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How has 2hu affected your life?

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I've passed a lot of time playing the games.
Which I guess isn't that big of a deal, but still.

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Opened my life to a new world of porn.

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I masturbated twice as much than what I would have, had I not discovered 2hu!!

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I found my waifu thanks to 2hu, and she's made my life happier. So I'm forever grateful to 2hu thanks to that.

That and all the joys 2hu has given me I think it's made my life slightly better.

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I learned Japanese so I could read Touhou doujinshi, but after a few years I lost interest in Touhou.

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holy shit how did you go about doing that?

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Touhou is ripe with story opportunity. I definitely wish I had learned to draw because I have load of ideas that simply cannot make their way to paper.

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A very slow ongoing process using grammar dictionaries, regular dictionaries, and scanning through manga and lyrics with dictionary (and dictionary tool) assistance. Also by listening to and deciphering the lyrics of hundreds of songs.

At first I used Touhou doujinshi and Touhou doujin music for all of my study material but started branching out later. The process was atrociously slow for me and if you are serious about learning you probably want a real learning method.

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Less so than anime, but nonetheless:
>found amazing metal bands like Demetori & Blankfield
>found 5+ awesome covers of "U.N. Owen Was Her?"
>2hu led me to spend my last 25 Saturdays watching Weekly Touhou Roulette on Twitch
>did I mention doujin metal?

So, become a writefag? I'm artistically challenged (a 2-yr-old could draw better than me), but my writing ability is awesome.
>I have load of ideas that simply cannot make their way to paper
Whether you're writing or drawing, they still end up on paper should someone print them. I don't understand what you mean, unless you mean you can't express them in words...

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I meant that writefags are usually taken less seriously than drawfags. Humans are run by visual stimuli. I suppose it's natural.

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I am a writefag.
Don't give up just because of that! Don't let all your ideas go to waste!

I'd like to read some of your stories if you wouldn't mind

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I used to be antagonistic to anime and otaku culture but liked Touhou for some reason. I lived and breathed 2hu for many years. I've sinced broadened my horizons and appreciate all mediums of otaku culture, but 2hu will always have a special place in my heart...

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more fetishes

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Also a writefag. I've read fanfics about 2hu on that one big fanfic website before. Found a really nice Patchy x Koakuma story. Believe me. It's worth it. Just find an audience - that's the hardest part.

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Writefag from before. That really is the hardest part. Folks have taken cursory interest in my work before, but it can be hard. Thanks for the encouragement >14330737

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Touhou is a fun series of games that gave me a waifu, gave me tons of amazing fan art, gave me tons of really amazing music to listen to, (some of which I listened to for years before even knowing what Touhou was) and made me realize what probably the best fictional setting in the entire world is.

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I found one of the only genres of music that I like.

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Touhou heavy metal arrangements are simply some of the best ever. It heals me.

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Can you guys post your favourite non-H doujins? something non Yuri and with nice drawings.

I'd also appreciate nice music links. Lurking is nice but it takes time and i feel like i'm missing good shit.

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Most of the touhou arranges I listen to are metal.

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download the whole 1.5TB/300GB 2hu collection and shuffle until you find something that you like.

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Or save the hard drive space and

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Thanks man. So this collection of 300GB is on that site?

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My favourite metal arranges are of ojou-sama's theme, but maybe that's only because I'm in love with her.

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Has this been updated at all?

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Yeah. Literally just go to that website, set it to Play upon clicking, and Random when song is over. Skip around til you find something you like.

Sadly, no. Only goes up to 2012 in most cases.

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TLMC has been updated, but I'm not terribly convinced that it's complete, or even at the same density as it used to be. For example, I know it's missing a lot of albums by トマト組 .

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I rather hear them all from alphabetic order. But great thanks man. got hours ahead of me now.

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Who is your waifu?

>I lost interest in Touhou.
I dont want to become like you. It's one of the few things I still like. Mainly because it's ongoing (And becuase Zun likes the games, it will not end until he dies), and all the shit I liked that ended ages ago just makes me depressed.

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Touhou is dead to me since ZUN forsaken some of his good, older windows characters.

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>And me just wish zun use less older windows characters cause they too common.

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Same here. I love how pixiv has a whole pedia page dedicated to boobhu tags. I'm set for at least a year

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got me into doujin music which is all i've listened to for the past 5+ years.
plus >>14330601

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It's the perfect meido!

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shit waifu desu

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>calling someone's waifu shit

Looks like someone doesn't understand waifuism or have a waifu at all. You don't just choose who you fall in love with, you braindead fuck.

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wow, are you actually this delusional?

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By playing the games, I realize that the general fanbase actually don't play the games. If they do, it's usually just EoSD, PCB, IN or they'll be interested in whatever new 2hu eyecandy is released.

By trying to understand and enjoy the series as much as possible, it caused me to loathe it. The spiral gets worse when you take note of things ZUN did wrong.

Help me

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>The spiral gets worse when you take note of things ZUN did wrong.
Gameplay wise, or things that don't fit your headcanon?

>If they do, it's usually just EoSD, PCB, IN
It's more like that's where every meme came from and spread to secondaries.

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>Stop enjoying the older games
>Stop enjoying the newer games

A little help would be to stop being such an obnoxious "my opinions are the law" faggot that sounds he just came straight out of MotK.

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>or things that don't fit your headcanon?

A major problem is how he references things into his characters. Since usually, Eastern media portrayals of Western concepts are flawed at some degree it's not surprising he does the same.

