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There is no deodorant in Gensokyo.

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This makes it even hotter, OP.

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I'll still do her armpits.

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More for the sideboob

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I'd her sweaty armpits.

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Fuck Yeah Reimu.

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That kind of thing doesn't matter when it comes to Reimu. She'll never stink, keep that in mind.

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Reimu needs more love.

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raymoos armpìts are epic ftw

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armpit stank is a natural pheromone.

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She WILL stink, but we won't care.

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When I come to think about it... Well, she may stink, but I'm sure Reimu takes a daily bath, after all, but if she really stinks, I won't mind like every anon here.

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I must confess something /jp/. I like Reimu more than Marisa.

Little black-haired girls are the best

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Brown witches are better.

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So little words... so much damage.

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can't say the same about brown mikos.

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Brown witches?
Do they practice Brown magic?
Jesus, Brown is a shitty color of magic. Even Green Mages are better.


Incomplete version is incomplete

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sure is ZnT in here

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Poor Reimu. She's just trying to defend the land against reckless youkai.

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>There is no deodorant in Gensokyo.
Surely there must be some soap of some kind in there.

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Too bad Reimu has brown hair.

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Too bad she doesn't.

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Too bad she doesn't.

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Also, I fucking hate what Tasofro did to Reimu...WHY THE FUCK WERE HER EYES BLUE NOW...it's like reversing our tastes...black hair

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No, it's just like France.

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Also, I fucking hate what Tasofro did to Reimu...WHY THE FUCK WERE HER EYES BLUE NOW...it's like reversing our tastes...black hair with blue eyes...not sure if I ever want.

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Too bad she does.

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Too bad she doesn't.

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In SA Extra, after defeating Koishi, Reimu says she'd "take a bath"
That means she cares for her cleanliness.

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>Little black-haired girls are the best

Black-White Duality is Supreme!

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ITT: We discuss the color of Reimu's hair.

Geez... We don't have anything to envy of other boards, right guys?

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Reimu's hair is puke brown. No, it can't be changed. I would like Reimu to dye her armpit hair, though.

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Nothing at all!

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It's purple!

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Androids don't sweat.

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We can make androids that sweat if you really want.

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But they can do this.

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Reimu's balls are her deodorant, so yeah!

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Play a Touhou game that isn't the fighting ones and try telling me she has black hair.

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This is the best chen pic.

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If they can import those nice white panties of theirs they can import deodorant as well.

That said, the first commercial deoderant was developed in 1888, which was just four years after the Border closed, but before then I'm sure there were plenty of natural remedies for dealing with underarm odor, like ammonium alum, which was highly effective for hundreds of years.

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Good Game?

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Well shit, it's not like they couldn't hit up Kourindou or something.

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1884? Are you sure? I thought it was much earlier.

I guess this mean Merry and Renko are contemporary to the barrier's set-up.

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Youkai cross the border to eat humans all the time, so maybe they occasionally also loot their wallets and hit up the nearest Wal'Mart for bits of our tremendous material wealth to sell in Gensokyo.

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Maybe, but Reimu still wouldn't be able to afford it. She can barely afford food.

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Put it on her tab.

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Is Reimu's poverty canon? Because I think I remember her receiving training from the Hakurai clan in one of the PC98 games, and so being a protegee of a militant human organization doesn't quite square with her being completely without support.

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>Because I think I remember her receiving training from the Hakurai clan in one of the PC98 games, and so being a protegee of a militant human organization doesn't quite square with her being completely without support.

You... you do realize Reimu's LAST NAME is Hakurei, right?
If they trained her, it was her family.

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thread spoiled by the retarded pile of steaming horse crap that is known as miku

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Don't you see >>1431648?

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Yes, I know that. That only makes her poverty even stranger, since the people who trained her and have now left her on her own are also her family.

Unless her family is dead.

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>>Unless her family is dead.

That would actually explain a lot, as well as make Reimu something of a broke version of Batman.

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Asians like Reimu don't have armstink.

Wikipedia says so.

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Reimu is poor because she spends all her money on the paper for those talismans that she's always throwing around, like in >>1431480

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>50% of Koreans, 90% of Japanese and 97-98% of Chinese do not possess the odor producing axillary sweat glands.
Ahh so that explains why Coreans smell bad.

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I thought one of reimu's powers was that she could make herself smell like whatever she wanted.

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Reimu's Yin-Yang Orb exhibits some strange powers, aside from helping her attack her enemies. The greatest powers of the Hakurei Yin-Yang Orb are:

1. Even if you eat sweets, you won't get fat
2. One of your favorite aromas can be given off
3. The yin-yang orb can be disguised as a cat

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>2. One of your favorite aromas can be given off
No need for deodoran.

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Moe Miko...

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Would be safe to assume Reimu from the Windows games is a descendant of Reimu from the PC-98 games?

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They're the same Reimu, ZUN just wants you to pretend that Reimu was always the way she is now, and that none of the PC-98 characters save for Yuka existed.

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Fuck yeah, Reimu

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What about Alice?

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nobody care about Alice

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Old miko is old bitch is in her 20s

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I care about Alice.

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What about Alice.

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I care about her

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"I could let these youkai live, but it wouldn't bring back my parents."

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I care about Alice.

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The undead don't sweat, do they?

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Wow, I mean wooooooow....

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