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It's snowing.

Touhou winter fashion thread.

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It's time to get bundled up and cozy.

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It's not comfy to getin bed because it's too cold in front of the computer and to not want to get up to shitpost because it's too cold to move when you wake up.
Spring is the best.

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But its summer all year round.

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Put the computer at the foot of your bed, put the keyboard on your belly, and get some prism glasses.

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Does anyone have any Touhou ushanka images aside from the ones already on Danbooru?

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cold fucking blows
bring back early fall 70s

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I hate summer so much.

So fucking much.

And all of you as well!

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summer is the best because I can lay around wearing as little clothing as possible

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That feel its summer down under here during Christmas.

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Umm... I hate you too then!

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Post more mittens.

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No it's not

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sorry, on the thumbnail it looks like rain

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It was when I made this thread, and it's still snowing now!

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comfy zombie

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comfy bug

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comfy lesbians

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comfy fairy

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If there aren't any ushanka images then a Touhou wearing any type of warm winter hat would make me happy.

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comfy fire lady

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comfy babby vamp
(also my all-time favorite alt-outfit 2hu)

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That's pretty cute!

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guys I need some pctures of Touhous cuddling up for warmth, it's really important, but I can't say why!!

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comfy mouse

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do things like this count?

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comfy double fairies

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comfy vamps

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thank you /jp/, you guys are the best!

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Would you rather hug and keep a cute small girl warm or be hugged and kept warm by a cute big girl?

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I want to be kept warm by Ran while I keep Chen warm

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Today's really cold!

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I love winter!
Too bad its 30+ celsius here right now.

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It's like 70 degrees here what the fuck. Last year it was snowing weeks ago.

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I fucking hate cold weather though so fuck it I guess.

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Stay warm!

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Either, I just want to be loved

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How the fuck can you survive at 70°?

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>It's snowing.
Wow, lucky. It hasn't even begun to get cold here

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The only places with snow this early are mostly above the arctic circle, and snow means darkness. Lots of it at that, the darkness also brings depression, a sad thing to see people go trough

I'm not so fond of the snow anymore

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Are you okay Anon?

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Let her in!

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Both. Cute tiger, by the way.

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I just love that coat, Aya.

If only I had a kotatsu and some heating charms to stay warm.

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But the combination of snow and darkness is comfy as hell. There's nothing more relaxing than walking back home at night with the crunching sound of the snow at your feet

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With constant darkness for over two months, you'll start to hate it, sooner or later.

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Would you let her in?

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Sure, no sense letting her freeze out there. I'll even put some coffee on, if she wants it.

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>the darkness also brings depression

Those people are faggots, darkness and cold is amazing as long as you're in a warm and dimly lit space. I like laying around shirtless in the winter because then when my body gets heated from playing Touhou or other videogames I'm at a comfy temperature. And if I get really frustrated with a game, I can open the window for insta-cooldown.

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I thought I was the only one who overheated while playing touhou.

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How many pints of ice cream do you think they eat a week?

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Knock on the front door, Tenshi. Don't lurk outside the window like a creep.

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What is this "winter" you lowly mainland youkai speak of?

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Most people who live in north and get depressed when winter comes around its not because they dislike the winter itself, its just that not so long time ago during the summer you get pretty much sunlight 24/7 and suddenly in couple months it turns into darkness all the time, it fucks up with your mind and body. Personally for me the end of autumn/start of winter is the worst, just getting up from bed feels like it requires too much. Going to shop to buy something takes like 2 days to plan before actually doing it. Been thinking about trying out bright light therapy to see if it could make this situation even a bit better, I dont want to go back to fulltime drinking.