>> No.14392199

Why are you so intent on making them play eosd? PCB is just fine for a starting point in these games.

>> No.14392207

This cherry system in PCB is confusing as fuck.

>> No.14392212

you only really need that for scoring. It can give you an advantage in survival, but it isn't at all required

>> No.14392292

He said he was having trouble with PCB, so I told him to try EoSD to see what he thinks.

On one hand I'm interested to see if he finds EoSD easier or not, on the other I think EoSD is a better place to start for a newbie.

>> No.14392312

dude what
2hu is already shit to begin with, take out the girls and you have something that is worse than shit: non2hu STDs

>> No.14392415

> Hardly anyone likes what I like, and I'm jealous that Touhou has a vibrant fan base.

buzz off please, thanks

>> No.14392658

all you need to know is that you can pop borders more often by unfocused shooting

>> No.14392673

Really, installing the hitbox patch turns EoSD into just another one of those games, except the RNG in it seems to be out of hand, especially on Lunatic. The final stages are awkwardly designed, too, and Lunatic grimoires on stage 4 are the stuff of nightmares. I've gotten the impression that unless you're some kind of a superplayer you're gonna have to settle with surviving that green barrage unscathed merely SOMETIMES.

Having said that, I still think it's a good game, especially with the cast of Scarlet Mansion, among them Flandre...

>> No.14393052

I always felt like the bullets in EOSD are a bit less dense because there is no hitbox, I can actually play that game on luncatic

>> No.14393301

>the RNG in it seems to be out of hand
Given Remilia's supposed power, I think it's fitting that two of her attacks have extremely variable difficulty based on the whim of RNG.

>> No.14393611


Like most things its actually very easy to use once you understand it and it actually adds alot of depth to the game. Way more than any of the other games mechanics imo.

>> No.14393766

i don't mean to sound like a newfag but how the fuck do i install eosd?
are there really no official download?

>> No.14393775

Just get them from Moriya Shrine. There's a torrent on nyaa too. Remember to install vpatch, there's a link on the wiki.

>> No.14393835

thanks family

>> No.14393946


You don't. No need to install anything.
Just download and play.

>> No.14394025

No one imports them anymore?

>> No.14394039

I know I rage when I'm repeatedly faced with unfair RNG, but I know that's just how ojou-sama is, and I'm filled with adoration. It's... my heart flutters even now.

In any other shmup I'd just rage.

>> No.14395087

>vibrant fan base
nice one

>> No.14395376

post scores you faggots

>> No.14395412

Sorry, I want to remain anonymous

>> No.14395490
File: 1.49 MB, 1300x919, 2010-01-26-238580.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I know I rage when I'm repeatedly faced with unfair RNG, but I know that's just how ojou-sama is, and I'm filled with adoration. It's... my heart flutters even now

That's one of the things that made me realize how much I loved her. When I was getting my 1CCs, I always said "please be gentle, mistress". When I lost, I didn't rage like on other stages. I love mistress so much, she's so cool.

>> No.14395893

are there any videos of this? I really want to see him playing ULiL.

>> No.14395937
File: 530 KB, 640x480, th275.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

okay dude, now get to the suckin

>> No.14395938

Scoring are for faggots.

True men play Blindfolded.

>> No.14396176

>playing PCB on easy

>> No.14396186

>It's still pretty damn hard
Are you retarded or what? Any easy mode other than LoLK is very slow and has very sparse bullets. I beat SA on easy when I was 16 and I'm just normal mode scrub. What the fuck is hard about it?

>> No.14396233

I finally beat Orin at normal, now I need to make sure she doesn't take most of my lives next time so I can make sure I have enough to beat Okuu.

>> No.14396250

Play LoLK in normal and double spoiler, then try SA again.
You'll kick those subterranean sluts butts.

>> No.14396253

Don't you think it's shameful to tell everyone about your progress like that? Why tell anyone about touhou accomplishment unless it's a 1cc?

>> No.14396302

whose words are you repeating?

>> No.14396399
File: 54 KB, 600x706, 1444527482253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Bullies OUT.

>> No.14396420
File: 198 KB, 600x600, 16786532498.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rumia is more bullied than anyone else because she's the easiest boss in any Touhou game.

>> No.14396519

you were supposed to post YOUR score, not some that you made up, silly anon

>> No.14396538

That's not true and you know it.

