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What would it be like having Yuuka as a girlfriend?

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Like a picnic on a sunny day in botanical gardens, but all the time.

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She has lots of images involving feet, so probably lots of foot rubbing and licking.

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It would be extremely painful.

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Fatal probably.

Yuuka wouldn't make a very good girlfriend or even friend. She's fated to life alone and wither away like one of her sunflowers.

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It'd be absolute heaven for a masochist. Probably hell for anybody else.

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Yuuka's probably pretty nice as long as you don't fuck with her flowers.

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crotch stompingly painful

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She's a big youkai

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Does Yuuka decapitate her mate post-coitus?

Maybe it's best to admire her from afar like this.

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Roleplaying where she's dressed as a bee and you as a flower. I bet she'd pollinate you real good.

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You'd be scared all the time and she might seriously injure you during sex on accident, but it'd be really sweet for an old youkai like her to fall in love with a human.

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She'll also vastly outlive you and probably forget about you soon enough from her perspective. But as long as you could put up with her bullshit and constant lying she'd make a pretty good girlfriend.

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That's why you would become a magician so you could spend the rest of eternity by her side. Mercury and arsenic pulsing through your veins is a trifle if it means you can be with Yuuka forever.

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I do not understand Ukrainian.

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I don't either but I know the translation:
>A sadist and a masochist are in a room
>The masochist says: "Hurt me"
>The sadist replies: "No"

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I think she is more interested in eating humans rather than loving them.

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is she a cannibal

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she's not human so eating them wouldn't make her one

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I bet she smells really nice.

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Yuuka would make a great mom

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Probably... not.

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Hard, but rewarding.

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There is potential

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It's Finnish

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I can't see Yuuka in that hat. In Gensokyo going without an accessory is a sign of dominance.

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Yuuka is a beast of the highlands. Hair flowing freely unrestrained by hat or helmet, a black and red checkered skirt reminiscent of the kilts of scottish warriors, and she doesn't even wield a claidheamh-mòr because her physical attacks with her hands alone are stronger than the Dagda's. What a majestic and powerful being, I wish I could even bask in the presence of such a queen among warriors.

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A warrior is someone who fights and struggles for something or someone. That's the one thing Yuuka doesn't do. She lives a peaceful life among her beloved flowers content to know that she could kill everyone in Gensokyo with her bare hands if she wanted to. She lives a life for herself alone.

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That 3D model invariably reminds me of pushing touhouwards

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thats not chocoalot.

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Me too

>Sometimes I pull so hard, I rip the skin!

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Yuuka got you a present!

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Can I come inside?

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Yuuka would make a good wife for long years on farmland

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i wish i had a girlfriend like yuuka

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I hope she would let me smell her sock-clad feet!

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That's wrong, Yuuka. You have to be restrained by the ribbons.

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You're supposed to unwrap and play with her big, bouncy, swollen, chock-full-of-milk breasts!

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I know, it's chocolate.

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me as wriggle

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Cute antennae, dude.

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thank you kind person

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Yuuka's smile is perfect!

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Beat it, Gyro.

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Arigatou... Gyro....

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Oh god, please post more.

This is a face of a real youkai, not this fucking self-insert fetishization bullshit.

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This is the face of a real youkai

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Yuuka suffering the pain of losing her only child is moe!

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what is a video like this called

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Please let here be more.

I don't suppose anyone has source on who made this?

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Sure thing.
Here is a picture of mild mannered, kind-to-her-friends, sweet angel Yuukarin~ Canon version.

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That's not the proper way to drink tomato juice.

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for you

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No but it's a fun way

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anata no tame ni

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So moe~

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Ukrainian is in cyrillics. That was Finnish.

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This is the face of a real youkai. Edgefags can get out.

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She's a youkai, anon. She feeds on human flesh and enjoys human suffering.

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for you

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Please shove your parasol in my urethra, Yuuka-chan

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But she always does it with a smile.

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Eh. Angry stomping is a bitch too much.

I'd rather her just rub her feet on my face with a perverted smile.

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She's a big softie.

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This doujin was great even if I couldn't understand it at all.

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Yes! Just like that! While giggling and calling me a creep for who enjoys a girl's smelly feet in his face!

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Ara ara, kiss it like it's your lover anon~

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Wait so Youka is not Yuuka but wil become Yuuka? Also does this mean Yuuka's species just grow from sunflowers?

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Like being in the womb.
But sharper, and more painful.
Quite fragrant, however.

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The idea is to be Yuuka's boyfriend. Not dinner.

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I'd love to be Yuuka's boyfriend-dinner hybrid!

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I mean mentally in the womb.
Whatever that means.

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If you mean to be mothered by Yuuka, then that sounds fun!

Just cuddling up on her tummy while she pats you, rubs you and hums to you!

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What is a girlfriend like?

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Hugs and kisses.

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what would kissing yuuka feel like

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You would feel warm and fuzzy inside!

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Fuck, this is the first Touhou stuff I ever read, it's what got me into the whole series. And it was a pretty damn depressing start.

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I got it I got it.

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Look, she'd talk about flowers with you all day or how she wants to become stronger and stronger, you'd have to work and maintain the flower garden together with her all day long and she'd complain on how you can't keep up the pace with her even though she knows very well you are just a human, but she'd all these things i mentioned above with a warm smile on her face.

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I like it! Well done.

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Yuuka gets an intense, embarrassed thrill when someone looks at her breasts. What a pervert!

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You've got guts, accusing Yuuka of something like that.

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Welcome home

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Do you think she gets walked in on in states of undress by accident? All the time? Hmmmm?

Helo anon!

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What did you use to shoop that?

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I didn't make it.

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This could have been really nice if only she was a little bit closer

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I want to snuggle up with Yuuka's breasts, on a park bench on a cool autumn night!

>> No.14365292

Just the breasts?

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No, the whole Yuuka too! I'd rest my head against her milky melons, but I'd also cuddle my whole body with hers! And hold her hands!

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why breasts

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I wish I could be Yuuka and step on insolent little weeds that had the nerve to think they had a chance in my garden

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l-lucky weeds

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Oh my, how pathetic does someone have to be that they would envy something as low as a weed.

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Being stepped on by Yuuka-san would be a privilege!

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Removing zits with Yuka!

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