Then again, it's his universe and his choices on how he blends characters. I just see it as strange so throw in the Western stuff without realizing that its importance is based on region. You understand what I mean, right?

I'd actually prefer if people played the games, anon. If they did maybe they'd be more tolerable.

I don't go to MotK either. I'm not fond of forums at this point.

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>You understand what I mean, right?
No. Wtf are you talking about? Give examples.

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nigga what

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it made me severely more depressed

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Friend showed me.
Decided today to drop contact with her.

2hu pretty cool though.

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Cool blog senpai desu

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get out normie

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I recently started reading up on Buddhism because of it. (I like looking into stuff thats present in games, vn's, etc i enjoy)

Now I am in an existential crisis. Fuck Buddhism, fuck 2hu, fuck my curiousity and fuck the Dali Lama's book that caused this.
>Through logical analysis we can determine that the self exists in dependence on the mental and physical aggregates...
>In other words, the esistence of the self can only be posited in reliance upon the aggregates.
So if I'm reading this right. "I" dont exist. If it werent for the physical world, and my desires, I wouldnt exist.

I really dislike this idea.
Does "I think therefore I am" refute it, or is that just another desire to maintain the illusion I exist?

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Doing philosophy on /jp/ is a bad idea.
But all it's saying is that your 'self' is based on your physical and mental parts both.

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It just depends on what you mean by "I" and "self", if I understand those short quotes - perhaps he's just saying that if you were the only thing that existed, there would be nothing to call your "self". No biggie.

If you want some deep despair, you can look at the people who say that even though you're thinking, you don't "exist", because you might just be a possibility - as real as a dream, although with no dreamer. For example, right now I am imagining a man saying "I think therefore I am". Is he lying? (Is it then impossible to imagine "a truthful Descartes"? Have I just described, in words, a literally unimaginable thing?) I could imagine him thinking, if that would make it better. If I cease to imagine him, is he any less real? And what if I told you that, in fact, I never imagined him - that he only existed in your imagination of my imagination? Are there "degrees" of "unreal"ness? If so, then since imagination can nest infinitely, so that the degrees go up infinitely, what are the odds that the thing you think of as *you* has degree 0, instead of degree 3 or 78 or seven trillion and five? And why, after all, does there have to be anything "real" - can't all of this unreality get along perfectly fine without it?

You can answer those questions however you want, or not. No matter what answers you choose, I guarantee you that some dead guy has written a book about it. If you want my advice, skip it all, because you can't change it one way or the other, and after a certain point you stop even being able to make any useful progress. Socrates was saying "I know nothing" long before any of these copycats were masturbating over how *much* nothing they knew, and what *type*.

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>If you want my advice, skip it all, because you can't change it one way or the other, and after a certain point you stop even being able to make any useful progress. Socrates was saying "I know nothing" long before any of these copycats were masturbating over how *much* nothing they knew, and what *type*.

I completely agree. I used to consume all sorts of material on philosophy until I realized it doesn't matter and it's probably best to just not give a fuck. Now I've reached some sort of form of balanced hedonism.

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>And why, after all, does there have to be anything "real" - can't all of this unreality get along perfectly fine without it?
I always wondered why anything exists at all.

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I'm an Asian and was raised in an Asian country where aspects of buddhism are present daily, and frankly I don't get why some westerners make a big deal out of it. It's just a set of moral compasses like other religions, e.g, if you're Christian you are taught to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

It used to be a convenient tool for rulers to teach peasants, kind of like How to be a responsible citizen for dummies, but not so much now that there are social science fields such as psychology/sociology that are a lot more in depth.

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I get I cant change it, but I dislike the idea of not existing. I like to think I exist and I am my own person.

What's my self without them?

I was just curious about it because of the Buddhism vs Taoism stuff. Also the rules in Christianity and other things were just "God says so". Ok, if you dont believe in God the system falls apart. Buddhism however has bullshit (I dont believe in reincarnation) but the argument made for "I" or my self not existing, wasnt based on something dismissable like god.

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>secondaries spend hours upon hours upon hours trying to learn every 2hu by reading up on the wiki or some shit
>you can easily know every single one in less the time by just playing the games

why do they do this

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I can take it easier

I suck at the games

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>Play game
>Play on higher difficulty to get better
>Get as far as I do on normal
>Go back to normal
>Get whipped harder than I do on higher difficulties.
I'm shit at bullet hells. Especially with keyboard.

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Tons of doujin music, including my favorite song ever and it's also made me do a lot of art. I've really enjoyed 2hu. I'm not very good at the games tho.

I wanted to post this in the OC thread but it's dead.

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The music is the best, it's what I really dreamed about when it came to gaming. It inspired me to play pieces on the piano and hopefully make it to a concert hall within 2 years. I also think Touhou filled my heart a little with false love which helped because I hate american girls these days, so there's that.

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Similar experience to >>14350012 and >>14350080

A seemingly endless supply of good music. Makes it kinda hard to discuss it with other people, but that's what /jp/ is for I guess.

Games have been great for my ability to concentrate for long periods of time.

Then porn. Lots and lots of porn

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I have no friends.

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Don't post such depressing things, anon. Alice has many friends! Children love her!

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Mostly just reminds me of my incapability of properly playing video games

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It made me realize that if you draw something that doesn't look anything like a miko outfit and call it a miko outfit enough, people will begin to recognize it as a miko outfit. Really opened my eyes to designing things.

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We're only children on the inside.