>> No.14396589

You know I feel stupid for playing Touhou for so long and only now finding out about Focusing.

>> No.14396655

It is though, and you have yet to prove me wrong. I've played through the first stage of every Touhou game to make sure the games worked properly, and Rumia was the stage that gave me the least hard time. Back when I first got into the series, I was able to clear it the first time I played without losing any lives despite never playing a shoot 'em up game before for more than a few minutes.

>> No.14396690

How could you play so long and not come across the 'hold shift to focus' meme?

>> No.14396866

Life will find a way.

>> No.14397369

those ARE mine nerd

>> No.14397377

I'm sure you can post replays

>> No.14397382

nah dude
toppu sekrit

>> No.14397384


>> No.14397566

That would explain why in some rare cases certain parts of normal difficulty are actually easier than easy.
Since he didn't bother playtesting an easy difficulty.

>> No.14397647

What? Don't be so pretentious. No one cares enough about you to go bother searching for your scores on the uploader to track it back to whatever name you used to find out who you are.

>> No.14398228
File: 28 KB, 348x340, 1341315460715.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not bullying anybody. Anon was telling lies about easy mode being really hard. Lying is bad!

>> No.14398470

a lot of people know who is who based on scores, nothing pretentious??? about it

>> No.14398473

Not everyone is as skilled as you, anon. Some can't beat Normal mode despite their best efforts. It baffles me as well.

>> No.14398530

Excuse us peasants for not being as profoundly gifted as your 16yo self, Normal Mode Scrub sama.

>> No.14398553

But the point of my post that it's not a gift. The game on easy is NOT hard, period. Name some stage and game you find really difficult on easy to get past through, that isn't Clownpiece.
You either have reaction of a toddler, or don't know how the gameplay(e.g. how do you get lives in a certain game, how to score and use bombs properly) works and just need to memorize when and what appears on screen a little. A little, because there's barely anything appearing on easy mode.

>> No.14398582

Personally I feel the same way about the game on Normal mode, and even Hard stops just short of being difficult for me, but I wouldn't call anyone lying over feeling otherwise.

Really I wouldn't be saying all this if it weren't for my friend who almost quit Touhou after failing to beat Normal mode for weeks until I helped him settle with being at least an Easy player and not a complete secondary.

>> No.14398587

Just fucking leave the board already. Christ.

No one is going to treat you seriously because every single fucking post of yours was an thinly veiled excuse for delivering an insult.

>> No.14398619

You're complaining about "thinly veiled excuse for delivering an insult" on 4chan?

>> No.14398656

Well, he appears to have come here with the sole intent of flaming others, and not even for a good reason. This board typically tries to be better than that. Perhaps I shouldn't fall to wishful thinking...

>> No.14398665

im guessing he means 'board' -> 'this thread'

>> No.14398670

I've seen some shit. /jp/ is a pacifist heaven. This thread qualifies more than this board though, yeah.

>> No.14398693

I'd agree, but Normal and above requires much more work depending on which game it is.
I offered anons having problems with easy mode give an example what they find really hard, so that we could discuss it. I offered a typical Touhou newfag advice. I'm not "thinly veining" anything, I explicitly stated that calling easy mode Touhou "hard game" is not fair, and I find it stupid. It's not forbidden to swear on this board. I don't like how people put the blame on the game, as if it's game's fault it's so hard.
You on other hand, seem to "have come here" from somewhere else, with your ellipses and "Christ". I'm flaming you now.

>> No.14398791

Let's take a look at your posts in a nutshell:

Everybody, it's the fun police. Stop having fun on Easy mode. Easy mode is not fun. It's stupid to find it fun and you're stupid, and everybody who agrees with you is stupid. Because unlike you, I'm good enough to have beaten Normal mode, so yeah, that means you're just stupid. And probably have inferior genetics. Oh, and if you haven't noticed, I'm actually helping you to have fun.

Reaction of an actual Easy mode player: >>14398530

>> No.14398828

>Let's take a look at your posts in a nutshell
I already did that in my last post.
>Stop having fun on Easy mode.
I never said anything about NOT playing easy mode at all, my point is that it's easy to clear it. Why are you connecting being bad at playing easy to fun? People talking about their easy experience seem to lean more to dissapointment than fun here. What "fun" has to do with what we discuss in this context? It's fun to call easy mode hard?

>> No.14398843

Also this
>actual Easy mode player
Do people playing on other difficulties automatically become "fake" easy mode players? Is it like diagnosis to you?

>> No.14398874

Eh, whatever.

Shout out to all the Easy mode scrubs: Don't feel bad for it. I love y'all. Do try to beat Normal, though.

>> No.14398931

thanks familya

>> No.14400280
File: 801 KB, 360x203, fromreddit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>your ellipses and "Christ".

>> No.14402506

nice fedora

>> No.14402526

hey, wanna see a pacifist run?

>> No.14402680

That's a trilby you stupid neckbeard.

>> No.14407514

I'll save you

>> No.14408365

I used to be decent enough to 1cc a few of the easier games like IN and TD, but now that I try to play them again after a few years, I just get really annoyed with myself when I have stupid deaths at the earlier stages. This is true suffering

>> No.14408374

Touhou isn't freeware. The western fanbase has grown through a culture of piracy so deep that a huge number of people don't even know it isn't actually free. There's no official download of the full version because the games aren't "for download".

Except for DDC that is, which has an official digital version on Playism.

>> No.14408534

Is MoF the most casual Touhou? It's like the game tries to put you to sleep and then wakes you up with an alarm clock at VoWG.

>> No.14408540

how much longer till a touhou game comes out on Steam

>> No.14408580

When does a new 2hu come out?
I think it's about time, isn't it?

>> No.14408644


Hopefully never.

>> No.14408830

I don't want a new Touhou game to come out because I've only cleared EoSD, it will be many years before I ever manage to clear LoLK, IF I ever get that far.

I hope you're trolling, faggot.

>> No.14409089

Why? I mean, everyone says Touhou is dying. A Steam release would boost popularity in the west immensely.

>> No.14409179

Even the most popular games like LoL and HearthStone have their share of "this game is dying"-people. It's safe to ignore anyone who says that regardless of how serious they seem.

Though in fact the fanbase of Touhou seems to be getting a bit smaller but I don't see why that would be a problem. There's likely going to be a fanbase that creates new content even 20 years from now so it's fine as it is if you ask me.

>> No.14409209

It won't, as long as Steam's policies remain incompatible with ZUN's own.

>> No.14409244

Why would you want that

>> No.14409259

>It won't, as long as Steam's policies remain incompatible with ZUN's own.

Care to elaborate anon? I know ZUN is always concerned about copyright in this country and how it could prevent fan-created works. But I'm not sure if that is what you meant, because it doesn't seem related to Steam per se.

>> No.14409404

more scores?
more competition on the scoreboards?

>> No.14410734

>popularity in the west

>> No.14410744

>everyone says Touhou is dying
Do you seriously think Zun cares about that?
The only thing that can make Zun worry about popularity/money is his family.

>> No.14412904 [DELETED] 

So is this thread purely for mainline games, or are spinnoffs/fangames allowed too?

>> No.14412912
File: 201 KB, 300x400, JCK.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They should add Jesus-kun into Touhou............please

>> No.14412944

Byakuren is already in touhou

>> No.14413023

How the heck do you beat Mokou in Impossible Spell Card on day three? Where she runs around and makes giant suns

I'm pretty new and no good at all

>> No.14413038

Definitely one of if not the most moving touhou pieces... Demetori's arrangement is my personal favorite. They cram so much emotion in it for a mongolian shadow puppet cover band

The 8-bit version of flight of the bamboo cutter always gets me something fierce too

>> No.14413053

Where do I get the newest games with good translations? I usually just grab them from Moriya shrine but LoLK is in wapanese

>> No.14413072

there is no lolk trans yet

>> No.14413073


>> No.14413165
File: 40 KB, 352x300, Quetzalcoatl_telleriano.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aztec tohos when?

>> No.14413200
File: 2.77 MB, 1280x960, th143 2015-11-27 20-16-24-13.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Moving early and in a zig-zag pattern like in the webm seems to work

>> No.14414021

Shortly, Steam in this context is a publishing platform. By its very nature, works available on Steam have been pushed into the realm of indie games rather than doujin; not even the Steam Workshop (which is actually just explicitly publishing through Steam).

Doujin games that get released on Steam are games that were already released as doujin titles. Getting published on Steam is an expansion into indie territory, although they're still considered "doujin games" because of their origin. Generally this is seen as a good thing because everyone likes to see people's hobbies being able to expand into something sustainable, and ZUN is actually very pro-indie movement, but I suppose he feels Touhou should remain as doujin in nature as possible. This is part of why he chose Playism, whose niche is specifically enabling availability of digital doujin content managed entirely by the creators. Their ideals mesh fairly well together. As a more minor note there's also whatever potential USA legal concerns, whereas Playism is based in Japan.

>> No.14414070

>he feels Touhou should remain as doujin in nature as possible

Is that what all that Sony shilling was?

>> No.14414364

You can equip the camera in the sub-item and do it all vertical, you just need to doge a few fireballs at high speed

>> No.14414963
File: 604 KB, 640x480, th001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, I know you're a soulless monster, but please hold me.

I just can't beat this, even after six hours of trying; and I picked this scene first because it looked the easiest to me. Even after 2004 snapshots I'm having deaths to imprecise movement and I still sometimes find myself trapped.

Really, I love this game, but the final stages are nothing but brick walls for me. ;_; I dread to think that perhaps Touhou wasn't even meant for people like me.

>> No.14414984

you can do it, don't give up!

>> No.14414996
File: 77 KB, 640x480, tengu_unhappy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

9–6 was by far the hardest one in StB - at least for me
everything is fine except the last two pictures are basically RNG
they did this nonsense again in DS in one of Satori's copy spellcards

>> No.14415041

Don't be too hard on yourself.
It's one of the hardest spellcards to capture in StB.

But look on the bright side, like >>14414996 mentioned.
You're gonna have to face this spellcard once again in Double Spoiler, except this time it's gonna be even more difficult.

Good luck!

>> No.14415098

Thank you anon!! I will.

God, 4000 shots. I see what I'm in for.

Yeah, the last two pictures are the ones that have been giving me all the trouble. I will stay determined!


Above, I made a video (with slight recording lag) with one of my attempts where I thought I was going to make it but seeing as there's a lot of RNG involved there probably wasn't much value in recording it.

Anon... I can't reuse my image from >>14380125, but I would.

I have heard that Double Spoiler is more difficult in general, but I'm ready for the challenge, of course. I play Touhou, I'm made of the hardest stuff.

>> No.14415174

Is the PC version of Mushihimesama any good? I kinda want to try it out, but 15 USD for a STG is kinda expensive for a NEET.

>> No.14415230

Ooh, a CAVE game in a Touhou thread!

Mushihime-sama on Steam is pretty much a perfect copy of the Xbox port. There's nothing wrong with it, really, aside from the fixed Xbox-like screen resolution.

>> No.14415483
File: 545 KB, 640x480, 9_6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't care what anyone may have told you, Shoot the Bullet is not an easy game if we're talking about clearing every single stage. I've played a lot of Touhou, so "maybe it's not meant for me" does not apply. It took me over 2,000 tries too and I still have to complete the very last stages myself, so good luck!

>> No.14415617

>a perfect copy of the Xbox port
So it doesn't have slowdown?

>> No.14416397
File: 20 KB, 400x400, 1445444109918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw just 1cc'd UFO on normal for the first time

>> No.14416443

wow big deal

>> No.14416646
File: 274 KB, 400x400, 8199014445441.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw just boss rush'd it on easy for the first time

>> No.14417026
File: 57 KB, 640x480, 11110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought Sakuya A was broken but then I played Marisa B.
You can farm countless lives in the extra stage.

>> No.14417360

I guess this thread is the best for this general touhou question:

Do you guys hang out in other touhou communities besides 4chan/jp ? Or is this place usually the only place you visit to talk about them?

>> No.14417397

I hang out on irc and touhou streams.

>> No.14417547
File: 81 KB, 640x480, 191991.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aya died taking this photo of Aya dying taking this photo.

>> No.14417894

>I have heard that Double Spoiler is more difficult in genera
I thought it was the other way around. I don't play lunatic, but I got to Hatate unlock in DS and cleared only about 7 levels in StB. Haven't played either in a while though.

>> No.14418111

no, after hanging out anywhere else you'll realize that /jp/ is the least worst place to be

>> No.14418159

On some level, I'd like to find out if there are places other than /jp/, but if my experience with gaming communities is any indication, they'd be full of elitist jerks, drama and denigration. Maybe it's for people who really enjoy that?

>> No.14418190

No, that's a program to help doujin game developers who make Touhou derivative games transition into the indie scene and potentially start making a living off of indie game dev or at least help their resume by being published. Hence the whole "he's pro-indie movement". Has nothing to do with his own games.

>> No.14418211


>> No.14418326

There was maybe one part at release with slowdown missing but you can just bomb it, and it's probably been corrected now.

>> No.14419046
File: 144 KB, 640x480, 9-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have no opinion of my own yet, so what I said probably doesn't really matter, but it's relieving to hear that. Really, now that I remember, the complaint about Double Spoiler being harder came from a scoring perspective.

I understand. 9.5 definitely isn't one of the easier games. It's that even though I play danmaku, I don't actually enjoy repetitive behaviour, and the times when it seems to be coming to no apparent fruition are hard on me. I do have some experience--I played the main games on normal and hard, but those offer the possibility to bypass difficult situations by bombing, and I still feel that the true game is behind lunatic which is very difficult for me. I hope I will conquer it someday...

So now, thanks to anon's encouragement, I've finally done it after 2700 snapshots! At the end, it became strangely manageable, and I started having fun in spite of earlier feeling like being in Aya's boot camp for hit-and-run photography. Maybe I did become better at this, but I'd rather not look at this pattern for a while now...

I'm so grateful to you, /jp/!!

>> No.14419393
File: 599 KB, 640x479, Unbenannt1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uhhh, ok?

>> No.14419702 [DELETED] 
File: 190 KB, 425x600, 1317751575274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After fully beating StB and 88/108 scenes of DS with Aya, i must say that DS is way harder if you intend to complete it 100%. DS has a lot of spellcards that are super easy to beat in all levels, but it also has more bullshit spellcards - similar to 9–6. Especially level 9 in DS had a lot of bullshit spellcards - i'm glad i got past that.


>> No.14419710
File: 190 KB, 425x600, 1317751575274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After fully beating StB and 88/108 scenes of DS with Aya, i must say that DS is way harder if you intend to complete it 100%. DS has a lot of spellcards that are super easy to beat in all levels, but it also has more bullshit spellcards - similar to 9–6 of StB. Especially level 9 in DS had a lot of bullshit spellcards - i'm glad i got past that.


>> No.14420746
File: 49 KB, 592x564, 388d6640330eb60d5a766b29e3ca1a61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

feelio when stuck in clowpiece's star and stripes spellcard with less than 2 power and no bombs

>> No.14420869

>23 -> 30

>> No.14421590


wew lads

>> No.14421715
File: 36 KB, 192x224, 192px-Th125SC070[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For me DS is easier.Thought, there are some really hard spellcards like Tenshi's huge laser with Aya, and Iku's laser pentagrams with Hatate nothing compares to Border of wave and particle in StB, took me like 1500 shots.

>> No.14421820 [DELETED] 

Fuck off, Sakurei. Stop posting your shitty scores. Nobody wants you here.

>> No.14423337
File: 335 KB, 641x359, zun wants the loli.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was during a 8 hour drinking session. He was drunk as hell.

>> No.14423354

Those are even easier than non-LoLK games. I can't stand them anyway since almost all of the patterns lack creativity.

>> No.14423957

show me how many hundred thousands of fanworks does your favorite STG have

>> No.14424217 [DELETED] 

>favorite STG
i dont play STGs because i'm not a hipster manchild
and who cares about the hundred thousands of secondaries who dont even SCOAR

>> No.14424401

>i dont play STGs
Then why open a thread explicitly about an STG series?

>> No.14424415

This. It all devoids in streaming. Also i don't know why most shmupfags say touhou is easy compared to other STGs, i mean, they probably are in the higher difficulties if you are aiming for loop clears or gradius 3 stages 7 and 8. But generally i feel they are about the same and some instances of them like LoLK are even harder than most shmups.

>> No.14424686

so you admit that you are just fucking retarded for replying to a topic of not your interest?

>> No.14424707

Arguing over shmup difficulty is nonsensical anyway once you take the scoring systems into account. Getting a great score is often far more difficult than achieving a no miss/no bomb run. This is especially the case for Touhou thanks to the graze mechanic. Between the 4 difficulty modes, self-imposed conditions like no bomb/miss/etc, and scoring, I don't think anyone serious about the genre places difficulty as the number one criteria for judging these games.

>> No.14424819

>I don't think anyone serious about the genre places difficulty as the number one criteria for judging these games.

I agree, too bad some people in 4chan think the opposite.

>> No.14424886

So you're both idiots.
Difficulty does matter, not for difficulty's sake, but because the harder the game is, the more of its systems you're required to master in order to win. It means a bigger investment, and all things being equal, bigger is better.

>> No.14424909

>in order to win
You mean in order to 1cc.

>> No.14424913

the goal is not always just a 1cc

>> No.14425033

>Difficulty does matter, not for difficulty's sake, but because the harder the game is, the more of its systems you're required to master in order to win

Why does that matter? Having a higher difficulty is redundant and as the post that i replied said it gets overtaked by self imposing challenges, what part did you not understand?
And how the fuck does having a higher difficulty makes the game better?
The only idiot here is you.

>> No.14425083
File: 452 KB, 800x1131, 196a5cd236f4870a2c06c62fdf1b56ac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a trustworthy site to order the games from? Specifically 6 to 9.

>> No.14425104

this, how do I give ZUN my autismbux for his games and make sure that most of it goes to him? I feel bad for freely leeching the games off the internet while they changed my life so much.

>> No.14425140


>> No.14425142

>Start with EoSD.
Some kind of retard here.

>> No.14425321

The distinction doesn't matter since everyone grinds games over and over until they put the "real" run together.

>Why does that matter?
You obviously stopped reading at "idiot," idiot.
>Having a higher difficulty is redundant
When you're good at games and want them to last as long as possible, you'll go for the highest difficulty every time.
>it gets overtaked by self imposing challenges
Retardation. If you read the rest of the post, you'd know why.
>what part did you not understand?
How you have enough neurons to use a keyboard.
>And how the fuck does having a higher difficulty makes the game better?
Talk about redundancy.
>The only idiot here is you.
Bathing is idiotic to a dirty person.

>> No.14425337

Here is your (You)

>> No.14425379

>this whole post

Again, your argument is stupid, you are basically saying that the more complex the difficulty is, the better is the game. That's not always the case and judging the game sorely on the difficulty is retarded anyways because different people preffer either a simpler scoring system or a more complex one.
As i said before, the difficulty is still redundant because when you are good at games you start to get yourself self imposing challenges, Also, keep in mind that your argument about picking the highest difficulty every time is stupid too since there is a huge gap and most people just play in the regular difficulty.

>> No.14425403

thanks familia

>> No.14425549

Are there any Cave or games similar to them on the PC? All the cave games I been wanting to play aren't.

>> No.14426447

Is this cable news?

>> No.14426567 [DELETED] 

yeah pretty much lmfao

>> No.14429967

Similar to what?

>> No.14429986

Similar to Touhou? Sadly, I've yet to find an arcade game that actually plays like Touhou.

I once read back in the day someone who described Mushihimesama as being very Touhou-like, but it looks much more like any other Cave shooter to me.

>> No.14431259

Mushihimesama is on Steam now. Additionally everyone will recommend Crimzon Clover.

>> No.14431921
File: 524 KB, 1280x768, 1920x1080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Crimzon Clover
This looks awful and it's a screenshot from the steam page.

>> No.14431935

Why the fuck does TLMC combine albums into a single .tta?
How the fuck am i supposed to lookup specific songs and filter out songs i don't like? this is just fucking stupid.

>> No.14431978

You don't like numbers?

>> No.14431999

Tears are just emotions that are too strong to remain inside your body any longer.

>> No.14432115

fuck, I just came back from a week long break and broke my MoF record by almost 40 million.

>> No.14432153

Congrats, dude. I just pbed today as well. What a time to be alive.

>> No.14432175 [DELETED] 

hey you dumbfuck newshit jan instead of deleting posts you don't like all willy nilly why don't you post your scores or piss off back to /vg/ you grimey cunt

>> No.14432223


what did you PB in?

>> No.14432230

Fairy wars

>> No.14432246


I should try that at some point. I've yet to play any of the spin offs.

>> No.14433207

There's only like one person alive who still scores in FW.

>> No.14433235

Let's not start this.

>> No.14434485

but I love irc drama

>> No.14438160

Download the cues and split it.

>> No.14439607 [DELETED] 
File: 573 KB, 640x480, th012.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14439614

Oh snap, this thread is already past the bump limit.

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